Thursday, November 7, 2019

I'm Motivated by Cats, Caffeine and my Custom Sweatshirt from Gulf Coast T-Shirts!

For those of you who know me personally, when you read this you KNOW there could NOT be a better quote that describes what motivates me! As you know I am in love with cats (duh, not a newsflash) and I also am madly in love with caffeine, (primarily in the form of COFFEE!)

If I could inject coffee into my veins, I would........but I digress.

Back in October our dear furiends at The Conscious Cat had a give-away where the winner could win a Motivated by Cats and Caffeine T-shirt made by the fabulous team at Gulf Coast T-Shirts. They make original Animal, Beach & Peace Themed T-shirts, as well as other items! Guess who the lucky winner was? Bet you can't guess! Well, let me help you out!

YES, I KNOW THE SAYING IS BACKWARDS IN THE THREE PHOTOS ON THE LEFT. That's what happens when you have a husband who can't help take photos and you are too lazy to look for your selfie accessories to attach to your iPhone. But you get the idea!

When my T-shirt arrived I could NOT have been happier! Green is my favorite color. The quality of the shirt is FANTASTIC and I am THRILLED that the sizing is on spot! I ordered a 2XL for my slender (NOT!) frame and it is 100% true to size! The sweatshirt is a 50 50 blend gildan sweatshirt, pill resistant, and is  unisex!!

Gulf Coast T-Shirts specializes in custom screen printing and they have items such as women's and men's T-shirts and sweatshirts, Beach Tanks and Tees, Bags and Totes, Christmas Sweaters and Tees and MORE!!! With the holidays rapidly approaching what FUN and affordable gifts these would be for the animal lovers in your life! (their items aren't all cat related, they have dog related items as well!). 

Head on over to the Gulf Coast T-Shirts etsy shop and have fun looking at their fabulous creations, you can find them on Facebook as well! You are going to LOVE whatever items you select! Happy Shopping!! 

Monday, November 4, 2019

"Let Peace Begin With Me" #Blog4Peace #NOV4 #ChangeYourClimate

We live in a world full of tension, anger, childish horrific words that we are bombarded with on a daily basis. There is no longer ANY PLACE "safe" in our World. Schools, streets, night clubs, stores and more have become free-for-alls for gunfire and killing. There are angry people stalking our planet wanting to spread their venom. 

The angry vicious words and actions make me depressed, anxious, sick and sometimes frightened. Frightened for myself, for my loved ones, for the World.

The way I am combating this is I have to "Let Peace Begin With Me".  I refuse to allow evil to rule my  world. I often will turn off national news and focus on our local news. I am selective about the things I  read, I spend less time on Facebook and Twitter. Am I attempting to insulate myself in my own cocoon? To an extent, you bet your life I am!! 

The theme for the 2019 Blog4Peace movement is changing our climate. "Our Climate" is not only the climate we live in on Earth, but our OWN PERSONAL CLIMATE. The climate we live in on Earth, (nature, our weather, natural disasters, etc.) must be acknowledged. It cannot be ignored. Our PERSONAL "climates" have to be acknowledged as well, that is why I have chosen to be selective in reference to what I allow into my personal world.

I am  trying to be kinder and more tolerant with others. I refuse to allow evil to rule in my personal life!  I don't always succeed, but as much as I can I want to fight evil with kindness, respect, tolerance of our differences. We weren't put on this earth to all be clones of each other, we are all unique and special in our own way. It is time we CELEBRATE our differences instead of allowing our differences to divide us.

How are YOU changing your "climate?" Please read below from our friend Mimi Lennox for ideas of things you can address in YOUR world.


The more our environment changes, the more the atmosphere in our personal lives changes.
Humans react to stress.  Poisonous words alter the collective consciousness of the Universe in the world at large and in our homes.  We are not only struggling to find gigantic real world solutions to enormous problems for our very survival, we're also internalizing all the fear and urgency that comes with that task. Our bodies react to what we see happening around us, what we hear, what we read. If we don't know what to do and we play that mantra over and over in our heads, we become hopeless. Stuck. Overwhelmed. Sick. Depressed. Scared. 

We have to stop saying in angst "we've got to find a solution!!" and actually find a solution!
We are a planet of people floundering in a cesspool at a pivotal point in time.  
And it is literally killing us. Not only is the planet coming unglued, so are we. 
What triggers a lack of peace in your life? What makes you lose your peace?
Uncertainty? Finances? Sickness? Politics? Racism? Unkindness? Family? Relationships? Job? Grief? 

In my world, since 2016 politics has made me more depressed. I couldn't visit Facebook without feeling sick or depressed. As a result, I greatly limit the time I spend there and on ALL social media.  I  cannot tolerate racism, I cannot tolerate people spewing hatred and venom towards those who look, act or think differently than what they have chosen to define as the "norm".

It takes a lot of effort but every day I try to fight this evil by being more accepting of others,  if everyone practiced more tolerance maybe Mother Nature would feel the calming vibes and begin to calm down as well. With that thought in addition to our new graphic for 2019 that we posted above, (a huge THANK YOU to Mimi Lenox for providing graphics for all of us to use/change as we see fit), we are re-reposting our Blog4Peace graphic from 2018 because that is the message we choose to send this year as well. May our personal environment be more peaceful, the road to a peaceful world has to begin with EACH ONE OF US. For now, "Let Peace Begin With Me"

Let there be peace on earth

And let it begin with me
Let There Be Peace on Earth
The peace that was meant to be
With God as our Father

Brothers all are we
Let me walk with my brother
In perfect harmony.
Let peace begin with me

Let this be the moment now.
With ev'ry step I take

Let this be my solemn vow
To take each moment and live
Each moment in peace eternally
Let there be peace on earth
And let it begin with me

Songwriters: Jill Jackson / Sy Miller
Let There Be Peace on Earth lyrics © Mccg LLC

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

No Tricks, Just Treats and Cuteness!

Today we are happy to be pawticipating in the No Tricks, Just Treats for Shelters Blog Hop that is being sponsored by our furiends at LLB in Our Backyard. You can pawticipate too by publishing a Halloween post letting them know some way you plan to/or have helped a shelter or pet in need, and link up to the hop. They will be donating $1 per hop entry AND 50 cents  for each comment they receive on the 30th and 31st  Money raised this year will be split between Legacy Boxer Rescue, Marg's Animals and to our local Cat Rescue, HART(Humboldt Area Rescue Team) in Brian's name.

We are going to share some of our favorite Halloween photos of Cody that we have featured over the past ten years (and there will be a brand new one without Cody but of a different "cat") at the end, and beneath each photo we will share how we have tried to help shelters throughout the years.

This photo is from 2013. One way we try to help is we donate to our blogging friends and the shelters that are closest to THEIR hearts whenever possible.

This collage is from 2018. For the past few years we have featured the Petfinder widget on our sidebar that highlights an adoptable pet.

This photo was for a collage we did in 2015. In July we featured a local adoptable cat on our blog who ended up finding her furever home.

Don't remember what year this collage is from, and am too lazy to look it up, but back in June 2012 I attended an adoption event that was held at Kitty City II here in Michigan. It was in honor of Adopt A Shelter Cat Month. I decided to PAY THE ADOPTION FEE for a family that wanted to adopt a kitty that I had fallen in love with. You can read that post here  (I did end up hearing from the people who adopted that kitty but have fallen out of touch with them over the past few years)

This photo was actually taken last weekend when I attended Zoo Boo here in Detroit with my granddaughter, her parents and my husband. I dressed up as a LION!!!!

 Throughout the years I have given back in other ways by:

  • featuring local shelters on our blog frequently
  • featuring local shelter fundraising events on our blog frequently
  • donating toys etc. to some of our local shelters
  • purchasing holiday cards from Michigan Humane

There are more things that I do, but none are as important as the things that SO MANY OF YOU DO by helping feral cats, practicing TNR, fostering cats,  volunteering at your local shelter, adopting your own cats and sooo much more! 

Kudos to ALL OF YOU in this caring community because you ALL give back sooo much!
Have a happy and safe Halloween! Love from,

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

National Cat Day 2019

In our home (and I KNOW in YOUR homes) National Cat Day is EVERY DAY. But today is the "official" National Cat Day. Check out the Top 20 Ways to Celebrate National Cat Day!

Give your kitties extra kisses from us today too!

Love, Caren and Cody
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