Thursday, May 31, 2012

Veterinary Hospital Starts Michigan's First Pet Hospice To Care For Aging And Terminally Ill Pets

In 2007,  when  my Angel Bobo was facing the final days of his life, just prior to turning 18, (he passed one day after his 18th birthday), I was faced with many agonizing decisions. Wanting to preserve his dignity and lessen his suffering,  and after his communication to ME " that yes it was time," (which he told me AFTER I held him and told him I would be ok,  and to please not worry. Bobo's life was spent protecting me and I knew he would never cross the bridge without knowing I would be ok),  I chose to help him cross the bridge in the safety and love of our home, on our couch.

Bobo had been ill with feline heart issues and deteriorating kidney function for two years prior to the day I made the heartbreaking decision. In one sense, I was blessed that his worst days didn't go on for months, so had a Pet Hospice existed at that time I am not sure it would have been a necessity for me. Bobo had become deaf, he was inactive, his breathing labored, my formerly "I-live-for-my-Mama-and-for-food" cat had stopped eating. My beloved Bobo   no longer had a good quality of life. Had things been different and Pet Hospice existed, I might have looked into it.

The Cat Practice hospice in Birmingham, Michigan,  will offer end-of-life care, modeled after human hospice that alleviates physical discomfort and provides a caring end-of-life experience for the pet and the pet’s family. Like human hospice, The Cat Practice hospice is for families whose pets face an incurable condition, but can still enjoy quality of life.  Instead of curative treatment, pets receive palliative, or comfort care, that includes medication for pain and discomfort, physical affection, favorite foods and extra time with family members.

In 2011, Troy resident Maryann Clark faced a difficult decision when her  17-year-old brown tabby cat Rocky was diagnosed with heart disease, and in 2009 when her 16-year-old calico Purrdy developed kidney failure and heart disease.   For many pet owners with seriously ill or aging pets, euthanasia has been the only choice.
Clark instead wanted her felines to live as long as possible assuming that they were still active
 and could enjoy good quality of life.  

Pets in the hospice program receive care at home under the direction of The Cat Practice veterinary hospice nurse Laura Kramek.  Families are taught how to administer care and have a regular pipeline in to Kramek for guidance and support. They also get reduced pricing on office visits and pet pain medications.  Psychologist Dr. Camille Greenwald, who works with The Cat Practice, is available for grief counseling.   Future plans include a memory wall on the hospital’s website for remembering deceased pets.

“Cats are living 20 years and more,” says Kramek.  “Conditions once considered untreatable – kidney failure, heart disease, diabetes, thyroid disease – can all be managed today." To help pet owners prepare for caring for an aging pet, The Cat Practice will hold parts 3 and 4 of a 4 part workshop series, Pet Hospice Care (June 13), and Greenwald on Pet Loss and Grieving (June 27).  Donation is $10 per workshop or $25 for the series with proceeds going to The Cat Practice’s Rufus Memorial Feline Fund for cats in need.  To register, go to 
or call 248-540-3390.

 "Emotionally speaking, losing a pet is not very different than losing anyone else we love,” says Dr. Greenwald.  “Therefore, having some understanding of the normal grieving process and commonly associated feelings can help people navigate their way through what is a painful but very natural and normal life process."

“Pets touch people’s lives and hearts in so many ways,” says Kramek.  “Today, saying good bye can be a time to continue this bond.  As long as a pet is comfortable and still enjoys quality of life, pet families have choices and that is what we want to give them.” 

While The Cat Practice just recently formalized its hospice program, the hospital has been providing clients and their felines with options for end-of-life care for a number of years.   In fact, it was clients asking for alternatives that led to the program.

Laura Kramek

About Laura Kramek
Kramek is a veterinary hospice nurse and licensed veterinary technician (LVT) with a special interest in geriatric pets, pet hospice and end-of-life care.  She works closely with pet families to help them know all of their options.  Kramek has been with The Cat Practice since 1993 and is a graduate of Michigan State University.   She and her husband live in Dearborn Heights with their two cats Epoisses and Pinot.

About Camille Greenwald, PhD.
Dr. Greenwald is a licensed clinical psychologist.  She has been in private practice in Birmingham for 20-plus years, and has served as a consultant at William Beaumont Hospital.  She is a graduate of Wayne State University and the University of Detroit and is also a member of the American Psychological Association and the Michigan Psychological Association.  Dr. Greenwald, a life-long cat owner, shares her home with her family and three cats: Caspurr, Henry and Bill who is geriatric.

 About The Cat Practice
The Cat Practice, Michigan’s first cats-only veterinary hospital, opened in 1981.  Open seven days a week and evenings, The Cat Practice provides advanced preventative and medical care with an emphasis on early detection to help cats live longer, better and healthier lives.  Located at 875 South Worth in Birmingham, Michigan, The Cat Practice cares for feline purebred and mixed breeds from around southeastern Michigan.   For information go to or call 

I am interested in hearing your thoughts. If a Pet Hospice existed in your area, would it be something that you would consider?

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Winner! Nature's Logic Cat Food-Semi Wordless Wednesday

We are so excited!! We can't wait to announce the winner of 
NINE 5.5 oz cans of Nature's Logic Feline Diet food!

We can barely contain our excitement!

But first we would like to THANK EVERYONE who entered our give-away!

The winner of:



(visit her blog by clicking her name above)


We know you have A LOT of hungry customers!!


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

ABC Award-- It's All About BlogPaws!

A few months ago Mom and I were honored to receive a special award.  The award we received was:
which stands for "Awesome Blog Content".  We are flattered to know that at least we have TWO kitties who like what we do! YEP TWO kitties gave us this award and we are most grateful!

The first kitty who gave it to us was Nerissa, from Nerissa's Life. (Do you know that for the LONGEST time we thought that Nerissa was a GIRL!? Nerissa is a BOY!) We're kinda slow, you'll have to forgive us. Look at this picture and you tell us if this cat isn't so pretty that you would think it was a GIRL!
Thank you for the award Nerissa!!!
As if that weren't enough of an honor, we were given  the SAME award from Pumpkin Puddy!! We were completely blown away! Thank you Pumpkin! Take a look at this cutie!!

Pumpkin we are most appreciative!!
The requirements of this award are that we must list 26 things about ourselves using every letter in the alphabet.  We decided  to change the rules of this blog award a  bit.  We  feel  with the BlogPaws conference being right around the corner, we would devote our 26 things to an event FAR MORE exciting than we are!  That would be BlogPaws 2012!!

Here we go!

A- an awesome good time. Mom went last year and wouldn't trade the experience for the world!

B-well for BLOGPAWS of course! From BlogPaws: "BlogPaws works hard to bring the best social media experts to present sessions designed to help bloggers improve their online activity, whether its a blog post, a twitter pawty, a Facebook page, a Pinterest page, or even Google+. We can all learn more and be better and when you leave BlogPaws, you will have a ton of actionable advice to follow - heck you can implement it using your phone, while you're at the airport waiting...and waiting...and waiting for your plane. "

C-CHEESECAKE!! Mom had the BEST cheesecake at BlogPaws 2011, haven't heard if it will be at BlogPaws 2012 but Mom has her paws crossed that it will be!

This cheesecake was "make a noise" GOOD!

D-Doggies!! Yep there will be DOGGIES at BlogPaws 2012! Some of you may not care for that but since Mom and I live  with a doggy,  we think that is one of the best parts of the conference!  You really see that BlogPaws is ALL ABOUT THE PETS when you see the doggies that are in attendance:
This was a puppy that Royal Canin brought last year
Look at a famous doggy that will be at BlogPaws this year!

Guinness World Record “Fastest Skateboarding Dog,” Tillman
Photo courtesty of  BlogPaws

E-Excitement! From the moment you arrive at BlogPaws 2012 you will feel the excitement all around you! Excitement, energy, enthusiasm! Have  we  used enough "E" words to convey that for you?

F-Fancy Feast! One of the "Friends of BlogPaws" sponsors that will be attending is none other than FANCY FEAST! We hear that they are not bringing the famous Fancy Feast kitty, but maybe we can change their minds?

G- GOLON, as in Caroline! If you are a kitty and don't know Caroline then you must be hiding in a paper bag! C'mon out and get with the program! Caroline is the pawson behind Romeo The Cat  and  High Paw Media  (just to name a few, she is one busy lady!) she is also a co-founder of BlogPaws! She will be at the conference speaking about Pinterest!

Caroline and Romeo

H-HOTEL- This year the Hotel that will be hosting BlogPaws is the beautiful
 Sheraton Salt Lake City.  Mom says she can hardly wait to check it out!

I-INVESTMENT- if you are a Blogger, the money you will spend for BlogPaws 2012 is an INVESTMENT in your future! You can't put a price on that!

J-Jokes! as in FUN! Laughing with your blogging friends in PAWSON! It is so much nicer to be interacting with blogging buddies in pawson rather than through a cold computer screen!

K-KITTENS! Last year there were kittens at BlogPaws! Mom wonders if there will be this year!

Mom cheating on me with one
of the kittens that were
in attendance last year!
L-LEARNING take a look at the roster of speakers scheduled to appear at BlogPaws 2012! Your brain will be bursting with knowledge!

M-Memories. You will have memories that will last you all of your nine lives when you attend a BlogPaws Conference.

N-Nose-to-Nose Awards a BlogPaws FIRST. Best of luck to all of the Finalists, hey even if we couldn't even rate as  finalists for our blog, Twitter or Facebook pages, we're still happy for ya!! The winners will be announced in a red carpet ceremony Saturday night, June 23, sponsored by Free Kibble and Halo and emceed by the beautiful and talented
 Wendy Diamond. Since Mom and I were at the bottom of the heap, I guess we won't be wearing THESE.

This photo was from an event
we also didn't win anything at MOL!
O-hhhh what a fun time you will have! Yeah so it isn't a bona fide "O" word, give us a break...we're getting tired!

P-PAW PRINTS, PAW PRINTS EVERYWHERE! This is what greeted Mom the second she entered the Hotel for BlogPaws 2011

Q-Queens of the Cat Blogging World! Meet two of the Queens of the cat bloggers! (Yes we know there are TONS MORE! Relax Glogirly  and Cathy Keisha!!! Don't get your fur all matted!!) This is a photo from last year and the two "Queens" in the photo are (left) Ingrid King, (right) Deb Barnes.

R-REGISTER!! Have YOU registered for BlogPaws 2012? Time is running out! Register here  Want a 20% discount on your registration? Just enter BlogPaws2012-POPs-Caren at checkout!

S-SPONSORS BlogPaws has the BEST!!  Check out the SPONSORS PAGE, give them a shout out on Twitter, Facebook, visit their websites and make them feel welcome!! We LOVE our Sponsors!

T-TWITTER EVENTS! Have questions about BlogPaws?  Don't be shy! Spill the beans! Chew the fat! Cough up a fur ball!! Be sure to attend the #BlogPawsChat on Tuesday May 29th and Tuesday June 12th from 8pm to 9pm EST....Also, mark your pawprint on the calendar for Tuesday June 5th for a #BlogPawty !!!  

U-UNDERWEAR What does THIS have to do with a post about BlogPaws 2012? Glad you asked!  We keep reading posts telling us not to forget our business cards, laptops, sweaters for chilly conference rooms, yadda, yadda, yadda, you know how your Mom always taught you to be sure you ALWAYS have clean underwear? Well, you are traveling my friends! There are lots of things you might forget to pack, be sure to pack your UNDIES!!! Some like to have two pair per day....just sayin'.

V-V.I.P's uh, those would be ALL OF YOU!!! Without the hundreds THOUSANDS of bloggers who are a part of the BlogPaws Community it would be nothin' but bare bones! (If you are a dog you may like that, but not in the world of pet brands and blogging!)

W-Wonderful. Mom says it will be WONDERFUL to see so many of the bloggers again that she met last year and she can't wait to meet those she hasn't met yet!

X-marks the spot. Salt Lake City, the SPOT for BlogPaws 2012!

Y-Yvonne DiVita and the rest of the BlogPaws team have worked their tails off to be sure that BlogPaws 2012 is the BEST YET!!

Yvonne at BlogPaws 2011
Z- "Zee" um, make that SEE you at BlogPaws!!!!! We're so tired from doing this post that we need to catch some Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz's...................later!!!

Cody by our BlogPaws 2011 tote bag

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Pet Supplies Plus opens Kitty City II free-roaming cat adoption center in White Lake Twp., Michigan

Grand opening includes
 100-cat adoption event June 1-3

 When Addy Shattuck, owner of three Pet Supplies Plus stores in Oakland County, opened the first Kitty City adoption center in 2011, she never dreamed that so many felines  would find good homes as a result of her custom-designed cat habitat.  Her success with the first Kitty City has led to the opening of Kitty City II at Shattuck’s Pet Supplies Plus store in White Lake Twp.

Kitty City II is identical to the original Kitty City at Pet Supplies Plus in Bloomfield Hills.  Both are free- roaming, cage free adoption centers, designed by Shattuck, that enable kitties waiting for new homes to watch the birds outside through floor-to-ceiling windows, lounge in miniature arm chairs, and enjoy the soft breeze of an overhead ceiling fan.  Shattuck designed each Kitty City with plenty of perches for cats to climb, soft beds for sleeping and concealed litter boxes for privacy.  At any given time, each Kitty City is a temporary home to 20 or more cats. 
Kitty City II

The open environment enables the public to interact with the cats, get to know their unique personalities and, if Shattuck gets her way, fall in love and take home a new family member.  Cat adoptions at the Bloomfield Hills Pet Supplies Plus more than doubled with the opening of Kitty City.  Shattuck anticipates the same result in White Lake Twp.

“Kitty City allows the cats to be themselves.” says Shattuck.  “Prospective adopters can play with the kitties, get to know them and see how wonderful these cats are.   We have people coming into the store just to play with the cats.  And, of course, many of them end up adopting one.”  
A Kitty City II grand opening at Pet Supplies Plus in White Lake Twp. includes a three-day, 100-cat adoption event starting at 4 p.m. on Friday, June 1 through  5 p.m. on Sunday,  June 3.  Adoption fee of $59 includes spay or neuter, vaccines and health check.   All cats are from Oakland Pet Adoption Center in Auburn Hills or Elizabeth Lake Animal Rescue in Waterford.

Kitty City II

On Sunday, June 3 customers can bring their cats and dogs to a pet health care fair from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. that includes free wellness exams and reduced cost vaccines, feline leukemia tests and microchipping provided by Union Lake Veterinary Hospital.  They will also be treated to a free barbecue lunch from noon to 3 p.m.

Guess who else will be there
 Sun, June 3rd? ME!
(If I can figure out how to get there!)
I am so excited to visit Kitty City II. I was at the first Kitty City and was overwhelmed. I am going to be volunteering Sunday June 3rd and can't wait to meet all of the furbabies!

Event sponsors include
  California Natural and Holistic Select
  Pet Supplies Plus in White Lake Twp.
 is at 6845 Highland Rd.
For information, call 248-889-4131 or go to    

Will there be a Kitty City III?  Shattuck is considering the possibility at her third Pet Supplies Plus store.  But for now, she’s hoping that the White Lake Twp. location will have a big impact on finding homes for homeless cats and kittens.

“Unfortunately, Oakland County has a huge overpopulation of cats” Shattuck said.  “We are hoping that Kitty City will help more people see just how wonderful cats are.” 

Me! I visited the first Kitty City last year!
for those who missed the video I shot when I visited Kitty City I, here it is again! I am sorry for the amateur quality, hey I never said I possessed the video chops of Glogirly!
When I shot this I also had cats on my lap! Hard to maneuver the camera. The creator of Kitty City, (Addy) is in the shot with my husband!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Book Review And Give-Away! Organizing the Care of My Cat by Morgan T. Orr and Penelope Orr Spry, Authors of the WiseUp! Workbook Series

For those of us in the U.S., the Memorial Day holiday is the unofficial kick-off of the summer season! That means warm weather, lazy days at the beach, picnics, baseball, family outings and vacations!

Vacations! Ugh! I hear that word and the first thing I think is "Who is going to take care of Cody and Dakota when my husband and I are away?"  When I had my first cat, (Bobo) I am ashamed to say that I took as few vacations as possible, mostly because I didn't feel that ANYONE could take as good of care of Bobo as I could.

I would be a nervous wreck  before my departure,  what if they can't find this? What if they don't know what this meow means?  During said "vacation", instead of leisurely sipping Mai Tais and being lulled by the sound of waves hitting the shore, my stomach would be churning like a whirlpool.

If you are like me, when you leave notes for a pet sitter, they are typed or chicken-scratched on umpteen pieces of paper which are taped to cupboards or strewn on counters.   All  (or most) of the pertinent information about your cat is there, but it isn't neatly arranged, and I bet there are things not on the list that you didn't  realize were missing until you were winging your way to your destination, thousands of miles away.

With vacation season at-the-ready, the BlogPaws 2012 conference just a few weeks away, even severe storms/tornadoes, and other unthinkable disasters  can cause you to suddenly be separated from your beloved pet.

What are we to do?

I have the PURRFECT  solution to this problem!

A few weeks ago I was contacted by WiseUp! Workbooks and they asked me if I would be interested in featuring their Organizing the Care of My Cat Workbook on  Cat Chat.

I admit at first I was skeptical.

That lasted until the book arrived

The workbook   has ALL of the "important information you should provide for the care of your cat  in the event of your absence-planned or otherwise."

It is your pet sitter's   "Wise" guide. They are NOT kidding!

They have thought of information that many of us wouldn't think of.  All you do is just fill in the blanks. Once you fill out the information it is all in one place...IN the workbook, it is NOT strewn on counters or taped haphazardly throughout your home!

Take a look at some of the chapters in this handy workbook:
  •  Information About My Cat-which has info such as,  date of birth,  whether or not the cat is a rescue , is the cat  Microchipped?  Is the cat an indoor or outdoor cat? It even has an area to attach a photo of your cat  which would be important if the unthinkable happened, your cat runs away or is separated from the kennel or sitter in some other way.
  • Rescue Information if your cat was rescued it has an area to list the name of the rescue center or shelter and blanks for phone number, email, contact person, etc.
  •  Emergency Contact Information
  •   My Cat's Personality- questions include: is my cat good with strangers? Children? Dogs? Other cats?
  •  Daily Routine and Schedule
  • Feeding Instructions- what time is breakfast? Lunch? Dinner? What type of food? Canned? Dry? How Much to feed?
  • List and Location of My  Cat's Supplies- 
  • we all cover this verbally, but what happens when the person you were sharing the info with wasn't paying complete attention and they later forget? Yes,. this DOES HAPPEN  (especially with HUSBANDS! or any inattentive significant other!)
  • Health Care and Pet Insurance Information
  • Financial Arrangements-we don't like to think about this but it is a necessity. Even I had never given this issue serious thought until I received this workbook.
  • Legal Trust for My Cat  (sample Trust included)
And More...
The back of the work book has a handy RESOURCE section that includes websites for:
  • Litter Boxes and Supplies
  • Cat Grooming Tools and Supplies
  • Pet Insurance
  • Cat  Medications
  • Pet Legal Trusts
I wish I had this book when my husband and I vacationed last February. I know my friend who took care of Dakota and Cody in our absence would have greatly appreciated this workbook because the folks at WiseUp! have thought of EVERYTHING!

Now that I have a place to organize everything for Cody and Dakota...I wish someone would make a workbook for organizing the care of ME!

To purchase, visit WiseUp! Workbooks right here
ISBN : 978-1-937755-01-0 
Number of pages : 50
Price : $12.99

GIVE-AWAY!! The nice folks at WiseUp! will give one workbook to one winner in either the U.S. or Canada.  To be eligible, leave a comment telling me why you want to win this workbook and a way for me to contact you should you be the winner. Deadline to Enter is  Monday, June 4th  at 11pm EST. Winner will be announced WEDNESDAY ,  JUNE 6TH!

Good luck!!

and Happy Travels!

I was not compensated for this review. I was sent a workbook to keep and review. All opinions are my own.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Happy Birrrrthday...Happy Birthday To Ya!!! Happy Birthday ML! "Wordy-Wednesday"

Today is a special day in the CB (also known as the Cat Blogosphere!) It is the birthday of ML, a super special woman who is "The Queen Of Cats" and keeps the CB rollin', rollin', rollin'!

She keeps a clowder of kitties notified, unified, organized, and  inline which is an amazing feat in itself!!

She also has her own blog (The Sherwoods Welcome You),  where you can wish her a happy birthday right here

Cody and I  don't know everyone in the CB, and we don't purrticipate in every event,  but we are  blessed to know a large number of fellow cat lovers, many of whom we met through the CB.  Without  ML's dedication, organization, drive, passion, attention to detail, etc., etc., the Cat Blogosphere wouldn't be the success that it is!

We thank you, love you and wish you the HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAYS!!!

Thanks to two incredibly graphically gifted ladies for the birthday "cards"  they have designed. The first is done by Ann of Zoolatry:

and...what birthday would be complete without a greeting from the Real Housecats, created by Debbie Glovatsky aka "Glogirly" (which is also the name of her blog, be sure to visit it  here.)  Debbie's PhotoShop/video skills are crazy my opinion, and some say I am gifted with psychic ability,  blogging is just a stepping stone which will lead her to  how she SHOULD  be utilizing her amazing talent. She should form her own video design company, where she can earn the big bucks and hire me to clean her toilets, but I digress. Enjoy Debbie's latest creations below:
That's ME! Cody! Front and Center!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Winner Of "My G-r-r-r-r-eat Uncle Tiger" Written By James Riordan, Illustrated by Alex Ayliffe

Hi Guys!! We are posting the winner of our book give-away a little early because we have a super special birthday to celebrate on May 23rd!!

The winner of:

As Chosen By

They also have a blog which you can visit right here!!


Mom is sending you an email so that she can get your address and send you the book!!! Knowing Mom there will be a few other goodies sent along with it!

Thanks to all who entered!!

Love, Cody

Memorial Day Savings From Hill's Pet Nutrition!

Hi everyone it's Cody! Boy am I ever excited to tell you about something that Hill's is offering in honor of Memorial Day!

Everyone wants to save some green papers, right? You got it! Here is what the nice people at Hill's are offering!

Get $5 off on any bag of Science Diet®
 Dry Pet Food.

You guys are so lucky! I eat another food because of my itchy, "hot spot" allergies,  the name of  said food shall remain nameless, and sadly never offers savings but I digress...

The super cool part is at the same time Hill's is offering $5 off, PetSmart is running a special where they are offering $5 off of  the original price of Science Diet Cat food and $2 off the original price of Science Diet dog food!!  Guess what my penny-pinching pals? BOTH offers may be combined!!

You better pussy-foot on over there in a hurry though! They only have a limited number of coupons and when they are gone they are GONE!!!

Just go to 

and register on their site in order to download the coupon!

and Hey!! Eat an extra bowl for me 'eh?

Love, Cody

I was not compensated for this post. As I said I eat a different food, because of my allergies,  that never has specials so there was nothing in this for me.  Hill's contacted me asking if I would share this with my pals and I figured what the heck, everyone wants to save money! 

The Numbers Are In! It Really DID Happen At The Zoo!!

We are pleased to announce that last week's largest off-site pet adoption event of it's kind,
"Meet Your Best Friend At The Zoo" was a hippopotamus-sized success!!

The event is the brain-child of The Michigan Humane Society and The Detroit Zoo...

The numbers are in!!!



THIS is what it's all about!!

We are happy to have helped spread the word and if we were beneficial in helping even one little baby find a home, then that makes it that much better!!

The next Meet Your Best Friend At The Zoo
will be held September 22 and September 23, 2012

We wish all of the babies and their new parents all of the luck in the world!!

Caren and Cody

Monday, May 21, 2012

Win 100% Natural Nature’s Logic Cat Food!!

Hi Everyone! It's Cody!  Mom and I  featured Nature's Logic last year on Cat Chat, and we were so excited when they contacted us again and offered us an exciting give-away for our readers!

Those of you who have been reading our blog for a while now, know that  I am on a  special food because I have allergies. Mom didn't want to change my food right now, but  she said that she would be happy to do a give-away and let the nice lady at Nature's Logic tell you all about their food!

And now I present to you! Nature's Logic!!

 Here’s your chance to try Nature’s Logic 100% natural raw, canned or dry cat food for your cat. Nature’s Logic provides your feline friend with essential and complete nutrition for all life stages using only 100% natural ingredients. Whole foods provide cats with an abundance of naturally-occurring nutrients: Proteins, vitamins, minerals, fiber, probiotics, enzymes, antioxidants, co-factors, phytonutrients, and more. The natural synergies and increased bioavailability of these extra nutrients ensure the best possible nutrition for your kitty.

The company’s foods do NOT contain chemically-synthesized vitamins, minerals or other trace nutrients routinely added to other pet food. This ensures that your cat is not exposed to the potential toxicities associated with these man-made substances.

Doesn't this sound great? Well, you have a chance to find out for yourself because we have a:



·        Go to and tell us which of our cat foods you’d like to receive: 

Either 1) one 3-lb bag Raw Frozen Diet or

 2) nine 5.5-oz cans Feline Canned Diet, or

 3) one 3.3-lb bag of Feline Dry Kibble.

 Be sure to tell us the flavor (or combinations of flavors for the canned)  you’d like.

·        The winner will receive a Free Food Voucher
 to be redeemed at any Nature’s Logic retailer.

·        US & Canada only


Earn ONE extra chance to win by following Nature's Logic on Twitter (@NaturesLogic)

(do BOTH and receive TWO EXTRA CHANCES TO WIN!!)


"Like" Cat Chat With Caren & Cody On Facebook by clicking here

Be sure to let me know in the comments the steps you completed!



We received no compensation for this post. We believe in featuring products that we think would be of benefit to our readers. We did not receive any cat food at all because Mom does not want to change my food at this time.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Purina One Presents: LARGEST OFF-SITE PET ADOPTION EVENT IN THE COUNTRY! May 19th And 20th Meet Your Best Friend At The Zoo!

In 1993, the Michigan Humane Society (MHS) and the Detroit Zoological Society partnered to create a unique adoption event called “Meet Your Best Friend at the Zoo.” Now, 20 years later, nearly 20,000 animals have been adopted during Meet Your Best Friend at the Zoo, which is today the largest off-site adoption event in the country. MHS and the Detroit Zoo will continue that tradition on Saturday and Sunday, May 19 and 20, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Detroit Zoo in Royal Oak, Michigan. Meet Your Best Friend at the Zoo is presented by Purina ONE.

“The hard work of so many wonderful animal welfare groups and key partners like the Detroit Zoo, Purina and PetSmart Charities, as well as the continued support of the community, is what makes this lifesaving effort possible and has made Meet Your Best Friend at the Zoo the largest offsite adoption event in the country,” said Michael Robbins, vice president of Marketing and Communications at the Michigan Humane Society. “This year’s event is going to be even bigger and better, with more groups participating than ever before. If you’re looking for a furry best friend, Meet Your Best Friend at the Zoo is the place to be!”

There is no charge for admission or parking for the event, which will be held under large tents in the front parking lot. The Detroit Zoo is at 8450 W. 10 Mile Road in Royal Oak.
Adoption fees and policies are set by each participating group and not by event sponsors. Animals will be adopted only to qualified homes. Adopters must present a driver’s license or state ID card. All dogs and cats will have received a medical check-up and age-appropriate vaccinations.  For health and safety reasons, please leave current companion animals at home. For more information, please call 1-866-MHUMANE (648-6263).

The Michigan Humane Society (MHS) is a private, nonprofit organization which cares for more than 100,000 animals each year, while working to end companion animal homelessness, provide the highest quality service and compassion to the animals entrusted to our care, and to be a leader in promoting humane values.