Tuesday, May 8, 2012

BlogPaws Is Coming! BlogPaws Is Coming!!

I cannot believe that BlogPaws 2012 is just SIX, count 'em SIX weeks away!

I was reading the BlogPaws newsletter this morning (have YOU subscribed? No? Click here) and there was some fabulous tips/advice that was offered by BlogPaw's own Yvonne DiVita:

Beautiful Yvonne
taken at BlogPaws 2011

"Is everyone ready forBlogPaws 2012? Get your suitcases out and start packing. It’s never too early to do that! Leave room for the fabulous swag you’ll be getting. Bring your business cards to share, remember to pack a sweater – air conditioning does get chilly sometimes. Otherwise, we’re business casual. If you have questions about the conference or Salt Lake City, please ask them on Facebook so we can reply there. That way, everyone will learn together – since others may also have the same questions you do! "


  While reading, I started remembering...

BlogPaws 2011 was the first time I had the pleasure/honor of attending. I was a "newbie" nervous, excited, I didn't know what to expect.

From the moment I entered the hotel, I knew I could just cast my fears (and some of my nervousness) aside and let the learning/fun/bonding/camaraderie begin!!

Would you want to miss this?

Some of the "Cat Women!!"
Photo given to me by Angie Bailey of CatLadyLand

More "Cat Women!"
Ingrid King, Deb Barnes and fat old, ME!
wearing my Cat Woman tennies!

 It is funny that Yvonne mentioned "Get your suitcases and start packing". Last year I was packed TWO WEEKS EARLY and last night my husband said, "You know, BlogPaws is only 6 weeks away. Are you packed yet?"

When Yvonne mentioned leaving room for "swag", until you have attended, you have NO IDEA!, I brought home so much swag even after having to leave some behind!! (If your suitcase is too small to handle it all you can give things to other bloggers via a Blogger Exchange table at BlogPaws  or BlogPaws will donate items that are left behind to animals in need).

last day at BlogPaws
my bags packed with swag

My BlogPaws tote bag hangs proudly on the wall
We now have a cat tower
but the bag is STILL hanging there!

As Yvonne mentioned you will want to bring business cards, LOTS OF 'EM!

I have some left over from last year but this year, in addition to my business cards, I am excited to bring TRADING CARDS that I had made last week by Toki Poki!!  I couldn't be more pleased!! I am going to be doing a more extensive post about Toki Poki on May 28th, but wanted to give you a sneak peek now. Check these out!

Front of card

Back of card
Are these just too cute or what??? The entire card ordering/creation process was a breeze!

There is one HUGE part of BlogPaws 2011 that I have neglected to show you, I am hoping it will be a part of BlogPaws 2012....

Have I sold ya yet?

Have you registered for BlogPaws 2012? If not, I am honored to be one of BlogPaws's "Paws On Patrol" team...I am part of a great group of people whose purpose is to help everyone who will be attending BlogPaws 2012. Have a question? Message me on Facebook or via my email cgittleman at mi dot rr dot com, if I don't know the answer, rest assured I will find SOMEONE who DOES! You can also direct any questions to BlogPaws on their Facebook page.

Want a 20% discount on your registration? Just enter this code BlogPaws2012-POPs-Caren
at checkout!!

"Newbie" to BlogPaws? Have you joined our Newbie Group in the BlogPaws Community? We are going to have a little "meet and greet" for newbies (and any "oldies" that want to attend, and there are some "oldies" oh ok, let's call them VETERANS, who will be meeting with us and offering their  expertise/advice), probably before breakfast on Friday June 22nd. (For anyone coming in Wednesday night, I will be there and would love to meet you then if you are available!)

This may be my second BlogPaws conference, but last year I had to leave a day early due to Hurricane Irene, so in many ways this year I STILL feel like a newbie! Rest assured those newbie jitters will pass the second you enter the warm and loving cocoon of all who make BlogPaws the  DYNAMO that they are, they are the  "online community site for pet bloggers, pet enthusiasts, pet people on Twitter and Facebook and brands eager to tap into a growing, vibrant, vocal community of serious writers, bloggers, tweeters....."

In other words...ALL OF YOU!!

Can't wait to meet you, learn with you, laugh with you and hug you!!

Now...I gotta run....have to start PACKING!!!


  1. Unless they moved the date, it's a little over six weeks away...lol... Can't wait to see you and everyone else!

  2. OK SMARTY PANTS! My husband said the same thing...changing it now and THANK YOU!!

  3. Oh how I wish I were going. But, that's not possible. It's such a fine group of humans. I've always said animal lovers are the best people ever. Have fun.

  4. We're sure you'll have a blast again this year! It looks like great fun. Kinda reminds the mom of all the years she and her ex would go to the (then) annual Star Trek convention in Toronto. (Just the idea of a fun convention, all the food, the hotel, stuff to buy, etc.) Except no one runs around in full Klingon regalia at BlogPaws, we're sure. LOL.

  5. @Mario we soooo wish you could go too!! It would be that much better! You are so right "animal lovers are the best people ever!!" Will be thinking of you and missing you ((((hugs))))

    @Fuzzy Tales oh I know!!! It was sooo much fun! Um....some of us run around in cat ears so that is pretty comparable!!! lol :)

  6. You guys have a great time cant wait it see you post about it when you come back!lol Speedy

  7. Too bad live so far!

  8. Well it's a good thing Glogirly is driving! I don't want her leaving ANY of MY swag behind!
    ; ) Katie

  9. I'm going to BlogPaws too and bringing my TokiPoki cards. We'll have to trade. Look for me in my blue stroller!

  10. Yay I can't wait to trade Toki Poki cards with you! And MEET you in person!!! :)

  11. Remember to bring a bigger bag this year! :)
    Can't wait to see your stash this year. We're really upset we're too far to participate.

  12. Don't forget to look for ME! No, TW isn't going but I am! TW said that cheesecake was the best food they had there. She wasn't in love with the rest. Those cards of Cody look really nice. I axed Pop for them but they're not in our budget. I'd rather spend the $$ on toys anyway. Hope TW can attend next year … if there IS a next year. Bwahaha!

  13. Wow, that sounds like so much fun, especially meeting so many other cat bloggers! We hope to go to Blog Paws one of these years. :)

    Those TokiPoki cards sure are neat. What a terrific idea.

  14. I SO wish I could go! Have a great time!

  15. @Rumpydog sure wish you could go too! :( Thank you!! It isn't until June 21 :)

    @meowmeowmans we sure wish you could go too...one of these years is right! You will!!! Love the TokiPoki cards...they didn't arrive yet but I can't wait til they do!

    @CK ok how are you going without TW?? We are gonna miss TW...loved meeting her last year!

    @The Furries not sure if I can bring a bigger bag because I am much further away and will be there longer this time. I might just pack an empty one in my suitcase! Sure wish you could go too!

    @Stacy me too!!!! That is going to be sooooooooooo extra special and looooooong overdue!!!! :)

    @PumpkinPuddy ohhhhhh my Mom is sooooooooo excited that she gets to meet you in pawson!!!!!! I can't go but Mom is!!! YAY! She can't wait to see you!

    @Katie since your Mom is driving you are all set!!! You will have more than enough room for all of your loot!!

    @Repositorio I know...I sure wish you could go!

    @speedyrabbit thank you!! Probably will be doing a post from there as well, if I can figure out how to have the time to do that! :)

  16. I am really, really hoping I will get to go, but I don't know yet! It does look like a lot of fun!

  17. that is going to be so exciting
    Benny & Lily

  18. Mommy and me sure wish we could goes.
    Me is now a little green...

  19. Seems to me BlogPAWS should be for those of us who actually, you know, have PAWS. And scratch the cheesecake--bring on the CRABcakes!!!

  20. We can just imagine what a whole convention of crazy cat people must be like! What fun! We think maybe you should pack a cat (one that travels well. Oh, we don't have one like that)- what a shame no kitties are there.

  21. How I wish I lived in the States and I could join you all! The event sounds so fun!

    Oh I love your Toki Poki card, it's so cute and Cody looks so cool.

  22. I wonder if anybody ever flies in from outside the US for BlogPaws? have a great time :) xx

  23. Oh we think Mommy's gonna cry cuz she can't come this year! She'll just have to look on with envy at all the pawesome pics you'll take!!