Monday, February 11, 2019

Experience Delicious "Food, Friends, Life" at Anna's House!!

Today is National Make a Friend Day   and if you live in Michigan ohh are you ever going to be happy to make a new friend!

This isn't your traditional cat post, but it IS a post that has something cat-related in it.

Last Tuesday was my husband's birthday and I took him to a "new to us" restaurant in Farmington Hills, Michigan called "Anna's House."

The second my server brought THIS to the table, I KNEW this was gonna be good!

I began laughing and told her I have a cat blog and that I just LOVE cats and she couldn't have given me my coffee in a better mug!

She told me to sit tight because she had other cat mugs which you will see featured in the collage that I made below that features the cat mugs as well as the scrumptious breakfast I had!

Our darling server, (Kayla, who was a complete delight!) told my husband and I if you donate your coffee mugs (that are in GOOD condition), to the restaurant you get FREE COFFEE!!

The decor in the restaurant is fresh, clean, colorful, with a retro vibe that you can see in the other collage that I made below:

Isn't it just the cutest! Oh and why did I feature this today, well the Anna's House tagline is :

"Food, friends, life"

and on National Make a Friend Day I thought it was a purrfect fit!! (Nope I was not compensated for this post and they don't even know that I featured them.) I am just insane about this restaurant, the decor, the DELICIOUS FOOD and the service and I want my fellow Michiganders to check out one of their SEVEN LOCATIONS so they can make a new friend or two there too!!!! 

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Happy Birthday to MY Cat Daddy!!!

Mom may have been the one who found me,
but it is YOU who has a major love affair with me.
I wake you up at the butt-crack of dawn,
whining and meowing you know you are my pawn.
You love me so much it's plain to see,
that my kitty cuteness has you overwhelmed with glee.

Our morning ritual is unsurpassed,
I lay on the chair in the kitchen and show you my belly ass.
You know how to pet me just right,
you give me tons of treats throughout the day and the night.
It is easy for every one to see, that your "main squeeze"
isn't Mom or Dakota.....
IT'S ME!!!!!!!
Remember, today we fawn over you
but tomorrow it's back to fawning over ME!!
Love, Cody

Monday, February 4, 2019

What's Wrong with this Picture?

Hi furiends! It's Cody, ok, when you see the photo below the answer is NOT Mom's hair (although that COULD be the answer for another day), but today I want you to ignore Mom's hair and tell me what is wrong with this photo! There are TWO GLARING OMISSIONS!!!

The GLARING OMISSIONS are yours truly and my woofie brother, Dakota!!!!! How rude of my Mom!! You can find out the details behind this photo on Dakota's blog! 

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Silly Cat Saturday: Groundhog Day Flashback

"And...just for the record.......there is ALWAYS six weeks til Spring whether I see my freakin' shadow or not! Can't  people count the number of weeks from February 2nd until March 20th? you were!"
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