Monday, December 26, 2022

A Bunch of Boxes! (Boxing Day 2022)

 While neither my Angel Bobo or Angel Cody were ever really that interested in boxes, Roary is OBSESSED! There isn't a box that comes into our home that Roary doesn't investigate. I miss so many photo ops of Roary with boxes because I am just so used to him being all over each and every one of them that I forget to photograph him.

In honor of today being Boxing Day, I am sharing some of the photos that I did take!

HISTORY OF BOXING DAY: "The day after Christmas, Boxing Day is celebrated in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. But let’s clear up something first — Boxing Day is not about pummeling opponents. This unique holiday has its roots in gift-giving on one hand and classism on the other. Here’s what we know about Boxing Day’s origins.Traditionally, the holiday was celebrated by giving to the needy and less fortunate, but over time, Boxing Day has evolved and been commodified in several different ways. Boxing Day is also now a time of year when big sales are offered by shops traditionally after Christmas in the UK – similar to Black Friday in the USA. Sales and revenue are so heavy now in countries that celebrate Boxing Day that now some retailers advertise ‘Boxing Week.’ These worldwide sales feature deals and discounts lasting until the end of the month." You can read more about the history of Boxing Day here.

So, tell me, are your kitties as obsessed with boxes as Roary is?


Saturday, December 24, 2022

Wishing Everyone a Happy and Merry Holiday!!!!!

Hi dear furiends!!! We wanted to take a moment to wish EVERYONE a WONDERFUL HOLIDAY! Wishing our furiends who celebrate a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

Many of you have received our card via email (we aren't doing snail mail this year), but if you haven't, here it is!!

THANK YOU to all who have sent us such fun and pretty snail mail and email cards!! We deeply appreciate them! We are going to post the cards we received via email on the blog between Christmas and New Years! THANK YOU ALL SOOO MUCH!

We love and appreciate each and every one of you and pray you all are blessed with nothing but GOOD THINGS this holiday season and ALWAYS!!

Much love, Caren, Roary and Levi

Sunday, December 18, 2022

Happy Chanukah 2022!!!

To Our Friends and Family Who Celebrate...

A special thank you to our friends at piZap for adding a TON of Chanukah graphics and stickers after I had written to them telling them that at first they had practically nothing. They REALLY outdid themselves and I can't thank them enough!!

To our dear friends and family who celebrate Christmas, we haven't forgotten you! We will post the holiday cards we received and OUR holiday card for ALL OF YOU this week!!!

Love from Caren, Roary and Levi