Thursday, May 3, 2012

Part II --- A Special Girl Is Coming To Visit

Want to know what THIS is all about?

Photo courtesy of Cat From Hell



  1. Cody,

    We see you are a Macho treated Nellie to a heavenly dinner of tuna and *winky winky* the niptini was the pawfect way to a girl's heart!

  2. I don't know....this is all looking VERY suspicious! A romantic movie, niptinis, and sharing a BED???????

    Cats are talking.
    ; ) Katie

  3. looks like you and nellie had a great time,mum said she has a tin of tuna for when you want to pop over to england!

  4. Something tells us Spitty ain't gonna be very happy about this....

  5. Oh Cody you sly fox (I mean cat) you! Sharing your beddy with The Queen AND your tuna too? Goodness gracious! It sounds like Spitty is a very understanding guy though and realizes Nellie has lots of love to go around....I'd say you were the purrrfect host!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  6. Awwww!!! Lovely Cody - you look gorgeous with Penelope! Awwww! Take care

  7. You fast cat Cody!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  8. Dearest
    Me had a marvelous time Cody! Me can't wait to come back, or purrhaps yous should come and visit here. Kozmo could takes yous on a mouse safari. We has a nice river to lay beside in our back yard.
    Do not worry my love, I shall be back. Yous is purrrfect!

  9. Aww Cody, aren't you the perfect galant!! That special girl looks real pretty.
    P.s. If you've got the time to stop by I'm having an auction (girly stuff) of all handmade items made by yours truly. It's to raise funds for an expensive dental surgery for one of my strays.
    Hugs and sunshine the whole way from Greece,

  10. Wow! I guess that was romantic! Roast rabbit and pulled out all the stops Cody!

  11. @Repositorio of course! I'm a romantic kinda guy!

    @Bassetmomma Sure did! I know how to woo a ladycat!

    @God's Little People your ears must have been burning last night! I was at a meeting for Michigan Humane (I was a presenter!) and there was a young woman from GREECE (she had an amazing accent), she is a Vet and she told me she brought one of her rescues from Greece with her! I mentioned your blog to her! I will stop over for sure! Haven't been there in a while and I am sorry! I have just been super busy! xoxoxoxo

    @Nellie I would LOVE to visit you, Kozmo and your hairy slobbery sisters! Maybe Dakota could come too to play with them? If I come could we please wait til some time in July or August? I am going to be busy helping Mom with all kinds of things including BlogPaws!! I would love to make that my end of summer BLAST! A mouse safari with Kozmo sounds great and I would love to lay by the river with you. Love, Cody

    @Hannah and Lucy, I didn't touch her! I swear! I only gave her a kitty kiss!

    @Brian lol so true!

    @Old Kitty thank you!! I took good care of her! Tell Charlie hi!

    @AlittleSprite thank you! We are MOL

    @Sammy that's right! Hey if she is gonna play the field with him all's fair in love and war!

    @The Furries well, neither am I when she runs off with him...but...I KNOW she will ALWAYS come back to the BEST!! :)

    @speedyrabbit I would love to visit England one day! Wouldn't that be fun!?

    @Katie and Glogirly we're "friends with benefits" MOL!!!! I was a gentleman! Hmmm..."cats are talking?" Well, let 'em talk! You know what they say..."ANY publicity is GOOD publicity!!!" MOL!!!

    @Chloe and Cecil you got it!!!!

  12. Who would've thought that a real romance would spring out of the Real Housecats! HAH!

  13. See, reality tv has its place lolol

  14. Well we don't know Cody. We have just been to see Nellie to get her version and we have to say you are looking TOO innocent. We don't think we are hearing the full story here.

  15. My goodness Cody - what a day for you! There is still an hour left before Friday - what other adventures can you have before then, or are you all worn out from being such a great cat host!!

    We hope we can come visit some day too, but seven cats is a lot to entertain!!

    Love, Zee, Zoey, Mia, Rolz,Peanut, Harley, and Jazz

  16. Of course we want to know! We're very nosy cats!

    Oui Oui likes to be held in that upside down position (she was used to it from a kitten). We call it "The Snausage".

  17. CODY! You's gonna hit the Scandal Sheets fur sure wif all that exposure to miz Nellie! MOL!!