Tuesday, January 31, 2012

"Toy" Tuesday!

Hi everybody!  It's Cody again wishing you all a Terrific Tuesday! I am one lucky kitty! Mom entered a contest for me over at Katie Mitchell's "The Pet Lady's Blog" and I WON! If you haven't visited Katie's blog, by all means do! She always has something exciting going on!

The contest that I won was a give-away by Creme de la Cat.   Creme de la Cat has a vast selection of reasonably priced cat toys,  cat beds and gifts for cat lovers!

I won a $25 gift certificate to purchase anything that I wanted in the store!

The item I chose was the Leopard Den Puzzle:

Isnt' that just the coolest puzzle ever? When I chose it I immediately thought of Zee & Zoey and their Mom, Deb Barnes who ALWAYS wears leopard print! She definitely needs to pawchase this for her kitties!

This is the most fun toy ever! It is super soft and cozy and comes with those cute balls above. Mom puts catnip in the holes and drops the balls in and I go to town! I swat those balls and use my paws like scoopers! I scoop those balls up, run down the hallway and tease my Sheltie brother, then I drop one ball by my food bowl as a thank-you to my pawrents for the stinky-goodness they provide for me.

Ordering was a breeze for my Mom (I can't type so I don't know). The customer service provided by Terry Walker-Coleman (who owns Creme De La Cat) was superb and boy did my toys arrive FAST!
I barely had time for a cat nap and they were here! Now THAT'S SERVICE!

 Here are some photos:

Here is a listing of everything else that Mom bought with the $25 prize:



Here is Cody having a ball with his Cat Catcher!

We also bought a  few other little toys and Terry was super nice and gave us a special surprise!

Mom and I would like to once again thank Katie Mitchell from The Pet Lady's Blog for hosting this give-away and to Creme De La Cat for their adorable and affordable toys and superior customer service!

Mom said we will definitely be ordering from them in the future!  Check out their website for special items for Valentine's Day!

Mom and I were not compensated for this post. We won the above listed items and wanted to thank the appropriate people. All opinions are our own.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Book Revew: I'd Rather Be A Cat, The Official "Better Than Dogs" Cat Book By Allia Zobel Nolan

Pssst....it's Cody!! Do I have your attention? Is your Mom or Dad reading this with you? If they are, please ask them to leave the room, I'll wait.

Are they gone? They are? GOOD!

You know my kitty friends, there is a holiday coming up on February 14th and it's called Valentine's Day! I know most of you know what this holiday is all about, but for the one or two of you who don't, you can read about it here.

Valentine's Day is a day when the humans like to show their love for each other. You know what that means? That means that for one day there is a chance albeit a SMALL CHANCE that their attention might be diverted from bestowing affection, treats and presents on us and instead, they will give them to the HUMAN object of their affection!

Kitties! We will have NONE of that!

To make matters even worse, those of you like myself who live with a doggy, are always in a constant battle for supremacy.  Mind you this competition is not of our own making, but those jumping, barking, drooling attention hogs known as dogs, force us into proving just who is a better companion for our humans. I know, I know, don't get your furballs all in a bunch! I KNOW as well as YOU DO that it is CATS! Sometimes our humans need a reminder though.

Well, HERE IT IS! The purrfect little present for Valentine's Day that kitties YOU can present to your HUMAN! like a DOG would EVER think of giving their human a present on Valentine's Day that wasn't covered in poop or drool! It's a  bible book for your humans, I'd Rather Be A Cat,  The Official "Better Than Dogs" Cat Book,  by Allia Zobel Nolan, written with the help of her three cats and cats from all over the world! This book will end the controversy once and for all as to WHO is better, and it will cease the time-wasting activity of the humans focusing on each other for Valentine's Day and put their focus  right back where it belongs, ON YOU! Sometimes ya just gotta mix a little dose of reality in with their hearts and flowers ya know? 

Here are a few kibble-sized pieces of the gems you will find in this pocket-sized book:

  • A cat's breath doesn't smell like a mixture of a dumpster and an old locker
  • Cats would never cling to a guest's leg, nor slobber all over them
  • Cats wouldn't dream of rolling in the mud. Ewwww.
  • Cats don't have self-esteem issues. They don't live for human's approval.
  • Cats don't beg. It's not their style.

photo from alliawrites.com

Kitties, you and I have known these points all along, but sometimes those less gifted in the cerebral department which translates to humans, need a reminder.  As Allia Zobel Nolan says, "I hate to put the kibosh on dogs, they do have some fine points. But, taken as a whole, cats just have more of them."

 "So, sorry Fido, there's just no contest-o. Cats have dogs licked, paws down."

From Harvest House Publishers
64 pages
for all ages

Order from Amazon
Order from Harvest House
Order from Barnes & Noble

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Allia Zobel Nolan is an internationally-published, award-winning author of seven cat books and over 150 children's and adult trade titles with 2 1/2 million books in print. She lives in Norwalk, Connecticut with her husband and their three better-than-dogs cats.

For more information about Allia Zobel Nolan, visit her at:


Friday, January 27, 2012

Cat Fanciers' Association All Breed Cat Show In Allen Park, Michigan, January 28 & 29th

The Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) will hold an all breed and household pet cat show on Sat. January 28 & Sun. January 29, 2012 at the Allen Park Community Ctr 15800 White St.  Allen Park, MI 48101 from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
"White Owl"

The show will feature two days of judged competition, as well as exhibitors and breeders providing information and offering close-up views of their cats.  Breeds represented will cover a wide variety, including Persians, Maine Coons, Orientals, Birmans, Tonkinese, Ragdolls, Siamese, Bombays and more.
The show is sponsored by the Midwest Persian Tabby Fanciers, a local non-profit cat club. Internationally qualified CFA judges will evaluate the cats.

The show offers a variety of interests for all people, from cat enthusiasts to families with small children.  Judging will take place throughout both days, so you can be in a ring watching the judging, or walking the exhibit hall looking at the beautiful cats.  You can ask questions of breeders and exhibiters.  It really is great fun for everyone.
Admission to the show is $5 - adults, $4 - seniors, $3 - children and no charge to children under age 5.  Parking is free.
Founded in 1906, The Cat Fanciers’ Association has been devoted to the promotion and protection of all cats.  CFA as a whole, as well as individual member clubs and individuals associated with CFA, have together made outstanding contributions in feline health, feline health research, animal welfare and disaster relief over the years.

Contact:  Cathy Hawley

Website:  www.cfa.org

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

SureFlap Microchip Cat Door As A Kitty Weight Loss Tool?

As January draws to a close there are some of us  who are faced with the reality that our resolution or intention (whichever terminology you prefer) to lose weight is beginning to fall by the wayside. Often we need the "help" of a "friend" to  keep us from mindless eating.

Did you know that the SureFlap can also be used to keep a kitty like this:

"Rosie" used with permission by
"Rosie Larger Than Life"

from having an "all-you-can-eat" banquet as a result of pilfering food from the bowls of every other pet in your home!  You can feed the offender in another room (SureFlap also works on INTERNAL doors, NOT just EXTERNAL!) and because a larger animal cannot fit through the opening of  SureFlap,  the kitty food-napper could just possibly shed some unwanted pounds just from being denied free-feeding from everyone's bowls!

Here is some more info about SureFlap:


Allows only cats whose microchips are stored within the product to enter a home.

It is powered by 4 AA batteries and only powers up when a cat tries to enter/leave a home.

Once a cat's microchip number is stored it will stay in the memory whether the batteries are in place or not.

SureFlap is available in white or brown.

SureFlap works with a cat's existing FDXA, FDXB or Avid Secure/Encrypted microchip (these encompass the vast majority of microchip types).

SureFlap will work even if a cat wears a collar with a metallic bell or tag.

SureFlap stores the unique identities of up to 32 cats.

SureFlap is compact and suitable for most cat breeds with its 5.59" wide by 5.39" tall entry door.  (Some large breeds of cat, such as the Maine Coon, may have difficulty using it. They are currently working to develop a larger version of SureFlap, which is appropriate for small dogs and larger cats and it should be available during the first half of 2012.

SureFlap is easy to install in doors, (INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL),  windows and walls and glass mounting .

To read more about SureFlap click here

SureFlap may be purchased  at www.sureflap.com

In full disclosure we were not compensated for this blog post. We were offered a SureFlap when we first blogged about it a few months ago,  but with our living situation there was no need for us to have one. We opted on our own to feature SureFlap because we liked its features and benefits and feel that it is a useful product. All opinions are strictly our own.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Your Cat Will Have A Ball With The Cat Ball!! GIVE-AWAY!

Hi every kitty it's Cody!

Are you tired of your regular napping spots? Feeling the winter chill from a snowy, gray day? Need a place to hide from  a mini human or your doggy sibling?

I might  have the answer to your problem! Forget "might",  I DO have the answer to your problem!

The answer is:

The Cat Ball!

What is a Cat Ball?

The Cat Ball is a  comfy kitty hide-away/napping spot. The Cat Ball is machine washable (or it can be vacuumed by the noisy vacuum monster while we are busy doing other things!)  and the fabric patterns  are the original creation of Jennifer Schmidt of Jenna's Red Rhino.

Jennifer KNOWS cats. She KNOWS what cats like.  Jennifer knows that cats love to curl up in a ball to sleep, they "get" comfort and will seek out the most desirable sleeping spots in the house and they love dark enclosures that make them feel safe and secure.

Jennifer also knows that in order for the head humans to purchase a new kitty hideout for us it has to be attractive, something that will accent or blend  into their decor.

Jennifer has covered that as well! She has colorful, stylish and fun patterns such as:

Cat Ball In Purple Batik

Cat Ball The Lotus

Cave Drawing Cat Ball

Or the Cat Ball that I received to try out and review, the Paisley Cat Ball

My Mom particularly loved this one because it matches the walls in our office!

Here are some photos of ME enjoying MY Cat Ball!

This looks purrfect for me!
Look how cozy I am!
When I received my Cat Ball to test and review the timing couldn't have been more purrfect. At that time I was not feeling well, that was when I was having my poop issues and I was just not myself. When the Cat Ball arrived it was the purrfect place for me to rest in! As Jennifer says "Your Cat Will Figure It Out" and I did!

I love my Cat Ball because it is comfy and cozy. Mom loves it because it is well made,   stylish and mine even came with a removable pad on the bottom that makes cleaning it a breeze!

Want a Cat Ball of your own to "Figure Out?"


You can enter to win one here! Jennifer is offering ONE lucky person a regular Cat Ball of their own. The contest is open to EVERYONE,  but if the winner is outside of the U.S. they will have to pay their own shipping cost.

Visit Cat Ball and leave a comment telling me which pattern you would like to win!



Friday, January 20, 2012

Cat Fanciers' Association All Breed & Household Pet Cat Show Is Coming!! January 28th & 29th


JANUARY 28 & 29

9:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M.
Adults $5, Seniors, $4, Kids (6-12) $3
Free Parking

Contact:  Cathy Hawley
Email: cihawley@comcast.net

Website: www.cfa.org


Thursday, January 19, 2012

You're "It!"

Now THIS is unusual! THIS is a FIRST! We were just "tagged" by our friend Sammy from One Spoiled Cat and due to having NOTHING prepared for today, for the FIRST TIME- EVER we aren't going to take a gazillion months to respond!

The first requirement of this blog post is  that we answer TEN "BURNING" questions about us! We decided that since this blog is a joint venture, Cody and I would BOTH answer! Here goes!

1) Describe yourself in 7 words:
Cody- cuddly,  loving, determined, intelligent, adorable, lazy and fearless.
Mom- ditto, ditto, ditto, ditto, funny, focused and stubborn.

2) What keeps you up at night?
Cody- my never-ending quest for food
Mom-playing "Words With Friends"

3)  Who would I like to be?
Cody- "King of the Forrrrrrrrrrrreeeeesssst!!!!"

Mom-  the next winner of either Mega Millions or Power Ball

4)  What am I wearing now?
Cody- the finest quality silver gray tabby fur
Mom- gray Lions sweatpants, gray and blue Super Bowl sweatshirt from 2006.

5)  What scares me?
Cody- the thought of  Mom's canned Royal Canin Veterinary Formula canned rabbit running out.
Mom-  the way that I look without makeup as I look right now while I am typing this!

6)  The best and worst of blogging:
Cody- all of the fun kitties, doggies and their pawrents that I have met!
Mom- best? The people and their pets that I have met along the way both online and in person.  Worst? Self-imposed deadlines which translates to pressure that I have created for MYSELF. Bottom line? "WHO CARES?"  As far as blogging goes, NONE of us are nearly as important as we think that we are.

7) The last website I visited:
Mom-One Spoiled Cat told ya! I literally came from there, directly here and started typing! It's a MIRACLE!

8) What is the one thing I would change about myself:
Cody- to be ALLERGY-FREE so that I could eat allllll different kinds of food!
Mom- to be less of a control-freak

9) Slankets yes or no?
Cody- What in the hell is a slanket???
Mom- ditto

10) Tell us something about the person who tagged you:
Cody- Sammy is the coolest cat. He is wise beyond his years. He has a really great blog that if you haven't checked it out, you sure should! He says he is "spoiled" but he really isn't, he is just treated the way ALL cats should be treated, as the Gods and Goddesses in furry little suits that we ARE!
Sammy as a baby,
his baby basket and his Mom! (Pam!)

Mom- Where do I begin? Sammy's Mom (Pam) is an incredibly talented woman. She is a writer (who I will be featuring on February 24th, save the date!), she is an artist, (she sent me the most BEAUTIFUL NOTE CARDS!!) , she is loving, kind, fun, warm and she possesses a quality that makes her a kindred spirit of mine, the quality of never ceasing to think like a child. If you maintain the untainted child-like quality of being able to be excited about things that you see and experience and never lose your ability to imagine, or have a laugh that starts from deep within your belly,  then in my opinion, you HAVE IT ALL!!! Pam also has another blog (The Magic Forest Chronicle) that features just those things:

Now....we must tag some other folks....no pressure...seriously none...if you don't want to do this then just pussyfoot on by as if you never have seen this post! (For some of you I KNOW that "pussyfooting on by" isn't a problem! MOL!!)








If  we didn't list you here no worries!!!! There are some of you who have jumped through these hoops so many times that the thought  of having to do one of these again would make you want to scratch our eyes out if you had to purrticipate, and since we value our eye-sight and our lives, we  neglected to mention you.

There are still others that  we could mention who we follow and comment on regularly that we KNOW NEVER visit, (we are observant and snide cusses...hehehe)  so what would be the point of listing them? MOL!, and still others whose blogs aren't set up for this kind of blog post and we respect that completely.

And...well, if you don't meet any of the above criteria....we're just plain tired of typing right now.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Meet Three Dogz LLC, Featuring Upscale Apparel And More! For Pet Lovers! And A Give-Away!

You know how they say a "good man is hard to find?"
Well, I  have the man, and finding him wasn't nearly as much of a challenge for me as my eternal quest for high quality T-shirts and sweatshirts that showcase the love I have for my furbabies was. That is, until I found Three Dogz, LLC!

I am all about proudly displaying my love for my furbabies but I am choosy about what I will wear. Much of the merchandise I had run into on the web was poorly made,  and came in your basic BORING colors of white, black, blue and red.

Guess what? Those days are gone! Enter Three Dogz LLC,  an Internet-based business which is  owned and operated by Deborah and Joseph LaRocque of Livonia, Michigan (which happens to be about 20 minutes from where I live!) and specializes in selling high-quality products for pet lovers!

Have a passion for dogs, cats or horses? You have found the right place!  When  you visit their website be sure you have a bowl of snacks and a beverage by your side,  because this is NOT a quick-hit-and-run-website. I am certain you will become as smitten and engrossed when viewing their website  as I was.  They have a  vast selection of merchandise that will make YOU wag YOUR tail in sheer delight!

You will find everything from:
T-shirts (some with rhinestone, Zebra print, embroidery, etc.)


Pet Bandanas
Desk sets (including Bone shaped Paper Clips, pens/pencils, mouse pads)
Kids Apparel
Couples Apparel
Gift Wrapping Items

Did I mention these items are quality? Oh I did? Well listen again, I have yet to find T-shirts or sweatshirts for the pet lover that were of such superb quality.

Are you a hard-to-fit-size? No worries. When I was a Plus Size my frustration level used to be through the ceiling. I would find a T-shirt I liked that was only available in a 1X, that is NOT the case here! Plus Sizes are welcome and abundant here in many of their designs!  Where were these guys when I was a 2X or 3X?

Here is the shirt that I chose:
only mine said:
"Wild About Tabbies"
(and that is not me in the photo!)

I was so blown away with the custom design (all Deborah's designs are created by their own in-house designer and are unique to Three Dogz LLC), you can have YOUR favorite breed featured on your shirt as well (most breeds are available). Your color choices are practically unlimited!

After receiving the  T-shirt I proceeded to order the Pet Parents Pledge Sweatshirt  that is shown above. (I PURCHASED IT because I LOVE THEIR MERCHANDISE, it was NOT given to me) which is the best-fitting, softest,   most unique and  comfortable sweatshirt that I own! My husband mentioned last night that I need to buy more of them because he had never seen me look so good in a sweatshirt! The attention to detail from the paw prints INSIDE of the hood, to the tiny paw prints on the top of the hoodie are the cutest thing I have seen in quite some time! (Many color choices are available!)

I am thrilled to let you know that Deborah has generously offered to GIVE one of my readers a T-shirt of their choice!

How can you win?   NUMBER 1 IS MANDATORY. IF YOU DO NOT COMPLETE NUMBER 1 YOU WILL NOT BE ENTERED. (U.S. and Canada only please)

1) MANDATORY: Visit the Three Dogz LLC website, then come back here and leave a comment telling us which T-shirt design you would like to win if you are chosen by www.random.org as the lucky winner!
2) "like" Three Dogz LLC on Facebook and tell them that Dakota's Den sent you!
3) DEADLINE TO ENTER:  MONDAY, JANUARY 23  at 11pm EASTERN. The winner will be drawn by www.random.org and announced WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 25TH

I was not paid for this post. I received  a T-shirt to review.

Friday, January 13, 2012

BlogPaws' 1st Annual #BlogPawty On Twitter!! Saturday, January 14, 2012, 5PM to 8PM EST

Hey guys!  It's Cody!! I am super excited to tell you that BlogPaws is going to be sponsoring their 1st Annual #BlogPawty on Twitter!

My brother Dakota and I have put on our tuxes for this most meowmentous occasion!!! We look pawfectly handsome, don't we?

Join Us There!!

From our friends at BlogPaws: Save this link for all the details you need to know about the 1st annual #BlogPawty - the schedule, the staff and the menu. Everyone is welcome so invite your friends and come pawty with BlogPaws!

There is even going to be PRIZES!!!

Want to RSVP to get a great seat?

You can RSVP via Tweetvite right here!!!

New to Twitter? Need help tweeting? There will be lots of us on-paw to help you so no worries!! Just bring your 4-legged selves on over (yeah, I guess your two-leggers can come too if they must!) and:


 Now...If you will please excuse me while my brother and I run  and buy some new dancing shoes! Gotta keep the ladies happy!!! See ya at the Pawty!!!!

Anyone have any
scented cologne????
The ladies SWOON over it!

Friday The 13th.....

Monday, January 9, 2012

Book Review:Raising My Furry Children By Tracy Ahrens, Guest Story by Steve Dale

I had the pleasure and honor of being given the opportunity of reading and reviewing a delightful and touching book, Raising My Furry Children by Tracy Ahrens.

Before I even opened the book I knew I was going to love it. I know there are some of you who don't consider your pets to be your "furry children", but I also know there are many of you, like myself, WHO DO.

Tracy Ahrens is one of those people. Her book features columns that she had written over the years, more or less in diary form (minus dates of entry and in no particular chronological order) that highlight moments in her "furry children's" lives that run the gamut of hilarious to heart-wrenching.

If you are like me you derive great enjoyment from reading about the experiences of other "pet parents" that make you laugh and that also offer you the opportunity to learn. Raising My Furry Children will not disappoint.

 The first half of the book features Tracy's first dog, an American Brittany named Speckles (who will be featured on my dog's blog,  Dakota's Den, Friday, January 27th.) and the hilarious and touching moments of his life that Tracy has so beautifully documented. A portion of the proceeds of the book sales will go to American Brittany Rescue.

Also in the first half  of Raising My Furry Children is a guest story by Steve Dale. Steve authors a twice-weekly syndicated newspaper column (Tribune Media Services), and is host of two nationally syndicated shows (www.petworldradio.net) and Steve Dale's Pet World, heard on WGN in Chicago. He's also a contributing editor at USA Weekend. Recently he was named a National Ambassador for the American Humane Association.

The second half of the book touched me the most because it features Tracy's cats:

Desdemona-who was from a family of four kittens that were born under Tracy's desk in college. At the time, she was studying William Shakespeare and as a result each one of the kittens were named after Tracy's favorite Shakespearean characters.

Chocolate Drop aka (C.D.)-who Tracy adopted when she was one or two months old from a friend who got her from a farm where she was no longer wanted.  C.D. had epilepsy and Tracy says I believe that she is truly special; that is why I was given the chance to live with and learn from this creature with a devastating condition.
"Joan Of Arc"

Joan of Arc-who was rescued from the side of a road where she was standing next to one of her siblings who had been killed after being hit by a car. Tracy named her Joan of Arc because of her determination and strength to live through anything.
"Captain Jack Sparrow"

Captain Jack Sparrow-was the latest edition to the family at the time that Tracy was writing the book.  Tracy initially named the little man Sparrow after the sparrows he was infatuated with. She received him after she had lost her job and her life "was in a whirlwind". Tracy says that Shamans say that sparrows are spirit messengers that teach us how to find your soul song. She says that she found that message to be fitting for the time Sparrow came into her life.

Being the cat person that I am Tracy's documentation in the second half of the book particularly touched me. A few of the stories that Tracy has so touchingly documented are:

 Desdemona being a "closet searcher"
Tracy and Captain Jack Sparrow

  An adorable passage about Desdemona and C.D. and their love of playing with rolled up "paper wads"

Pet names as in the names we call our pets that are different than the ones we have given them. Tracy says: I have come to realize that if I ever have a child, it probably will never know its real name.

Saying Good-bye to Daddy- about Tracy's divorce and it's affect on her "furry children"

Saying Good-bye To Pepper- her brother's cat of 14 years who they had to put to sleep due to Pepper suffering from an enlarged heart. This section had me in tears because it made me relive my own devastation  after watching  my beloved Bobo's decline having been afflicted with the same condition.  This section gripped my heart and didn't let go.

From Tracy when having to say good-bye to her beloved Desdemona:
I had recently read a book, "Spirit Animals and the Wheel of Life", by Hal Zina Bennett. In it, Bennett speaks of the Zuni culture of New Mexico. When the men of the tribe hunted, they would rush to a dying animal, press their lips to the mouth of that animal and exchange its last breaths with it. "This ritual, " the book states, "is one of literally intermingling the spirits of the hunter and the hunted, of honoring the sacrifice and acknowledging their spiritual bonds." I was bending over Desdemona that morning, my face close to hers, kissing her, and talking softly into her ear. I exchanged breaths with her. In those final moments, our spirits intermingled.
"Mini" as drawn by Tracy

I would be remiss if I didn't mention the superb illustrations (48 total!) that were drawn by Tracy and are featured in this book.  They were done using graphite (a medium I ADORE working with but without the exquisite results that Tracy has brilliantly accomplished.) I was in complete awe of their life-like appearance and the obvious artistic gift that Tracy has in her execution of these  drawings.

I have no human children that I have given birth to, which is always a nagging thought when I think about events that have transpired in my life. I always dreamed I would have children of my own but God had other plans.

As a result my beloved Bobo, my cuddly and courageous Cody, and my delightfully-daffy Dakota are all three the "children I never had." To those who think it is nuts to refer to your pets as your "furry children" I say "pfffffffffffttttt!!!"

To those who share Tracy's feelings as well as mine, I say  pick up a copy of this tenderly touching gem. You will be laughing, nodding in agreement,  and touched to your core.

From Tracy: Most importantly, my pets are listeners, observers and counselors, lying on my lap when I am upset or tired, and jumping about happily when I am full of energy. I talk to them, and they look into my eyes with simple understanding. 

As Tracy states in her front-of-the-book dedication this book is for:

all those who love,
have loved or
will love creatures great and small

Paperback: 259 pages
Publisher:  Weaving Dreams Publishing
ISBN: 978-0-9824876-7-9

Tracy Ahrens

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Tracy is a graduate of Eureka College in Eureka, Illinois.  Tracy Ahren's current columns appear on the Tails Pet Media Web site as a monthly blog-www.tailsinc.com.

For More Information Visit: www.raisingmyfurrychildren.weebly.com and www.tracyahrens.weebly.com

Watch Tracy's Delightful Interview With Steve Dale:

Friday, January 6, 2012

Book Review:Bedtime in the Jungle By John Butler

If you know a little one who is between the ages of 2-6 you must check out this stunningly illustrated and endearingly written rhyming bedtime counting book by John Butler.

The book begins:

"It was sunset
in the jungle,

And the sky was
 streaked with red.

The animals
were calling.

It was nearly
time for bed..."

From the Publisher:
 Mother animals and their babies settle down for the night in this endearing homage to "Over in the Meadow."

This delightful book will take your little one on a mini tour of various animals in the Jungle, a rhino, baby leopards and a wolf, just to name a few.

Each animal that is gorgeously illustrated in this book represents a number from 1 through 10. It is a counting book, but your little one won't realize that they are counting and learning because they will be mesmerized by the captivating illustrations.

This is a children's picture book that is visual perfection and should have just the right calming effect to settle down even the most active tot.

When the animals in this book settle down for the night your little one will want to snuggle up and drift off to slumber with them.

It is the perfect read-aloud book  that will create a wonderful bedtime bonding and learning experience for any child that you may know.

And...when they reach the number 10....there is a SURPRISE!

  • Bedtime in the Jungle
  • Written & Illustrated by John Butler
  • Age 2-6
  • Hardcover: $16.95
  • ISBN: 978-1-56145-486-0
  • Total Pages: 32
  • Size: 9 7/8 x 9 7/8
  • Language: English

There really are no cats in this book other than baby Tigers and Leopards but the children will enjoy it just the same! I thought it was worthy of featuring when I received it because it is so adorable. I received no compensation for this review.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: JOHN BUTLER is the acclaimed illustrator of numerous children's books, several of which have featured animals in their natural habitats. Butler lives in England. Visit his website at: www.johnbutlerart.com