Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Happy Thanksgiving 2023!!


Stay tuned in the next week or so to learn about what Roary is sitting on!!

We are posting for Thanksgiving a day early because the humans will be attending the Lions game on Thanksgiving...and.......we know many of you will be busy!!! (if you don't see your comment posted right away it's because I use comment moderation and will be behind tomorrow and Friday but will approve them as soon as I can!! Thank you!!)

We are so grateful for each and every one of you! While I don't blog as often as I used to, I love keeping up with as many of you as I can and I deeply value the friendships I have made with so many of you!!

May you and yours be blessed with good health, happiness, peace, love, prosperity and some deliciousness on your table today!!!

If you have a second......maybe put in a good word for the Lions so they beat the Packers on Turkey Day? 

Happy Thanksgiving all!


Caren, Lenny, Roary and Levi

Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Happy 3rd Gotcha Day Levi!!!!!!!! (He was "Gotted" November 21st, 2020)

 Happy 3rd Gotcha Day to our super smart, super loving, super BIG, super stubborn, super cuddly and super crazy Levi “Rowdy”!! We survived 3 years !!!

🤣🤣🤣 In all seriousness you are the most affectionate boy we could ever hope to have, you definitely keep life exciting and keep us on our toes!!! We love you to pieces!!!!

There is a saying that goes "You don't always get the dog you want, but you get the dog that you need."(Cesar Millan) Levi has been a challenge and I guess that someone felt that my husband and I DEFINITELY needed a challenge!


  • When I stir eggs
  • When I add seasoning to food
  • Going to the groomer (he acts like the biggest baby and tries to run after me whimpering and crying when I am dropping him off, once he has his bath and blow dry he is FINE. It is the ONLY place where he acts like that.)
  • ANYONE walking in our hallway
  • ANYONE walking outside that he can see from our window
  • When my husband sneezes
  • When my husband's phone rings
  • The remote control
  • Hot weather


  • His Daddy. His Mommy. Roary.
  • His beloved bully sticks!
  • His girlfriend Sadie at Canine College (Sadie is a German Shepherd mix who has one ear that goes up and one that goes down. She is large and crazy like Levi lol. He follows her EVERYWHERE.)
  • Canine College and all who work there
  • Running in the snow
  • Being noticed and fawned over
  • Cuddling/Kisses
  • Hamburgers (which he only gets on his Gotcha Day and his birthday)
  • Playing Fetch
  • Taking Walks
  • His Cheese Stuffed KONG bone
  • The VET!! (Yep you read that right!!)
  • Riding in the Car
  • Our Mail Carrier


HAPPY 3RD GOTCHA DAY LEVI "ROWDY", "LEVI G."(as they call him at Canine College), "Mr.Levi." and some other choice names not fit for print!!! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!


Monday, November 20, 2023

DOG BOOK FEATURE: I AM BUNNY: How a “Talking” Dog Taught Me Everything I Need to Know About Being Human by Alexis Devine

From William Morrow

An Imprint of HarperCollins

Social media stars of @WhatAboutBunny, Alexis Devine the guardian and Bunny the “talking” dog deliver a memoir about their journey together in I AM BUNNY: How a “Talking” Dog Taught Me Everything I Need to Know About Being Human (William Morrow; on-sale 11/14/23). You likely have come across a video of Bunny, the adorable black-and-white sheepadoodle on TikTok or Instagram, where the expressive dog uses programmed buttons laid out to share relatable and philosophical thoughts such as “Love you Mom,” “Dad went poop,” and “Ugh why?” In I AM BUNNY, Devine chronicles not only how Bunny learned to “talk,” but also the profound impact their journey has had on her life. Devine covers a wide range of topics  such as:

 How pets can help with mental health: Alexis struggled with various mental health issues including an eating disorder and anxiety, on top of a drug and alcohol addiction. Her journey to recovery has been heavily influenced by her relationship with Bunny, as she learned to analyze her own emotions and experiences by first looking at how Bunny authenticity expresses hers. 

-          Bunny’s participation in the TheyCanTalk research study: Bunny is currently a part of a study at the Comparative Cognition Lab at UCSD, where they study how much nonhumans are able to express themselves in language-like ways. While Alexis is not a cognitive scientist, she can speak to their involvement and how it’s impacted her approach when communicating with Bunny.

-          Alexis’ autism diagnosis discovery through Bunny: Alexis had always a hard time grasping social nuances, but when it came to communicating with Bunny it was simpler—less to layers to peel back—because Bunny is always authentically herself. This sparked a realization within Alexis, which led to an official diagnosis of autism. Without Bunny’s influence she may have never come to this diagnosis.

-          Building a deeper relationship with your pet:

@whataboutbunny Its about time for a Bunny Beacher reunion😭 #reunion #bestie #dogfriends #smartdog ♬ original sound - I am Bunny
 The communication aspect between Bunny and Alexis has added a new deeper level to their relationship, but not all pet owners need buttons to connect with their pets. Our pets are constantly communicating through non-verbal cues, and when we’re patience and observant we can better understand what they’re trying to say.

-          Different approach to canine training: Alexis stresses the need to build a bond based on trust and respect with your dog to encourage your pet to work with you and not for you. Once you have established effective communication, then responsiveness and obedience will follow.


 FROM CAT AND DOG CHAT WITH CAREN: I Am Bunny by Alexis Devine is EXTREMELY well-written, (truth be told some of it seemed waaay over my head and had me questioning my own intellectual capabilities!) That being said, as a "Dog Mom" I am always seeking ways to better understand my dog. While I am doubtful I could ever teach Levi the way that Alexis taught Bunny, there are similarities in Bunny's reactiveness that have enabled me to better understand Levi! 

Alexis states "This is a story of reckoning, both personal and cultural, human and non human. This is what happens when curiosity and respect take precedence. When you give someone the opportunity to show you the nature of their world and can finally begin to reconcile your own. This is as much a story of me finding my voice as it is of Bunny exploring hers."

"Once you start really listening, worlds become accessible that are not limited by language or species, politics or religion. A greater empathy unfolds that changes not only how we communicate with nonhumans, but with our fellow humans as well."

To me that is a win-win scenario. Who doesn't want to connect with their pet on a deeper level 

The photographs are exquisite, there are many other animal studies, (horses, chimpanzees, dolphins etc), sprinkled throughout this book. 

Alexis has a delightful self-effacing writing style that makes the reader feel as if they can truly relate to her. There is humor mixed in as well. This is a must-read for anyone seeking to have a deeper and more fulfilling bond with their dog!


Alexis Devine is an artist and entrepreneur hailing from Seattle, Washington. She was a longtime creator of wearable art before her sheepadoodle, Bunny, known as “What About Bunny” on social media, became an internet sensation in the fall of 2020. Bunny is part of an ongoing canine cognition research study at the Comparative Cognition Lab at UCSD. Alexis is a Licensed Family Dog Mediator, Fear Free Certified Professional, and Certified Canine Enrichment Tech­nician. Her goal is to further our understanding of the power of connection and importance of empathy, meeting her dogs where they are and understanding them on their terms first to facilitate trust and promote an environment that supports them as the incredible creatures they are.

I AM BUNNY: How a “Talking” Dog Taught Me Everything I Need to Know About Being Human by Alexis Devine | William Morrow | On-Sale: November 14, 2023 | $35.00 | 272 Pages Also available as an e-book and audiobook from HarperAudio  TO PURCHASE CLICK HERE.