Monday, October 21, 2019

Michigan Pet Adoption:Paws for Life Rescue’s Annual Halloween Fur Bowl To Take Place In Madison Heights

Every fall, Paws for Life hosts one of its largest fundraisers of the year, the annual Halloween Fur Bowl. Costume-clad kids and adults pay $25 each to bowl three games, which includes shoe rental and pizza and pop for lunch. For 2019, the annual Fur Bowl moves to Astro Lanes in Madison Heights on Sunday, October 27, starting at noon. Astro Lanes is located at 32388 John R Rd. in Madison Heights.

“We have always received strong support from the Madison Heights community,” said Courtney Protz-Sanders, executive director of the non-profit animal rescue Paws for Life. “Several years ago, we donated canine oxygen masks to the Madison Heights fire department and our partnership with the city has only grown from there.”
Photo courtesy of Paws for Life

Paws for Life’s Fur Bowl goes beyond bowling, which means there’s something for everyone, even non-bowlers. Everyone is welcome to come out and play the raffles, bid on the silent auction items, enter the Halloween costume contest for kids and adults (prizes will be awarded), check out the Buy It Now board and partake in the plethora of goodies in the bake sale.
Photo Courtesy of Paws for Life

“We are sweetening the deal this Halloween,” said Protz-Sanders. “Each ticket purchased in advance of the event will come with a free raffle ticket.” Those advance ticket purchases can be made at
Photo courtesy of Paws for Life

All Fur Bowl proceeds benefit the homeless pets of Paws for Life. Since Paws for Life has no paid staff and receives no government support, every penny donated and raised goes directly to the animals in its care.

About Paws for Life Rescue
Founded in 2007, Paws for Life Rescue is a 501(c)3, tax-exempt, non-profit animal welfare organization run by dedicated volunteers. PFL is an Adoption Guarantee organization that rescues homeless, neglected, abused and abandoned dogs, cats, puppies and kittens from overflowing shelters. PFL does not believe that time or money are acceptable reasons to end a life, ever. PFL uses a network of loving foster care homes where animals stay until their forever homes are found. PFL’s goal is to find the best homes possible for the homeless pets in our care. PFL operates under the philosophy of do no harm. The organization focuses on humane legislation and education initiatives to permanently improve the lives, safety and future of companion animals in Michigan and surrounding areas.

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Sunday, October 20, 2019

So, it is no longer "Many Years from Now"

Sorry I told your age Mom but we already knew you were OLD! Now I just confirmed it!
Love, Cody

This card was made by Glogirly in 2018 and I am so happy Mom kept it! Glogirly made it easy on me! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! Love, Cody

Friday, October 18, 2019

Friday Fun! LennyMud Handmade Funny and Functional Ceramic Gifts that are the Cat's Meow!

Hi friends!! Oh you are going to LOVE this teaser that we are sharing with you today! While preparing for our TENTH BLOGOVERSARY BLOG POST that will appear on Friday, October 25th, we had the pleasure of learning about a "new-to-us" company:

Ok, with a husband named "Lenny" how could this NOT capture my eye? Then, when I visited the Lenny Mud website I fell INSTANTLY in love!

Who is LennyMud?

Lorrie and Kip Veasey are a husband and wife team that make funny and functional handmade ceramic gifts in their New Jersey studio. Everything they make is kiln fired, lead free, and dishwasher and microwave safe and ships immediately.   They  named the company after their clumsy studio cat, Lenny!  

I was beyond tickled when Lorrie sent me the above Travel Coffee Tumbler and the cat mug! Oh how that cat mug is Cody to a "T"!!!!!

You MUST check out the LennyMud website and you can find them on:

You are going to LOVE what you see! Be sure to visit us on our TENTH BLOGGING ANNIVERSARY ON OCTOBER 25TH to see what else they and some other fabulous companies have up their sleeve!!

We were not monetarily compensated for this post. They didn't even know I was blogging about this today, they ARE participating in a sponsored blog post for our 10th blogging anniversary on the 25th.

Monday, October 14, 2019

'"A Little Cat TV Anyone?"

Doesn't get any cuter! That is my precious granddaughter and her constant companion "Mimi" (aka "White Cat")  in the Unicorn chair that I bought her. A special thanks to her Mama for taking this photo and allowing me to use it!

We also would like to wish our Northern friends a Happy and Blessed Canadian Thanksgiving!

We are happy to be participating in "Awww Mondays" sponsored by Comedy Plus. Be sure to check out the other great posts there!

Monday, October 7, 2019

This Kitty Cat Loves his Scruffy Paws Nutrition Daily Multi Health Bites! #sponsored

Scruffy Paws Nutrition  has sponsored this post, but all opinions are my own.

Hi my furiends!! It's Cody and I would like to take this time to tell you about a really cool product that my new furiends at Scruffy Paws Nutrition suggested that I try. 

Meet the Daily Multi Health bites multivitamins that are "designed to keep cats of ALL AGES in peak condition!"

"These tasty bites contains over 20 balanced nutrients you can't find in most supplements and foods."

Photo taken from the Scruffy Paws Nutrition website
if you can't read the bag
you can check out the nutritional information here
Mom has often wondered if I am getting the sufficient amount of nutrients from my food, especially since I am a senior kitty. She didn't quite know where to turn for something that would supplement my diet, so when the people from Scruffy Paws Nutrition contacted her, she decided to give these a go.

Now, I will tell you I haven't been taking these long enough to see if they are making a difference, but I was quite intrigued when Mom opened up the package.

Mom says they are a little bit "stinky" when you open the package ( more often than not that is the case with vitamins, vitamins for humans are oftentimes stinky too!). Some kitties might be a little put off by that but I certainly wasn't! Mom is also happy that she is giving me a supplement that is GOOD FOR ME! I LOVED the taste and I LOVED the cute fish shape:

I gobbled my vitamin right up with NO PROBLEM!!! (be sure to ONLY GIVE ONE SUPPLEMENT DAILY! THESE ARE NOT TREATS!!)

In the unlikely event YOUR kitty (or kitties) is put off by the vitamin smell, the people at Scruffy Paws Nutrition shared some handy tips on how to administer the vitamins:

• Present the chew in a pill pocket or a gel cap, then administer to your cat
• Cut up/Crumble the chew, and mix into your cats wet/dry food
• Put the chew into any kind of soft treat, or inside a piece of tuna or chicken
• Mix and dilute the chew in water, then mix the water into your cats wet or dry food

The Daily Multi Health Bites are the first in class Health Bite chews that are designed to fill the 'Nutritional Gap' found in the modern, overly-processed feline diet. Whether your cat eats wet or dry, the Scruffy Paws Daily Multi Health Bites will support your kittys health and vitalize his or her body!

The Scruffy Paws Story meowed STRAIGHT from their mouth!

"When we began on this journey, we were just a group of down-to-earth cat lovers fed up with the lack of healthy, nutritional supplements for our feline friends. Now we’re feline-feeding superheros, making the nine lives of your cat better by the day. (Or something like that...)Not so long ago, we spent our days scouring pet store shelves. Pale and exhausted, we read labels, over and over, looking for products that had both the nutrients we needed to address our cat’s ailments and an explanation about WHY they work."

Their Values:
Each of their supplements is formulated by either leading veterinarians, holistic experts, feline nutritionists or world leading PhD’s .
(They have supplements for kidneys, "hip 'n joint" and UT Wellness.
As well as some other cool stuff too!)
Using their teams wealth of experience alongside the latest scientific research, they carefully select each individual active ingredient.

Now for Some Fun!!

Are these people the BEST or WHAT?
They make great products, they understand the needs of kitties (especially senior kitties like ME!)
 and I can tell they GENUINELY LOVE KITTIES!
 Can't beat that! I am so certain you will be happy with their products
 that my new furiends have provided a special discount code just for MY readers!
The 10% off discount code is CATCHAT10
and it will be active for 30 DAYS!!
Head on over to the Scruffy Paws Nutrition website and give them a try!

if you want to, tell them that your pal Cody sent you!!! Here's to continued good health my furiends!
Love, Cody
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