Friday, September 30, 2011

"A Good Time Was Had By All," Especially ME!

Hi Everybody it's Cody and happy weekend to you! As you know from Mom's blog post on Wednesday we were busy celebrating the Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashanah).

Some of my favorite entertainment is watching Mom when a holiday is approaching and she is going to have "people" over. That's all you hear, "I'm having PEOPLE over, you must be good! PEOPLE are coming over" No kidding!? I thought you were inviting a bunch of cats, get a grip woman.

I have two favorite games I like to play that are certain to send Mom over the edge.

The first is called "Tabby Table Tease"

This is a great place to make a  fort! What I like to do first is roll alllll over the black chairs (this only works once all fur has been removed). I roll and roll to make sure that some new fur adheres just purrfectly. If that isn't noticed I stand up and proceed to test the chair fabric for durability when faced with scratching. That is sure to send Mom into a "Get Cody off of the chair" frenzy!!

Once I have accomplished that, I proceed to lay on the chair, I leisurely stretch my paw out and get my claws stuck in the table cloth. Then I encourage my Sheltie-brother Dakota to come over and start wrestling with me (with claws still stuck in the table cloth). Game isn't over until the tablecloth and dishes start to slide just enough to almost fall off of the table. Notice I said "almost" I'm no fool. I like to hear Mom once again yell to Dad, "Get Cody away from that table, NOW!!!"

Notice there is no evidence of "MOI" playing this game? The game was such a success that Mom was just focused on screaming instead of running to get the "flashy box" like she usually does!

Those pumpkins on the centerpiece were intended for a 2 yr old and an almost 1 yr old (my human nephew and niece). See the feathers on top? What cat WOULDN'T think they are intended to be rolling cat toys!!?? Geeze!

The next game that I like to play is called "Bat The Brisket"

This isn't the actual brisket that Mom served. This photo was taken from Mom made about 10 lbs of brisket and it was all in a giant aluminum pan.

Right before you play "Bat The Brisket" you have to grab your doggie brother (it works much better if the dog has really long fur and gets super close to the oven like Dakota does. No doggie brother? No worries, you can still perform this feat!), make sure you are both in just the right position when Mom is bending  halfway into the oven to pull out the heavy brisket and juice filled pans.  Then you make your move! You both weave and dart between her ankles making sure to pull out your most annoying sounding "Meow" and that your doggie brother is barking full throttle at the same time! You get 10 points if your Mom yells, BONUS points if the brisket falls to the freshly washed floor. You WIN the game if you get up onto the forbidden kitchen counter (when Mom is in another room)  and rustle the aluminum foil just enough for Mom to hear. When the yelling begins YET AGAIN, you get 100 points and you have just won "Bat The Brisket!!"

This is the bucket that Mom uses for cans of pop and bottles of water and ice for when the "people" come over. This bucket is normally full of my toys. (Hehehe). As you can see it is empty, (well except for ME!)  All is calm now at "Casa De Cody". My fun is over til the next event when the "people" come over. I can hardly wait!

 To show you that I'm actually a pretty thoughtful guy, I am leaving you with a delicious chicken recipe that my Mom made for the "people". Just click on the recipe title below!

  Chicken Holiday

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Winner On Wednesday! Why Is Flat Cody Sitting With A Photo Of Nellie From "The Cat From Hell & Kozmo Too?"

Because Nellie is the  LUCKY WINNER

Nellie has won the:


A PetSmart Exclusive!



Won't it look just beeeeaaautiful

with her LOVELY blue eyes?


don't worry Nellie!
you won't get the one
with my kitty germs on it!
Love, Cody

Now keep it away from Kozmo, will ya?

He just got prezzies for his birthday!

Oh and everyone while you're at it

go and say hi to Nellie, Kozmo

Cinnamon & Bob

over at THEIR blog!

You can get there
by clicking HERE!

* * * Mom and I might be scarce today and tomorrow. The Jewish Holiday Rosh Hashanah (The Jewish New Year) starts tonight at sundown. We might not be able to stop by and visit any of you until late Thursday or Friday.
 Happy New Year to all of our Jewish bloggie friends!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

SureFlap Microchip Cat Door-Give-Away!

 I would often see homes with traditional cat doors and  wonder if the cat can enter the home, what other creature  far less desirable  could possibly enter? The thought of creatures such as rats, raccoon, possum, etc. would make me shudder.

 Since I have an indoor kitty I didn't have to trouble myself with such things.

That is until I was asked if I would feature the SureFlap Microchip Cat Door on  Cat Chat.  At first I refused because I don't have a need for a cat door since I am in an apartment/condo building, but when I read about the features of this unique cat door I felt I had to share it with those of you who would find this product to be highly beneficial!

SureFlap originated in the United Kingdom and was invented by the President of SureFlap, Nick Hill, Ph.D. He is the proud pet parent of Flipper, a tuxedo cat that was the impetus behind the invention of SureFlap.  Before he invented SureFlap, Dr.Hill had a standard cat door that allowed other cats that followed Flipper home, inside. These cats  would fight with Flipper, eat his food and "spray" the kitchen!

Dr. Hill is a physicist and used his extensive educational background to create SureFlap. He feels his product will add a new level of convenience for cat owners who can't always be there to let their cat in or out. It allows the cat to enter or leave at its leisure while keeping stray, possibly dangerous animals, OUT. Dr.Hill wanted to create a high-tech cat door that would provide safety and peace of mind.


Allows only cats whose microchips are stored within the product to enter a home.

It is powered by 4 AA batteries and only powers up when a cat tries to enter/leave a home.

SureFlap works with a cat's existing FDXA, FDXB or Avid Secure/Encrypted microchip (these encompass the vast majority of microchip types).

SureFlap will work even if a cat wears a collar with a metallic bell or tag.

SureFlap stores the unique identities of up to 32 cats.

SureFlap is compact and suitable for most cat breeds with its 5.59" wide by 5.39" tall entry door.  (Some large breeds of cat, such as the Maine Coon, may have difficulty using it. They are currently working to develop a larger version of SureFlap, which is appropriate for small dogs and larger cats and it should be available during the first half of 2012.

SureFlap is easy to install in doors, windows and walls and glass mounting.

To read more about SureFlap click here

SureFlap may be purchased for $149.99 plus shipping & handling at but ONE LUCKY READER OF CAT CHAT is going to win a SureFlap of their own! (U.S. ONLY PLEASE)

HOW TO ENTER (all steps are mandatory):

1.) You MUST be a subscriber of Cat Chat.

2.) "LIKE"  SureFlap  on Facebook and leave a comment saying Cat Chat sent you. You can do that here

3.) Leave a comment stating that you wish to be entered to win a SureFlap and that you have completed the above entry requirements.

All entries must be received by 11pm EST MONDAY OCTOBER 3rd, 2011, the winner will be announced WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 5th, 2011.

Good Luck!

In full disclosure we were not compensated for this blog post. We were offered a SureFlap but with our living situation there was no need for us to have one.  We gratefully accepted the offer of giving away one SureFlap to one of our lucky readers. We opted on our own to feature SureFlap because we liked its features and benefits and feel that it is a useful product. All opinions are strictly our own.

Monday, September 26, 2011

I'm Waiting....

I was supposed to have a guest blog this morning. Here I am sitting by Daddy's computer because Mom is busy on "ours" working on a blog for Dakota.

and here's me



I have nothin' for ya, nothin'

talk amongst yourselves



Sunday, September 25, 2011

Eco-Friendly Cat Toy! "Junk Food Flyers"

Hi every one! It's Cody!

When  Mom went to BlogPaws she got to meet many bloggers that she admires and enjoys and one of them was the effervescent Kate Benjamin from Moderncat. If you aren't familiar with Moderncat you MUST check it out! That is our favorite source for all kinds of cat products for the "modern" home! Kate features everything there!

Did you know that Kate  also has a shop on  Etsy?

She does! Mom and I didn't know either until Kate contacted Mom and asked if she would like to have me try these really cool little toys called Junk Food Flyers.

Junk Food Flyers are eco-friendly because they are made with "clean, recycled cat food bags that have been cut into fun shapes and combined with felt circles to create the perfect treat-colorful like candy and crunchy like potato chips!"

They are only $5 for a set of five and you can check them out in the Moderncat Studio Etsy Shop

Mom and I think they are super cute but in full disclosure Mom was quite upset with me because I am more of a "mouse man".  What this means is I basically only react to small toys that are shaped like a mouse and have ears and a tail. But that's me. Mom is CERTAIN that other, in Mom's words, "more appreciative" kitties will LOVE these! So we are gonna "pay it forward" and give some other kitties a chance to play with these!

You know what that means? ONE WINNER  is going to win my pair of Junk Food Flyers! You know what else? EVERYBODY IS ELIGIBLE TO WIN!

All you have to do is leave a comment telling Mom why you like these toys by Friday, September 30th at midnight EST and the winner will be announced Saturday, October 1st.

Mom is confident that a less mouse-obsessed cat will LOVE THESE!

Good Luck and THANK YOU Kate!

we received no compensation for this post, we just received 2 Junk Food Flyers to test/review. All opinions are mine and Mom's!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Meet Your Best Friend At The Detroit Zoo!!

Saturday & Sunday
September 24th and 25th
from 10am to 5pm at:
The Detroit Zoo

The Michigan Humane Society and the Detroit Zoological Society will host the fall Meet Your Best Friend at the Zoo from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, September 24, and Sunday, September 25, at the Detroit Zoo in Royal Oak. Hundreds of adoptable dogs, cats, puppies and kittens will be available for immediate adoption from MHS and more than 20 additional organizations at the largest off-site pet adoption event in the country.

There is no charge for admission or parking for this event, which is held in the Detroit Zoo front parking lot.
Last year, the spring Meet Your Best Friend at the Zoo event found homes for 498 animals. Since its inception in 1993, the event has helped more than 17,000 animals find new, loving families.

Meet Your Best Friend at the Zoo

Adoption policies and fees are set by each participating group and not by event sponsors. Adopters must present a driver’s license or state ID card. All dogs and cats will have received a medical checkup and age-appropriate vaccinations. For health and safety reasons, please leave current pets at home. 

Our thanks to the corporate sponsors who help make this event possible and for the community’s support in adopting nearly 17,000 pets – that is, furry best friends – at the event since 1993.

The event will be held under tents in the Detroit Zoo front parking lot, beneath the signature water tower, located at 8450 W. 10 Mile Road in Royal Oak.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Dining In Style Is A "Good Thing!" Martha Stewart PETS available exclusively at PETSMART! Give-Away!!

Hi everyone! So I see you missed me yesterday? It's Cody and  I am back! I was busy working on this special blog post for today, I had a lot of tasting  testing to do!

I was pretty upset when Mom went to BlogPaws 2011. She left and didn't even have the courtesy of asking ME, her blogging buddy, if I wanted to come! The nerve!

She redeemed herself though by chatting with Stephanie  from PetSmart who gave Mom and a number of other lucky bloggers the chance of having us kitties review a new pet feeder from the paragon of perfection herself, Martha Stewart!! We were thrilled and honored!

Martha Stewart Pets has brought a unique collection of cat-care products exclusively to PetSmart!

Martha is known for  meticulous standards of quality in everything that she undertakes and her line of pet feeders/mats at PetSmart are no exception!
Mom liked how pretty the pet feeder was wrapped
when it arrived.  I, on the other paw,
 enjoyed how the plastic tasted!

So here is what I got to give a test-run!
Martha Stewart™ Double Feeder 
This double-feeder is efficient, modern and stylish.
 Includes air-tight lids for easy travel with your pet. A PetSmart exclusive.

How cool is this?
A feature that Mom loves about this feeder are the lids. It isn't just good for travel but it is good for storing left overs (left overs? What cat leaves food over, certainly not "moi!").

 Mom also likes how the stainless steel dishes keep my water super cool, just like ME!

These bowls are also the purrfect size for kitties! No "super-size me" bowls needed for us!  They are shallow and are purrfectly sized to accommodate our ample whiskers!
Also for those of you who are enthusiastic eaters like me, these bowls are made of non-skid melamine so you won't be chasing them  across the floor while you eat!

this is how they look with food in them!
Check out the
Martha Stewart™ Silicon Feeding Mat 
Making meal time better for both you and your pet! This lipped-edge mat prevents messy spills and makes clean-up easier. A PetSmart exclusive. Available in assorted colors.
This feeding mat is made out of Silicon
and is super easy to wipe clean!
 It also catches any crumblies
 that might fall from my mouth during my rapid-fire nomming!
This feeding mat  has a narrow raised rim on the side
 to keep those crumblies in one place!
See how nicely I keep my elbows
paws off of the mat?
I want to finish eating but first I have to tell you that we are having a GIVE-AWAY! 
The GIVE-AWAY is open to U.S. AND CANADA ONLY and one lucky reader of 
Cat Chat will win their very own cat feeder and cat feeding mat! 
That's a SUPER "good thing!"

All you have to do is leave a comment below saying that you would like to win the feeder. The deadline to enter is MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 26TH AT MIDNIGHT EST.
The Winner will be announced WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 28th!


In full disclosure, we were  not compensated for this post, we were sent the feeder and mat to test/review and Mom and I love them!  All opinions are strictly MINE! Now, back to what I do best, EATING!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011, Adopt-A-Less-Adoptable-Pet Week- PLEASE Consider "Tahlullah"

A week ago I had featured this beautiful girl named Tahlullah who I had met when I went on a shopping visit to PetSmart in West Bloomfield, Michigan. (If you missed it you  can read that post here)

As I write this today I am nervous and terrified.

I called PetSmart before working on this post to see if Tahlullah had indeed been adopted. The employee at PetSmart told me she had been off of work the past two days but that Tahlullah was not there.

My initial reaction was euphoria!

I asked the employee if she had indeed been adopted,  she said she isn't permitted to tell me, but I could go into Michigan Humane's website and if she was still available she would appear.

She did.

I am overcome with fear and sadness.

There are many factors that make a pet "less adoptable". One of a host of factors is age. A cat age 7 and up is considered to be a "Senior". Most people want tiny kittens or young cats and are hesitant to bring an older cat home.

Older cats are just as loving  and if possible probably need more love than a kitten.

Older cats tend to be calmer and less inclined to get into the same kind of mischief a kitten would get into.


Would  YOU want to be abandoned when  YOU are a SENIOR?

I know that Tahlullah is just one of virtually hundreds of thousands of cats that are in need of a home,  but this girl flirted her way into my heart and I have made it my mission to help her find a home.

She is listed on Petfinder.

I am literally begging, pleading with whomever reads this to PLEASE SHARE HER! Post her on Facebook, tweet her.

I am going to call Michigan Humane today and see what I can find out.

With All Of My Heart




is , an eight year old brown and black female Tortoiseshell. She weighs about seven pounds and is a full sized adult. Tahlullah is a sweet girl who likes attention. She is an explorer and is recommended for a home with children five years and older. Tahlullah is litterbox trained and current on all vaccinations.

More about Tahlullah

Pet ID: 13685947 • Spayed/Neutered • House trained

Tahlullah's Contact Info

Michigan Humane Society West Bloomfield, West Bloomfield, MI

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Today Is "Meow Like A Pirate Day", Meet "Dread Pirate Kidd" aka Captain Cody!

Fabulous badge compliments of Zoolatry!

The pirate speaks,"This made me Ahoy! Er happy because thar be NOTHING I like better than me Mousie!! While we were workin' on this post me Mom and I wondered what me Pirate name should be? We found this cool site that actually made a "Pirate Name" for me Check out me name"

My pirate name is:
Dread Pirate Kidd

Like the famous Dread Pirate Roberts, you have a keen head for how to make a profit. Even though you're not always the traditional swaggering gallant, your steadiness and planning make you a fine, reliable pirate. Arr!
Get your own pirate name from
part of the network
I be one lucky kitty fer sure!!! I have a pair incredibly talented photographers who surprised me Mom 'n I wit' purrfect scurvy pirate photos, specially made, just fer ME!! If they hadn't done that me Mom would have had one completely LAME blog message fer this day. Mom 'n I be in AWE (that's AWE, not AYE) 'o their thoughtfulness 'n talent! We be as lucky as a chest 'o scurvy pirate's lovely booty!!!!

The pirate speaks,"Thank you Cat Wisdom 101

 for this AMAZING photo!"

"Yo, ho, ho me Mateys!!!
 arrr while I have a swig 'o me spiced rum!!
 Hop on board th' jolly Ship Cody!

The pirate speaks,"Mr Puddy and his Momme really KNOW that I be all about me mousie!"

Now what be ye lookin' at!? thar's grub to be made 'n a deck to be swabbed. Hop to it! We don't have all day ye be knowin'!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Detroit Tigers Clinch Baseball's American League Central!! "Concatulations!!!!!""

This photo was taken quite early in the summer
Check out Cody's paw
He OBVIOUSLY predicted the winner
long before anyone else did!

Hi everyone! It's Cody and I am
one happy kitty today!
(my Daddy is too!!)

For most of the summer of 2011
have battled to win the AL Central Division.
Not long ago, the Tigers pulled waaay ahead
of the Cleveland Indians by sweeping them
like a pile of kitty litter
in a most important series.

My Mom was torn.
She lived in Cleveland for 35 yrs
and still loves her "Tribe"
Anyone with any sense and a love of baseball,
(or any sport!!)
knows that just because you
move away from a city where you
lived for nearly your entire life,
 it doesn't mean your sports allegiances
 fall by the wayside.
Those who have NEVER moved out-of-state
don't quite "get it"
but that is a whole other topic entirely!

I, on the other paw, was born
on the streets of Detroit
so I am a Tigers fan allll the way!
(plus they are of the "feline persuasion")

Photo Courtesy of Fox Sports Detroit

Mom has decided that now that she lives in Detroit
that either way it could have gone
she would have been a WINNER!
She believes in acknowledging
hard work, dedication and a competitive spirit
(plus she is a darned  DAMN good sport)
Yeah I cursed, told ya I was born on the streets of Detroit get over it!
Now that the Tigers have clinched
(and most deservedly so!!)
and bring it all HOME!

Mom and I also think
that Jim Leyland
is the BEST Manager in Baseball!


Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Find! Pawsitively Elegant!!

Happy Friday All! Wish I could say it was "happy" but right now I am running a temp/fever and having sinus issues, took everything out of me to get up to post this but I had promised Brenda that I would.

One day while surfing Twitter I happened upon these GORGEOUS elevated dog/cat bowls, they are stunning! In full disclosure, no I do not have one nor have I purchased one (yet) but they are on my "wish list".  Enjoy!

Welcome to Pawsitively Elegant, a division of Defining Designs by cms.  Your pampered pets deserve the very best!  What better way to show them you care by giving them a one-of-a-kind stained glass mosaic customized elevated dog/cat bowl, a leash/attire holder to hold their favorite leash and attire, a picture frame to show off their beautiful portrait or a pet urn to keep them close to your heart when they cross rainbow bridge. 

Our unique and beautiful designer elevated dog/cat bowls are made with wood, top quality stained glass, stainless steel bowls, gems and dog/cat embellishments.  They have been sealed for protection to allow for easy cleanup and protection from food and water.  A frame is attached around the edges of each feeder to add to the overall style of the feeder.  The legs can be stained or painted and come in a variety of sizes.  Whether you need an elevated  feeder 2.5" from the floor, or one that is 26", we can accommodate your needs.


Commemorate the life of your beloved pet by putting their ashes in a beautiful custom mosaic stained glass pet urn.  Each one comes with a pottery paw, sayings and gems.  The bottom is removable with 4 small screws allowing you to put the ashes safely inside.  A photo holder is also included if you'd like to put it on top.

How many times have you searched your home for the dog/cat leash, collar or treat bag?  Often times people don’t have a dog/cat leash holder due to the unsightly appearance of a hook on the wall.  Having pet furniture or accessories in the home doesn’t have to be hidden and can now bring style and elegance to your home. 

Our pets truly are “man’s best friend” and love us unconditionally.  Show them off proudly as one of the family by putting their photo in a mosaic cat/dog picture frame whether it’s at home or at the office.  Each frame is made with stained glass, gems and dog/cat embellishments.

Having a family pet doesn't mean you can't blend their accessories with your decor and do it with style.  If you have a friend or family member that has pampered pets, give them a unique pet gift that will keep them smiling.  

Since our items are one-of-a-kind we always invite custom orders.  For your convenience we take Visa, Mastercard and Discover as well as PayPal. 

Brenda Halverson

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Disney's The Lion King Comes To Theatres In 3D September 16, 2011 For TWO Weeks Only!

Hi everyone! It's Cody! Mom is feeling a little under the weather today so she asked if I could take over the blog to give you some great news!

One of our all time favorite movies is The Lion King. We LOVE the music, message, animation and of course that it features FELINES!

The Lion King isn't just for your kittens or cubs, it is for the wiser, senior members of your family too!

If you want to pre-order tickets or learn more about The Lion King, click here

Do you think I could wear these glasses for the movie?

I'm all set! Bring on the popcorn!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Happy Cat Month 2011-Celebrating Cat Health & Happiness

I didn't know until I saw a few weeks ago on  Darlene Arden's (author of The Complete Cat's Meow)  Facebook Page that September is:

 "Happy Cat Month"

It is sponsored by the CATalyst Council and

For those that didn't see the video
 when Darlene posted it, here it is!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"Tahlullah", Adoptable Tortie Tuesday

No, I didn't adopt another cat, but I almost did.

Yesterday I had to run over to PetSmart to pick up some toothpaste and toothbrushes for Cody and Dakota and while I was there I decided to take a walk over to the area where the cats that are available for adoption are located. It is normally a mistake for me to do this because I have a terribly hard time leaving once I see the precious faces that need a forever home.

This trip to PetSmart was even harder. I looked into the cages, thankfully there were only 2 cats available, (the cashier told me they had had a super successful adoption weekend last week which was great news). But one of the cats wasn't as lucky.

I normally don't post about cats that I just meet at random when I stroll through PetSmart, but this one was different. Her eyes met mine, she flirted with me and my husband by rolling over onto her back and showing us her lovely belly, her paws touched the window of her cage beckoning us closer,  she pulled out all the stops.

All of this happened without her ever setting a paw outside of her cage. I didn't dare pick her up because if I had, I know that would have been it. I would have never been able to put her back.

This cat has an aura about her, she exudes love and warmth, she may be 8 yrs old but I could tell she was full of kitten-like fun-loving ways.


This was one of those times that I wish I lived in a house. Sadly, my husband and I live in a 2 bedroom condo and we are only permitted to have 2 pets. We have our two. When I was reading about Tahlullah it didn't say anything about her being good with dogs and we do have a Sheltie.

This cat touched me so deeply that I woke up thinking about her this morning. I performed multiple searches until I found her.

 This wasn't the post I was going to do for today but I feel a compulsion to help this cat with such a magnetic personality find a home.

If you can,  please spread the word about Tahlullah,  if you are the lucky person who adopts her please let me know, I would love to come and visit her if I could.

This Tortie-girl completely stole my heart.



is , an eight year old brown and black female Tortoiseshell. She weighs about seven pounds and is a full sized adult. Tahlullah is a sweet girl who likes attention. She is an explorer and is recommended for a home with children five years and older. Tahlullah is litterbox trained and current on all vaccinations.

Tahlullah's Contact Info

Michigan Humane Society West Bloomfield, West Bloomfield, MI

More about Tahlullah

Pet ID: 13685947 • Spayed/Neutered • House trained

(248) 737-8728

If you want to meet TAHLULLAH she is currently located at PetSmart