Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fast, Low Cost Pet Vaccinations! Veterinary Clinic!

Saturday, July 21st

At Pet Supplies Plus
2057 Telegraph Rd
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan


  1. Have a happy Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Hope lots of people take advantage of that deal. Have a terrific Thursday.

  3. @Marg we hope so too!! You have a terrific Thursday as well!

    @Molly you as well!

  4. Great of you to let people know about it - and what a pawsome event!

  5. Oh Wow! Me wishes something like that happened here!

  6. @Kim THANK YOU!!! I thought it was important too but you can see that most could care less!! :)

    @Nellie THANK YOU! That is also precisely why I share these things that I hear about. People complain about not being able to afford this and that, well, maybe seeing what other places do, they can make a difference and suggest that some things be done in their area (if they aren't being done already!) You GOT IT!

  7. Nice to see low cost opportunities cropping up n more cities!!

    But we prefer the needle-free vaccine, pls?

  8. That is such a good idea and we hope lots of people take advantage of it. We have never seen anything like that advertised around here. Our equine vets hold a clinic at our yard once a month where people only have to pay for any treatment with no visit costs, so there is no reason why a small animal practice couldn't do the same.
    We have added the follow by email widget to the top of our sidebar.
    We aim to please :)

  9. We need that here! We all go next month for our shots (Ewww).

  10. Great event! Hope they get lots of customers ;-)

    And hey--I luffed your Christmas song yesterday--I wish people back there WOULD get a few days of snow!

  11. I seems like you have lots of animal friendly things going on in your home area. Nice!! How ya doing Cody???

  12. Great info..... Have a super weekend.

    hugs, Max, Bugsy, and Knuckles

  13. That's wonderful! We hope the event is super successful!

  14. Even though I don't live in your neighborhood this post served as a reminder that there are clinics that offer low cost services for pets. I completely forgot about this and I need all the help I can get as I look for permanent work once again.

    Thank you for posting your caption for my Silly Saturday Photo Caption Contest today! Yours was very silly and I think it could be a winner!