Friday, December 8, 2023

Chanukah 2023

 Well we didn't make it for the first night and here we are by the skin of our teeth for the second night! Thankfully we have "Eight Crazy Nights!!!"

We pray for peace, love and kindness

Monday, December 4, 2023

Children's Cat Book: "BURT THE AIRPORT CAT" Written and Illustrated by Christine Henry


FROM THE AUTHOR: "This is my first book in a series, which I’ve written and illustrated, and  all my illustrations are watercolour, not digital.  This is a cats adventure story.   Burt is a black cat about to embark on a family adventure. But at the airport, he is separated from his family and accidentally left behind to fend for himself. Burt is a curious cat by nature, and decides to take advantage of his new surroundings and explore the airport. He meets new friends, Valkyrie, Scout, and the Padre, and samples local cuisine as well. The kindness of his friends is remarkable and enduring. Will he ever reunite with his family? Join him on his quest to learn more."

"The moral of the tale is kindness,  friendship and acceptance as Burt is a black cat. Regardless of his colour, parents can talk to their children about diversity and demystify the superstition associated with black cats." 

FROM CAT AND DOG CHAT WITH CAREN: A darling book with lovely illustrations. Burt meets all kinds of people and animals while stranded at the airport. They all offer him help and hope until he is reunited with his family. This is a cute book that little ones will enjoy, would make a great gift for the holidays!