Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Inspire Your Heart With Art Day

Art has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.  Having a cartoonist/artist father, art was a normal and constant part of my daily existence.

When I was five I began drawing and coloring voraciously.  My biggest thrill was when my father would bring home old newsprint, that the paper didn't need, and grease crayons. (For those who aren't familiar, you would "sharpen" grease crayons by unraveling the paper around the crayon by pulling a string and the paper would come off in "curls" which would sharpen the crayon.)

At age five I was also insanely in love with Mickey Mouse. I used to ask my Dad to draw Mickey for me and he would happily oblige. I remember being appalled when I went to a friend's house and asked her Dad to draw me "Mickey" and he told me he didn't know how. I was incredulous. I remember thinking, "You don't know HOW to draw Mickey Mouse? Don't ALL Dads draw?" Apparently not.

Art remained a huge part of my life. I was always drawing and had plans to major in Art which fell through because I was advised to choose a major that was more "practical." I would hardly call a major of Rhetoric and a minor in Philosophy practical, but I digress...

Art was my solace, my refuge, my escape. I drew constantly. My  focus in high school college prep was Art. To escape from the sadness I felt at the snobby High School I attended, I used to do my artwork in the hallway, ON THE FLOOR. Classes would change and there I would sit, cross-legged on the floor, drawing away, never looking up, just immersed in my craft.
My latest coloring page
from Coloring Cute Cats and Pretty Kitties
I am so happy with how
it turned out!

When I graduated from college and entered the "real world" my artwork fell by the wayside. It wasn't until this past year, with adult coloring books becoming popular, that I had the desire to create anything that involved coloring or drawing. I am so happy I began to color again! Next on my agenda will be to resume drawing.

With today being "Inspire Your Heart With Art Day", I encourage you to do something with art that will inspire YOU.  Draw, color, do something  take a photo and edit it, you don't have to be "crafty". There are NO RULES. Add a cat to your creation, a dog, or whatever other animal you love, add something from nature, Just create and ENJOY!! " Go to a gallery, theatre, cinema, or music venue, and soak up the art. Remember the instruction, though: Inspire Your Heart."

What are you going to do to "inspire your heart with art" today?

Monday, January 30, 2017

Cat Book Feature and Give-Away:The Eye of Nefertiti by Maria Luisa Lang

Cat lovers around the world know that Ancient Egypt, overall, held cats in high esteem. In order to fully appreciate the fabulous historical/fantasy novel, The Eye Of Nefertiti by Maria Luisa Lang, it is important to have a little history about the cat in Ancient Egypt.

From National Geographic Kids:Ancient Egyptians worshipped many animals for thousands of years. Animals were revered for different reasons. Dogs were valued for their ability to protect and hunt, but cats were thought to be the most special. Egyptians believed cats were magical creatures, capable of bringing good luck to the people who housed them.

To honor these treasured pets, wealthy families dressed them in jewels and fed them treats fit for royalty. When the cats died, they were mummified. As a sign of mourning, the cat owners shaved off their eyebrows, and continued to mourn until their eyebrows grew back. Art from ancient Egypt shows statues and paintings of every type of feline. Cats were so special that those who killed them, even by accident, were sentenced to death.

According to Egyptian mythology, gods and goddesses had the power to transform themselves into different animals. Only one deity, the goddess named Bastet, had the power to become a cat. In the city of Per-Bast, a beautiful temple was built, and people came from all over to experience its splendor.

The Eye of Nefertiti is both a stand-alone novel and a sequel to The Pharaoh’s Cat. The time-traveling ancient Egyptian feline with human powers returns together with his beloved Pharaoh and his close friends, the High Priest of Amun-Ra and Elena, an Egyptologist’s daughter.

The cat is quick-witted, wise-cracking narrator as well as free-spirited, ever-curious protagonist, and the story he tells is an exotic, imaginative, spell-binding tragicomedy. The cat travels from present-day New York City to England, both ancient and modern, then to ancient Egypt, where he confronts a horrible demon and experiences a sublime emotion. Once back in England, he descends into a psychological abyss so deep only the Pharaoh can save him.

The Eye of Nefertiti interweaves feline and human, past and present, natural and supernatural. It contains numerous surprises, twists and turns, intriguing characters, both human and animal, fascinating revelations about ancient Egyptian history and culture, and an ingenious application of the Tarot and an Italian opera.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:Maria Luisa Lang was born in Rome, Italy, and lives in New York City. She has a degree in art history and is an amateur Egyptologist. The Eye of Nefertiti is her second novel. Her first novel, The Pharaoh’s Cat, is also available on Amazon in paperback and in a Kindle edition.

FROM CAT CHAT WITH CAREN AND CODY: The Eye of Nefertiti, as did A Pharaoh's Cat,  taught me much about "Egyptology" and the cat had me in stitches through much of the book. The cat is full of sass and swagger, but trust me, there are MANY sensitive moments as well.  The incorporation of the Tarot is brilliant and is an integral part of the plot. Character development was superb, a wonderful blend of fantasy and history. The "time-travel" component was incredibly clever. You will LOVE escaping to Ancient Egypt, learning, laughing and wiping a tear or two along the way! The Eye of Nefertiti as well as The Pharaoh's Cat by Maria Luisa Lang should definitely be on your "must-read" list! 202 Pages of excitement, humor and love await you!!! (I was not compensated for this book feature and give-away, I was sent a complimentary copy of the book.)

ENTER TO WIN!!! Maria Luisa Lang is generously offering SIX of our readers who are 18 an over and who reside in any of the following locations,  (U.S.A, THE U.K. AND CANADA) a copy of The Eye of Nefertiti! Entering is super easy, just enter on the rafflecopter below, good luck!!!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

"Do you see what I see?"

Hi All! It's Cody and I am here to tell you that Mom has OFFICIALLY lost it!!

 We all knew she was about to lose it anyway, but now she has gone OFFICIALLY BONKERS!

Last week when Dad was taking Mom to the doctor her eyes were drawn to something. "Wait!!" Mom yelled to Dad. "What?" he yelled back. "I need to take a photo!!" Dad was watching her, perplexed, (no surprise there! We all look at her that way!)

Here is Mom's photo:



Now go back and look at the first two photos, what caught Mom's eye was that she SWEARS that the chunk of snow that is standing straight up, (that has since melted), looks like a.......wait for it...


Mom got back into the car and said "See that snow standing up? It looks like a CAT!!!" Of course Dad just looked at her. Silent.  He was probably thinking, "why of COURSE you see a cat, if you see a cat then it must be a cat....whatever you say" NOT!!!! I know he was thinking that Mom has OFFICIALLY LOST IT!!!

 What do YOU think? Do you see a cat too?

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

#FindingBuzz Change A Pet's Life Day

Today is Change A Pet's Life Day. When I was contacted on Facebook last week asking if I could share this story, my heart just broke after reading it. I am praying that with exposure Buzz can be found and returned to his rightful home which will change everyone's life for the better!

Here is the full-sized version of the video in case the above didn't play for you:

Monday, January 23, 2017

Pet Travel Tips: A Guest Post from Friends for Animals of Metro Detroit

January is National Pet Travel Safety Month. With the North American International Auto Show having just ended here in Detroit,  cars are on everyone’s minds right now. Consider, though, what it’s like for one member of your family when you’re checking out all the latest auto gadgets: road tripping may be a very different experience for your pet than it is for you. Friends for Animals of Metro Detroit (FAMD) has some pointers for making your dog or cat more comfortable on the road.

Driving with a pet, whether it’s a massive dog or a miniscule kitten, can be a challenge. It’s important to keep the safety and comfort of your pet in mind in the frigid Detroit weather. But with enough planning and some flexibility, says Elaine Greene, executive director of FAMD, road trips can be fun for both of you.

Here are some tips that Greene and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals offer for traveling by car:

·      Safely secure Fluffy: Place your dog or cat in a secure carrier or, at the very least, harnessed in the back seat of the car. Sudden stops and turns can be dangerous to you and your pet if anyone is flying loose. Sometimes pets travel better with a mild sedative, but check with your veterinarian. 

·      Keep records: Make sure everyone is up to date on vaccinations and keep a copy of those records with you, along with microchip codes. Some states may require these. Print out a photo of your pet too: in case someone makes a break for it, this could save valuable time in the search. And make sure your pet is wearing a comfortable but wiggle-free-resistant collar at all times that has your contact information clearly labeled.

·      Stock up: Keep supplies on hand for unexpected delays. Food, fresh water, blankets and of course baggies for accidents. Don’t feed your pet in a moving car. 

·      Practice: Take quick trips in the car to get your pet comfortable with being in the back. The last thing you need is to discover three hours into a 12-hour trek that your pet is carsick or frantically nervous on trips. Check out elevators and open staircases, too, for skittish pets.

·      Scope it out: You’ll want to alert staff at your hotel or Air BnB of your plans, including how long you might be leaving your pet unaccompanied. Check out the accommodations with your pet, and give them some time to feel comfortable in the room before you take off for the show.

·      Have fun: More and more restaurants, bars and hotels welcome pets these days. Yes, it’s January. But you and your pet might both appreciate the exercise after time spent in the car.

For more information about the Friends for Animals of Metro Detroit, visit www.metrodetroitanimals.org.

About FAMD
After 22 years of nurturing more than 47,300 animals, the Friends for Animals of Metro Detroit have embarked on the “Raise the Woof” public phase of their “Building a Home with Heart” capital campaign to construct a new Animal Adoption & Education Center at the site of the former Dearborn Amtrak station on Michigan Avenue. Construction begins this Summer.  FAMD is located at 2661 Greenfield Road, Dearborn.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Caturday Art: Showing some Squirrel Love on Squirrel Appreciation Day

I LOVE CATS.  That being said there are a few other animals that I am somewhat obsessed with, and Squirrels would be on that list! In honor of today being Squirrel Appreciation Day I just had to show them a little love!! (No worries, there are cat photos here too!)
Saved to my Pinterest Board
Original from CafePress.com

 I could watch squirrels for hours, scurrying here and there, striking hilarious poses, committing acts of thievery.  In my eyes squirrels are ingenious, always busy, always planning, but I often wonder, do they truly REMEMBER where they put their nuts when they bury them in the ground?

Pinned to my Pinterest Board
Original Pin came from cracked.com

As a child, I used to look at trees with "tree holes" and imagine that when the squirrels would go inside they would sit on the teeniest wooden chairs and eat their meals out of hollowed out acorns. Ok, I will confess, I STILL believe that!

Pinned to my Pinterest Board
Original Pin Came From 500px.com
My Angel Bobo had the luxury of living in a first floor apartment  that was situated next to the woods. His window had a window seat as well. Bobo used to spend HOURS in that window chittering at birds and crouching down low to "play attack" the squirrels. The squirrels seemed to relish  cavorting and teasing him knowing they were kept safe by a pane of glass. The photo below (and I apologize for the quality, but I had to take a photo of a photo hanging on the wall in order to share this with you), was taken at my first apartment in Michigan, when Bobo and I moved here together in 2001. That apartment was on the second floor but had the type of balcony where it was still convenient for Bobo to watch his beloved squirrels).

 Poor Cody doesn't have that luxury because while I am still in a second floor unit, I am in a different complex, and  this unit  doesn't lend itself well to "squirrel viewing." Instead, I have chosen to let a couple of MY squirrels infringe on Cody's space. Poor Cody, he isn't loving the intrusion at all.

At one point I was actively feeding the squirrels and got in trouble because what started as two quickly grew to over 10 eating at one time. A number of them took up residence in the "attic" or storage area above some units. They were freaking out a neighbor across the hall because they were running around late at night. Needless to say I was ordered to stop feeding the squirrels.

Oh to live in a cabin in the woods where I can feed them to my heart's content and sit, like a cat and watch them for hours!

Now, my squirrels can just hang out in Cody's cat tree when he isn't around.

For this post I Googled coloring pages of Squirrels and printed one off that I would like to share as a "Caturday Art" submission since it is rare that I post on Saturdays, and we haven't participated in quite some time!

I am pretty pleased with how this turned out. I am a fan of using gel pens much more than I enjoy using colored pencils, so that is what I used to color the squirrel. The only editing I used was a brightener to make it show up better on the blog. To see more great art visit Athena Cat Goddess:

Friday, January 20, 2017

International Day of Acceptance

When I was looking through my 2017 Cat Blogging Calendar, it struck me as ironic that today is International Day of Acceptance. It is also Inauguration Day.

This year, many of us feel much different than on past Inauguration Days, (even when the President-elect was NOT the candidate of my choosing, I and many others that I know, didn't feel on Inauguration Day the way many of us are feeling now.) 

To help myself and those of you are might be feeling the same, I wanted to share what the International Day of Acceptance is and what it means,  and pray that our new President today, his Inauguration Day, stops and thinks about the importance of what he has gotten himself into, what it means, what he represents and I pray that he puts into practice what the International Day of Acceptance stands for. I also pray that he :

 1) Shows more compassion
 2) Stops tweeting
 3) Acts like an adult
4) Develops a thicker skin
5) Is pro-active about learning and understanding about those who are different than himself
6) and so much more that I will keep to myself
Photo from 3E Love's Wheelchair Heart on Facebook

International Day of Acceptance from Days of the Year:

"The (International) Day of Acceptance is a valuable social entrepreneurial awareness experiment with a heart-warming back-story."

"Annie Hopkins founded 3E Love to make the world a better place, also creating the International Symbol of Acceptance, which shows a wheelchair in the shape of a heart. Together, the occasion and the symbol communicate the 3E Love ethos of devotion, equality, respect and understanding, to be adopted and appreciated by people of all abilities."

"Disability owned and operated, 3E Love works to empower people through pride and passion, rather than charity. Taking control, following our dreams and being the best we can, regardless of physical factors, makes us what we are, and Annie’s goal to share this with as many people as possible has proved a source of inspiration all across the world."

"On January 20th 2009, Annie passed away due to unexpected complications during a simple medical procedure. Her memory lives on in the hearts of her friends and family, and it also lives on in the heart of the International Symbol of Acceptance. Annie’s brother, Stevie Hopkins, who helped her start 3E Love, paid tribute to his sister’s selfless efforts and vowed to keep them alive. On the first anniversary of Annie’s passing, Stevie and family founded an annual celebration of her life and work, inviting everyone to take part in a variety of ways, from drawing the symbol on your hand or cheek, to ordering buttons and T-shirts from the website, or simply changing your social media profile pictures to the logo for the day."

To quote 3E Love: “Friends, tell the world you embrace who you are; a person with social rights, who has an opinion, who has interests, who has goals and who loves life; a person who is empowered to make a difference in the world and not be without a voice in society. You are not living disabled, you are living.”

FROM CAT CAT WITH CAREN AND CODY: We pray the World will show more acceptance and compassion for those with any type of a disability, be it mental or physical, and for EVERYONE who is perceived to be "different", whether it be due to the religion they practice, the color of their skin, their gender, etc. May God Bless Everyone and "May God continue to bless the United States of America."

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Cats Warming Your January in the 2017 Cat Blogging Calendar

Hi furiends of all shapes, sizes and distinctions!! It's Cody, and today since this week I am featured in the 2017 Cat Blogging Calendar, I thought it would be fun to share the  photos and blogs of all the other kitties that are also featured in the month of January, (and a couple of super special kitties that are featured in February!!) These kitties are all just a sampling of the many ADORABLE and PRECIOUS kitties featured in this most pawesome and USEFUL calendar!!!

Newton, Ashton, Pierre from 

Dexter, Olive and Sophie from


Guido and Grappa from

Zorro and Pixie from 

Also a HUGE THANK YOU to "Mom Paula" and her gorgeous girls, Truffle and Brulee for all of their hard work in putting together this fabulous calendar!! And...Truffle and Brulee just happen to be featured  the week of.......FEBRUARY 12-18th!!

Truffle and Brulee from

If you haven't purchased your
  2017 Cat Blogging calendar 
do you know that you STILL CAN??? 

Cover Design by Debbie Glovatsky
of Glogirly

Mom and I would be lost without ours. The pages are PURRFECT for scheduling your Vet trips blog posts, etc!!! And...you get to look at adorable kitties EVERY DAY!!


Don't miss out!!! Pussyfoot on over and get yours....NOW!!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Visiting an Old Friend: Nellie Shared Her Gift With Me/Day #14

Hi all it's Cody! For those of you who are long time readers of my blog, you know that Nellie and I have been dear, close furiends for nearly my entire kitty life! We go way back! We have been in numerous blog posts together, shared trysts and so much more.

Cody and Nellie from 2013 I think!

I was excited when Nellie called me the other day. She wanted to share the gift of her company with me and I happily accepted! Well, truth be told, HERE is what REALLY happened as she wrote on her blog today: "Sunday, Mommy and her furrends was watching the Packers and the Cowboys. Purrsonally, mes finds football a little boring. Mes gotted Mommy's phone and texted my bestest old furrend Cody...."

Doesn't matter if Nellie texted me because she was bored, (little did she know I was watching the same football game when she texted me, but I am not one of those mancats who put sports ahead of special ladycats.) I will drop everything for sweet "Nellie Belly" and she knows that! Even FOOD!!!

I was at Nellie's so fast..."before she could say touchdown!!!" Nellie and I had a most pawesome time visiting and chatting together. It meant the world to me that she wanted to share Day 14 of her "Gift" with me.

Love you sweet Nellie Belly,

Sunday, January 15, 2017

SMART: Specialized Mobile Animal Rescue Team (Guest Post) #BtC4A

When people ask me about my favorite rescue in my feature-length documentary SMART: Specialized Mobile Animal Rescue Team, they assume the answer’s going to be something big. The deer in Pee-Wee Herman’s backyard? Airlifting the horse from the dam? Surely, the mountain lion in the basement?

The answer, surprisingly enough, is a kitten in a basement.

First, check out the trailer:

You back? Great. Pretty cool, right?

My team and I spent 3 years in the field with SMART. We lived, breathed and bled with them. But they truly figured out who I was early on, in a house with true Hollywood pedigree. Yes, this rescue could only have occurred in the City of  Los Angeles.

SMART team lead Armando Navarrete was in the attic, his flashlight beam sweeping across insulation and wood. The owners thought the kitten was up there, but although we could hear the little thing, it was nowhere to be found.

I shimmied downstairs and ran outside, making sure I was on the same side of the house Armando was. And then I heard it. The kitten was crying beneath the house, and the sound was racing up the wall to the attic.

I told Armando to come on down, and then I almost went in to grab the kitten. I think that’s when they figured out that I was truly invested in their work. That I got it. Me, leading my small crew, determined to tell their story… and I almost ruined my own shoot to go get that little critter.
Armando with Kitten
Photo Courtesy of Justin Zimmerman, Director of SMART

Of course the properly trained and incredibly talented Armando Navarrete did his thing and saved the day, and that kitten rescue is an important part of the documentary. But the end of the story hasn’t ever been told before. Until now.

Because in true Hollywood fashion, the owner of the home was in the classic Planet of the Apes. He sprayed down Chuck Heston with a water cannon, in fact. And Planet of the Apes is Armando’s favorite movie from his childhood.

From Planet of The Apes
Photo Courtesy of Justin Zimmerman, Director of SMART

Mind. Blown.

So it wasn’t the dog over the cliff or the 50-foot fall or even the pelican water rescue that stands out to me the most. My favorite rescue is a kitten, alone in the dark, crying out for help so loudly that it sounds like it’s coming from the attic. And the need to go in and get it out, no matter what, running through me.

Armando with kitten
Photo Courtesy of Justin Zimmerman, Director of SMART

Movies. Documentaries. LA. It all came together in SMART, and now the film is live on Amazon and more for all to see. I hope you have time to watch and review it, and I hope it galvanizes everyone who sees it to help. To volunteer, to adopt a shelter animal, to have their pets spayed, neutered and microchipped. You know the score.

Because you don’t have to jump out of a helicopter to be an animal rescuer.

Justin Zimmerman, Director

Everything SMART: www.SMARTMovieDoc.com

SMART on Facebook 

SMART on Amazon DVD

From Cat Chat With Caren and Cody: We were not compensated for sharing this guest post.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

World Thank You Day!

Hi my furiends! It's Cody and in case you didn't know, today is World Thank You Day !

Saying "thank you" is important EVERY day of the year, not just when the calendar tells us to! Today, I have some "thank-yous" to say!

See my "buzzed" look above? See what is lying next to me? Well, that catabulous Yeowww!! Nip Nanner was sent to me by my furiend Rachel from Three Chatty Cats and Cat Lady Alley. (If you aren't familiar with her blogs, they are "must-reads" so be sure to check them out!) I have blogged about the Yeowww! line of catnip toys a few times, but Rachel didn't know that. Rachel must have had ESP because nip nanners are one of my all time faves and mine was a zillion years old and was all ratty and over-loved drooled on!
Totally "nipped" out!

Rachel was sweet and sent that Nanner to me because for some reason I wasn't receiving blog posts from her newest blog, Cat Lady Alley, and I completely missed the chance to enter her holiday contest called "12 Days of Give-Aways."  Mom and I had subscribed to her blog the day she announced the blog was beginning, and didn't know there had been a give-away til another blogger blogged about winning a prize. Mom wrote to Rachel telling her that something must have happened because her posts were no longer coming to our email,  (it appears it happened to someone else too!) and Rachel was soo sweet and felt so bad for me that she said she wanted to send me a prezzie of my own!! A Nip Nanner just for me!!! Mom and I were deeply touched by Rachel's kindness because she sure didn't have to do that. "Rachel, THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!! You made me so happy!" You can see how much I enjoyed it in the video below, (I am so sorry that for some reason the video came out kind of fuzzy, but you get the idea!!)

I could not be happier with my surprise! I will be buzzed for weeks!

Now, we have another thank you to say but we don't know who sent this to me!!

This came from Amazon, (as did Rachel's surprise), but didn't have a note included. Mom thinks she might have won this on a dog blog (because she remembers receiving a card or an email saying Dakota won, but she can't find the card or email, and can't remember who it was!) The person had said they were sending something for both Dakota and I. Mom and I want to give a proper thank you but we can't until we know who it was that sent this to me!

Mom STILL has our holiday cards hanging up so when she takes them down (hopefully soon), she will check the back of the cards again and see if she can find out who it was that sent this most thoughtful prezzie!! I LOVE MOUSEYS!!! Mom won't let me play with it til she finds out who sent it so that she can video me playing with it.

Also, we received a number of holiday cards AFTER we had sent out ours, and because it was too close to the New Year to mail them, and Mom didn't want to send them so late, there are a few people who sent us cards that we didn't get to acknowledge or reciprocate. We are SORRY and we say THANK YOU!!!!  Each and every card was most appreciated!

Last, but not least, thanks to ALL OF YOU for being such good furiends. You are all pawesome and we think the world of you!!

Now, if you excuse me, I have a nanner to go and play with!


Monday, January 9, 2017

Blogging Cat Wants to know: How Messy Is YOUR Desk?

Hi all it's Cody! Today I am so upset that I could just hiss!  Today is  Clean Off Your Desk Day.  It is a day where humans are supposed to get rid of all unnecessary clutter on their desks!!

I think a certain someone in MY house named "Mom" did NOT get the memo.  Dad and I are aggravated! Believe it or not, Mom and I HAVE an "office"....Dad keeps threatening to take it over, but Mom won't hear of it. It doesn't make sense because she NEVER uses it!
Ok, our office isn't   the best looking, it isn't modern, hip and happening, but it is FULL of all sorts of things that Mom loves and many that I love too!!!

Now...Mom hasn't worked in this office in so long that I probably cannot count that high. Instead, Mom has chosen to turn the dining room table into her "office." Furiends, I am telling you it is a DISASTER!!

Whenever I mention to Mom that WE need to get BACK in our office she tells me that she prefers the dining room table because she can see the TV AND it is close to the kitchen, (yeah, ok, we live in a mansion, NOT!!!  ANY room is close to the kitchen, and last time I looked, Mom needs to STAY OUT OF THE KITCHEN, unless of course, she is feeding ME!!)

When I mentioned to Mom that I am TRYING to understand her illogical reasoning, I start pleading with her to  at LEAST clean the dining room table  up, she just refers me to these fun photos she found on Pinterest to support her argument that HER desk dining room table,  is FINE!!

From Pinterest
From Pinterest

From Pinterest
From Pinterest

From Pinterest

Ok Mom keep telling yourself that. Now, I am going to share the messy desk dining room table that YOU think is BETTER and we will have our furiends decide! Here you go, here is where Mom works (and where she forces ME to work too!)

I am thoroughly disgusted by that photo! So much so, that I had Mom take a quiz to PROVE to her that her mess is OUT OF CONTROL!!! Here are her results:

You haven’t seen your desktop in months and your workspace could use some TLC. Start by removing any unnecessary wrappers, papers and trash. Add an air freshener to get rid of foul smells. Label drawers and cabinets to help you stay organized. Consider relocating that old printer or bookcase that is rarely used, in exchange for a closed storage cabinet.

I rest my case! Now furiends do you think I should be subjected to working surrounded by junk, or in our designated office space as shown below

Let me know furiends, also, what is the area where YOU work like? Is it messy or tidy? This kitty wants to know!!!

In the meantime, I had better NOT let Mom see this!!

From Pinterest


Friday, January 6, 2017

Friday Friend: "Houston"

Hi my furiends!! It's Cody and today, I would like you to meet my new friend, "Houston!"

Now, who is Houston? Well, if you remember we had a coloring book give-away and Houston's Mom, Cheryl, was one of the winners! We got to talking via email, and she told me about her kitty named Houston. Mom and I asked to see a photo and here you go! Isn't he handsome?

Here is what Cheryl wrote about him: "This is my Houston he is four years old. He traveled from Houston Texas to Universal City we found him under the hood when the travelers stopped at a grocery store .They didn't want him so I got to keep him. He is my little buddy😊 "

Houston is one lucky kitty isn't he? This got me to thinking, I think it would be fun if anyone wants to see their kitty featured on our blog, just paw me an email and attach a photo, Mom and I will be happy to share! Whenever we get one we will share on "Friday Friend!!" You can email your photo(s) with anything you want us to know about your pet to:

cgittleman at mi dot rr dot com 

   (be sure to include the kitty's name!!) Can't wait to see them! (Oh and if you want to send a woofie, that is fine too!)

Have a great weekend all!!!

Love, Cody