Friday, May 4, 2012

Fun Friday Finds!!! Cat Toys By KONG!!!

Hi everyone and T.G.I.F.!!! It's Frrrriiiiday!!!

Time to kick up your paws, settle back and get ready for a FUN weekend!

I have some catabulous toys to show you that are made by the cool people at KONG  that will help you do just that!

Mom has loved KONG for quite some time because as everyone knows, KONG established "the standard" for dog toys. When it comes to dogs and toys EVERYONE knows about KONG! KONG is the producer of "World's Best Dog Toy!"

  KONG wanted  to apply their standards for perfection that they utilized to produce their dog toys  and make durable and fun toys for kitties as well!

Kitties need to play too! Regular play keeps us healthy and happy. We need toys that encourage us to stalk, hunt, capture prey and even scratch! KONG fulfills that need!

 Most of the toys that I received to try out  are from KONG'S new Denim line of cat toys! They are so NEW that they aren't even on their website !

Being a cat, and the fact that I like to aggravate Mom, we don't play on DEMAND. Mom introduced me to each toy that I am going to show you, at different times, but would I even THINK of playing with them IN FRONT OF HER? OF COURSE NOT! Would I play with them when it was pitch dark when there was no camera in my face? YES. That's exactly what I did and that is why there are no photos of me enjoying my new toys!

Here is the collection of toys
that I received!
The first toy that I want to tell you about is the KONG Denim Kickeroo!

KONG Denim Kickeroo

Are filled with a generous amount of catnip. 

Large and cuddly, perfect for bunny kicking, wrassling, snoozing and cuddling.

Has a fluffy tail for extra fun!

The KONG Denim Kickeroo has a cute "jeans pocket" in the front where your human may  add extra catnip, or  they could even choose to  hide a treat!

My only complaint? The catnip is described as "potent". Mom  has opened toys where I could literally smell the catnip through the packaging. That is not the case with any of the KONG toys containing catnip. I LOVE KONG but I think their catnip could use a little improvement!

Next up...

KONG Denim "Snails"
Are these clever or what?

Kitties will love the "crinkle sound" and unique texture and they also are infused with KONG's North American catnip.

They are super  durable for hard-playin' cats!

I'm a kinda guy with an intense attraction to anything that has FEATHERS! KONG fulfills my fancy for feathers with:

KONG Denim Ball With Feathers

This fun toy also has a "crinkle sound", a unique texture and is infused with North American catnip. If you are a feather connoisseur as I am, you will delight in the downy feathers tickling your nose. Super light to the touch, mega-swattable. You're gonna love 'em!

Ok my friends, I saved one of my ALL TIME favorite toys for LAST! Check it out!!

KONG Active Laser Toy
Oh myyy CAT was I ever excited when Mom opened the packaging on this one! From KONG'S Active line, laser lights are one of my all time faves and this one is super cool! It is small enough for Mom to hide it in her hand, which doubles the fun cause all of a sudden when I least expect it, a laser light show begins! When I see that it's ALL SYSTEMS GO! I'm off to the races! I will run, jump and chase that elusive red light anywhere that it may go. I have been known to scale walls, slide on the floor, anything I can think of to catch that light. You know what? I rarely win. I pretend I am hunting prey and one day I am gonna catch that light, just you wait!!

So my friends as I said it's Frrriiiiday and the weekend is all about play! Grab whatever human holds the purse strings and tell them you want some new CAT TOYS BY KONG!!!  You can check out more KONG CAT TOYS RIGHT HERE or at many of your local pet stores!

Why should DOGS have all the fun??

I was not compensated for this post. The nice people at KONG gave me some great toys to play with so that I may tell you about them. All opinions are my own. Rest assured that now that this review is over, I will play with EACH and EVERY KONG toy MULTIPLE times. If nothing else, just to aggravate my Mom!!!


  1. Kong toys! Oh how we love them - and these look really pawsome...thank you for updating us on the cool new stuff, Cody!

  2. SO fun!!!! ...AND fashionable. : ) Love the touches of denim. I'm sure that ALL the fashionable cats will soon be bunny kicking their denim Kong toys!!!
    ; ) Katie & Glogirly

  3. Lots of fun stuff there!

    My cats love their Kong Tiger Kickeroo and the smaller size Cozie Kickeraoo.

  4. Looks like you have had some great fun playing with those toys,have a great weekend Cody and Speedy

  5. We have several Kong toys for cats and Mommy says the toys are really good quality and can handle quite a lot of bunny kicking and biting. :)
    We expecially like the fluffy tail on the toys. Can't wait to see the denim kickeroos make their way to our shores.
    Thanks for the review!

  6. Thank you for testing all these fab toys lovely Cody! Enjoy! Take care

  7. Sebastian has been hogging all the toys in this house....hmmm...Mama will have to buy separate for me. I agree about the nip amount. They need to be increased. purrr....meow!

  8. Oh my! Skeeter definitely needs some of these!

  9. We had not idea that Kong made cat toys and didn't realize there were such good ones. Thanks for this great review. We will start saving our green papers. Take care.

  10. Thumb up for Kong!! I love Kong toys!


  11. We like Kong Toys - we can get them from our v-e-t place sometimes if Mum is feeling guilty about dragging us there!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  12. Kong toys ARE cool toys for sure! You're such a lucky duck (well - maybe not DUCK but certainly CAT!) to get some samples to try out Cody. Wowzers. I do some of my best playing after my parents have gone to sleep and they ASSUME that I have. Tee Hee Don't they know we're nocturnal animals??????

    Kitty Hugs, Your Pal Sam

  13. You are sure gonna have a Kong kickin good weekend Cody!

  14. A SMOUSEY LASER!! Whoa! Did you see those new FTC Disclosure rules? I may never mention a product again. MOL! Hmmm, does tissue paper count?

  15. Those new toys look great! I especially like the look of that kick-a-roo one but... the laser thingy looks mighty interesting, too. purrs

  16. Lucky you. Kong makes the best stuff. Mom got to tour the factory here in Colorado where their headquarters is and where they make the original Kong dog toy. She thinks they're wonderful! I do too.

  17. @Kim you are welcome!! We are HUGE fans of KONG too!!

    @Pumpkinpuddy wow what fun!!! I bet that tour was amazing! I bet Mom would like to tour there on day as well. Thank you for sharing with us!

    @Bassetmomma you got it!

    @Nerissa I love 'em both but the laser is my all time fave!

    @Cathy Keisha not worried......I disclose :)

    @Brian yes siree!!

    @sammy you got that right! You would think that by now they would know the drill! Your Pal, Cody

    @Hannah and lucy now THAT'S an idea! I think it should be mandatory for ALL VETS to sell KONG TOYS!

    @eva Dakota and I do too!!

    @Marg thank you so much! We have featured them before but I think you cut school that day :)
    (((((((Hugs)))))))) and love!! And thank you for your kind words about the review!

    @Sue there ya go!

    @Cat-from-Sydney, thank you! I hate to be critical but that was my ONLY complaint!!

    @Old Kitty you are welcome and thank you! ((((hugs)))) to you and Charlie!

    @Furries you are welcome and THANK YOU for your wonderful endorsement of the KONG Cat Toy line. Their durability is equally as superb as it is in their dog toys

    @Speedy thank you! We did have fun and hope you have a great weekend too!

    @Julia I have those too! Glad your kitties enjoy them as well!

    @Katie and Glogirly yep the denim is pretty darned cool!

  18. Dear Caren and Cody (and Dakota and Daddy)
    Thanks so much for letting me hideout from the police at your house. Me is very lucky that officer Harley dropped the charges and me gots to go home.
    BTW, how come yous did not has those cool toys out when me was visiting yesterday?

  19. Nellie you are most welcome!!!! I hid them from you!!!! MOL!! I figured if you were gonna run off with Spitty I would save them for another time :)

    Gotta keep 'em wanting MORE!

    Love, Cody

  20. Those Kong toys look like a kicktastic, Cody! Thanks for the great review, buddy!

  21. We LOVE Kong toys for dogs! I didn't know they even made cat toys but how fantastic! They look like tons of fun!! :)

  22. We have a Kong Kickaroo but we like the denim one better. It is so much more mancatly.

  23. Nice to see Kong come out with some good kitty toys. I'll have to see if I can find some and give them a try.

    I love the Kongs I have for my dogs, and they do, too.

  24. *perk* FEATHERS? Did someone say FEATHERS???