Saturday, July 28, 2018

It's Cody's 11th Adoption/"Gotcha" Day!!!

Where in the world has the time gone?

I can barely believe that today we are celebrating Cody's ELEVENTH Adoption/Gotcha Day.

On July 28th, 2007 (which happened to also be a Saturday), I adopted Cody, "the cat formerly known as Prince", from an adoption drive at our local Petco which ironically CLOSED a mere TWO weeks after I adopted him. 
Cody as a baby before his eyes turned green

I had attended the adoption drive with a girlfriend, I had NO INTENTIONS of adopting a cat that day because my beloved 18 year old Angel Bobo had gone to the bridge on July 2nd, 2007, just a few weeks before I adopted Cody. I simply went to get a "cat fix" because I missed my Bobo terribly.  A few weeks earlier I had visited  the SAME Petco. I recalled seeing Cody that day, but since I was never drawn to gray kitties, and I was too sad about Bobo, I left. Two weeks later on July 28th I was there again. It was Cody's litter mates who most attracted me because they most resembled my Bobo. Those kitties had other plans, neither of them were interested in ME.
Cody as a kitten before his eyes turned green!

My eyes fell on the gray kitten again who was merrily jumping, hopping and cavorting in the back of the cage. I looked at his foster mom and said "May I please see the gray one?" She handed me that little fluff ball, I sat down on a chair, Cody looked at me and crawled up my chest......he made NO EFFORT to leave. That was it. I sat in that chair petting him and talking to him for at least a half hour.

His foster Mom said he was her favorite and that is why she called him "Prince." He was a lover boy and a cuddle bug, he still is. 

Cody and I on his adoption day July 28th, 2007

 Then I called my husband and said, "I found a special cat and I am adopting him, I will be home to get his carrier and then I am coming back to get him." My husband thought I was nuts, that it was too soon after Bobo leaving us. I told him I KNEW that this cat was special, I knew in my heart I was right.

When I brought Cody home and opened the carrier the little shit (yes, little shit), I called him that because there wasn't an ounce of fear in his body. He didn't hide, nope, never. He came out of the carrier and strutted around the living room checking out his new digs with his little pot belly (which he still has), acting as if he owned the place. From that moment, Cody was "home."

I had always thought there would never be another cat that I would love as much as I loved my Bobo, and for the first year or so of Cody's life I felt guilty because of my constant comparisons to Bobo which often put Cody in a lesser light.
Cody in 2010

As the years have gone by, I can say that I COMPLETELY love Cody as much as I loved my Bobo, but in a different way. They are DIFFERENT CATS. My Bobo was fearful, timid, non-trusting, but he was devoted to ME.

Cody is FEARLESS, easy-going, a cuddler, hilarious, insistent, determined and far less devoted to me than Bobo was. I attribute that to the fact that Bobo was the "only" pet for his entire 18 years of life, Cody had my husband AND me, and then the following October Dakota came to live with us. Cody had others instead of just me to give him attention.

 Truth be told there are MANY times Cody is much more obsessed with my husband than he is with me, and yep, sometimes I get pangs of jealousy because after all, I am "team cat" and my husband is more "team dog", but my husband and Cody DO share a special bond which makes me happy.

I have no reason to doubt Cody's love though, he has his own rituals with each of us, and every night when I am on the couch watching TV, Cody sits next to me to be petted and to have me cooing and fussing over him.I am also the one he seeks out for playtime and the one he KNOWS will give him tastes of chicken from my dinner.

Today, as we celebrate Cody's Adoption/"Gotcha Day" I am forever grateful that I returned to that Petco and decided to pick up that playful gray bundle of fur. I am forever grateful that Cody virtually chose ME, he clung to me that day and has given me the greatest gift I could ever hope to have. Cody has given me the gift of his silliness, his cuddly ways, even his irritating habits that drive me insane, but more importantly, he has given me his trust and ALWAYS his LOVE.  I love you my crazy "Codester", I stopped comparing you to Bobo years ago. YOU are unique, you are precious, you helped heal my broken heart, you make me laugh and smile more than you know. You are equally as special, YOU are loved more than you could imagine. There will never be another kitty like you.....never. Thank you for choosing ME to share your life with.  I LOVE YOU. "Mom"

Monday, July 23, 2018

How To Argue With A Cat A Human’s Guide To The Art Of Persuasion By Best Selling New York Times Author, Jay Heinrichs & Illustrated by Natalie Palmer -Sutton (Give-Away!)

I cannot begin to convey the delight I felt when I first learned about the book, How To Argue With A Cat A Human’s Guide To The Art Of Persuasion By Best Selling New York Times Author, Jay Heinrichs, that was posted on The Purrington Post.

"Cats+Persuasion" two of my loves. You see, when I went to, and graduated from, Kent State University, back in the Stone Age, I majored in Rhetoric and Communication You are probably thinking, "who majors in RHETORIC and what the heck is it??" You aren't alone. Many of you probably know exactly what rhetoric is, but for those who do not, the definition of Rhetoric from the great philosopher Aristotle is: "Rhetoric, is the faculty of observing in any given case, all available means of persuasion."  

Without realizing it, we all use rhetoric From communicating with our partners, our kids, our jobs (sales, law, virtually EVERY JOB that exists), because when you are communicating, you are often engaging in persuasion, without your even knowing it! (My mother used to joke about my degree saying I earned a degree in what I did naturally, PERSUADE.)

I reached out to Jay Heinrichs and told him I HAD to read/review this book! What I expected was more of a humorous book about actually trying to persuade a cat to do (or not do) what I wanted, what I received was SO MUCH MORE.


Cats are skilled manipulators who can talk you into just about anything without a single word (or maybe a meow or two). They can get you to drop whatever you’re doing and play with them. They can make you serve their dinner way ahead of schedule. They can get you to sit down right this instant and provide a lap. On the other hand, try getting a cat to do what you want....

While it’s hard, persuading a cat is possible. And after that, persuading humans becomes a breeze, and that is what you will learn in this book. How to Argue with a Cat will teach you how to:

· Hold an intelligent conversation—one of the few things easier to do with a cat than a human.
· Argue logically, even if your opponent is furry and irrational.
· Hack up a fallacy (the hairball of logic).
· Make your body do the talking (cats are very good at this).
· Master decorum: the art of fitting in with cats, venture capitalists, or humans.
· Learn the wisdom of predator timing to pounce at the right moment.
· Get someone to do something or stop doing it.
· Earn any creature’s respect and loyalty.

This catabulous trailer was narrated by illustrator Natalie Palmer Sutton's adorable niece!

Want to learn about the "Art of the Purr"? Jay Heinrich graciously shared this clip from the audio book that teaches us clueless humans what a cat's purr can teach us about persuasion (or should that be "purr-suasion? "Discuss amongst yourselves! Click on the highlighted text above to listen!) 


When reading a book that I will  review, I will "dog-ear" pages that I feel are particularly relevant or interesting, (a habit that my bookmark-loving husband loathes, but I digress...) that I want to  refer to in my review, well, I am in DEEP TROUBLE. Virtually EVERY SINGLE PAGE of this book has been "dog-eared" by ME.  The result? There is SO MUCH practical information about CATS AND PERSUASION in this book, that if I were to review it the way I wish I could, I would be writing ANOTHER BOOK!

How To Argue With A Cat is the PURRFECT marriage of  Jay Heinrich discussing qualities that cats inherently possess that make them masters in the "dark art of persuasion" and then explaining those qualities to us,  (referred to as "factors" in the book), that will enable US to effectively persuade other humans, AND CATS. It is "PURR" GENIUS!!

If you are skilled in persuasion, like cats and comedy you are skilled in TIMING. "The secret of persuasion is just like the secret of comedy. It's timing." Timing requires patience. "In rhetoric, this art of waiting for the perfect moment is called kairos (KI-ros). Someone skilled at kairos, such as a cat, not only knows how to wait. She also knows exactly the right moment to act, to seize the occasion, letting no temporary lap go un-sat-upon and no bug unchased."

 Where was this book when I was studying Rhetoric in college??

 I LOVED the black and white "pop-art" style illustrations by Natalie Palmer Sutton, and being a quote freak, I derived great enjoyment from the brilliant snippets of "Cat Wisdom" found throughout the book  that not only are true of cats, but are valuable tips for humans to use when communicating. A few of my favorites are:

"When in doubt, keep a straight face. Cats rarely change their expression. That's one reason they look so dignified. It also helps them hide their ploys."

"Dignity won't get your belly rubbed. So you embarrassed yourself. Be like a cat and leave the past behind."

"Small persuasive creatures rule the world."

Um, that would be CATS. How To Argue With A Cat A Human’s Guide To The Art Of Persuasion By Jay Heinrichs is a book that I am going to refer to again and again. This isn't just a "one and done" deal. It is a book that you can use to enhance your own communication/persuasion skills! Just think, when you get your paws on this catabulous book, YOU (and your cat) just might be ruling the world too with your persuasive selves! It is available on Amazon, Penguin Randomhouse  (Rodale Books)  and more! It's also available as an ebook! 
 ISBN: 978-1-63565-274-1
Jay's cat "Killick" on his shoulders


JAY HEINRICHS is the New York Times bestselling author of Thank You for Arguing. He has taught persuasion to editors at Ivy League universities, NASA, and the Pentagon and runs the acclaimed blog,, as well as the rhetoric site


NATALIE PALMER-SUTTON is an art director, illustrator, editor, animator, artist, designer and sometimes writer who lives with her lovely husband and lovely children in Buckhurst Hill, England. To learn more about Natalie visit her website at

ENTER TO WIN!! Jay and the kind people at Penguin Random House have agreed to allow us to do a give-away!!! We are excited that we can give FIVE WINNERS a copy of How To Argue With A Cat (must be 18 and over, and the give-away is open to those in the U.S.A ONLY). Entering is super easy, just enter on the rafflecopter and good luck! (There are TWO mandatory entry requirements! BOTH must be completed in order to not be disqualified).

a Rafflecopter giveaway

DISCLOSURE: I received no financial compensation for this post, I received  a copy of the book in exchange for my always honest opinion.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Michigan! Meet Your Best Friend at the Market on July 22nd! Adoptable Cats and Dogs at Eastern Market!

 The Michigan Humane Society will showcase 50 adoptable cats, kittens, dogs and puppies for thousands of Eastern Market shoppers.
Photo Courtesy of Michigan Humane
 Join the Michigan Humane Society for Meet Your Best Friend at the Market, presented by Purina. This event is concurrent with Eastern Market’s Music Festival.

WHEN: Sunday, July 22, 2018, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
WHERE: In front of Eastern Market’s Shed 5, Russell Street, Detroit, MI 48207

The Michigan Humane Society believes pets are family. That is why it hosts adoption events at popular family attractions. Now in its fifth year, this partnership joins two of Detroit’s venerable institutions with a combined history spanning almost 270 years. It also marks the first time this event will be branded as Meet Your Best Friend at the Market.
Photo Courtesy of Michigan Humane

Summer is also a great time to adopt an animal. The reason is families often have more time to train and socialize new pets. It is also easier to house train a puppy when it’s warm. This is because, like us, pets often don’t want to go outside during Michigan’s cold winters.
 Meet Your Best Friend at the Market is presented by Purina.
Additional support is generously provided by Sellers Subaru.

About MHS
The Michigan Humane Society, founded in 1877, is the oldest and largest nonprofit animal welfare organization in the state. Each year, MHS achieves 100 percent placement of more than 10,000 healthy and treatable animals through compassionate care, community engagement, and advocacy for humane treatment. The MHS operates three shelter and veterinary centers in Detroit, Rochester Hills, and Westland; five adoption partnerships with Premier Pet Supplies, Petco, and PetSmart; and both a Cruelty Investigation Department and a Statewide Animal Response Team. Learn more at

Monday, July 16, 2018

Letting it ALL hang out!

Hi my furry and human furiends! It has been hotter than you-know-what here in Michigan (and throughout the WORLD), that it has gotten ridiculous! All any of us with fur can do is just do our best to keep cool!!!

For me, that involves airing out my ample "belleh"!

Mom is counting the days til Fall, are you anxiously awaiting Fall as well? What's YOUR favorite way to keep cool?

Love, Cody

Friday, July 13, 2018

Lucky Friday the 13th!! Announcing The MYLAP™ Pet Bed Winner

Hi all and Happy Friday the 13th!! Today isn't an unlucky day, no way, it is a LUCKY, LUCKY day for the winner of our:

for the MYLAP™ Pet Bed 



Have a blast Bear and Ellie Mae!!!

Monday, July 9, 2018

Catty Whack Electronic Sound and Feather Action Cat Toy from OurPets® !

Hi every furry and human! Today it is me, Cody at the keyboard.  I decided that I do much better reviews than Mom does, so today, I am going to be the one to share the Catty Whack Electronic Sound and Feather Action Cat Toy from OurPets® with you!

You have heard Mom and I say many times that I am a mancat who LOVES nothing more than hunting his prey. I am not always a fan of boxes or things that are confining for me, but give me a good darting mouse, or a feathery darting toy and I am one happy kitty!

The OurPets® Catty Whack is an unpredictable game of hide & seek which piques my interest and is certain to pique the interest of your kitty!! While it is specifically designed to encourage independent play for cats of all ages, I am going to say again what I have said MANY, MANY times, that I think multi-kitty households will love this as well! That being said, I AM an "only" kitty and while I prefer to play with my Mom or my Sheltie brother, there ARE times that I enjoy playing by myself. Yesterday was one of those times! Mom gave me my lunch and told me she had a surprise for me and I marched right in! When Mom turned the button on (after putting in the 4 C batteries that are not included), I got ready to pounce!!

 Mom found  the original electronic RealMouse sound  to be a teeny tiny bit annoying on this toy, but not me!! The RealMouse sound and the erratic movement of the feather is what lured me in! I do have a question though, the little feathery wand thingy that randomly dashes and darts in and out of the six mouse holes is NOT a, why does it have a RealMouse sound? (discuss amongst yourselves, that is pretty much a rhetorical question that doesn't require an answer. As they say, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it", and as you can see in the video below I LOVE THIS TOY!! )

I might be 11 years old and I often have a rather "lazy" style of play, but you can't beat my paw dexterity!!! 

 On the top of the Catty Whack, there is a carpeted scratching area, which many cats find to be enticing!!! So far, I haven't used it to scratch, but I just might!

   I used this toy in Mom's "office" on the floor and these photos were taken when Mom put the Catty Whack on her bed. You can't see in these photos, but the bottom of the toy has non-skid rubber feet, which will keep the toy from sliding while kitties play!!!

 There is also an auto-shut off feature on the button you see above on the left side of the Catty Whack.  There is a replacement feather prey wand included.  I think that providing a replacement wand is a great idea because Mom noticed when I played with mine (and we noticed the same thing  on some videos we were watching), that kitties try to immediately chew the wand which is normal because kitties are trying to catch their prey, but, the feathery wand is rather small, and if it breaks off it is concerning to Mom. The replacement in our box was actually the TIP of the wand with the feather, which is quite small. A suggestion would be to provide a long wand with the tip already attached as an extra,  not just the small feathery part, because it makes someone nervous that the tiny feathery part could come off.  Because of that, Mom won't let me play with this toy unsupervised, and because of that Mom is giving this a 3 out of 4 paws rating, while I rate it 4 PAWS UP. 

There is A Special Rebate
 for our Readers!!
Purchase an OurPets electronic cat toy from a PetSmart retail store, (offer is not valid for online purchases), click on the link below to fill out the form, and receive a $5 rebate gift card to PetSmart. The rebate will apply for ALL of the toys that we feature on our blog!!


I absolutely LOVE the Catty Whack Electronic Sound and Feather Action Cat Toy from OurPets® and I am certain that you will too!!!!!  What does Mom know, she ISN'T a cat (thank COD FOR US CATS),  and she will not be playing with the toy, I am the one who is playing with it and I LOVE IT!). 

 Where will the feather wand pop out next?  I don't know and you won't know either unless you pawchase this great toy!  Waiting to see where the feather wand pops out next is half of the fun!! Now, if you will excuse me, I have some waiting to do!!!!!  Til the next time!!!!! Love,  Cody

About OurPets® 
The OurPets® Brand offers product lines that feature a variety of premium and innovative toys, accessories, feeding solutions, and waste management solutions specially designed to awaken a pet’s natural instincts. Available exclusively at pet specialty retailers, no other brand offers products specifically designed to foster a healthy relationship between pets and their parents.

Get Social with OurPets®


 This post is sponsored by OurPets® . I received the Catty Whack Electronic Sound and Feather Action Cat Toy, batteries,  as well as compensation for featuring this content , but Cody and I only share information we feel is of interest to our readers. I do NOT receive any sort of commission by you, my readers using the rebate link, that is a treat for all of YOU!

Friday, July 6, 2018

Allbreed CFA Cat Show! Midwest Persian Tabby Fanciers & Motor City Jazz Club (Michigan) July 28 and 29th

Do you want to join the fun and Show your Cat ??

There is a special category for Household Pet Cats to compete for Points,
Rosettes and Top Honors.

To be eligible for the CFA Household Pet competition your cat:
1. Must be over 4 months of age.
2. Must be clean, healthy, and free of fleas and disease.
3. If over 8 months of age, he/she must be neutered/spayed.
4. Must not be declawed.
5. Should be willing to be handled by a judge.
6. Should be up to date on vaccinations for distemper, rhinotracheitis,
calicivirus and rabies.

Interested ??
For more information on how to enter and show your cat in one of the CFA
shows coming here soon, contact:
Judie Hudgens (734) 397-8028 before 9:00pm EST or email:

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

"God Bless the USA" (July 4th, 2018)

quote was found on Pinterest
Yes, Cody is REALLY wearing the tie
"Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves." —Abraham Lincoln

Have a Happy and Safe 4th, keep the furbabies close!!!

Monday, July 2, 2018

Cat and Dog Bed: The MYLAP™ Pet Bed "Irresistible to your pet's nose and heart" (Give-Away!)


I love when I am just browsing on Facebook and I come across a product that entices me enough to contact the owner to see if they would be interested in being featured on our blog. Mind you, it isn't often that a product intrigues me that much to reach out, but in the case of the MYLAP™ Pet Bed, it did! (When I reach out to a company wanting to feature their product, I normally waive my review fee, which in the case of the MYLAP™ Pet Bed I did. I received no financial compensation for this review, just the bed, which Cody ADORES!)

When I had my Angel Bobo, he was the only pet in my home. I was single through much of his life, as a result, when I would leave for work he would be quite lonely. I would leave for work at 7am and often wouldn't return home until 6pm or later. Bobo was an insecure cat and would wait by the window for me for nearly the entire time I was gone. I would try to soothe his worries when leaving for work, or the few times I went out-of-town, by leaving my clothing lying on the bed. I often would find him sleeping on my clothes. 
  • "Senses of familiar touch and smell may help reduce separation anxiety and keep your pet calm."
Bobo was also the type of a cat (even more than Cody is), that loved nothing more than to lay on my lap. How I wish this product existed when my Bobo was alive (coincidentally, today marks the 11 year anniversary that Bobo went to the Bridge, he left the day after his 18th birthday in 2007.)
Photo Courtesy of MYLAP™ Pet Bed

  • MYLAP™ Pet Bed is shaped just like a lap, which allows you to use any pair of soft pants, like pajama pants or sweatpants, as the bed cover. This adds your scent to the bed while providing your beloved pet with the comforting shape of your lap.
The familiar, comforting scent of pets’ owners has been shown in multiple studies to help reduce separation anxiety and create an overall sense of calm in cats and dogs. This is why they created the MYLAP™ Pet Bed .  To learn more about the importance of our scent to our pets, check out our their  Additional Resources page.

I thought that with Cody being a natural cuddler, (he isn't always a lap cat, but he loves sitting next to me on the couch, often right on my arm!), I thought this would be perfect for him! I was right! 

When the bed arrived, it was NAKED!! It is meant for YOU to  provide the pants of your choice.

Bed materials: 100% polyester material and fill
The MYLAP™ Pet Bed is made of a 100% polyester spun fabric and poly fill.  This polyester fabric is highly durable yet soft for comfort and can be washed in a standard washing machine.  There are no hard zippers to catch or snag, and the bed is self contained, so the entire bed can be washed in the washing machine.  See additional care instructions here

I left the bed out for a few days before putting a pair of my pants on them. Within the FIRST DAY not only was Cody sleeping on the bed WITHOUT my pants on them, it quickly became his FAVORITE BED.
Beds are designed for cats and dogs up to 25/30 lbs.


Admittedly this photo is out of focus because it was evening and I wanted to quickly take this shot before Cody moved. He is blissfully sleeping without a care in the world!

That was also the case with the above photo!!!

Then, it was time to decide which pair of pants to use for the pillow. One of MANY things I love, about the MYLAP™ Pet Bed is that you can completely change the look of the pillow, just by changing the pants you use! (You could decorate the bed for the holidays, your favorite sports teams, etc., just by using pants that you already have! I think flannel pajama bottoms would be fantastic for the winter months!). 

I chose an orange pair of pants that I don't normally wear......

TIP: To ensure your scent is attached to the pants before using them as the cover, wear the pants overnight or keep them in your bed for a night or two. Tie the bottom of the unused portion of the pants together, which helps create more of a “cradling” effect. I did not have to tie mine because my giant pants fit the pillow perfectly!

I was afraid Cody wouldn't sleep on the bed since he was used to sleeping on it WITHOUT the cover, I needn't have worried!

​$1 of every order placed
 is donated to 
a non-profit animal wellness cause
 for homeless or abused pets.

The MYLAP™ Pet Bed is perfect if you are going to be going out-of-town and a pet sitter will be coming to care for your pet. It is also great to bring your cat or dog if they have to be boarded for any reason, whether it be for care at the Vet, or for boarding while you are away.

As Cody clearly shows, it is also purrfect for every day use at home because it is so irresistibly comfy!!!


The unique pet bed design came to Tammy at  one of the lowest points of her life: when she was receiving radiation for breast cancer at the young age of 41.  

Every day after work, she  would go to her radiation treatment and then drive an hour and a half home.  The radiation made her so tired and sore.  Her  cat had always slept on, between, or against her legs (all cat parents know what I she is talking about), but at that time she was so sleep deprived and achy that as much as she loved her, she just wanted her off of her. She  kept thinking  there must be something out there that could simulate her lap for her cat while she could also remain comfortable. She searched every store she could think of and scoured the internet but found nothing like what she was looking for.

During the time Tammy was in radiation, she used that time on the table to plan the design of the bed and ended up creating a prototype that she tested on her cat. She soon discovered that not only did her cat love the bed, her dog did too! It has been a long road for Tammy, both in her personal recovery and the journey to launch this product, but she couldn’t be happier that she was able to turn something so devastating into something so positive.  

As Tammy says: "It's not always how hard you fall, it's how hard you get up!"

MYLAP™ Pet Bed is on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Cody is in COMPLETE LOVE with his MYLAP™ Pet Bed and I am too!!!! We give it a resounding 4 PAWS UP! We cannot thank Tammy enough for creating this product, and for allowing us to test a bed and review it. You can purchase one here  and Tammy has graciously and generously allowed us to have a GIVE-AWAY!!


The give-away is open to those who are 18 and over and WHO RESIDE IN THE USA. THERE WILL BE ONE WINNER. ONE WINNER WILL WIN A MYLAP™ Pet Bed  (AN APPROXIMATE $30 VALUE).

a Rafflecopter giveaway