Sunday, October 25, 2009


Wow people that was fast!!!
Thanks to "Nancy" for posting the first question.

"Just adopted a stray last week--named her Rosie. She's about 4 months old--a tuxedo cat with white paws and a little bow tie. Working on socializing her with the other 2 cats (ages 10 and 5) and my 7 yr. old springer spaniel. Let her out today and she was a maniac! Running up and down the stairs, chasing the other cats. When she's in her safe bathroom, she's so docile and affectionate. Any advice out there about introducing a kitten to an established household with cats and a dog?" Nancy

Nancy poses a question that is indeed common however many cat owners are at a loss for exactly how to successfully introduce a kitten to a home with an older resident dog and 2 older resident cats. Frankly I never experienced having to introduce a cat to other cats already residing in the home (but I do have experience introducing a dog to a resident cat)....soooo.......I called in the reinforcements! Translation, I did some research and think I found some good solutions for you.

The following tips came from the website, cats, cat expert "Carol"

"Keep feeding bowls and sleeping areas of the cats and kitten separate"

"Give extra attention to the older cats"

"Keep claws trimmed on all of them"

There will be hissing, but the younger cat will soon learn to respect the boundaries of the older cat
 You  will want to supervise all interaction between the resident cats and the new kitten. It is my feeling that Rosie is "running like a maniac" because she was confined in a smaller space for too long and she wants to play with the other cats!! She will learn soon enough when they want to play (if ever!!) Cats are wonderful at "ignoring" and setting their own boundaries so do not be alarmed with any hissing or swatting that may occur!

As for introducing the new kitten to the older dog more caution is needed. Thankfully your dog is used to being around cats but it is still better to be safe than sorry. I was faced with the same dilemma when we brought our 6 mo old Sheltie in to live with our 6 mo old cat.  I learned through research on the Internet that  dogs and cats rely on scent and are more accepting to someone or something with a similar scent. It was advised that I spray perfume (yep perfume!!!) It can be any scent that you wish it is just important that both the dog and cat are sprayed with the same scent! I thought it was a nutty idea when I read it but it worked! I confined our Sheltie in a crate and allowed the resident cat to come and check him out, there was one hiss and they were fast friends. In your case you may want to crate the cat and allow the resident dog to smell her.  After she has had a chance to check her out you can take Rosie out of the crate and hold her while your dog sniffs her as you are holding her. I am telling you this works!!!

Nancy I hope this helps! If anyone else has experienced the same problem and found a way for everyone to reside in bliss, please feel free to pass the suggestions on!


Hi All!
It is with great pleasure that I am announcing the long awaited "Cat Chat" is finally ready to roll!!

This is not only my blog but YOURS as well!
My goal for "Cat Chat" is to be a place not where I am spewing zillions of cat facts (who wants to read something like that?) My ultimate goal is for this to be a cozy corner (you know like the one your cat curls up in to relax?) A place for cat lovers to come to share their stories, their questions, their thoughts and their concerns and their passion for their furry little motor boat purrers.

The key? Interaction. I want to hear anything and everything about your favorite feline and I will share some feline fun facts as well.....

So grab your comfiest blanket, curl up in your coziest corner, grab a bowl of catnip and let's get to know each other and the kitties in our lives!

Welcome To Cat Chat!!!!