Monday, August 2, 2021

Late Revealing Our July "Mew Are My Sunshine" #CatLadyBox !

 Eeek!! It's the beginning of August and I FINALLY opened my July "Mew Are My Sunshine" CatLadyBox! 

Ok, I have a good reasons to be late.  I fractured my right ankle (multiple fractures) on July 9th of July 13th I do not have to have surgery (thank COD!) but I have to wear an ankle brace (mostly when I leave the house or if I am doing laundry or something that requires a lot of standing when I am inside). I can't take my long walks with Levi, which I do miss and it's pretty much ruining the summer, but what can you do? Things could always be worse! My next appointment is August 24th to check and see how the ankle is healing, so here's hoping it's on the mend!

So, today I am going to briefly show you the goodies that were in this fabulous July box:

The first item is the pawsitively adorable "Mew Are My Sunshine Shirt" As the description states, "Cats are the sunshine of our hearts!" I am crazy about the coral color of this shirt ! It is bright and cheerful and the saying is darling. I honestly think my favorite part of my monthly CatLadyBox subscription is when they include a T-shirt. The shirts are always unique, well-made, adorable and true to size!

The next item is at the top of the photo, it is the "Happy Cats Canvas Bin." It is collapsible and sturdy! I am currently using it for some of Roary's cat toys, but it could also be used as a grocery bag for the store, a bag to store knitting supplies or anything your heart desires!

The yellow item on the bottom right that looks like a sunglasses smiley face emoji, is the "Sunny Sunshine Catnip Toy." Super cute!

On the top right is the "Elbow Meowcaroni Catnip Toy". How cute is that?

Last but not least is the "Cat Nightlight" is in the shape of a cat's head and is just darling! I currently have mine plugged in the kitchen, not far from Roary's bowl. It really gives off a lot of light! 

Speaking of Roary, he was taking a nap when I was taking photos so that's why he isn't in any of them. Didn't feel like waking him up to have him pawticipate!

The artwork featured in the collage above on the far left was done by the featured Cat Lady Artist for July: Elizabeth Anderson of Elizabeth Anderson Art.

Some of the proceeds from the July CatladyBox were donated to:

  • St.Sophia's Forgotten Felines
  • Cedar Valley Humane Society
  • A Wing and a Prayer Rescue
  • Tabby Tales Rescue

One of the most fun times of the month is when my CatLadyBox arrives! If you haven't signed up for a subscription you should! The CatLadyBox is unlike any other cat subscription box out there. Each month, you'll receive a meowvelous selection of high-quality cat-themed items only available through them. From super-soft shirts and beautiful jewelry to inspired home decor and quirky cat toys, the boxes NEVER disappoint! What a great way to show off your CatLady pride!!!  GET YOUR CATLADYBOX TODAY!!

I was not compensated for sharing this content. I pay for my monthly subscription. Like other bloggers, I enjoy "unboxing" and showing you just how great the CatLadyBox is!!!

Monday, July 26, 2021

Hauspanther Freeze-Dried Raw Cat Treats!! "Bring out the Hauspanther in your Cat!"

 Roary turned one year old on June 10th and do you believe until recently he had NEVER tasted ANY type of a cat treat? That's the truth! He hadn't had any until our furiend Kate Benjamin of Hauspanther contacted us asking if Roary wanted to try her new Hauspanther Freeze-Dried Treats and/or Meal-Toppers!

Being a great fan of all things Hauspanther I spoke for Roary and said he would be happy to try the Hauspanther Freeze Dried Chicken Liver cat treats.


Roary was so excited when the treats  arrived!!

Roary wasn't the only one who was happy! I was happy when I learned more about the treats!
 They are:

  • Single-ingredient protein that’s USA sourced, made and packaged
  • Freeze-dried to lock in freshness and retain nutrients
  • Cage-free, nutrient-dense, organ meat that’s high in protein and rich in folate
  • Biologically appropriate, 100% natural, raw, grain and gluten free
  • Convenient to store and feed
  • Age range description: All Life Stages

They come in THREE delicious flavors:

Beef Liver
Chicken Liver
Turkey Heart

They look delectable and are a great size!


While we received this bag of treats at no cost to us, I will definitely purchase them! (We also received no monetary compensation for this blog post)

We did not try the Meal Toppers, (because I thought Roary might be a little young for them), but you can see them below:
The treats and the toppers are all available on Amazon! (click on the names below)

Freeze-dried Raw Meal Topper

"Hauspanther offers premium products for cats, including climbers, beds, scratchers, toys and now freeze-dried nutrition. We believe that everything you buy for your cat should help them to live vibrant, healthy lives to show how much you love them. Only the best for your Hauspanther!"

Thanks so much for  these delicious treats!

Love, Roary