Friday, December 30, 2016

#Ad : Cat Tells the TRUTH About What He Is Looking Forward To In 2017 #NutrishPets

Rachael Ray Nutrish has sponsored this post, but all opinions are my own.

Hi my furiends, it's Cody. Well,  2016 is about to be kicked to the curb, and let me tell you, this kitty is THRILLED! 2016 wasn't particularly great to the World, to many humans that I know, and it was "nasty" to  many of my furry friends.   I will be HAPPY to see it go! I DO have some reservations about 2017, but that is a story for an entirely different day, time and place! 

other day I was busy lounging on the couch as I often do, and thought my duties as an Ambassacat for Nutrish were done
for the year, but then Misson Control at Nutrish contacted me, and I  learned that my input was needed along with Dakota's, to share our thoughts about "What We Are Looking Forward to In 2017."  Of course
Dakota, being the sensitive Sheltie kiss-up that he is, did a post about his "A Dog's 17 Wishes for a Happy New Year 2017."  It's no surprise that after reading his post that you wanted ME to share my thoughts as well.  I applaud you for realizing how brilliant, wise snarky I am and knowing that I will tell you EXACTLY how I feel!


You want to know what I am looking forward to in 2017?
First, I am sorry Mission Control, I love you as much almost as much as I love Nutrish For Cats, but I AM A CAT.  I don't have the same over-the-top, attention seeking needs as my neurotic woofie brother.  I am here to tell you, (Key Meghan Trainor......)


DID YOU HEAR ME? "I'M ALL ABOUT THE FOOD!!"  SPECIFICALLY, YOUR FOOD. CAPISCE? Since you introduced Nutrish for Cats to the Nutrish family of products,  and made ME an "Ambassacat" to enhance the insipid posts that my Sheltie brother does, my life and my meals IMPROVED FOR THE BETTER!

Yeah, yeah, I know you want me to be all sensitive and mushy sickening, like my Sheltie brother, but, once again, I AM A CAT. I am not going to give you all of this lovey-dovey, sensitive stuff that I am looking forward to in 2017. 

 Here is what I do EVERY DAY 
 ALL 365 DAYS OF 2017!!

EATING---Nutrish for Cats!!!
EATING---Nutrish for Cats!!!

Ok, so I AM proud, honored, and thrilled to be one of your Ambassacats again in 2017, It is going to be a pawesome year in that regard for sure!!! YOU know that, and I KNOW THAT. 
But, I am NOT going to spin around with excitement like a certain Sheltie that we all know, I am MUCH more refined and in control than THAT!
If you are looking for over exuberance and mushiness, you have my Mom and my Sheltie brother!!
What I WILL tell you is that I am hoping that kitties who haven't tried Nutrish for Cats will do so in 2017, (I know you have some exciting plans for 2017 up your paws,  and THAT, I AM looking forward to!) And.....if the kitties I know try Nutrish for Cats, they will be helping Rachael Ray help the animals through Rachael's Rescue, and THAT is PAWTASTIC!!  THAT matters to me almost as much as EATING YOUR FOOD.
(Ok, to me, the food comes first, but you get the idea). There are many animals who aren't as fortunate as Dakota and I, and in my heart of hearts, I want them all to have furever homes, delicious food, and the love that I have EVERY DAY! Rachael Ray cares about them too and that is why she gives back!
A portion of Nutrish proceeds go to Rachael’s Rescue®, which was created to help animals in need. To date, over $14MM has been donated. This money has gone toward food, medical supplies and treatments for these unfortunate animals.

All of the Rachael Ray Nutrish products are available where you shop for your family’s groceries, making specialty recipes accessible and convenient for every pet parent. 
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And some things that will ALWAYS BE,
Like ME eating Nutrish for Cats!
From my family to yours,
From my Nutrish "family" to yours,
We wish you a Happy, Safe, Blessed,
Prosperous, and DELICIOUS NEW YEAR!!!!
Love, Cody

Monday, December 26, 2016

THANK YOU for my "SNAIL MAIL" Cards!! Chanukah and Christmas

Hi all! It's Cody! If you celebrate Christmas, I hope you had a great one! If you celebrate Chanukah, you are STILL celebrating!

I would like to thank EVERY FURRY who sent me a holiday card via snail mail!! Mom and I feel bad because this year we couldn't send them to everyone, so we just sent them to those that we received cards from. Hopefully next year, we can send to everyone and participate in the gift exchange too!

Your adorable and beautiful cards mean the world to us!! We are posting them here, sorry that this didn't come out great.

Dakota  and I were practically tied in the number of cards we received via snail mail...both of us got around 30!! Mom and Dad? We won't talk about them BOL!

Thank you so much dear furiends!!

We love our cards!

Love, Cody and Caren

Sunday, December 25, 2016

"We Wish YOU a MERRY CHRISTMAS!" with love and gratitude!!

Merry, Merry Christmas!!! When putting together this post, we couldn't decide if we wanted to do a collage or just list each card individually, (we posted cards from cats, homes that have cats and dogs, a bird and a rabbit, families that ONLY have dogs are over on Dakota's blog today!!!!). This post is showing JUST THE EMAIL CARDS THAT WE RECEIVED, (we are hoping to post the snail mail cards tomorrow If we missed yours, please, please, let us know....we will post it Monday, or at a later date. We think we got everyone we received an e-card  from).........

As you can see we opted to post each card individually. If I did a collage many would be cut and you all put so much care and love into your cards that they ALL deserve to be seen! Each and EVERY ONE IS ADORABLE!!!!!


Cody and I are deeply touched.......while putting this post together it showed us just how BLESSED and LUCKY WE ARE that you ARE OUR FRIENDS, that you  visit us when you can, and that you thought of us during the holidays! THANK YOU!

The pet blogging world is full of some of the kindest people on the planet, and we are so proud to be among so many marvelous people (and pets!!). Even if we may disagree with each other and have moments of crankiness (wait, what???!!), when it comes to our pets, (their joys, their woes, good health, bad health, what to feed, when to feed,  comforting those in pain, praying for ill pets to get well and crying when we lose one of our own to the Rainbow Bridge...), we rally together for the love of our pets.

You sure can't beat that.....

Now...because Mom just LOVES Jimmy Fallon, enjoy and...kitties, watch carefully, there are mousies in this video!! Enjoy!

Have a blessed and Merry Christmas dear friends,

THANK YOU for caring about US!
Caren and Cody