Thursday, June 20, 2019

Kitty Friends

These kitties are Draco & Hermione and they are the kitties of Miranda from Trupanion. To find out who Miranda is, visit Dakota's blog today!!!

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

National Garfield the Cat Day!! #GarfieldTheCatDay

Found on Pinterest

"National Garfield The Cat Day was first celebrated in 1998 on the 20th anniversary of the comic strip and Garfield’s birthday. Boca Raton City Council Member, Wanda Thayer, proclaimed June 19 as Garfield the Cat Day during surprise birthday party at the International Museum of Cartoon Art in Boca Raton." (My Dad's art is also featured in that museum!!)

I have always loved this snarky, lasagna obsessed cat. He remains one of my all time favorites!

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Veterinary Appreciation Day #veterinarylove

Veterinary Appreciation Day™ was created by Trupanion in 2015 (Trupanion happens to be the company we have pet insurance with but this is NOT a sponsored post, nor was I required to blog about it). This special day was founded to recognize veterinary professionals and the wonderful work they do. From the front desk to the exam room, veterinary teams offer compassion, advice and care for our furry family members.
Our hope is that pet owners will thank their veterinary team throughout the year,” said Darryl Rawlings, Trupanion founder and CEO. “But Veterinary Appreciation Day offers the animal-loving community the opportunity to come together on a single day to show their appreciation to the compassionate veterinary professionals dedicated to helping their pets live the happiest, healthiest lives possible."

This year, Trupanion has  partnered with MightyVet, a non-profit providing continuing education, mentorship and other resources to support veterinarians in their career and well-being. Together, Trupanion and MightyVet are honoring veterinary team members in celebration of this special day.
3 weeks ago-Edit
I would never, ever switch to another Veterinary practice. I have been taking my pets to DePorre probably since around 2002 or so? I took my first cat there not long after I first moved to Michigan. Back then we saw Dr.Jules whom we loved! In later years, we started seeing Dr.Lewis, who is our primary "go to" at DePorre. That being said EVERYONE at DePorre is professional, considerate, loving to our pets, knowledgeable and truly caring. Their level of professionalism is unsurpassed. Dr.Lewis is beyond dedicated, never makes me feel rushed, answers all of our questions and is always putting the best interest of our pets first. The reception staff is kind and patient, they are also professionals. I know that working at a Veterinary Practice is NOT easy, and we appreciate all of the love, care and professionalism that is exhibited towards our pets. 

UPDATED MAY 27TH 2019....recently I brought Dakota in and he was diagnosed with hypertension. I was beside myself. I had called in to have some receipts sent to Trupanion and spoke with Kimberly Meldrum on the phone. I was crying about Dakota and the kindness that Kimberly displayed was beyond touching. She listened and TRULY cared. She even followed up with me on the weekend checking to see how Dakota was doing (because he had vomited the first day of taking his meds). THAT is true caring........Kimberly, Dr.Lewis and the staff at DePorre LOVE our pets as if they were their own. That's not easy to find.
Logo Courtesy of Trupanion

I try to make it a point to somehow show appreciation for our Vet throughout the year. Appreciation doesn't always have to be shown by giving gifts,
(but you most certainly can give one!)

Ways to show appreciation:
  • arriving for your appointments on time or early
  • making sure your cat is in a carrier and your dog is leashed
  • showing consideration for the Veterinary staff, their job is NOT easy
  • if you have to cancel an appointment, try to cancel in a timely manner, (well, if you have a cat and can't find them, that plan may be shot to hell)
  • Show respect for your Veterinarian by respecting their knowledge and trusting their opinion. If you do not trust their opinion or knowledge, find yourself another Vet!
  • Send a gift of food for the entire office at the holidays or during the year
  • I recently gave some cat toys that Cody isn't using to Kimberly who works at the front desk for her kitties to enjoy.
  • Make donations of newspapers, towels etc., as you would for your favorite shelter.
Let us know below!

Pet owners everywhere can show their appreciation by posting photos and stories about their veterinary team on Twitter and Instagram, including the hashtag #veterinarylove.

I mentioned above that I have had pet insurance with Trupanion since the boys were approximately two years old, this is NOT a sponsored post and I pay a monthly premium for both of my boys

 I AM NOT REQUIRED TO WRITE ABOUT THEM AT ALL. In my opinion, good Veterinary care also involves having pet insurance with a company that you truly believe in. I could not be happier with the experience I have had with Trupanion. A few years ago we had to file a claim for Cody and the response time was quick and everything was processed in a timely manner.
Every time I have ever contacted Trupanion I have been treated with kindness, professionalism, friendliness and caring. In reference to Dakota's recent diagnosis of hypertension one employee in particular went above and beyond. I will be posting about that on Dakota's blog this Thursday. Stay tuned!

Monday, June 17, 2019

As Promised: Results from NomNomNow INSIGHTS: A Microbiome Testing Kit

Back on April 15th, 2019 we blogged about the new INSIGHTS Microbiome testing kit from NomNomNow. I promised that when we had the results we would feature them. We received the results a week or so ago and here you go! I will say they are beyond detailed, so much so that my feeble mind doesn't understand them. Maybe some of you who are much brighter than me can help me to decipher them? To see Cody's complete results click here.  NomNomNow has sponsored this post with product and monetary compensation, but all opinions are my own, read important disclaimers throughout this blog post.


Microbiome report


12 years old
11 lbs
The gut microbiome is the genetic material of microbes in your cat’s intestinal tract, and it contains an incredible variety of bacteria. The specific types and amounts that colonize your cat’s gut are affected by many factors, like diet, genetics, and environment. This means every pet has a unique gut microbiome!
out of
scores are within the average range
out of
scores are within the average range


Diversity and composition

  • Various factors impact the composition of the microbiome; however, diet is a major component and the most easily controlled1, 2.
  • A higher diversity of gut microbes has been associated with better health in humans 3. Increasing diversity in a cat’s gut microbiome may be accomplished by feeding your cat a diet high in protein and low in carbohydrate4.
  • Fiber that acts as a prebiotic (fructo-oligosaccharide) helps increase overall bacterial counts and species of Lactobacillus and Bacteroides while reducing levels of E. coli5.
  • Be sure to include fiber in your cat’s diet, as current studies indicate it is beneficial6. Small amounts of vegetables like those found in NomNomNow will provide this food for intestinal bacteria.
  • In studies of human populations, a diet that varies by seasonal availability of foods has been associated with increased diversity of gut microbes7–9, so periodically rotating diets may help increase diversity.
  • Exercise may also help increase diversity in gut microbes10.

Gut Issues

  • Gut problems, particularly diarrhea, may be improved by providing a prebiotic, probiotic, or synbiotic (a mix of probiotics and prebiotics) to promote growth of beneficial bacteria5,11,12.

Meet the bacteria living in Cody’s gut

The bacteria listed below are regularly found in feline microbiomes, so we’ve provided some information to help you learn a bit about them. The bacteria are listed by their biological organization, known as their taxonomic grouping (e.g. phylum, family, or, the most specific, genus.) You can find a description of these groupings here.
Understanding of the functions of these groups as well as how to group them is a cutting-edge research field and is rapidly evolving, so we discuss the bacteria to the best-described level of organization available.
Where are these bacteria found? The digestive tract is composed of a variety of distinct regions from the stomach to the colon, each of which contains signature communities of bacteria that perform various tasks. The majority of bacteria in the digestive tract reside in the colon. These bacteria are more heavily represented in feces, although bacteria from other locations are also observed.
There is much more to Cody's report but I couldn't fit it all on the blog. If you want to read it and wish to help me decipher it  CLICK HERE )

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Happy Cat Daddy Day 2019

The photo I am sharing below is one of my all time faves. I was a tiny little kitten, so young that my eyes were amber and hadn't changed to the glorious green that they are today. I just love this photo though because it shows how my love affair with Dad started right from the time I was first adopted!

Happy Father's Day to the BEST DAD EVER!!!!
 Now, gimme some food!!

I think I found the above
on Pinterest some time ago
Oh and I may not be a huge fan of the intruder who always smells like warm milk, but she sure seems to love YOU Dad!!!! Not bad for a first time Grandpa!!!!!  (Just don't get any ideas of moving her in permanently!!) Love, Cody

We  would like to wish all Kitty Dads, Doggy Dads, Uncles, Brothers, Grandfathers, anyone who has taken on the role of "Dad" (even WOMEN who have to take on the role of "Dad" !) a Happy Happy Father's Day!!!
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