Monday, July 22, 2019

Moochy Monday

Don't feel sorry for Cody!!! He had a few pieces of chicken in the kitchen before these photos were taken. I was working on the computer eating my OWN chicken when I looked over and saw Cody had appeared on the chair next to me.  Rest assured he DID have chicken!!

We are happy to FINALLY be remembering to participate in the:

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Friday, July 19, 2019

National Stick Out Your Tongue Day

Hi all! Cody here! Today is National Stick Out Your Tongue Day  (Seriously, who comes up with these "holidays?")   and when I was reading about this holiday I learned that contrary to what it means in the U.S., in Tibet sticking out one's tongue is a form of greeting!!  Consider yourselves "greeted!!"

This day is also a day where you can stick out your tongue at things that are bothering you and what is bothering me is the 90 degree temps we have been having. I am lucky to be an indoor cat with air conditioning, but the 90 degree temps mean that every day when my sunbeams begin to pour through the window, Mom pulls the shades all the way down so it is like we live in a cave! Mom says it's smart to do because it keeps the room cooler and hopefully doesn't make the air conditioner have to work too hard. All I know is I want it to cool down so I can lay in my sun puddles!

What are YOU sticking YOUR tongue out at today? 
Leave me a comment and let me know!

Love, Cody

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

"Fatty" Mama

Hi All! It's Cody! See how I am laying in the photo above? Well, when Mom comes home today that is gonna be HER!! She is gonna have to sleep with her arm hanging out just like my kitty arm/leg above.

You see, Mom's fattiness finally got the better of her! Mom is having outpatient surgery today to remove a fatty lipoma from her shoulder. A fatty lipoma is  a lump under the skin that occurs due to an overgrowth of fat cells.

See? Mom's fattiness finally got the better of her! The doctor said Mom's lipoma is the size of a golf ball!! Wonder if her entire body is one big fatty lipoma? MOL!!

Anyway, Mom is only used to kidney stone pain and has no clue if she is going to be in pain or not after the surgery today. So, if she is slow reading blogs/responding to email etc., that means she isn't feeling that great!

Hope to see you all soon!

Love, Cody

Monday, July 15, 2019

Lazy Monday

Hi All! It's Cody! If you need me, this is where I will be spending the day! I have had this cat tree for YEARS and it is STILL my favorite place to be!!! Oh, ignore the two Detroit Lions ornaments hanging from it. Do you believe my Mom put them on MY tree at Christmas and NEVER TOOK THEM DOWN? Of COURSE you believe it, after all, it's Mom I'm meowin' about!

If it's crazy hot where YOU are, keep cool and don't keep your furbabies outside too long!

Love, Cody

Monday, July 8, 2019

Cat vs. Dog: The Pet Diaries 1 by Rosa Silva (A Fun Book for Bi-Petual Pet Owners!)

Hear that sound? That sound is me whacking myself in the head after reading yet another "why didn't I think of this!?" entertaining, witty and laugh-out-loud book written by author/ blogger, Rosa Silva.

Rosa has an uncanny ability to take a simple topic that millions of pet people can relate to, write about what the pet people either are already thinking about, wondering about or living with daily, and infuse it with her insight and humor, (sometimes snarky humor which makes whatever she writes that much more fun.)  In order to write about BOTH cats and dogs the writer would have to have a clear understanding of what makes BOTH animals "tick" and Rosa possess that talent in spades!

ABOUT CAT VS DOG, THE PET DIARIES 1 BY ROSA SILVA: "Oliver, the cat, is the boss of the house. When his owner, Claire, brings home a dog she adopted from the shelter, Oliver decides to do anything to get rid of the dog. Will the cat succeed in getting the dog out of the house or will they become friends? Read along as Oliver the cat and Max the dog write down their diary entries that perfectly depict their completely different personalities and opposing views of the world."

I ENJOYED EVERY MOMENT of this super fast read and the accompanying illustrations by Diana Necsulescu were just purrfect.  Cat vs Dog is a fun book to gift any pet household that is "bi-petual" (has cats and dogs who reside there)  Cats and dogs definitely have their own way of communicating and if they could speak in human words, I believe that their outlook on life and their experiences would be pretty darned close to what  Rosa has imagined they would be. Being the pet parent to a cat and a dog, reading Cat vs Dog, The Pet Diaries 1 reminded me of the day our Sheltie, Dakota joined our family. Our cat, Cody, had been the sole pet for approximately 3 months before the infiltrator entered our domain. I can only imagine what he was thinking that infamous first day when he circled Dakota's crate and hissed at him for the first and only time of his life. Reading Rosa's book made me wonder, could there be two secret diaries  hidden around here that were written by MY cat and dog? If not, I am excited to follow the continuing saga between Oliver and Max that is certain to be coming in the future!

  • Adults will definitely laugh at the humor in this book and it would be a fun read for children as well. It's "CATABULOUS" and "BARK OUT LOUD" funny!
  • Will Oliver the cat and Max the dog EVER become friends, or will Oliver have his way and have Max removed from their home? I won't tell! You will have to read the book to find out! 
  • I give it a resounding 4 PAWS, (WAIT! MAKE THAT 8 PAWS if you include Dakota's paws) UP!!

along with the two other books she has written!
My review of Stop Meowing and Go the F*ck to Sleep
My review of  I'm Not Sorry:Poems by Cats
You can also find Rosa on her My Book Fetish blog.

About the Author

"Rosa Silva is an author and a self-confessed book nerd with a soft spot for cats. She lives in Portugal, where she shares her home with (surprisingly) just one cat"
In full disclosure: I received a copy of Cat vs Dog, The Pet Diaries 1 by Rosa Silva for free in exchange for my always honest review. I received no other compensation.

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