Sunday, May 27, 2012

Pet Supplies Plus opens Kitty City II free-roaming cat adoption center in White Lake Twp., Michigan

Grand opening includes
 100-cat adoption event June 1-3

 When Addy Shattuck, owner of three Pet Supplies Plus stores in Oakland County, opened the first Kitty City adoption center in 2011, she never dreamed that so many felines  would find good homes as a result of her custom-designed cat habitat.  Her success with the first Kitty City has led to the opening of Kitty City II at Shattuck’s Pet Supplies Plus store in White Lake Twp.

Kitty City II is identical to the original Kitty City at Pet Supplies Plus in Bloomfield Hills.  Both are free- roaming, cage free adoption centers, designed by Shattuck, that enable kitties waiting for new homes to watch the birds outside through floor-to-ceiling windows, lounge in miniature arm chairs, and enjoy the soft breeze of an overhead ceiling fan.  Shattuck designed each Kitty City with plenty of perches for cats to climb, soft beds for sleeping and concealed litter boxes for privacy.  At any given time, each Kitty City is a temporary home to 20 or more cats. 
Kitty City II

The open environment enables the public to interact with the cats, get to know their unique personalities and, if Shattuck gets her way, fall in love and take home a new family member.  Cat adoptions at the Bloomfield Hills Pet Supplies Plus more than doubled with the opening of Kitty City.  Shattuck anticipates the same result in White Lake Twp.

“Kitty City allows the cats to be themselves.” says Shattuck.  “Prospective adopters can play with the kitties, get to know them and see how wonderful these cats are.   We have people coming into the store just to play with the cats.  And, of course, many of them end up adopting one.”  
A Kitty City II grand opening at Pet Supplies Plus in White Lake Twp. includes a three-day, 100-cat adoption event starting at 4 p.m. on Friday, June 1 through  5 p.m. on Sunday,  June 3.  Adoption fee of $59 includes spay or neuter, vaccines and health check.   All cats are from Oakland Pet Adoption Center in Auburn Hills or Elizabeth Lake Animal Rescue in Waterford.

Kitty City II

On Sunday, June 3 customers can bring their cats and dogs to a pet health care fair from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. that includes free wellness exams and reduced cost vaccines, feline leukemia tests and microchipping provided by Union Lake Veterinary Hospital.  They will also be treated to a free barbecue lunch from noon to 3 p.m.

Guess who else will be there
 Sun, June 3rd? ME!
(If I can figure out how to get there!)
I am so excited to visit Kitty City II. I was at the first Kitty City and was overwhelmed. I am going to be volunteering Sunday June 3rd and can't wait to meet all of the furbabies!

Event sponsors include
  California Natural and Holistic Select
  Pet Supplies Plus in White Lake Twp.
 is at 6845 Highland Rd.
For information, call 248-889-4131 or go to    

Will there be a Kitty City III?  Shattuck is considering the possibility at her third Pet Supplies Plus store.  But for now, she’s hoping that the White Lake Twp. location will have a big impact on finding homes for homeless cats and kittens.

“Unfortunately, Oakland County has a huge overpopulation of cats” Shattuck said.  “We are hoping that Kitty City will help more people see just how wonderful cats are.” 

Me! I visited the first Kitty City last year!
for those who missed the video I shot when I visited Kitty City I, here it is again! I am sorry for the amateur quality, hey I never said I possessed the video chops of Glogirly!
When I shot this I also had cats on my lap! Hard to maneuver the camera. The creator of Kitty City, (Addy) is in the shot with my husband!


  1. What a COOL place!!! It's just beautiful and I love how the kitties are free to roam and lounge and watch...they all looked so comfortable and at ease. We hope their next adoption event is a HUGE success!
    ...and Caren, there's nothing wrong at all with your video chops. ; )

  2. what a great place never seen anything like it before.I think we could do with some adoption centres like this in england

  3. Your video is wonderful. Did I see opposable(sp?) thumbs on the cat at 0:14? Best success to all on the big kitty adoption! P.S. If you ever feel bad about your videos again, send me a note and I will send you one of mine.

  4. I remember when you went to the opening of the original Kitty City - this idea is just so wonderful and no doubt this "open" arrangement with people and cats does lead to more adoptions than ever before. WONDERFUL!!!!!

    Pam and Sam

  5. I just love the concept behind Kitty City and adoption centers like it. I enjoyed your report from the original one, and can't wait to hear about your day there next weekend.

  6. I just love the concept behind Kitty City and adoption centers like it. I enjoyed your report from the original one, and can't wait to hear about your day there next weekend.

  7. That is amazing! What used to be "I can't wait to get out of here and into a real home" may have just changed with this fabulous city!

  8. That is such a terrific place. I would have loved to open a place like that. And how great is it for those cats to get used to all kinds of people and all the sights outside. That is a great person that started or built that place. Take care.

  9. What a great place! We wonder if all the Pet Supply Plus stores will eventually have a Kitty City??

  10. Aunty Caren,
    Simply awesome! Mama says this is something that she could do when she retires....Kitty City a ala Angelina...hmmm...sounds good, eh? purrr....meow!

  11. @Glogirly, it is simply amazing. To see the kitties happy and cage-free is delightful! Thanks for your nice comment! At the time you read this i had forgotten to link to you when I mentioned you. I have since rectified the situation!

    @Cat-from-Sydney ohhh I soooo hope your Mama does this when she retires!!! That would be beyond pawsome!

    @The Island Cats, good question but I am doubting it. They are independently owned franchises. The one by my house on Orchard Lake doesn't have it. They should!! Hoping all will follow suit!

    @Marg I had the pleasure of meeting Addy when the first Kitty City opened and she is one of the most incredibly kind people ever (like you!) she has a ton of cats on her own and is completely dedicated to rescue. Can't wait to see her again!

    @art and sew forth, not to mention, potential adopters can see more of their personality by watching their antics. It makes the kitties that much more adoptable!

    @Ingrid King thank you! This one is much further away so let's hope that I can find it! lol

    @Pam and Sam thank you!!! It most certainly does and that is what it is all about!

    @Fisher and Staff OMC you are kind! Wait! You noticed something at 14 seconds in? I am going to have to watch and see. Now THAT'S observant!!! Thanks so much for your incredibly kind words!

    @speedy rabbit everyone needs t o do this!

  12. @Fisher OMC I just looked and you are RIGHT!!!! MOL! MOL!! Those DO look like opposable thumbs! OMC are you the most observant person EVER!!??? lol

  13. OH! I am enchanted with this wonderful loving haven for cats. What a fabulous person she (Addy) is to have created not one but two such perfect waitng for the forever family temporary homes. The furniture, the beds, the chandelier, just everything. But most of all the love for cats she has shown us. And thank you Caren for posting this. I am so glad I got to see it.


  14. What a great place to find kitties new homes. We hope Kitty City finds many new homes for our kitty furrends.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  15. how very cool - and wonderful that this woman is determined to make a difference for these cats!!!

  16. We'z hopin u can find a way ta go to da openin uv da new Kitty City, Miss Caren... coz we jus noes how much doz kittehz are gonna wanna get snuggled by u... 'n ta get a wittle whiff uv Cody, while dey'z bein snuggled! :D xoxo

  17. Oh I’d want them all! Such a good project :)

  18. That is a mighty fancy place and they all deserve a wonderful life!

  19. DearCaren
    That is just so cool!
    Please takes more video to post! What greats work they does!
    Thanks yous for telling us about Pet Supplies Plus!

  20. @Katie you are most welcome! Your comment deeply touched me. Did you see those adorable leather chairs the kitties have? So cute!

    @Nellie I will take more video!!! Hopefully I will do a better job this time too! Kisses back!

    @Brian they sure do!

    @Carolyn that is what happened to me when I was there. They were ALL crawling on me and I wanted to take every one home!!

    @Nerissa yep, Addy is amazing!

    @GlamKitty I am more than likely going next Sunday! :)

    @Random Felines I wholeheartedly agree!

    @Hannah and Lucy we hope so too!

  21. WOW that place looks AMAZING! Its a shame there arent more places like Kitty City, we think it would make all the difference to that cats :o)

  22. Caren, this sounds like an awesome event! I am going to try to link to your post in my blog. I really want the word to get around about great shelters/adoption centers like this! :)

    We have a cage-free shelter here called Cat Care Society and it is nice that the babies don't have to stay in cages - they get to roam around and play like kitties should be able to do!

    Thank you for sharing the information. I'd totally go to the event if I lived anywhere near it. We will purr and pray that all the babies find wonderful forever homes :)

  23. Cool place for the kitties !
    Me and "mom" hope their next adoption event is a HUGE success!

  24. @The Purr Diaries, we couldn't agree more!

    @Kjelle Bus we hope so too!

    @Sierra thank you for your comment! Thank you for sharing! I am thrilled that you are! Addy deserves enormous kudos for how she is working so hard to find homes for these kitties. I sooo wish that more places would do the same. Your Cat Care Society sounds amazing too!

  25. This concept is the same as the shelter I came from...Kitty Corner which is owned and operated by Contra Costa Humane Society...they are a small non profit no kill shelter, they foster dogs, and now the cats (all adult or special needs) go to Kitty Corner or foster. They pull all their cats and dogs from our local county animal shelter. Kitty City looks wonderful!