Monday, February 5, 2024

Happy Birthday to one SPECIAL GUY!


Wishing our Dad the HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAYS!

He gets up at the butt-crack of dawn (4 am!) to get ready for work and takes Levi to the bathroom and feeds him!

He works hard 5 days a week, all day, as a Building Substitute Teacher at our local High School.

He is patient, (MOST of the time lol), kind, caring, loving and devoted to everyone in our furmily!

We couldn't ask for a better Dad and Mom says he is a great husband too!

Happy Birthday Dad!!!!!

Love, Roary, Levi and Mom!! (Dad, sorry about the cut off quote on the last picture on the bottom right.....Mom says you should be able to figure out what it says lol! God forbid she just edits the collage and fixes it! Love, Roary)

Sunday, January 28, 2024

Our Lions CAN DO THIS!! #NFCChampionship #OnePride

 Hi everyone! It's Roary! Mom wasn't going to post today because she is afraid of jinxing the Lions, but I told her that the past two games where MY face was featured, we WON!! That was enough to get my superstitious Mom to allow ME to put up a post!

Today our Detroit Lions will be battling the San Francisco 49'ers in the NFC Championship game. The winner will go to the Super Bowl!

The Lions have NEVER been to the Super Bowl and while it will be an incredible challenge, we are confident that our LIONS CAN DO THIS!!!

There are TWO good omens too....the first is they are playing at LEVI Stadium (sound familiar?) And....the band Journey is performing at half time. One of their verses in "Don't Stop Believing" is "born and raised in south DETROIT." And....Journey will be performing here in Detroit this July......we definitely aren't going to stop believing!!

The Lions are major underdogs undercats in this game, but we think that just might make them hungrier! GOOOO LIONS! 

Unless you love San Francisco, please pray for us!!!

Love, Roary