Tuesday, August 14, 2018

OurPets Pounce House Electronic Spinner Cat Toy Winner!!!

Thanks to all who entered our give-away!!!

The lucky winner is listed below! 
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HUGE CONCATULATIONS TO SUMMER!!!! You kitties will have so much fun! And...unless you are living under a rock you know that Summer has a blog. But if you ARE 
living under a rock, you can check her blog out here

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Happy World Cat Day (International Cat Day) !!

World Cat Day (International Cat Day), was founded in 2002 by the International Fund for Animal Welfare. (IFAW) But,  cats know that EVERY DAY IS WORLD CAT DAY!!

It is a day "dedicated to celebrating the most popular pet on the planet!" Well, we do that EVERY DAY, right?

Did you know there are an "estimated 500 million cats across the world"?

My fellow bloggers and I are beyond lucky that thanks to  the Internet, we get to celebrate World Cat Day with kitties located all over the world!!! 

We love you all!

Enjoy International/World  Cat Day!!!!

Monday, August 6, 2018

Cat Toy: OurPets Pounce House Electronic Spinner Cat Toy!!! Give-Away!!

Hi my furiends it;s Cody and I have a special surprise for you today!!! You know how I have been reviewing some toys from our furiends at OurPets? Well, today I am featuring the OurPets Pounce House Electronic Spinner Cat Toy and I have some super special GUEST REVIEWERS!!! YES I DO!!

Love Olaf's raised Paw
Photo Courtesy of Kimberly M.
You are probably wondering why I have guest reviewers today, well, the reason is I am not a big fan of tents or tunnels, (yes, for a cat that IS strange!), so Mom and I panicked enlisted the assistance of three darling kitties that happen to be the cats of one of our favorite receptionists that just happens to work at  our Vet "Dr.Smiley's Evil Laboratory"!! The kitty's names  are (and I sure HOPE I got this right!) Olaf, Manhattan and Martini. (Olaf is the kitty featured above and is an older kitty, Manhattan and Martini are much younger). These kitties were soo excited when they found out they were going to be reviewing the OurPets Pounce House Electronic Spinner Cat Toy.

Photo Courtesy of OurPets

If you are a kitty that likes to be inside of things, this is right up your alley!!! Kim's kitties absolutely love the OurPets Pounce House Electronic Spinner Cat Toy!!

Olaf, Manhattan and Martini
Photo Courtesy of Kimberly M.

"The OurPets Pounce House is designed to stimulate your cat's hunter instinct, engaging them in fun and healthy play.  The spinning feather teases your cat into action while the large hunting holes give them full access to bat, claw and pounce on their prey.  When playtime is over, the OurPets Pounce House is the perfect place for a catnap until it is time to spring back into action!"

Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included)

Photo Courtesy of Kimberly M.
It makes Mom and I so happy to see how happy Olaf, Martini and Manhattan are with the Pounce House, wait til you see what Kimberly's kitty "Olaf" does in the video below!! IT IS ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS!!

See? I told you that was HILARIOUS!! That Olaf is one smart kitty! He was taking the Pounce House away to keep all for himself!

From Kimberly: "Manhattan lost his mind when I pulled the feather out of the drawer to put it in the tent. I almost couldn't get it in there, he was jumping up on me, so needless to say it's a hit. Manhattan and Martini are still playing with it even though I put the feather away."

Photo Courtesy of Kimberly M.

Mom and I are thrilled that Kimberly's kitties love the Pounce House so much! That makes us super happy!! 

Olaf, Manhattan and Martini THANK YOU SO MUCH for your pawesome photos and thank you Mom Kimberly for your adorable video and for being such fantastic product testers!!!!!! You are the BEST!! (even if you DO work at our Vet!).  I would also like to thank OurPets for not only sending me a Pounce House but for sending Kimberly's kitties one of their own to test too! That was incredibly kind! We LOVE YOU!!

Photo Courtesy of Kimberly M.

About OurPets® 
The OurPets® Brand offers product lines that feature a variety of premium and innovative toys, accessories, feeding solutions, and waste management solutions specially designed to awaken a pet’s natural instincts. Available exclusively at pet specialty retailers, no other brand offers products specifically designed to foster a healthy relationship between pets and their parents.

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Our friends at OurPets are generously offering a give-away to our readers who live in the U.S.A and who are 18 years of age and up. One human will win a OurPets Pounce House Electronic Spinner Cat Toy for their kitty (or kitties! An approx. $29 value. Entering is super easy, just enter on the Rafflecopter below and good luck!!
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 This post is sponsored by OurPets® . I received the OurPets Pounce House Electronic Spinner Cat Toy, batteries,  as well as compensation for featuring this content , Kimberly and her kitties also received a OurPets Pounce House Electronic Spinner Cat Toy.  Cody and I only share information we feel is of interest to our readers.

Sunday, August 5, 2018

It's National Friendship Day!!

Hi all! It's Cody and I just wanted to take a moment to thank every one who wished me a Happy Gotcha Day on July 28th  , we replied to as many as we could, and we apologize for not responding to everyone who was kind enough to leave a comment. It was MUCH APPRECIATED!! 

I thought that since this is National Friendship Day it would be the purrfect time to say THANK YOU!!!

I am blessed to have many friends!

Now, I haven't been the best friend lately because I have barely been around on MANY blogs! Mom has been focused on the impending arrival of her new step grandchild (the FIRST!!)  who is due any day now! Also, Mom is trying to quit smoking so a few days a week she has been going to water exercise and she has been swimming laps. Mom and I often don't get online til evening, which makes us backed up on email, blogging and keeping up with many impawtant events. We are doing our best to visit everyone 


Mom says we have been bad friends  because there is a Feedburner issue again and ALL of the Blogger blogs (and other blogs that use Feedburner to deliver blogs) are NOT showing up in Mom's inbox. We don't mean to not be visiting, and we apologize! The last time this happened it lasted 4 weeks, Mom and I hope it doesn't last that long!

So, please know that we appreciate each and every one of you and send you lots of love...........the rest of 2018 is gonna be kinda crazy, we are working on our "new normal", but since Mom says she has never been normal, and I haven't either, we're just gonna be crazier than we usually are! Mom and I are hoping you will still hang in there with us!!

Love, Cody (and Mom too!)
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