Sunday, June 30, 2013

#Follow me, where I go, what I do and who I know, take my paw and I will follow YOU!

 Hi everyone it's Cody! We  were reading Glogirly's post this morning and realized that we hadn't mentioned a WORD about the demise of Google Reader.

Mom and I follow the majority of the blogs that we read via email, but we did take Glogirly's advice this morning and just transferred 468 BLOGS (yes, you read that correctly!) over to Bloglovin's reader to make sure that we haven't missed anyone.

For those of you who follow us via Google Reader and don't want to miss a new post, you can follow us a few different ways!

We have a follow by email button that has been on our sidebar for furever!>>>>>>>>>

You can follow us with Bloglovin:
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Or...on the Bloglovin button that is on  our sidebar!

And we are on Google+ (Stay tuned because we hear that a NEW way to follow blogs with Google will be making it's debut soon!

We don't want to lose you so please:

Thanks again to Glogirly for your descriptive and helpful post this morning!

Love, Cody

Friday, June 28, 2013

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Pick a card, any card!

As many of you know, I purrticipated in the AmazeCats Next Top Cat contest, and while I didn't make it past the third seed, YOU were ALL "amazing!" You enabled me to not only make it into the Top 32 but you  enabled me to make the third seed by giving me over 700 votes! I was completely blown away! (I also want to congratulate Daisy, Katie, Sparkle, Odin and Allie for making it into the Top 32 as well!). You can view the winner of the AmazeCats contest here

What was super cool is that my blogging buddies and I all made it into the latest deck of the Next Top Cat Playing Cards!

Here is my card!

Purrsonally I would have rather been The Joker Card but I like the Seven of Clubs. I was "gotted" in the seventh month so that works for me!

From AmazeCats:

AmazeCats Next Top Cat Playing Cards
Feast your kitty-loving eyes on 30 of the hottest felines the internet has to offer. This beautiful deck of cards features the famous "top cats" that competed in our NEXT TOP CAT competition! 

Enjoy 54 beautiful photos of these pawsome kitties on this fun deck of cards. Show your love and support for your favorite kitty all-stars! And the best part? A portion of the proceeds from all deck sales will be donated to Cocheco Valley Humane Society - a great animal non-profit chosen by the winner of AmazeCats Next Top Cat, Little Bear! Grab a deck and help out some kitties in need!

The Amazing Top Cats:

For more information about how the sales of this deck will benefit the Cocheco Valley Humane Society, check out their website here.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My Mom is an Idiot!!

What a jerk my Mom is! She was in such a rush to pick the winners of the Simon's Cat give-away that she forgot there was supposed to be TWO WINNERS!

Be sure to visit his blog here!
Please email Mom your address to:
cgittleman at mi dot rr dot com
Flynn's favorite Simon's Cat Video is FEED ME
which you can view here
For some reason there was no embed code to post it

Cat Chat Announces the WINNER of Simon's Cat in Kitten Chaos by Simon Tofield

What a fun contest this was!! I wish everyone could have won! The SUPER LUCKY WINNER said that their favorite Simon's Cat video is this one...

The lucky winner, as chosen by
 was the LAST PERSON to leave a comment!
That person is:

Of the blog:

If you haven't checked out THE PARIS CAT
you can do so by clicking on the link above or right here

Looks like it is going to be
Christmas in July for you!!

Please email your address to cgittleman at mi dot rr dot com

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

"You got to move it, move it!!"

While reading email tonight, I came across one sent by my friend Katie M. She sent me the link to this hilarious kitty workout video that features Temptations Cat Treats at the end.

Thanks so much for sending this along Katie, enjoy everyone!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

Oh wait! This isn't them!!

This is!! Blurry and all!
and to think that Mom had FUR then!!

Anyway, Mom and Dad met online back in 2000 (no, not on a dating site!) Dad lived in Michigan and Mom lived in Ohio. Dad was against an out-of-state relationship and referred to Mom as being "GUD" which translates to "geographically undesirable." Mom used to listen to this song by one of Dad and Mom's favorite folk singers, Christine Lavin. She used to  cry because she knew that she and Dad were meant to be together, and he was just so stubborn!

What Dad didn't know was that Mom was (and IS) even MORE stubborn, and eventually she wore him down.  They ARE together, and today they are celebrating their 7th wedding anniversary! The writer/singer of this song, Christine Lavin, was part of Mom and Dad's engagement!  Dad had secretly contacted Christine because she was going to be performing in  Ann Arbor at The Ark (years ago!)  He and Mom love another of Christine's songs:Venus Kissed The Moon, (unfortunately that is not available online to post on the blog. You can click here to see the song lyrics. Mom didn't want me to post them due to copyright rules.)  Dad asked Christine if she would surprise Mom in front of around 300 people and sing  that song to Mom, so that he could propose to her! Being the angel that she is, Christine did! Here are some photos of the infamous night!

Dad actually got down on one knee and proposed!!

They had flowers, champagne, and Mom nearly passed out from the surprise and from sitting on stage in front of all of those people!  Another fabulous folk singer, Matt Watroba was onstage too, he was blowing bubbles!

A friend of Mom's at the time also sang Venus Kissed the Moon  at their wedding!!

I sure hope that all of you, and Mom & Dad enjoyed this little pussyfoot down Memory Lane! Happy Anniversary to my Mom & Dad!

On another paw, it's Sparkle Cat's birthday and also Cat World Domination Day!! Read our post about it here!

Love, Cody

Friday, June 21, 2013

Welcome Summer!!

It wouldn't be the first day of Summer without me repeating the song that I first posted on Cat Chat on June 21st 2010, it has now become our little tradition...Enjoy!

This should be Meowed or sung to the tune of Mungo Jerry's classic "In The Summertime".......

"purr purr-purr uh, purr purr-purr, uh

purr purr-purr, uh, purr purr-purr, uh..."

"In the summertime when the weather is hot

You can stretch right out and be on your favorite cot,

When the weather's fine

You got playing, you got romping on your mind

Have some nip, have a climb

Go out and see what you can find"

"If her Daddy's rich, take her out for some filet,

If her Daddy's poor, just stay in and play,

Speed around the house,

really speed, really speeeed big time my friend,

When the sun goes down, you can make it

make it home before day's end"

"We're no threat, we kitties, we're not dirty, we're not mean

We love everybody, but we do as we please

When the weather's fine

We go fishing or go climbing up some trees

We're always happy

Life's for living, yeah that's our "felineosophy"

"Sing along with us, mew-mew-mew-mew-mew

purr-purr-purr-purr-purr yeah, we're hap-happy.......


"Purr purr-purr, uh, purr purr-purr, uh

Purr purr-purr, uh, purr purr-purr, uh...."

"When the winter's here, yeah it's sleepy time

Bring a toy mouse

Wear your finest fur, it'll soon be summertime

And we'll sing again

We'll go jumpin' or maybe we'll settle down

If she's got "noms" or if she's got mice

Bring your kitty friends and we'll all go into town...."

Happy First Day Of Summer All!!

Make This A Great Summer For You And Your Favorite Felines!!

Thanks to Mungo Jerry's "In The Summertime" for the inspiration for this parody.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Passport to Nowhere-Semi "Wordy" Wednesday

Hi everyone it's Cody! Mom and I were just reading the blogs this morning and we came across Laila and Minchies post about kitties not needing this:

Photo courtesy of Laila and Minchie
Visit their blog here!
Then, will someone tell me why I have THIS?

Some time ago Mom got this for me 
from MyColorId
should I be worried?

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Have some great Cat Nap photos? Enter to win! Winners get $100 Pet Supplies Plus Shopping Spree!!


Who is Fluffy sleeping with these days?  Does Oscar still nap upside down hanging off the sofa?   And is Lily still taking a snooze in your potted ficus plant?

If your cat is a creative napper, then he or she just might win you a $100 shopping spree in the Pet Supplies Plus Cat Nap Photo Contest.  The store is looking for unique photos of felines napping (Come on -- What else do cats do?) in three categories:
  • Most unique place for a cat nap
  • Most comical napping position
  • Most unusual sleeping companion
The three winners will be announced as part of The Cat’s Pajamas 200-cat, 48-hour adoption marathon being held August 9 - 11 at Pet Supplies Plus in Bloomfield Hills.  
All entries must be original photos in electronic format and
emailed to Deadline is August 1, 2013. 
FROM CAT CHAT: Just found out WINNERS MUST RESIDE IN MICHIGAN (our apologies, we did not know that when we first posted this)
For complete entry rules, go

Pet Supplies Plus in Bloomfield Hills is at 2057 Telegraph, north of Square Lake Rd.  

Photos courtesy of Pet Supplies Plus.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Simon's Cat in Kitten Chaos by Simon Tofield-Enter to Win!

Cody and I are proud to be among a vast array of bloggers who have presented you with the opportunity to win a copy of Simon Tofield's latest book: Simon's Cat in Kitten Chaos.

For the one or two people who DON'T know who Simon Tofield is, he is an award-winning illustrator, animator and director at Tandem Films in London.

He has earned fame from his frolicsome and spot-on sense of feline behavior in his short films. His films have now earned him over 280 million views on YouTube!

Now, in addition to the "adorable but anarchic feline" we all love in his videos and books, Simon has added a cuddly new addition to the family, "Simon's Kitten!" The kitten is half the size of Simon's Cat, appears to be sweet and innocent but is actually "double the trouble!"

Simon's Cat in Kitten Chaos is the third of his book series. 

Cody and I loved that along with illustrations and humor that never ceases to delight, Simon's Cat in Kitten Chaos  features 16 pages of exclusive "How-To" drawings and a removable full-color sticker sheet!

FROM THE PUBLISHER: Tofield captures the idiosyncrasies of these creatures that cat lovers know all too well! It's all about subtle gestures, body language and posturing (tails up! eyes wide! paws out!) as they go about their daily existence, vying for food, attention, and a good place to nap.

Since Simon's Cat is all about the illustrations and there are no language barriers, we are GIVING AWAY ONE COPY OF Simon's Cat In Kitten Chaos TO TWO OF OUR READERS, LOCATED ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD! (A $16 value)

The give-away is open NOW and will end on MONDAY, JUNE 24TH AT 5PM EST.

HOW TO ENTER: LEAVE A COMMENT telling us what your favorite Simon's Cat video is AND be sure we have an email address for you, should you be one of the lucky winners! COMMENTS THAT DO NOT FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS WILL BE DISQUALIFIED.



Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day 2013!

Today is a special day! It's Father's Day!!! For all of you great "Cat Daddies" out there, I hope your day is extra special!!

I love my Dad and wanted to share my most favorite photo of us, it was taken when I was just a little guy! Aren't we just too cute together?

Then, I was pussy-footing around YouTube and found this hilarious video. My Mom was too leery cheap to have one made for me, so I will have to let this kitty send MY Father's Day wishes to my Dad. It may not be me singing, but the sentiment is sure the SAME!

So, even if you can't pill me, I love you Dad just the same!!
Happy Father's Day to YOU and to all of the humans out there who view themselves as "Cat Daddies", have a CATABULOUS DAY!


Thursday, June 13, 2013

Thankful Thursday from "Boo" of Peace, Love & Whiskers!

FROM CODY: While Mom is recovering from yet ANOTHER lithotripsy, (she had her stones smashed AGAIN yesterday), our good furiend "Boo" of the catabulous blog, Peace, Love & Whiskers jumped in with all four paws to give us the honor of a guest post! Take it away "Boo!"

Boo's Thankful Thursday Post

Meeww meww meew.. psst.. down here. I'm Boo. The new little muse over at peace, love & whiskers. My moewmy asked me to share reasons why I'm thankful. So  here's my list:  
for a forever home with 2 brofurs and a sisfur 
for my foster meowmy and her kitties teaching me manners 

for pumpkin. Sweet, Delicious, mushy, orangey, nommable pumpkin 

for cantaloupe. Sweet, Delicious, orangey, nommable cantaloupe 
for meowmy cuddles, kisses, snuggles, naps, pets.. 
not so much for brushes but meowmy says I'll learn to like them 
for crunchy kibbles that I drop on the floor
 to eat one at a time 
for treats 
for wet noms 
for 2 brofurs that want to play with me 

for plastic bags 
For my blue ring toy with a ball in it 
that I can play with at all hours of the night
 even when meowmy is sleeping 

For lots of room to run and play and knock over things or run into the blinds 
For all the soft blankets, pillows, hidey spots and other places to lay 

For the soft carpet 
For boxes to lay in

For tents to play in 
For meowmy understanding my almost every need.  
for my furmomma who had me
 and told me all about the nice humans
 and how good life would be. 
I'm thankful for a lot of things but mostly,
 I'm thankful for being loved.  

Tuesday, June 11, 2013



Renowned Comedian and Cat Owner Michael Ian Black to Host 
“The Friskies” Award Show in New York City 

It’s time to capture your cat’s funniest or most adventurous moment and enter “The Friskies” for your opportunity to win a $5,000 cash prize and a custom-made gold plated Friskies Catuette, and take part in the live Award Show in New York City this fall. Visit to learn more about how to enter now through July 15, 2013.

“The Friskies” Contest Overview and Judging Panel:
The Call for Entries is open now through July 15, 2013. Cat video creators may upload videos up to two minutes in length at in one of four categories:
·         Cat Comedy: Your cat(s) in a humorous situation
·         Catventure: An indoor cat adventure
·         Rescue Cat:  Your cat(s) adopted from a rescue group or shelter enjoying life
·         Pursuit of Food/Treat: Your cat(s) pursuing or engaging with their cat food or treat(s)

All entries will be evaluated by an eclectic panel of judges with strong ties to popular cat culture. Judges will evaluate each entry using the following criteria to select 20 Semi-Finalists, five from each category: originality & overall artistic impression (25%), audience appeal & entertainment quality (25%), sense that there’s a story being told (25%), and portraying cat’s perspective (25%). 

The 2013 “The Friskies” judging panel includes:
·         Will Braden: Creator of “Henri le Chat Noir”
·         Mick Szydlowski: 2012 “The Friskies” Grand Prize Winner for “Oskar’s First Toys”
·         Abbie Moore: Executive Director,

The 20 Semi-Finalists will be awarded a one-year supply of Friskies cat food and Friskies® Party Mix brand cat treats. The Semi-Finalists will be announced August 6, 2013 to kick off the public voting phase of the Contest. Cat video fans will have the opportunity to view, share and vote (limit one (1) vote per entry/per person/e-mail address per day) for their favorite Semi-Finalists’ videos through noon ET September 16, 2013. Based on the popular public vote, the top three from each category will be named Finalists, and will win a trip to New York City to take part in the Friskies Award Show October 15, 2013, live from New York City. One winner from each of the four categories will be announced during the show, and will receive a Friskies Catuette and a $5,000 cash prize. One Fan Favorite will be named based on public text vote on the day of the Award Show, and will receive a Friskies Catuette and a $5,000 cash prize.

Contest Rules
NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. Open to legal residents of the 50 United States and D.C., 18 years of age or older at the time of entry (19 years of age or older if a resident of AL or NE.) Entry period ends at 12:00:01 p.m. ET on 7/15/13. See Official Rules at Sponsored by Nestlé Purina PetCare Company, Checkerboard Square, St. Louis, MO.

About Friskies
The Friskies® brand offers a complete line of great-tasting cat foods, including more than 60 wet, dry and treat varieties. Friskies is manufactured by Nestlé Purina PetCare, a global leader in the pet care industry. Nestlé Purina PetCare promotes responsible pet care, humane education, community involvement and the positive bond between people and their pets. The North American headquarters for Nestlé Purina PetCare is located at Checkerboard Square in St. Louis; Mo. Nestlé Purina PetCare is part of Swiss-based Nestlé S.A. – the world’s largest food company.

OSCARS® is a trademark of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. All other trademarks are owned by Société des Produits Nestlé S.A. or used with permission.

Cody and I were not compensated for this post. We are members of the Purina Cat Blogger Panel and were sent this information to share with our readers and we were happy to do so!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Cody and #Bounty the "quicker picker- uppers"

Hi my furiends!

Is your human making you clean up your own hairballs?

Has your litter box seen better days?
 Does it resemble a mine field?

Have you coughed up any of your dinner lately?

No worries! Just call CODY'S  CLEANING 
at 1-800-EAT FOOD!
 No job is too big, no job is too small,
Want to keep your paws pristine?
 I'll tackle it all!!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

#Hurricane preparedness tips from #Petfinder

”For some reason the code for the infographic that Petfinder sent to us does not work. Click HERE to read more about the Summer Pet Safety tips from Petfinder!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Michigan Humane Society And PetSmart To Host ‘Certified Pre-Owned Pet Summer Tent Events’ – Starting June 15

Three adoption events
to feature dogs, cats and rabbits
from MHS and local rescue groups

The Michigan Humane Society (MHS), in partnership with PetSmart and PetSmart Charities, will host three Certified Pre-Owned Pet Summer Tent Events, on Saturdays June 15, July 20 and August 17, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Each of the adoption events will take place at a participating PetSmart location, with certified pre-owned dogs, puppies, cats, kittens and rabbits – all loaded with adorable features – from MHS and several local rescue groups.

Photo Courtesy of
Michigan Humane
“With so many pets in our community in need of new homes, the Michigan Humane Society is pleased to partner with other local animal welfare organizations to showcase our wonderful adoptable animals,” said Marie Skladd, MHS Director of Community Outreach. “Thanks to our hosts, PetSmart and PetSmart Charities, and the participating groups, dozens of makes and models will be available at these events and ready for you to drive them home!”

The summer tent adoption event locations are as follows:
June 15 at PetSmart Roseville, 20530 E 13 Mile Rd;
July 20 at PetSmart Ann Arbor, 2865 Oak Valley Dr;
 August 17 at PetSmart West Bloomfield
7260 Orchard Lake Rd.
(which is by our house!
Mom is gonna see if she
can volunteer that day!)

For more information, visit or call 1-866-MHUMANE (648-6263), Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
The Michigan Humane Society is the largest and oldest animal welfare organization in the state. MHS works to end companion animal homelessness, provide the highest quality service and compassion to the animals entrusted to our care, and to be a leader in promoting humane values.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Cat and Dog Buddies!

This was recently sent to me via email from my friend C.Hawley. I thought it was so adorable, that I wanted to share.

Look carefully in each photo for the cat, as it makes its way down the roof to the dog. Then check the explanation at the end.

The story behind this picture is this:
Every day - at the same time - she waits for him.
Sometimes she barks to call him.
He comes; they rub and greet each other
and they go for a walk.
 They have done
this for 5 years and no,
 they don’t belong to the
same owners.
 The owners didn’t know until
neighbors seeing them together so frequently
commented to the cat’s owner, who then followed
the dog home which was a distance away - not
in a house close or next door.
 How it started no

one knows.