Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mom Bought Me A New Bowl! Semi-Wordless Wednesday

I love it!
If you want one too, visit Pet Lover Paradise!! 
They have all kinds of great stuff for your pets!!


  1. I bet Dakota is jealous!
    Super cute and without question, YOURS.
    ; ) Katie & Glogirly

  2. Wow, that is a wonderful new bowl. Mummy will be able to put lots and lots of nommies in there for you :)xx

  3. How awesome - it's personalized and everything!

  4. Yay!! It's a gorgeous colour but best of all, it's got your name on it lovely Cody!! Take care

  5. Cute! And blue which is a nice colour too.

  6. You lucky boy, Cody! they come in pink too? purrr...meow!

  7. Pretty! I also love the color of your mom's manicure :-)

  8. Wowzer Yowzer Cody! How totally cool is that? It even has your name on a FISH on the bowl. Your Mom really loves you a ton huh?!?!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  9. Cody, Brian is right, it is empty. Better get your person to fill it up. It is an amazing bowl.

  10. Cody, that's a really lovely bowl! Even better when filled, of course.

  11. I love it too! How beautiful!

  12. It's a great bowl, Cody! Really pretty colour, I think.

  13. Wow really cool, Mom says there is pirate ones at petsmart that she wants really badly right now lol!

  14. Yea yea yea. It's nice, it's blue, it's got my fill 'er up! :p

  15. Allie: SQUEE!!! Do they come in PINK? I totally need a pink bowl with MY name on it!

    Oooh Cody that's pawesome!

  16. Are you just going to admire the bowl Cody or will you be given some noms in it?
    Personalized bowls - now would that stop Hannah from stealing my noms I wonder... probably not!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  17. What a beautiful bowl Cody! You even got your name on a fish!

  18. What a cute bowl!! I love the color and the little fish with your name on! I gotta check out the website. Thank you for the link!!

  19. Gorgeous!! I would love one in leopard! In our house of seven, it's hard to afford seven bowls with seven names, but we love the concept!! We also LOVE how the nails match the bowl... nice touch (it's kind of a Libra thing)!! xoxo

  20. at this way cool bowl...and I really like the color...pawing through handbag looking for the square money thingy...

  21. Now that's one cool bowl! I bet your food will taste so extra special good in that brand new bowl!

  22. Cody
    It has your name on it!
    That fabulous.

  23. @Katie and Glogirly, you know what? He isn't!! The reason is we have the kitchen babygated so that he can't get in there (He is never in the kitchen)...soooo all of my bowls and my toys (he isn't allowed where my toys are kept either) are safe!! I do drink out of HIS water bowl though! MOL!!

    @Abby I know!! I love it! It is the first bowl with my name on it!

    @Layla thank you! Mom was a slacker and never had a bowl personalized for me before. She even BOUGHT IT MOL!

    @Linda oh yes it most definitely does!!

    @Tucker thank you!

    @Sunshine thank you!!

    @savannah "square money thingy" MOL!!! Love it!

    @Repositorio thank you!

    @Deb Barnes, it figures YOU would notice that!! MOL!! The nails "compliment" the, at that time the nails were purple...the bowl is blue!! But they sure do compliment it! lol. LOVE your leopard idea!

    @Tamago so glad you will check them out. We love the little fishy and the color too!

    @Bassetmomma yes and a tasty fish at that!

    @Hannah and know what? Mom should have photographed me eating out of the know how THAT goes!! xoxo

    @Rykers PINK!! That is a great idea! You and Deb Barnes sure had some great ideas!

    @The Furries, that' about how it went! MOL!

    @Erika a PIRATE ONE???? WOW!! Thank you for telling us! We may have to go and check that out!

    @Nerissa thank you!! I love the color too!

    @Priscilla thank you!! I love it!

    @Fuzzy Tales absolutely!

    @Marg we did! Dad was the one to fill it for the first time!

    @Brian ROFLMAO!! It wasn't for long!

    @Sammy yes she does and as she should!!! lol

    @Ingrid ohhhhh that's right!! You love purple/lavender!!! Those were purple-ish lavender nails!! Mom says thank you and she always has some crazy color on them! MOL!

    @Cat from Sydney, I think Ryker just asked that. Run over and check!

    @Au and Target I love blue!

    @Old Kitty I love that it has my name on it too! Tell Charlie Hi!

    @ dArtagnan Rumblepurr/Diego Hamlet "posh" love it!

    @Sparkle thank you! It makes it extra delicious!

    @Princess Jasmine, thank you! I am making sure that Mom sees your comment! xoxoxo

  24. Oh! Great Bowl! Can me share some of your yummy dinner in it?

  25. Is that bowl as big as it looks?? You are one lucky cat, Cody.

  26. That is so cool! Want!

  27. Wow, that is one special food bowl for sure! You lucky kittie!!
    Wanted to let you know how cute I thought your photo of your tummie was over at the TCC. Really precious!!

  28. That is a great bowl. We love the fishy with your name on it. We wonder if it would pass the Oui Oui test? She likes to sit on the edge and see if it tips over.