Friday, May 29, 2020

A Cat Named Cody

We saw this over at our friend's blog, Indulged Furries  and we found out it is a special meme that our furiend Cathy Keisha was purrticipating in and we decided to follow along. Be sure to check out Cathy Keisha's here:  Stunning Keisha with the A Cat Named meme.

Here we go!

My name is:    Cody, when I was adopted my name was Prince. Mom says I am "The Cat Formerly Known as Prince." When my Mom told my foster Mom she was going to name me Cody, my foster Mom begged her not to! She said: "All pets I know named Cody are CRAZY!!" Mom says now 'Nuff said!!

My age when adopted: 8 weeks old.

My nicknames are:   Codester, Codalicious, Co-dependent, Cuddle Bug, (before I lost a ton of weight, Jelly Belly), Dad calls me "Cody Boy." 

My breed is: American shorthair, Tabby cat.

My main color is: gray.

My age is:  13.

My favorite human food is: CHICKEN, CHICKEN, CHICKEN!!

My biggest fear is: Basically nothing, I am not a fearful kitty. I am brave.

My favorite thing(s) to do: now it's pretty much eat. I eat and I eat and I eat...and I keep losing weight. My thyroid tested borderline. Mom is nervous and I am going to the Vet this Friday again :(

Where do I sleep?  Usually on a chair in the living room, or my play house, or my PTU, or the cot in our spare bedroom, or the couch, or my cat tree!

Do I like car rides?: I tolerate them.

Do I purr?: quite a bit!

Do I snore?  Sometimes!

Now here's the part of the meme where I should post a photo of me:

Mom loves this photo of me so I thought I would share!!! 

Today is also NATIONAL BISCUIT DAY so I thought you would enjoy this video from a few months ago (yeah Mom should have shot it horizontal but whatever!!) of me making biscuits!!!

Monday, May 25, 2020

Honoring Those Who Didn't Come Home--Memorial Day 2020

This year we would also like to acknowledge and mourn those on the front lines who lost their lives due to the Corona Virus while fighting to keep others with the disease alive. We also mourn ALL who lost their lives to this devastating virus.  Be smart and stay safe and healthy all!

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Mother's Day Greetings!

Happy Mother's Day

To all of the purrfect Mommies, 

as well as men who have taken 
on the role of "Mommy"

and all of the other fabulous
"mothering" role models
  out there, that may not
have textbook "children" of their own!

It doesn't matter if the babies are

 2-legged minus fur,

or 4-legged with fur,

or if the babies,

swim, slither, 

fly, crawl, gallop or hop...

a Mother's love is just the same!!