Monday, December 31, 2018

Where is YOUR "Happy Place?"

I bought my Granddaughter, Harper, the Minnie Mouse outfit a few months BEFORE she was born (I believe).........for the holidays, my "bonus" daughter surprised me with this frame and photo. Tonight I get to spend the New Year in one of my favorite happy places!! Hope you will spend the New Year in YOUR "Happy Place"

Be safe out there!

Thursday, December 27, 2018

The Cat Chalk iOS App Photo Editing Tool is Up and Running!

FROM CAT CHAT WITH CAREN AND CODY: Hi my furiends!! Back on November 9th we featured a new app on the blog called Cat Chalk. After the post went live we were notified that the app was not functioning properly. Well, guess what kitties? All has been fixed!!! As a result, we are going to re-post what we originally posted on November 9th (with a couple of corrections),  because a number of you were interested in the app.

I am so excited to present a NEW APP  that allows cat owners and enthusiasts a way to easily add specially designed artwork to cat photos and also gives the ability to share those photos directly to Instagram and Facebook (as well as email and text), directly from the app while raising funds for cats in need!!


 DIFFERENT FROM OTHER ART APPS?  - Cat Chalk artwork is made uniquely for cats (and their pawrents). Now there’s no need to re-purpose dog or baby artwork for cat photos!

How cute is this??? I not only posted it on Instagram,
I was able to email a copy to myself
directly through the Cat Chalk app!!

The app is amazingly easy to use (even for ME, the most "non-techie" PURRSON in the world!!!) The artwork is always changing too which makes it so much fun!!!  The video below will show you just how easy it is!!

I love that you can also change your filter within the app, you can email yourself a copy of your creation, you can also share directly to Instagram and Facebook. Here is a screenshot that I took when I created Cody's graphic that is at the top of this blog post.

The artwork is soooo cute and clever, there are stickers, sayings such as "Feline Friday", "Whisker Wednesday", "Tuna Tuesday" and more! There are graphics for birthdays, adoption days, all sorts of things, purrfect for YOUR changing moods and the changing moods of your kitty!!! You can find the purrfect artwork and sayings that suit YOUR kitty, and since there is the ability to create your own text, you can make your own!!! There are so many things that you can do! Check out the screenshot I took below that gives you a teeny-tiny idea of all of the cute artwork you can find there!

HOW WILL CAT CHALK RAISE FUNDS FOR CATS? For the first 30 days,   100% of all app purchase price will be donated every time the app is downloaded with the goal of raising $10,000 during the initial launch. They will be donating until January 17th but it might continue longer than that!!    The donations will be provided  from in-app revenue to rescues across the United States and Canada. 


Trust me my furiends, if I can do this ANYONE CAN!!! Here is the first post I did with the Cat Chalk App that I posted to Instagram

Check out these darling creations
 that the Cat Chalk App team made!!

courtesy of Cat Chalk

courtesy of Cat Chalk

courtesy of Cat Chalk

  Furiends you MUST get your paws on this app!! You will have so much fun creating and sharing your  photos with your fans and furiends while helping to raise funds for kitties in need!!! 

WHO WILL RECEIVE THE FUNDS? The money will go to a range of rescue groups, shelters and organizations focused on helping and finding homes for felines. Each social media post will have a unique link allowing proceeds to be donated to the rescue of choice. Full reporting will be provided on a weekly basis.


 FTC DISCLOSURE:I received no financial compensation for this post. I was able to test the app and in exchange Cat Chalk will donate 100% of app purchase price ($2.99 USD) to my favorite cat charity or rescue with a goal of reaching a total of $10,000 in funds at launch.

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Happy Boxing Day and National Thank You Note Day

Today is Boxing Day: "Boxing Day is a holiday celebrated the day after Christmas Day. It originated in the United Kingdom, and is celebrated in a number of countries that previously formed part of the British Empire."

Today is also National Thank You Note Day.  It is a day to get some note cards, paper, pen, envelopes and stamps to write special thank yous for the gifts you received, and in my case, since I thanked my Secret Paws for my gifts this past Monday, and I thanked people for my snail mail cards last Friday, today I am taking time out from my box to paw a THANK YOU for all of the wonderful ecards that I received!. You can see them below and click on the blog names to visit their blogs! Here they are in no pawticular order, ok, let's roll!!

15 and meowing


There you have it! We hope you enjoyed seeing these cards as much as we enjoyed receiving them!!!! Much love from Cody and Caren

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, from US to YOU

And...most of you have probably already seen this, but we are happy to present the 4th Annual Cat Bloggers Holiday Slide Show that was organized and put together by Carol, the Mom of Peaches and Paprika

Grab some catnip tea and some treats and enjoy!!!!!

Monday, December 24, 2018

With Love and Enormous Gratitude! Our Secret Paws 2018 Reveal

Today it is with pleasure and enormous gratitude that Cody and I are going to reveal the most PAWESOME Secret Paws presents from a family of the most special kitties ever!!

Before we do that, we would like to once again thank Miss Paula of Sweet Purrfections for her patience and hard work organizing this fun event and for matching every kitty up. That's a lot of hard work!

Now....first.........we would like to announce that our Secret Paws pals were some of the cutest kitties (and the most thoughtful kitties EVER!) from the adorable blog: Tomcat Commentary by Tim

Cody and I were BOTH excited when the box arrived last week. I had to wait a day for Cody to open it because he was sleeping and I wanted his FULL attention!

I was blown away when I opened the box and saw that EACH AND EVERY GIFT was wrapped (not like MY lazy self) and each one had a little gift tag attached because EACH kitty gave Cody a gift! That was the most generous and THOUGHTFUL thing ever! (I wish I had thought to take a photo of all of the wrapped gifts together, but I neglected to do that and I apologize.)

I don't remember the order of the gifts that Cody opened except for the first one, the first one he opened was from Miss Fitz:

Cody received that darling Zebra kicker!!!! Thank you!!

The next gift(s) that Cody opened were such an ENORMOUS hit that I wish I had saved them to open last. They were from Timmy Tomcat himself!

Cody loved (LOVES) these so much that he wasn't as focused on the other gifts because he was OBSESSED with these!!! In the last photo you can see he was getting a tad "high" from the catnip, so much so that I edited the following photo to show just how "buzzed" he was!

See what I mean? Cody was in catnip heaven!!!

The next HUGE HIT came from Toby. Not only was Cody crazy about these toys but I was too! Why? On one side there were mice and the other side of the package had these cute little things that Cody could swat all over the place, TWO TYPES OF TOYS in one package! I had never seen anything like that and I thought it was BRILLIANT! Cody liked the things you swat around so much that it was the first time in a LONG time that I had the joy of witnessing this almost 12 year old kitty acting like a kitten! It made me so happy!

Cody is such a lucky kitty!! He was totally smitten with the next gifts that came from Buddy and Rumpy.

In one present were TWO of Cody's all time favorites! Temptations and MICE!!!! Let me tell you he was one happy kitty!!

Because we often call my husband "Einstein" due to his uncanny resemblance, my husband was particularly enamored with the next gift that came from, none other than EINSTEIN!!!

We haven't tried this out yet but I promised Cody that soon we will! He loves wand toys (especially with feathers) and we will have a blast with this!!


I even had a wrapped gift!

It was from Dad Pete and look at what was inside!!


I can't thank Dad Pete and the kitties enough for the most FUN and THOUGHTFUL GIFTS EVER!!! I don't get Cody and Dakota gifts for the holidays anymore so you made him one HAPPY KITTY!!!!

Cody is soooooo happy that he insisted on pawing all of you a special thank you note just from him!!!!

Friday, December 21, 2018

"Oh Christmas Card Tree, Oh Christmas Card Tree!! How Festive Are Your Branches!!"

Hi everyone!! In case you forgot who I am, it's Cody! Why would you forget me? Oh, just because Mom hasn't helped me blog in OVER A WEEK!!! Do you believe it? It's been OVER A WEEK since either Mom or myself have blogged. Mom said she just wasn't "feelin' it", well, good for her, I had to put my paw down because I AM "feelin' it" and I wanted to start today with another Christmas card post.

This one is different! This post features the cards I have received so far via snail mail (Mom has assured me we will blog about the ecards at some point next week). Of course, after Mom took photos another card came, and that pawson wanted to send us a card so badly they accidentally sent two!! (and they were different cards!). Mom and I love them both!

If you notice in the photo above, there are cards attached to my cat tree!!!! Mom said she had a quandary this year as to where to put MY cards (not hers and Dads, not Dakota's but MY cards) because I am a lucky kitty and I get so many!

So, Mom came up with the genius idea of attaching some of them to my cat tree so that I may enjoy them at my leisure (my entire day is spent at "my leisure" but I digress.) Here are some photos of my tree and the wall next to my tree where we have also displayed my cards.

I loved Mom's idea...until she decided to stick some loser Detroit Lions ornaments that they send to the season ticket holders each year, on to MY tree! I told Mom I didn't want losers represented on MY tree (even if they ARE members of the feline family), but she didn't listen.

Poor Dakota! I would have posted his cards too, but I didn't want him to feel bad since he only received about 10 so far and I have way over 20!!!!! Oh and Mom and Dad only received four and two of them are from the same pawson!!

Thank you so much to all of our furiends who sent cards, we love each and every one of them!

Before I forget, wait til you see the PAWESOME Secret Paws package I received!! OMC it is just the BEST!!!! Mom and I are going to blog about that on Monday for sure! Mom took a bunch of photos and we have to go through them but we will post on the blog Monday! We tried to write our Secret Paws a thank you note but we couldn't locate their email. We wanted them to at least know that their package arrived yesterday and today we opened it and I am one HAPPY KITTY!!!! You will find out who they are on Monday and we will thank them properly then. In the meantime we are happy to be pawticipating in the Feline Friday Blog Hop sponsored by Comedy Plus!