Friday, June 29, 2012

We Were Given The Illuminating Blogger Award

Happy Friday all! It's Cody and I am excited to share some flattering news with you! Mom and I were honored to be given another award, this time it is the:
Isn't it nice and shiny? Can't put it on our mantle mostly because we don't HAVE a mantle and even if we did this isn't tangible, but I digress... we can keep it close to our heart and that's what matters most!

We were pleased to be given this fine award from our friends at Twinkletoe Tails, thanks guys!!! One of the requirements of this award is I must tell you an "illuminating" story about myself.....

After careful consideration and a large dose of laziness, I couldn't come up with a thing!! Not even a kibble-sized tidbit. LIGHT of my complete and utter lack of creativity, I have decided to share these with you of ME basking in LIGHT! Now THAT'S "illuminating!!" MOL!

Now...I am  supposed to pass this on to FIVE other kitties that I  would love to hear illuminating stories about, (or you can be lazy like me and just use "illuminating" photos). I normally don't pass these things on, but hey, why should I have all of this FUN by myself? are just a few of the kitties that I would like to have pawticipate in the fun!!






Have a great weekend all!!!!!!

Love, Cody

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Calling all pet lovers! Nominate an animal shelter to receive a $10,000 grant from Purina ONE® beyOnd®.

Copy, paste, submit. That’s it to help a shelter win $10,000 - that’s a lot of food and leashes for five minutes!

Submissions are accepted June 28 through July 30, 2012.

Purina, Cody and I strongly believe animal shelters play a very important role in our world. Not only do they provide essential services to animals in need, they also improve the overall health and well-being of our communities. Purina ONE beyOnd recognizes this and is shining a light on innovative shelters that are doing more than just providing care - they are changing people's perception of shelter pets from pity to praise as they find these loving animals forever families.

Please consider helping to spread the word today. There are thousands of deserving groups out there making a difference and they all deserve a shot. They can only be nominated if you let them know it’s available and it’s as easy as posting on your Facebook page or Twitter.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Importance of Wellness Visits + a Financial Plan, A Guest Blog By Heather Kalinowski Of Trupanion Insurance

Heather Kalinowski is a pet lover and new mom who spends her days helping other pet owners protect their pets with dog and cat insurance. Trupanion offers 90% coverage for diagnostic tests, surgeries, and medications if a pet becomes sick or injured.

Today, cats are not just pets, they are family members. And, like we would for any family member, we will always try to protect our beloved cats from anything that may cause them harm. But these curious creatures have a way of surprising us, and it’s important to be prepared for the unexpected.

Most veterinarians encourage you to schedule once- or twice-yearly wellness visits, even if your cat is healthy. These visits serve many purposes – they confirm your cat is up-to-date on vaccinations and dental cleanings, they help strengthen the relationship you and your cat have with your veterinarian, and most importantly they help ensure that any illnesses or injuries your cat may be suffering from are caught as early as possible.

Cats are instinctually solitary animals and they tend to hide any health problems from their families. This could mean that once they start showing signs, the illness or injury could be quite advanced, requiring extensive treatment.

Pre-screening during wellness exams will catch any health concerns they may be hiding, allowing you to start treatment as early as possible, saving your cat from extended periods of pain and suffering. Ultimately, this leads to a better quality of life for your cat – and you! What follows, however, is an emotional burden that is often heightened by the financial stress of paying for treatment.
Cody and "Dr.Smiley"

For many of us, our love for our pets has no financial limit, and we develop a plan for these unexpected expenses. There are several ways to pay for unexpected veterinary bills, such as credit cards, savings accounts, pet insurance, and borrowing from friends and family members. Whatever the option, having a plan is vital so we can easily say “yes, do what you need to do to save my pet.”

Unprepared pet owners are forced to opt for less effective treatment, no treatment, or in the worst situations, euthanasia. Pairing a scheduled wellness plan with a financial plan for treatment costs will help ensure that the furry member of the family will have the best chance at living a long and healthy life filled with many more playful moments.

Does your cat see his or her veterinarian regularly? Are you prepared for those unexpected expenses that might present themselves?

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!

Hi every one! It's Cody and today is a special day! It is the wedding anniversary of my Mom and Dad. While Mom is winging her way back from BlogPaws, (nope you aren't crazy! This was written BEFORE the dreaded- kidney- stone- attack- on- the -way- to -the- airport!! I am too lazy to change it! MOL!!), I thought I would take over OUR MY blog for the day.

Most of you know the story of ME, what other story IS there to know? Few of you know the story of how my Mom and Dad met.

It is a story of fate, belief, trust, hope, risk, courage, guts, you get the idea! Settle down with a cup of catnip tea, put your paws up and I will tell you.

Back in 2000, Mom's Dad, who lived in Florida at the time and is no longer with us became quite ill. Mom's brother also lived in Florida and Mom and her brother decided to purchase computers to keep in touch via AOL which was all the rage back then. Mom purchased her computer on April 20, 2000.

On April 29, 2000 Mom was hopping from chat room to chat room which was ALSO the rage back then, when she received an IM from TeacherLenny. He liked her screen name, can't share it with you, but trust me, it was like bees and honey MOL. Dad was smart enough to interpret Mom's screen name in another way, which touched on Mom's passion for words, debate and Rhetoric (which was her major in college).

The two hit it off, they chatted for at least two hours! No surprise to many of you with Mom's inability to write briefly or speak in a brief manner. The problem was, as my Dad so tactfully put it, Mom was "GUD" which translates to GEOGRAPHICALLY UNDESIRABLE. Mom was in Ohio and Dad was living in Michigan.

Mom knew in her heart that she was supposed to be with Dad and no amount of discouragement from him and trust me there was PLENTY, could keep Mom from acting upon what she knew in her heart would be. Mom is one determined cuss and when she sets her mind on something that she believes in, and has a passion for, there is no stopping her. To Mom, the word "No" NEVER means "no" is just an obstacle, a temporary road-block if you will, and when Mom wants something she will work with dogged (sorry kitties), determination until her dreams become reality.

Mom had sent a resume to a company in Michigan who was hiring and felt that if she were meant to be in Michigan she would get the job. You got it! Mom got the job and not only did she get it, but the kind company PAID Mom's moving expenses to bring her to Michigan.  Showing how everything in life is "timing", Mom lost that job due to downsizing 9 months later, but it served as an important vehicle, pun not intended, to bring her to Michigan.

Since this post is already too long, I won't bore you with the rest of the sordid details of their courtship, but, Mom was the epitome of someone who knew that they had to  follow their gut, listen to their heart, take a risk (by giving up her newspaper job after having had it for 21 and a half years!), leaving her friends and the city she grew up in and loved. She moved to Michigan where she knew NO ONE but Dad, and Dad and she were NOT a couple AT ALL when she first moved here!

Now, here we are, celebrating their SIXTH wedding anniversary!!! Who'd a thunk it? Certainly NOT Dad! MOL! But Mom? She knew where she should be all along, and that place was in Michigan, spending her life with DAD!!!


Now if you will excuse me, I must go and practice giving Mom the "back of disrespect" after having the nerve to leave me for a few days while she cavorted at BlogPaws in Salt Lake City, Utah.  OR many of you already know!!!

Love, Cody

Friday, June 22, 2012

Pets! Two Bring DOUBLE The Love! Pets Add Life!

I have loved animals for as long as I can remember.

When I was born we had a Boxer named "Brandy" whom I adored. At the tender age of 2 or 3 I would hide under my bed facing OUT...Brandy would get on all fours, poke her face under the bed skirt facing me and allow me to squeeze and tickle her jowls. I would giggle with abandon and patient Brandy would allow me to amuse myself until I was overcome with laughter.

Sadly, we lost Brandy to cancer at the young age of 7. My parents (my mother in particular) couldn't bear to go through that loss again, so our home remained pet- free.

I always felt a void.

I did derive happiness from animals on TV, particularly Lassie, and our neighbors who lived across the street's Sheltie that was named "Dandy." Truth be told, I ONLY played with the children that owned "Dandy" because I was mesmerized by,  and deeply in love with their dog. 

Of course I had the requisite goldfish and  turtles, but I couldn't really cuddle them.
My "Baby Bobo"

 I once found an abandoned kitten in our backyard whom I lovingly cared for for a month, until my mother (who loathed cats) made me give her up. I often cite this incident as being when my love and obsession with cats began. In college, I had a hamster, but it wasn't until I was well into adulthood that I had my first cat, my Angel Bobo with whom I shared 18 love and laughter filled years until he passed in 2007.

When Bobo passed I found myself "pet-less" for the first time in 18 years. The pain and loneliness was nearly impossible to bear. Two weeks after Bobo passed I adopted my cuddly Cody from an adoption drive that was being sponsored by PetCo.

Just a few months after adopting Cody, my husband decided to fulfill my life-long dream of owning a Sheltie, and daffy Dakota joined our family.

This is the first time in my life that I have been a pet parent to TWO pets!

yes it's blurry but it is ME and my BOYS!

I love being the "Mom" to not only a cat but a cat AND a dog!

Why do I love being a pet- parent?

I don't have "birth" children of my own and yes, I am one of millions of pet-parents that you meet that view my pets as my "children"  If you think this is crazy, it is YOU that has the problem, NOT ME!

Why do I enjoy having more than one pet?

  • they are DOUBLE the fun!

  • they are DOUBLE the unconditional love!

  • they offer DOUBLE cuddles

  • watching them interact (particularly the dynamics between a cat and a dog) is hilarious!

My "boys" are also the best of friends. Watching them "kiss" each other, play with each other, choosing to sleep near each other and observing them comfort each other when one of them is ill, is not only enthralling but warms my heart.

 The bond that exists between Cody and Dakota is one that even my vet is in awe of. They have a special dynamic that I don't think could ever be duplicated, and it makes me proud that we were able to integrate our dog into our "cat" home with overwhelming success!

I feel that it is of the utmost importance and I am  proud to help share the message that the Pets Add Life (PAL) campaign is trying to spread far and wide, that pets DO indeed "add life!" Pets have been known to help those suffering from depression, stroking a cat has been known to reduce blood pressure. Having a pet in your life brings everyday joy that is impossible to put a price tag on.

It is PAL's hope that by spreading the word, we will see an increase in pet adoptions (those of you who are regular readers of Cat Chat know that we regularly feature adoption events!) and responsible pet ownership. What could be better than THAT? 

Guess what? YOU can help spread the word that "Pets Add Life!"

You can follow PAL's Blog

You can like  PAL on Facebook

Follow PAL on Twitter @petsaddlife

And stay tuned for a new video that we will be sharing in the next month or so that PAL is working on to help promote their initiative!

So, if you have one pet or fifty, give them a kiss and a cuddle from Cody, Dakota and I. If you have been contemplating adopting a pet, what are you waiting for!? There are many fur-babies just waiting too wiggle their way into your home and your heart! Stop sitting on the fence, adopt a pet now!

The love and joy they will bring to your life will be the BEST gifts that you could EVER receive!

This post is sponsored by the Pets Add Life campaign and the American Pet Products Association. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about the benefits and joy of pet ownership. I am honored and happy to do so, for all of the benefits and joy that my babies have brought and continue to bring to ME!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

BlogPaws: "Leaving on a jet plane"...OR NOT...."Celebrate me home perhaps?"

Hi every furry and 2-legger. It's Cody. See that photo above? That was Mom yesterday. I'll tell you why she looked like that in a moment, but for now let me tell you how the story unfolded.

I knew something was up for weeks. Mom was hi-jacking my our blog with photos of Toki Poki cards:

Visit Toki Poki here
and business cards. 

There was a mad rush to make Flat Pets of Dakota and I:

Visit Pancake Pets right here
A giant suitcase was packed with enough clothes for everyone at BlogPaws to wear for a week (and then some). There was room left to fill up with "swag" for Dakota and I. Alas...that was not to be.

Mom was excited and ecstatic to be leaving yesterday for BlogPaws 2012. The conference that enables pet brands and bloggers to meet each other and be united for all sorts of fun events and promotions. Mom had "Newbie" tables reserved for breakfast for Friday morning, she was rarin' to go. I, on the other paw was distraught. Mom would be winging her way to Utah and I would be stuck with Dad, better known as the DOG LOVER.

Watching Mom getting ready to leave, I knew I had to act and FAST! I had to work my magic with the "powers that be" and find a way to keep Mom home! If not, I would be listening to Mom singing THIS:

As many of you know,  Mom has a chronic kidney condition called Medullary Sponge Kidneys. It is painful and causes Mom to have 100s of stones all the time! Mom had 2 lithotripsies in the past 5 weeks to smash some of the stones and another had already been scheduled for July 11.

 That was it!! I would work "magic" and find a way to keep Mom home by channeling through her kidneys!

The process of working my magic started yesterday morning. Mom was sick and crying with shaking chills and pain. Much to my dismay, at that time she was not to be deterred. She said her tearful goodbyes to Dakota and I, and I watched as Dad dragged Mom's zillion pound suitcase out the door.

Within two hours, what did my emerald eyes see? Mom (still crying) walking BACK through the door!! What in the name of cats happened? I shrieked! This was too good to be true! The human kibble dispenser was home!!

Mom told me that she became sick in the car with pain and chills and was terrified that the 4-hour dehydrating plane ride that would be heading to 99 degree temps in Utah would do her in. Mom was afraid that she would become even more sick on the plane, or worse yet, AT the conference. She tearfully asked Dad to turn the car around and go back.  Mom said it was the hardest decision she ever had to make, but she was too sick to go.

While Mom was and is devasted to be  missing the conference, she soooo wanted to see her blogging buddies and all of the brands that would be at the conference, I, on the other paw was ecstatic, albeit feeling a tad guilty that I had worked my feline magic spell casting. All I could think of was this:

Don't worry....Mom will be attending ALL of the BlogPaws livestream events, she has been tweeting, and she will be actively sharing as many conference posts, tweets and comments as she can.

Me? I will be happily munching on my kibble and happy to have my Mom right by my side. I'm not ALL bad. I have been guarding and protecting her ever since she returned. Just remember BlogPaws peeps and sponsors....she may LOVE all of you, and be MISSING YOU LIKE CRAZY...but now she's MINE....ALL MINE!!!!
I haven't left Mom's side!
This is where I am while
she is helping me type
Love, Cody

Sunday, June 17, 2012

To My Dad...

I wake you up each morning

with whining and meows,

you never let it bother you anyhow.

You feed me my breakfast,

you feed many of my snacks,

we both sometimes think

in the food department, Mom is lax.

I run up to my cat tower,

roll over on command,

I show you my belly

and wait for pets from your hand.

I dance with you in the morning,

I dance with you at night,

to me you are more than just "alright!"

I don't show it in quite the way

that jumpy, barky, doggies do,

but Dad I love you

"to the moon and back"

and appreciate all you do!!!

Happy Father's Day Dad!

Love Always, Cody

Saturday, June 16, 2012

We're Going To A Wedding!!

Our human sister is getting married!!

Dakota, Mom, Dad and I

wish Marla & Jon

a lifetime of happiness!!

We love you!!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Royal Canin To Donate Bowls of Cat Food Through Live Tweets Generated At BlogPaws! And A "Sneak Peek" at their NEWEST FOOD LINE!

Hi everyone! It's Cody and I am grinning like the Cheshire cat with news I am about to share with you that I received from my furiends at Royal Canin today!

As many  ok 3 or 4 of you MOL, know that have been reading my blog for the past 2 years, I am a Royal Canin guy through and through. I have been eating their Veterinary formula bagged and canned rabbit ever since I developed allergies. I love my Royal Canin cat food and have been known to be relentless in my never-ending quest for more of it!

It was only natural that I would be one of the cool cats that were chosen to hear about some things going on with Royal Canin,  and I am SUPER excited to share this impawtant news with you!

You can see we buy the INDUSTRIAL

Royal Canin is a "Friends Of BlogPaws Sponsor" and is a long-time supporter of shelter pets. For those of you who will be going to BlogPaws, (I will be there in FLAT form and Mom will be there in FAT form but I digress), Royal Canin has created a "kitty cam" and will be broadcasting live cat action video from the open-cage cat rescue, Clowder House Foundation, in St.Louis, MO.

Here comes the part that will help the kitties! For everyone who stops by the Royal Canin booth at BlogPaws and TWEETS #RoyalCaninGives, they will donate a bowl of their HOT-OFF-THE-PRESSES-NEW SPAYED/NEUTERED line of foods, to the adoptable, on-screen cats of the Clowder House! How cool is that!? I am sure Mom will be standing loitering there tweeting her little heart out! If you are going to BlogPaws you need to be doing the same!

Did ya catch the part about the NEW line of food that Royal Canin will be giving a "sneak peak" at for the lucky cats attending BlogPaws? The SPAYED/NEUTERED line of food was developed because while we all know the multitude of reasons why spaying/neutering is so impawtant, it brings with it some changes to kitties. A couple of those changes are a decrease in energy and an INCREASE of appetite! I have first-paw experience about that! The Royal Canin NEW SPAYED/NEUTERED line of food will be the FIRST line of food specifically tailored for spayed and neutered cats!!

BlogPaws attendees get to try it before ANYBODY ELSE! What I wouldn't give to have Royal Canin install a "Mommy Cam" so I could see live-action video of Mommy with her face in the bowl of cat food tasting it!!! Now THAT would be a show, but once again, I digress...

Sooo BlogPaws kitty peeps be sure to stop by the Royal Canin booth and help the shelter kitties and my mom when she gets tired from tweeting #RoyalCaninGives for the entire conference!

I was not compensated for this post. I already am a customer of Royal Canin. They didn't even give me one piece of rabbit kibble for writing this, not a one. Because of that, Mom had better score some Royal Canin swag at BlogPaws....just sayin'....

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Email Madness, You are asking to do a Guest Post? Seriously? -"Wordy" Wednesday

I'm in a mood. I'm stressed to the max. My "bonus" daughter is getting married this weekend, we have a funeral to attend, Cody is still being treated for allergies, Dakota spent the day at the vet with urinary problems, (hopeful that it is just a UTI), I have salon appointments, errands to run, a mountain of laundry to do,  and I am trying to keep up with  my BlogPaws 2012  "Paws On Patrol" responsibilities. Yep that WAS a "run-on" sentence, don't start with me grammar buffs, I told you, I'm in a MOOD.

With all of this going on, the last thing I need to deal with is stupidity...

As I was  digging  through over 100 emails (on just one of my accounts), my eyes were assaulted with THIS: ( the individual who sent it to me is lucky I have chosen to not reveal who she is).


My name is ________, I stumbled upon your blog and I really like the content and theme of your site! I recently started blogging and writing informational articles about motherhood, maternity, health and other things within that niche. I wondering if you accept guest posts? Since last month was Pregnancy Awareness Month I was inspired to continue advocating for healthy pregnancy, and so I thought an article on one of those topics would fit well and be a great resource for your readers. Please let me know if you would be interested in reading one of my articles with the intent of posting it on your site! 
If you are interested in learning ________about me check out my blog __________

Kind Wishes,


Hi _________
Are you KIDDING ME??? 
Just a friendly offering of advice. When you approach a  blogger and state that 
you "love their blog and what they do" you may want to REALLY VISIT THE BLOG 
If you had, you would know that I have a cat blog and a dog blog. 
Unless you are writing about delivering puppies and's a nooo go............ 
I am being nice by telling you to do your homework....others might not 
be....just sayin'........ 
Caren Gittleman 
Pet Blogger/Freelance Writer  
Visit My Blogs: 
Cat Chat With Cody & Caren 
Dakota's Den 
Twitter:@catchatcaren and @dakotasheltie 
IN FULL DISCLOSURE: WARNING WILL ROBINSON!! When you approach me without "doing your homework" be prepared to fail the test and rest assured you will become fodder for my blog.
I have been so busy  I had nothing planned to post today.


Monday, June 11, 2012

Caring for Your Aging Cat, A Guest Blog By Jackie Roberts of 1-800-PetMeds

 Pets are a long-term commitment. Many dog and cat breeds can live well into their teens, and sometimes even their twenties. Some varieties of birds can even reach ages of 50, 60, and beyond. One of the challenges of caring for an aging pet is not always being able to ascertain what your pet is feeling. This is especially true of cats who often keep to themselves regardless of their age. If you're not vigilant, by the time you realize your elderly cat is having problems, she may need pet meds to maintain her health and comfort. With a little knowledge of a few things to look for, you can keep your cat healthy, comfortable, and happy throughout her life. 

Photo Courtesy of


Cats may not seem to get cataracts as often as dogs do, but it does happen. This can be especially difficult for a cat to deal with as they are nocturnal and rely heavily on their superior night vision. The main symptom to look for is a clouding of your cat's eyes. Cataracts may also appear as a bluish area on the surface of your cat's eyeball. If you observe this bluish clouding, take your cat to the vet. Depending on the severity of the cataracts, your vet may be able to perform surgery to restore your cat's vision. Be aware that this surgery can be expensive. If you elect not to have the surgery done, you'll need to make some accommodations at home for your cat.

Because she won't be able to see very well at night when she's most active, it's a good idea to put everything she needs in one area—her bed, litter box, food and water, scratching post, toys, etc. The less she has to try to find these things, the less stressful the loss of vision will be for her. Also be sure to give her lots of attention and affection. Imagine how frightening it would be to lose your vision. It's even more so for your cat because you can't explain to her what's happening.


One sure sign of arthritis in cats is reduced litter box usage. This happens because climbing in and out of the box becomes painful. If your elderly cat suddenly stops using his litter box, don't assume he's acting out, and definitely don't punish him. He needs a trip to the vet to diagnosis arthritis, or rule it out if there's some other condition causing the lapse. Talk to your vet about how you can make the litter box more accessible to your cat, and ease his difficulties.

If it turns out your cat does have arthritis, you can make his home life a little more comfortable. If he likes to sleep on your bed with you, consider getting a set of pet steps or a ramp that will allow him to more easily access the bed without having to jump. This is even more important for getting down off the bed, as jumping down and landing on the floor can be especially painful for an arthritic cat. You may want to also put a ramp near your cat's favorite window so he can still enjoy looking outside and watching any small animals that may frequent your yard. Putting a bird feeder near the window can create a lot of entertainment for your cat, so he can avoid moving around too much and have the activity come to him.

Photo Courtesy of

Dental Disease

Older cats are much more prone to dental disease, which can cause inflammation of the gums, which in turn causes pain, which makes it difficult for your cat to eat. She may even begin to lose her teeth if the dental disease is not addressed early enough. If you don't catch the dental issues in time, and your cat begins losing her teeth, you may have to change her food, especially if you feed her dry, crunchy food. Without all her teeth, it will become difficult—and painful—for her to break up and chew hard food. Consider switching her over to canned food, which will be much easier on her sensitive gums. Remember that switching any pet's food must be a gradual process, not only to get them used to the new food, but to help them avoid gastrointestinal distress, which can cause vomiting and diarrhea.

Begin by adding a little canned food to the dry, creating 25/75 combination. Do that for about a week, then increase the amount of canned food for a 50/50 combination. Maintain this for about two weeks, then go 75/25, with the majority being canned food. After about another week, you should be able to feed canned food only. During this process, watch your cat's reactions to the new food, and if she seems to be slower to accept it, give her more time. Forcing the process may frustrate her to the point where she won't eat at all, which will only weaken her, and can cause other illnesses and distress. Be patient, and let her behavior guide you as you make the switch.

As your cat ages, try to have more patience with him, and let him know she's loved. Aging can be a difficult and depressing process as your cat becomes more and more unable to do the things he once loved. He's given you many years of love and enjoyment. You owe it to him to make his last years as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Jackie Roberts is a writer for 1-800-PetMeds, and loves to help and support the pet community. You can find Pet Meds on Twitter or connect with Pet Meds on Facebook.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Fun Friday Finds!! Toki Poki Pet Trading Cards

Sung to the tune of The Hokey Pokey---

You put your photo in,
you take your photo out,
you put your photo in, and Christy makes magic come out,
you order up your Toki Poki cards,
you have yourself some fun,
THAT'S what it's all about!

Hey guys! That's my little Friday song! It's Cody and I am excited to show you what Mom ordered to bring to BlogPaws 2012 this year in addition to her regular business cards!

It's my own Toki Poki trading card!! This is the front, don't I look as handsome as ever?

What is Toki Poki?

I'm glad you asked!

Toki Poki is a pet trading card community that offers so much more!

From the Toki Poki website:

Use Toki Poki® Cards to:
  • Share your love for your FURiends
  • Meet the pets and their people in your neighborhood
  • Learn about pet breeds and personalities
  • Promote your blog, organization or interest group
  • Raise money for a good cause
Give your Toki Poki® pet trading cards to friends and family, neighbors, your pet's fans... and even the mailman.

Mom said she couldn't be more pleased with my card (and the one she had made for Dakota!) She feels that it is a super fun addition to the traditional business card and the process of having them made couldn't have been easier! For Mom that is, for poor Christy who makes the cards, that would probably be another matter altogether since she had to work with my goofy Mom!

Christy helped Mom every step of the way. She was patient and thorough, super helpful and promptly sent Mom proofs to look over.

The back of my card!

When the cards arrived,  Mom was blown away with the presentation. The cards come in the cutest little burlap string tie bags!

There is a TON more that I could tell you about the Toki Poki Trading Card Community, but I think the best thing is for YOU to visit them right here!

Mom and I were not compensated for this post. Mom ordered Toki Poki cards and loved them so much that she wanted to tell you about them!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

"Every Picture Tells A Story Don't It? "Share YOUR Cat Story With Purina For A Chance To Win $5000!!

Five Grand Prize Winners to Each Receive $5,000 and Have Their Cat Relationship Story Told through an Online Video; More than $30,000 in Total Prizes to be Awarded

Every cat owner has a story – from how you came to own your first cat to the way  he or she greets you at the door every day – and now you have a place to share the once-in-a-lifetime events and everyday moments that make your relationship unique!

Cody and I are so excited to share with you the  “Purina Cat Chow Real Stories Project Contest,” a nationwide search to find, showcase and celebrate cat stories that highlight the special relationship between cat people and their cats, as well as the many ways our cats are always there for us.

 Purina Cat Chow is asking you to share your story for an opportunity to be one of five grand prize winners who receive a $5,000 cash prize!!! That's a lot of catnip!!

From now until July 31, you can participate in the Purina Cat Chow Real Stories Project Contest by submitting your cat relationship story at

 Five grand prize winners will each receive a $5,000 cash prize, a one year supply of Purina® Cat Chow® brand cat food for one cat, and have their cat relationship story told through a Purina Cat Chow brand online video. The winners’ videos will be shared online with the Purina Cat Chow Community on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.
Entering the contest is a breeze!  Complete an online entry form, select a theme that best describes your story, options include:

  •  My First Cat
  •  Why I’m a Cat Person
  • Forever a Cat Family
  •  How We Found Each Other
  • Generations of Care
  • Always There for Me
  •  Memories

You will then submit a brief written entry (600 characters or less) about your special relationship with your cat including a description of how he or she is always there for you. You  may also include an optional photo or video (two minutes or less) that supports the story.

Wanna hear something else that is super cool? Purina Cat Chow will also recognize the cat relationship stories of five runners-up with a $1,000 cash prize each and one year supply of Purina® Cat Chow® brand cat food for one cat. In addition, 40 stories will receive an honorable mention and a $100 gift card. In total, the Contest will award more than $30,000 in prizes.

The Purina Cat Chow Real Stories Project is looking for stories about the comfort, support, friendship and connection that describe the cat-owner relationship – from head butt greetings-at-the-door moments to the way she wakes you up in the morning. You may also submit your story at or

The entries will be evaluated using the following criteria:
·         Originality in describing your special relationship with your cat(s) (30%)
·         High quality storytelling captured in the essay and/or photo or video (30%)
·         Effectively demonstrating the Purina Cat Chow brand belief of “always there for you” (40%)

Following the story submission close on July 31, an independent panel of judges will narrow the stories down to 10 finalists. Consumers will be asked to vote on their favorite stories from Aug. 28 – Sept. 18, 2012, at, or to help identify the winning stories. 

The winners will be announced on or about October 1, 2012.

The folks at Purina will also be at BlogPaws 2012!

About Nestlé Purina PetCare and Purina Cat Chow Brand Cat Food
The North American headquarters for Nestlé Purina PetCare is located at Checkerboard Square in St. Louis, Mo., where Ralston Purina was founded more than a century ago. Nestlé Purina PetCare promotes responsible pet care, humane education, community involvement and the positive bond between people and their pets. One of the leading global players in the pet food industry, Nestlé Purina PetCare is part of the Swiss-based Nestlé S.A. – the world’s largest food company. With nutrition for each life stage, Purina® Cat Chow® brand Cat Food offers a family of products with 100 percent complete and balanced nutrition for physical health and well being. For more information on Purina Cat Chow, visit

No Purchase Necessary to Enter or Win. Open only to legal residents of the 50 United States and D.C., 18 years of age or older at the time of entry (19 years of age or older if resident of AL or NE). Entry period ends at 11:59:59 a.m. ET on 7/31/12. See Official Rules for details. Sponsored by Nestlé Purina PetCare Company, Checkerboard Square, St. Louis, MO.

Winner of Organizing The Care Of My Cat by Morgan T. Orr and Penelope Orr Spry, Authors Of The WiseUp! Workbook Series

Hey everyone! It's Cody!!! What a fun day today is! I know it is supposed to be a "Wordless" day but I have impawtant info to share with you...

First----how do you like that cool Avatar of me??? It has my green eyes, my striped tabby body and the kitty even has a pink OVERBITE like I have!! MOL!!

We were lucky cause our friend, (Oui, Oui's Mom)  over at  Twinkletoe Tails  made this avatar of me for my Mom and I to have! Wasn't that nice of her? She had written a few blog posts teaching people how to make an avatar like this but I think she knew that my Mom would screw it up so she made one for her! Oui Oui, please thank your Mom for us!

This is "Oui Oui!"
You can visit Oui Oui at the highlighted words above
or by clicking here
Now...I have even more exciting news for you!! The winner of:


Pumpkin has a blog called:
Adventures of A Suburban Kitty
Click HERE to visit Pumpkin!


cgittleman at mi dot rr dot com

so she can have your book mailed to you!!



Tuesday, June 5, 2012

YouTube Tuesday- Do YOU Want DINNER?????

Hi my friends!!

Today I would like  to show you an event that takes place at our house EVERY DAY!

Since I rule the homestead, and my Sheltie brother, Dakota, is a "cat wannabe", I determine when we will eat!

Our dining "ritual" begins at approximately 3pm  (yeah, I know that is early. We are "early bird special" diners in our family. Chalk that up to having older-than-dirt pawrents).

I begin to "circle" my Dad  while  vocalizing my desire to scarf down dinner by summoning the  most annoying, whining "meow" that I can muster, (make sure your volume is turned up so you can hear!)

Then,  Dakota chimes in, in all of his manic glory!

My normally low-key and reserved Dad pulls out all of the stops for dinner time as you will hear in the worst-quality-video-ever-to-be-filmed below. I apologize for my Mom's lack of video skills,  but ya gotta give her credit for trying!  In her defense the room wasn't that bright either!

Be sure to watch real closely or you will miss my awe-inspiring gate jumping skills! You would think that I am the Sheltie in this household...naw, I'm smarter than that. He still hasn't figured out that he COULD jump the gate if he wanted to.  You'll have to excuse him, he is "one sandwich short of a picnic."

Anyway, watch the video and you can thank your lucky stars that it is SUPER SHORT!