Monday, May 24, 2010

Handmade Cat Mats Purrfect For Your "Angel"

I have stated many times when I am showcasing a cat creation in my blog that I am partial to those submitted to me whose proceeds go at least in part to helping cats. The products, artisans etc. that I am happy to blog about may be located throughout the country, (however Michiganders if I hear from you, since  my blog is located in Michigan you will get first priority!) No matter where a rescue, pet organization, etc. is from, if part (or all) of their proceeds are used to help cats then to me it is all good.

I was contacted a few weeks back by a lovely woman named Rose Buhl Gates. She is the co-founder of "Angel Cat Haven" (see Rose and her partner Angela Frankudakis are the "archangels" of their shelter and I am sure in the hearts of the hundreds of cats they have saved; in the cat world as well. In slightly less than 4 years Rose and Angela and their 20+ volunteers have worked painstakingly, pouring their hearts and souls, every ounce of energy (while holding down full time jobs) to earn the bragging rights of having rescued 440 cats, 375 of them placed in forever homes.

To help with the cost of running a thriving shelter "Angel Cat Haven" sells the most adorable handmade catnip mats and beds that are truly "the cat's meow!" (the photo on the right is Rose's "star quality" orange tabby rescue kitty "Cecil"), lounging in his cheese-cake pose on one of these adorable mats. "These cozy flannel Catnip filled Mats and comfy fleece Catnip filled Beds are great for covering furniture, or lining your carrier" (actually my Bobo had something similar once and he loved catnip so much he would roll on the floor with it in ecstasy wrapping it around his body like a giant bathroom towel, he LOVED HIS!)
"The mats are filled with 100% organic catnip and are padded for extra comfort, they are 12x20", machine washable and dryable" and are "handmade with love by the volunteers. All proceeds go towards caring for the rescued cats of Angelcat Haven" To get pricing and to purchase these super affordable and adorable mats please visit

To contact me about artists, cat creations that you know of whose proceeds are at least partially donated to animal charities/rescues, etc. (cats obviously preferred) that you would like to see featured in my blog, you can comment directly through this blog, or send me a message on Facebook (Caren Osrin Gittleman) or follow me on Twitter at

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