Saturday, March 31, 2012 Needs Our Help!

It's power of the paw time!!! Hey every kitty, it's Cody! I'm here to tell you that our friend Baby Patches over at Nip and Bones needs our help big time! If they don't get some help they may have to close their fantastic store. We don't want that to happen because they sell some great quality cat and dog products there and Baby Patches works hard to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Mom just pawchased a  BUNCH of stuff towards the HUGE GIVE-AWAY she is having for my 5TH BIRTHDAY TOMORROW!!! (and yes, she did pawchase something for ME too! Well, maybe a few "somethings" but they are surprises) and she pawchased something for Dakota too!

For our huge BIRTHDAY GIVE-AWAY ON SUNDAY APRIL 1 we have surprises from Creme de la Cat and PetFinder for those in the U.S. and Canada, and for those that are NOT in the U.S. and Canada Mom will be picking winners of items from Nip & Bones and Conscious Cat... that Mom PAWCHASED especially to give to YOU for MY BIRTHDAY!! How cool is THAT???

So let's paw it forward and help out our friends, ok?

Friday, March 30, 2012

Flattered Friday

Hi everyone and Happy Friday! It's Cody! Mom and I were flattered a couple of weeks ago when we received the:

from our dear friends Sammy and his Mom, Pam, over at One Spoiled Cat. If you have never visited Sammy and his Mom before, please do! There is always something fun going on there!

We are deeply honored, as well as surprised to receive this award because we truly don't think we are very inspiring at all! There are a lot of blogs out there who are deserving of this award, but we are flattered and thrilled that Sammy and his Mom have this opinion of us!

As with any award there are requirements that must be met before you can accept it, and the  requirements for accepting this award are that we must answer more questions to give you a little more insight as to what makes us who we are, whatever THAT is!

As always, we will each take a turn replying:

I'm Most Creative...

CODY-when I am hungry and Mom won't give me a snack. I am so "creative" that I just taught myself how to open the kitchen cupboard where my kibble is kept. I taught myself this amazing feat this week! Pretty creative, eh?

MOM- after a few rousing rounds of Words With Friends at about midnight.

If I Were A Color I Would Be...

CODY-RED!! I am an Aries kitty and the color for Aries is RED! That is probably why my red mousie is one of my favorite toys.

MOM-GREEN. Forest green, kelly green. The color of nature. My eyes are green (like Cody's and I don't wear contacts!) Green is my color!

I Often Imagine Myself...

CODY-Face first in a bowl full of kibble. I live to eat.

MOM-living on the island of Kauai, my favorite place on this earth. If not living there, I want to return to Kauai Beach Resort where my husband and I honeymooned almost six years ago.

I Really Wish I Knew How To...

CODY- open a can of cat food by myself so I could eat whenever I would like to!

MOM-there are many things I wish I knew how to do. A few of them are knitting, crocheting, and ice skating.

I'd Love To Spend A Lazy Sunday...

CODY-sleeping on my cat tower. Wait! It doesn't have to be Sunday for me to do that! I do that EVERY DAY! Well, why should Sunday be any different?

MOM- "lazy Sunday?" What's THAT???!! Haven't had one of those in AGES! If I were to have one again (and that won't happen for quite some time), I would love to read the 30+ magazines I have sitting here that I subscribe to that I have NO TIME to read.

I'm Most Excited About...

CODY-my BIRTHDAY!! My birthday is this Sunday (April 1st and that is NO JOKE!)  and I am going to be having a HUGE GIVE-AWAY! (also not a joke!)  I am going to be 5 years old and there are going to be PRIZES you can enter to win!! Our friends at Creme de la Cat and Petfinder have contributed some great prizes just for ME to give to YOU!

MOM-BlogPaws 2012! I have never been to Utah and I am looking forward to seeing the beautiful scenery there. I am also looking forward to reconnecting with some of the amazing people that I met at BlogPaws 2011 and I am greatly looking forward to learning more and  meeting others who couldn't make it last year! Speaking of BlogPaws, Everyone LOVES a discount right? Going to BlogPaws and want to save on registration? Go to and enter the CODE BlogPaws2012-POPs-Caren when you register and you will get a 20% DISCOUNT!! What are you waiting for??? Get those paws moving NOW!

My Secret Talent Is...

CODY-I know tricks. My Dad says "show your trust" and I roll over and show him my wonderful belleh. My Mom snaps her fingers when she is in bed and I come running! I know more tricks than Dakota!

MOM-I have a few! I am an amazing cook (if I do say so myself!), I draw, and my most SECRET talent is that I can shoot water through the gap between my front teeth like a Dolphin!! Oh and I am a fabulous swimmer!

That about sums it up! Those of you who read Cat Chat regularly know that Mom and I are not big on passing awards on, we follow so many blogs that we just know when we do that we inadvertently hurt someone's feelings and we don't want to do that. We just want you to know that the fact that we follow you to begin with means that you are VERY INSPIRING to us!!! Soooooo...grab the award for yourself....with much love from Mom and I!!! And....don't forget about my Birthday Give-Away this Sunday, April 1st!!!! Here is just a teaser of something that you could win!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

We’re In A Fix!! A Guest Blog By FixNation

It wasn’t that long ago when feral, homeless and stray cats roamed the streets of Los Angeles without the possibility of much help. We like to think we changed that when we opened our doors in 2007. As a non-profit with a singular focus – all cats to make less cats – FixNation ( has been working like a dog (!) to help reduce cat over-population.

 If you’re a cat lover, you know there are way too many cats out there already. Cats without homes, without love but with the ability to keep making more homeless and feral cats. Our mission is to trap, neuter (or spay) and return cats to their homes in order to hopefully make their lives better. It’s a program we call TNR ( and it’s been incredibly successful, literally “fixing” tens of thousands of cats over the last few years and preventing hundreds of thousands more.

We do it all at our clinic staffed with veterinarians, vet techs, and other volunteers who are dedicated to helping cats. When someone in the community traps (humanely of course) a cat and brings it to us, we also make sure it’s healthy, providing pain medication, vaccinations, and any emergency medical services needed including wound care. A typical day sees up to 80 cats come through our doors. In addition to spaying and neutering, we also ”eartip” ( those to be released back onto the streets so we know who’s been fixed and who still needs fixing.

Sometimes cats that are obviously pets are brought to us as well, friendly and scared cats who once lived in homes, and we do everything we can to help reunite lost pets with lost parents if they are microchipped or to find new homes through willing rescue organizations. We love what we do, because we know in our hearts that we’re helping. Homeless, stray and feral cats can often lead scary lives on the streets. While many can’t be domesticated, most can be made healthier. And healthier is safer.

Our services are mostly free. (All services are free for homeless and feral cats.)  To spay or neuter a companion cat, we do charge a small fee but it’s one that provides a big help to other cats. We love what we do and we welcome all cats and kittens into our clinic so that we eliminate suffering and dying on the streets and in shelters by eliminating the possibility of cats reproducing.

During this spring season, kittens are in bloom. While everyone loves kittens, kittens do tend to become cats. That means a real possibility of adding more and more homeless cats to already over-burdened streets and that isn’t good for anyone, most of all the cats. We actually see kittens themselves, some just a few months old, who are already having kittens. It’s a problem we’d like to fix with the help of the community.

If you see a homeless or feral cat and can bring it to our free clinic to get fixed, you’ll be helping us help the cats. Remember, it starts with just one.

FixNation is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that operates full-time in Los Angeles.  If you’d like to learn more about FixNation’s programs visit www.fixnation.orgClick here to make a donation to help homeless cats. (

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Pet Insurance 101

Click the image to see the larger version!
Pet Insurance 101
Pet Insurance 101 graphic created by Trupanion.

We were not compensated in any way for this post.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Fun!! Da Bird!!! With Video By Zee & Zoey!

Cody is a rather lazy cat who tends to be on the chubby side.  To try and encourage him to move more and to pique his curiosity and stimulate his hunting instinct, I am always on the lookout for new toys for him. Much of what I find is of little interest to him, which is often the case with many cats. That is, until I found Da Bird.

One day last February, I was reading the highly informative blog The Conscious Cat, by my dear friend, Ingrid King, and to my delight she had featured an incredible new toy called "Da Bird." She had mentioned how  Da Bird was now her cats (Allegra and Rubys') favorite interactive cat toy.

I consider Ingrid to be a highly respected and knowledgeable voice in the cat world and when she endorses a product, I, like many others, LISTEN!

She had mentioned how Jackson Galaxy, of My Cat From Hell fame had used Da Bird in every episode.

I promptly ordered it and couldn't wait to video Cody using it, that is until I happened upon another blog post by yet another cherished friend, Deb Barnes,  author of The Chronicles Of Zee & Zoey.

Much to my misfortune,  Deb's significant other, Dan Power, had filmed one of the most entertaining videos I have ever seen, all showcasing Deb's brood of SEVEN playing with and LOVING Da Bird.

I'm no dummy, and when I saw that video I KNEW that no matter how talented Cody was with Da Bird and ohhhh was he ever! He ADORES that toy, there was NO WAY I could top the photographic skills of Deb's beloved Dan. I fretted and stewed and then asked Deb if I may share that wonderful video with all of you!

Being the incredibly kind and generous person that she is, Deb agreed and I am honored to present the video to you!

Do you see what I mean? I enjoyed this video so much that I have watched it repeatedly. WHO could EVER top that? Jackson Galaxy are you listening? You have seven possible "spokescats"  who come with their own ready-made commercial! Sign these cats to a CONTRACT NOW!

Along with the superb video, in  Deb's post she discussed "the importance of playtime" and when a woman who is as cat-crazy as Deb,  the kitty mama of SEVEN stunningly beautiful cats, gives HER seal of approval, well,  it would behoove you to listen!! To read that informative post click the link above or click here

Da Bird is definitely "all that and a bag of chips" kibble...with glowing endorsements from some of the "top cats" of the internet (Allegra, Ruby, the Zee & Zoey clan and of course my cat toy maven Cody), what more incentive do you need to get one?  After all "Da Bird is Da WORD!"

You can purchase it right here!

Nope! I wasn't compensated for this post. Da Bird is fantastic and I wanted to share that with all of you! Thanks again to Deb Barnes and Dan Power for allowing me to use their video and thus avoiding an assault on all of your eyes by making you view mine!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pet Poisons: Common Household Hazards That Can Harm Your Pet, A Guest Blog By

Spring sure has arrived early for many of us in the U.S. Here in Michigan our normal highs should be in the 40s and we have been experiencing temperatures in the 70s and low 80s for approximately a week now!

I took a walk this morning and the buds on the trees are fat and plump, which doesn't usually happen until late April or early May!

With the early arrival of Spring, Spring cleaning will more than likely be occurring earlier as well. Whether it be indoor cleaning or outdoor gardening/fixing-up, there are things we should watch out for that could put our pets at risk. has you covered with important tips in their blog post below!

Pet Poisons: Common Household Hazards That Can Harm Your Pet


  • Detergents and fabric softener sheets can cause ulcers in the mouth, esophagus and stomach in dogs and cats. Toxicity Ranking: mild to moderate

  • Household cleaners, such as bleach, drain cleaners, ammonia and toilet bowl cleaners can cause gastrointestinal ulcers in dogs and cats. Toxicity Ranking: varies

  • Insecticides in flea and tick products can cause problems if not used according to labels. Insecticides that are meant for dogs can cause severe toxicity in cats, leading to vomiting, seizures and difficulty breathing. Toxicity Ranking: mild to severe

  • Mothballs, especially if they contain naphthalene, can be toxic to dogs and cats, resulting in vomiting, diarrhea, increased drinking and urination and seizures. Toxicity Ranking: moderate to severe

Yard Care/Garden:

  • Yard products, including snail and slug bait, herbicides and fertilizers, are never good for pets. Signs will vary by the ingredient. Toxicity Ranking: varies

  • Fertilizers can contain poisonous amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, iron, zinc, herbicides and pesticides. Keep dogs and cats away from treated lawns until they are dry. Toxicity Ranking: mild to moderate

  • Lilies — Easter, day, tiger, Japanese and Asiatic varieties — can cause kidney failure in cats. Lilies of the valley can cause heart rhythm problems and death in dogs and cats. Toxicity Ranking: moderate to severe

  • Tulip bulbs can lead to mouth irritation, drooling, vomiting and diarrhea. Toxicity Ranking: mild to moderate (potentially life threatening)

For more information on household hazards and many other pet topics, please visit 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wedding Shower Wednesday

Hi everyone! It's Cody!

Before we tell you about the exciting event that took place last Sunday, Mom and I want to apologize for not being able to visit everyone's blogs as often as we would have liked to lately.

You see, the exciting event I am going to tell you about is my human "Bonus" sister's  (Marla's) wedding shower!!

Why do I call her my "Bonus" sister?

Well, when Mom and Dad got married, Mom had no children and Dad came with two kittens of his own. (Human kittens not real ones, duh!!). Mom never liked the term "stepchildren" so she stole a term from a friend of hers who refers to her stepchildren as "Bonus" children. Why? Because they ARE!

Mom was one of the people who planned the wedding shower for Marla, so since January she has been as busy as a cat trying to untangle a ball of yarn!

Wanna see some photos from the shower?  Here you go!

Mom ordered this banner from
Yes!! She PAID for it!
(but she has featured them on our blog in the past)
How AMAZING is this cake?
It has the future bride and groom
and their doggies on it!
I will forgive them
for not having cats
because Marla's future  mother-in-law
loves and HAS CATS!
The cake and cupcakes
were made by
Baked Impressions
If you are in Southeast Michigan
you MUST check them out!
There were three of these cupcake trees!!
Yum!! Lots of CUPCAKES!!
The flavors were unique!
They were:
 Almond Joy,
 Grasshopper (no...not BUGS!! They were MINT!)
and Brown Sugar!!
Cake again!
It was Chocolate with dark chocolate mousse filling
and buttercream frosting!!

Mom and the gorgeous June bride-to-be!!!!

What was I doing part of the weekend?
Well, remember when I showed you my
"twin" a few weeks back?
That was Oscar and this is his Mom!
She is my Aunt Nancy!!
Aunt Nancy flew in from Florida
for the wedding shower!
We are sorry about this
blurry photo but Aunt Nancy
had brought a gift for me
and we were BOTH moving FAST!

So that is what has been going on here! Mom and I apologize for not visiting as often as we would like to. We have been able to visit those of you that we follow via email, but not the blogs who don't have that option. Mom just has been too busy to go through the Blog Roll but she is hoping that she will be able to start visiting you all again more regularly this week!

We apologize and hope you will forgive us!!

Love, Cody and Mom

Monday, March 19, 2012

Meowy Monday- Real Housecats Of The Blog-O-Sphere

Hi everyone! It's Cody!

While Mom was busy putting on a wedding shower for my human sister this weekend, I was busy making a cameo appearance on probably the hottest new craze on the blog-o-sphere, "meowlity TV, REALITY TV for kitties, the Real Housecats Of The Blog-O-Sphere produced, directed, created and executed by "Glogirly" and starring her diva-like Tuxedo kitty, "Katie".
See me? I'm the handsome
gray tabby, fourth kitty from the right!

Mom is convinced there must be something in the water in Minnesota because two of the most avant garde, hysterically funny bloggers that put her in hissy laughing fits, Angie Bailey of  Catladyland and the previously mentioned Glogirly,  (Debbie Glovatsky ) reside there.

Angie's talents are put to use through "lol-worthy" captioned photos of her cats, Saffy, Cosmo and Phoebe and Debbie's talents shine in unprecedented,  off-the-wall, meticulously executed,  Oscar-worthy videos that star a clowder of  cats that reside in our hearts and on the Internet.

Take a look at her latest video:

Told ya it was funny!

Would you like the chance to have your cat appear in one of Debbie's videos?

Find out how to be considered for this honor,  right here.

While you're doing that...I have some big time phone calls to make to some agents in L.A. I take my public relations job that I have as a "Real Housecat" quite seriously don'tcha know?

Ciao CHOW...better yet....KIBBLE......

Friday, March 16, 2012


Am I the ONLY person on the planet who DOESN'T have an iPad?  I must be!

CATS have iPads and I don't, go figure!

Seeing this new app that Friskies just launched is making me strongly consider finally breaking down and buying one. 

Humans have long been the dominant species when it comes to gaming, but Friskies® introduces a new contender: the cat.  While humans are wasting time bragging about who’s got game, cats are in the zone at home perfecting their paw-eye coordination.
Furthering its status as the leader in cat gaming, the Friskies brand ignites speculation about which species reigns supreme with the introduction of the first duel-species tablet game, “You vs. Cat,” available for iPad and iPad2 tablet devices.

“You vs. Cat” is the first tablet game designed for two players – one human and one cat – to bring big-time competition to playtime.  It’s on starting today – download the free game for you and your cat at and iTunes, and start playing together like never before.

Cat-like reflexes will be put to the test when the human player launches up to five playing pieces onto the field where they tumble, collide, and bounce around. By keeping an eye on the playing field, the cat scores one point for each piece captured with deft paw maneuvers and swift taps on the screen. The gamer with the fastest paws – or fingers – wins the ultimate showdown and top gamer status as your household’s “You vs. Cat” champion. What I wouldn't give to challenge Cody to a game! I am sure he would win!

Friskies is keeping score of matches through the You vs. Cat World-Wide Leaderboard. This automatic scoreboard uploads game points in real time from iPads connected to the Internet. See the Leaderboard and track worldwide cat gaming domination at

“After such positive response to last year’s launch of several Friskies tablet games and apps for cats, we wanted to just keep pushing the play button. ’You vs. Cat’ takes the fun of feeding cats’ senses through play to a completely new level,” said Alison Coburn, Friskies Assistant Brand Manager. “With this new game we’re continuing to inspire curiosity and discovery beyond mealtime and bring something completely new to the world of cat play.”

Buddy the Top Cat Gamer Challenges College Mascots

Buddy vs. The World
Humans aren’t the only species vying for gaming supremacy when it comes to “You vs. Cat.” During the height of college basketball season, Friskies’ top cat gamer, Buddy, trained to challenge the biggest gamers of them all – college mascots – to a little friendly duel-species competition.

Buddy fearlessly faced off against bear, horse and bird mascots for a round of “You vs. Cat, “and Friskies has the instant replay highlights to prove it. See who took home the win by watching the video at or right here!

Friskies offers a variety of computer and tablet games and apps for cats, humans…and now cats and humans. launched in 2011 featuring popular games including Cat Fishing® and Party Mix Up®, which have been played more than 500,000 times.  To learn more please visit or

About Friskies®
The Friskies® brand offers a complete line of great-tasting cat foods, including more than 60 wet, dry and treat varieties that help cats enjoy multiple sensory experiences. Friskies feeds the senses beyond mealtime to inspire curiosity and discovery. Friskies is manufactured by Nestlé Purina PetCare, a global leader in the pet care industry. Nestlé Purina PetCare promotes responsible pet care, humane education, community involvement and the positive bond between people and their pets. The North American headquarters for Nestlé Purina PetCare is located at Checkerboard Square in St. Louis; Mo. Nestlé Purina PetCare is part of Swiss-based Nestlé S.A. – the world’s largest food company. For more please visit Friskies on Facebook at

Cody and I were not compensated for this post. Darn! We would love an iPad lol. We are members of the Purina Cat Blogger Panel.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

"The Way We Were"-Semi-Wordless Wednesday

Today we are joining the blog Kizzie Cat and their blogging event:
where you post a photo of yourself when you were a kitten!

Here is our contribution!

This is the size that Cody was when he was adopted. He might have been around 12 weeks old. The soccer ball is a little cat toy soccer ball which gives you an idea of how small he was!

Please visit Kizzie's blog and say hi!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Win A Sample of Recipe Inspired by Fancy Feast® 2011 TasteMakers Contest Winner Available Exclusively on Facebook While Supplies Last

The Fancy Feast brand invites consumers to join its online community of devoted cat lovers for an opportunity to receive a special first taste of the new Elegant Medleys entrée, Yellowfin Tuna & Shrimp Recipe With Wild Rice in Gravy, months before it arrives on store shelves nationwide. The new variety of Fancy Feast® Elegant Medleys was influenced by the special relationship contest winner Joan Spector shares with her cats – Ginger and Wasabi – and their love of seafood.

Consumers and guest judge Carla Hall – co-host of ABC’s “The Chew,” a finalist on Bravo’s “Top Chef” and proud owner of an adopted cat, Alchemy, voted to select the grand prize winning entry. After her entry titled “Purrrfect Sushi” was named winner of the TasteMakers Contest in August 2011, Spector received $10,000 and a one-year supply of Fancy Feast Elegant Medleys Gourmet Cat Food.  

Along with her recipe, Spector submitted a photo and story about the special relationship she shares with her cats, and how her recipe was inspired by her cats’ personalities and love for fish. According to Spector, creating her winning recipe was a lot of fun. "My cats – Ginger and Wasabi – go crazy for tuna and shrimp so I used that as inspiration to create the perfect recipe,” she said. “I'm really excited for cats across the country to have a chance to taste the latest Elegant Medleys variety for themselves, and I hope they enjoy it as much as I believe my cats will."

Available on Facebook While Supplies Last

To enter to receive a free sample, consumers must visit on March 13 after 12:00 PM Eastern Time and select the “Exclusives” tab. If the consumer has not already “like”d the page on Facebook, he or she will be required to click on the “Like” button to access the application. After clicking the "Get Your Sample" button, consumers must enter their shipping information to receive the new Fancy Feast Elegant Medleys entrée. The Fancy Feast brand will give away 17,500 free samples while supplies last. For Official Rules, please visit

Fancy Feast® Elegant Medleys Yellowfin Tuna & Shrimp Recipe With Wild Rice in Gravy will be available in stores nationwide beginning in June 2012.

About Fancy Feast® Gourmet Cat Food
The Fancy Feast Brand makes every day extraordinary with an exquisite selection of gourmet cat food entrees, restaurant-inspired feline cuisine, dry meals, and Fancy Feast Appetizers for cats. Fancy Feast Gourmet Cat Food is manufactured/ distributed by Nestle Purina PetCare Company, a global leader in the pet care industry. Nestle Purina PetCare promotes responsible pet care, humane education, community involvement and the positive bond between people and their pets. The North American headquarters for Nestle Purina PetCare is located at Checkerboard Square in St. Louis, Missouri. Nestle Purina PetCare is part of Swiss-based Nestle S.A. -- the world's largest food company.

I was not compensated for this post. I am part of the Purina Cat Blogger Panel and was sent this information to share with my readers. I am not compensated by Purina or Fancy Feast at all. 

Friday, March 9, 2012

Book Revew: "Cat Sense" A Feline Style for Living By Karen Farrell

Observe the cat. They rarely seem ruffled, they are comfortable in their own skin. Cats aren't concerned about what others think of them, they know their own worth. Cats know how to create the most comfortable sleeping spot, sometimes out of the most unlikely choices.

A cat will be around you when it wants to be, and politely remove itself when it doesn't. Cats know who they are and what they need. Wouldn't life be simpler if we were able to take these qualities of cats and apply them to our daily lives?

Cat Sense, A Feline Style for Living by Karen Farrell is "an adventure in rediscovering yourself" through the characteristics of cats.  It is a book of affirmations whose goal is to show us "how to navigate in the world with style and grace." Feline-style.

If you love cats and can relate to them better than people, you have probably asked yourself: "Why can't people be more like cats?" According to Karen (and I agree) "the truth is that we can indeed be more like our feline friends."

You can choose to read this book in one sitting, flip open the book and select a passage that intrigues you, or choose to read one passage each day that corresponds to an area of your life/personality that you would like to improve upon, "feline-style"

 Each feline "tip" has a charming pencil sketch accompanying it. Nothing flashy, just a basic, common-sense sketch accompanying basic, common sense "cat-vice"  that we might need to be reminded of in order to help us in our quest for living a better, more authentic life.

Some of the "common-sense advice" that Cat Sense offers:

Be full of whimsy- "the capricious nature of cats is one of the traits that fascinates and charms. Their silliness and high jinx are endearing qualities. Watching them allows us to vicariously enter their childlike kingdom. Their playfulness invites us in and gives us license to be fanciful too. You can adopt this whimsical nature by being madcap, game for amusement, and able to revel in the ridiculous, the impractical and yet, paradoxically, the sublime."

Enjoy the nightlife- "cats get their best work done after dark. Certainly kitty cats do not sally forth in the blazing light and heat of the day if they can help it. "Burning the midnight oil" inside, when all is quiet, may help you to get more accomplished."

Carve out some privacy-  "Cats keep a low profile when they want a break. They find all sorts of ways to escape. Cats know that they can relax more when they are unobserved, out of ones' mind and one's sight. They acknowledge what busy humans sometimes ignore. While public space is a necessary element in any society, private space is a bastion from that same society. Remember that you need a bit of seclusion to refresh the spirit!"

My personal favorite is: Be a rebel with your own cause- "Unabashedly looking out for its own aims is the cause of the cat. A cat knows what it wants and is adroit at getting it. While others may waver, hold steady to your convictions. Give yourself permission to be a rebel with your own cause- a cause detailing your most passionate dreams."

Cat Sense: A Feline Style for Living will deeply satisfy your inner philosopher as it did mine.

A final point that is mentioned in Cat Sense that I will leave you with, that I obviously need MUCH improvement in:

Communicate succinctly "One simple meow really gets to the point. Remembering to be brief in your remarks makes you more effective. As well, brevity provides welcome relief to the often information-overloaded listener. Sometimes the repetition of a central word or idea is better than a lot of excess chatter. Meow...meow"

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Karen Farrell has a Master's degree in Social Work. She is a long-time observer of cats and enjoys their on-going power to astonish. Ms. Farrell lives in New York City. On a personal note: I have had the pleasure of getting to know Karen through email and find her to be astonishingly brilliant, delightful, humorous and every bit as insightful as her wonderful book. We both feel that "in life there are no coincidences", however, she and I  have uncovered some "coincidences" in our lives that stunned us both, and  that I believe have made us both feel we were destined to meet and become fast-friends.

ISBN-10: 0615523684

ISBN-13: 9780615523682

To purchase click here

I was not compensated for this review. I was sent a complimentary copy of Cat Sense to read/review.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hug Award-A-Little-Bit-Wordy- Wednesday

We received this wonderful award from Sammy and his Mom over at One Spoiled Cat

We are happy to receive it because everybody can use a hug!

Thankfully there are no rules involved in the acceptance of this award, the only requirement is that you pass this award on to one other blogger.

The heck with passing it to ONE blogger! Everyone can ALWAYS use a hug so we are passing this on to ALL OF YOU!

Speaking of hugs, I decided to pull out a photo from the past of the first kitty to capture my Angel Bobo

I apologize for the poor photo quality
and many of you have seen this before
It is just when I thought of a "hug"
this is what came to mind

Monday, March 5, 2012

Book Review: "Good Cat! Practical Answers to Behavior Questions by Certified Animal Behavior Consultant and Tribune Media Services National Pet Columnist, Steve Dale

After having been owned by cats for well over 20 years, and having read at least double that number of cat advice/handbooks, when presented with yet another I find myself  reading them with the pre-conceived mindset of "what can they tell me that I haven't already heard?"

I admit when I was first given the opportunity of reviewing Good Cat by Steve Dale that was my overwhelming feeling.

I couldn't have been more wrong.

When I think of Steve Dale the first thing that comes to mind is knowledge of dogs. I had the pleasure of reviewing his sister book Good Dog a few weeks back.  I did not know, until I read Good Cat that Steve has a deep passion for cats, in fact he shared his life for years with a piano playing  cat, to think I thought that Nora was first, named Ricky. Sadly, Ricky passed in 2002 after having been diagnosed a few years earlier with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) which sadly also took the life of my beloved Bobo.

Steve and "Ricky"
Photo Courtesy of Steve Dale

Shortly after Ricky's death Steve started the Ricky Fund with the Winn Feline Foundation. (See description listed under Additional Resources further into this  post)

What initially grabbed my attention in Good Cat was Steve's acknowledgment of that in many people's minds cats are "second-class citizens."

He jokingly states that: "Cats are the Rodney Dangerfield of pets; they get no respect."

 Steve also mentions how there are more pet cats than dogs, but cats are taken to the vet less than half as often as dogs. (Often dog owners also don't visit the vet often enough and imagine that cat owners take their cats to the vet even less! This must change!)

He also mentions how "cats are more often given up to animal shelters than dogs. They are sometimes so disposable that people just open their door and give them the boot. Cats are also less often adopted from shelters than dogs, which means more are euthanized."

In Good Cat the information that Steve covers is invaluable to everyone from a veteran cat owner like myself, to the individual acquiring their first cat hopefully through adoption.

You will find topics such as:

Training Your Kitten: Patience Makes Perfect

Adoption Is A Wonderful Option

The Litter Box

Cats and Dogs: Are They Mortal Enemies?

Good Cat also offers:
Answers to more than
130 questions covering:
  • Cat training
  • Feline fears
  • Cat-to-cat aggression
  • Cat-to-people aggression
  • Inappropriate elimination
  • Play
  • Cognitive dysfunction
  • and more!

Within each chapter are common cat questions that are posed and Steve gives informative and often humorous answers. For those questions that he feels should be responded to in more depth  he refers the individual to the appropriate professional.

One of my favorite parts of Good Cat is the treasure trove of resources that are listed in the back under Additional Resources. There you will find everything from a list of books Steve  mentions in some of his responses to the questions asked in  Good Cat, as well as one of the most comprehensive lists of websites,  not just cat lovers, but for pet lovers as a whole.

Examples of these include:

Alley Cat Allies-A superb resource for Trap, Neuter and Return (TNR) information.

CATalyst Council- which seeks to increase veterinary visits and pet adoptions of cats

Pet World Radio-The site for Steve Dale's national radio show.

Ricky Fund (Winn Feline Foundation): Steve Dale established this fund following the death of his Devon Rex Ricky to feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a common cause of death in cats and the awful disease that took my beloved Bobo from me. The fund supports studies for the treatment and prevention of the disease.

Steve Dale's Pet World: The website includes archives of newspaper columns, blog posts, podcasts, videos, etc.

Steve Dale's Pet World Blog (Chicago Now)

Steve Dale's YouTube Page

 Your Cat's Heart which offers the latest information on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of heart disease in cats.

In Good Cat Steve Dale's hope "is that people read and learn and sometimes are entertained by these questions and answers. If one cat is saved from a shelter as a result of the advice offered in these pages. I've done my job."

Educating cat owners, saving cats from shelters, helping cats to achieve the status that they rightfully deserve...isn't that what it is all about?

In Good Cat, Steve Dale gives us the information, advice and resources that we need, it is not just another "cat handbook".  Good Cat should be required reading for anyone who shares their heart and their home with their feline friends.


From Facebook:
“Steve Dale is a syndicated columnist; TV, radio and podcast host; pet advocate and certified animal behavior consultant. Pet owners across the United States seek out his expert advice and commentary on everything from controversial pet legislation to calming an anxious calico.
Dale writes two weekly syndicated columns forTribune Media Services (TMS). He’s also a contributing editor at USA Weekend, a columnist for Cat Fancy and, and a ChicagoNow blogger. Recently, Dale published his first series of eBooks, including “Good Dog! Practical Answers to Behavior Questions” and “Good Cat! Practical Answers to Behavior Questions,” for the ePublishing division of TMS.
Dale also hosts two nationally syndicated radio shows,“Steve Dale’s Pet World” and “The Pet Minute,”together these shows air on more than 100 radio stations, and a weekly WGN radio podcast. He’s appeared on “The Oprah Winfrey Show;” “National Geographic Explorer;” “Pets: Part of the Family,” and several Animal Planet television programs.”

ISBN 978-1-930645-01-1
Buy the eBook now for $2.99
Available on:

I was not compensated for this review. I was sent a copy of Good Cat! Practial Answers to Behavior Questions by Steve Dale to read and review. 

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Book Review: Jekyll Says...Volumes I & II: Written By: D.C. Blackbird, Illustrations By Christine P. Flores, Graphic Design By Leah Frieday

Just who is Jekyll? Sit back, put your kitty paws up and rest a spell and I will tell you!

Jekyll is a unique-looking black and white kitty that was born in North Carolina in 1999. He was found as a baby in a dirty ditch because, although it is difficult to fathom, NOBODY wanted him!

Jekyll has a unique marking on his face and as he tells it, special markings mean that "great things await those who have them!" A marking like Jekyll's meant that he was destined to be blessed with good fortune and he would develop miraculous skills, talents, and gifts. Through the love of the two humans who adopted Jekyll, those "miraculous skills" came to light through the writing of both of his books!

In Jekyll Says...Good Deeds Cats Do, That You Should Too, Jekyll shares his unique feline wisdom through adorable and "cat"-chy poems which to me are somewhat reminiscent of Dr.Seuss's style and are meant to be read out loud and S-L-O-W-L-Y).  The book is peppered with colorful and lively illustrations that are a delight to the eye.

Some of the poems/wisdom that Jekyll shares in this book are:

Wake Up Happy!

Be Clean!

One of my favorite poems in this darling book is:

Be Proud Of Who You Are

Jekyll says, "Be someone's hero"
and you'll never be a zero.
No need for outfits or some capes.
Don't get in any kinds of scrapes.

Defend the helpless all the time.
Help those in need and heed this rhyme.
Be brave, be strong, and be your best.
Stand up! Put bullies to the test!

Don't ever start a donnybrook.
But when you're needed-take a look.
Let others know you're not afraid.
To help all those in need of aid.

Jekyll continues sharing his words of wisdom in Volume II: Jekyll Says More! Lessons & Trends For Felines & Friends

In this book you will find poems such as:

Care For Those You Love

Read Each Night & Day

and one that I definitely need to put into practice more:

Find Time To Play!

Jekyll says to "Find time to play."
Each and every wonderful day.
Don't let your work cloud up your mind.
Sometimes you need to just unwind.

Stop and smell roses as a plan.
Swim in the water. Kick the can.
Play with friends or when you're alone.
Enjoy silence. Get off the phone!

Go spend a whole day without words.
Riding a bike or watching birds.
Go play somewhere that is hush-hush.
Spend time wisely and do not rush.

So? What do you think?

If you are like me you will not be able to read these lovingly crafted, lively poems without  smiling.

The lessons conveyed in each poem are not only invaluable to children but to adults as well.  Sometimes we can all use a gentle and fun prod to remind us of what REALLY is important in life! Each poem that I read made me  pause and THINK!

I am certain that you and the special children in your life will share some educational and meaningful conversations as a result of the wit and wisdom that is shared throughout the pages of both of these books.

Jekyll indeed WAS blessed with "miraculous skills, talents and gifts."  He possessed the gift of sharing life's lessons in a light-hearted,  sometimes downright silly and cheerful way that is certain to delight you and the children in your life as much as it delighted me!

So...put a little wit and wisdom in your day,
 invite Jekyll the cat and his poems into your head and heart
 where I am certain they will stay!!

(See? Jekyll even rubbed off on me!!)

ABOUT D.C. BLACKBIRD: "D.C. Blackbird is an American poet, songwriter, and author. D.C. is an advocate of animal adoption, care, liberation, rescue, rights and welfare, as well as a proponent of Veganism. D.C. works closely with domestic and farm animals and wildlife around the world, and is dedicated to telling stories about their experiences and adventures in Humanland, as well as their own Homelands."

"Profits from the sale of this book benefit animal adoption, care, liberation, rescue and welfare organizations. If you know of any such organizations that would like to sell this book as part of its fundraising efforts, please contact the Publisher at"

To purchase these books please visit

I was not compensated for this review. I was sent both books to read/review. All opinions are my own.