Monday, July 26, 2021

Hauspanther Freeze-Dried Raw Cat Treats!! "Bring out the Hauspanther in your Cat!"

 Roary turned one year old on June 10th and do you believe until recently he had NEVER tasted ANY type of a cat treat? That's the truth! He hadn't had any until our furiend Kate Benjamin of Hauspanther contacted us asking if Roary wanted to try her new Hauspanther Freeze-Dried Treats and/or Meal-Toppers!

Being a great fan of all things Hauspanther I spoke for Roary and said he would be happy to try the Hauspanther Freeze Dried Chicken Liver cat treats.


Roary was so excited when the treats  arrived!!

Roary wasn't the only one who was happy! I was happy when I learned more about the treats!
 They are:

  • Single-ingredient protein that’s USA sourced, made and packaged
  • Freeze-dried to lock in freshness and retain nutrients
  • Cage-free, nutrient-dense, organ meat that’s high in protein and rich in folate
  • Biologically appropriate, 100% natural, raw, grain and gluten free
  • Convenient to store and feed
  • Age range description: All Life Stages

They come in THREE delicious flavors:

Beef Liver
Chicken Liver
Turkey Heart

They look delectable and are a great size!


While we received this bag of treats at no cost to us, I will definitely purchase them! (We also received no monetary compensation for this blog post)

We did not try the Meal Toppers, (because I thought Roary might be a little young for them), but you can see them below:
The treats and the toppers are all available on Amazon! (click on the names below)

Freeze-dried Raw Meal Topper

"Hauspanther offers premium products for cats, including climbers, beds, scratchers, toys and now freeze-dried nutrition. We believe that everything you buy for your cat should help them to live vibrant, healthy lives to show how much you love them. Only the best for your Hauspanther!"

Thanks so much for  these delicious treats!

Love, Roary

Monday, July 19, 2021

Simple Cat Scratcher Incline from Way Basics


Hi everyone! Today it's me, Roary pawing on the computer, and I think this just might be my FIRST product review that I am doing ALL BY MYSELF! Now don't get me wrong, the kitty that came bbefore me, (and who this blog is dedicated to, Cody, did MANY product reviews, this is just the first one for ME!) I'm excited, but I have some pretty big paws to fill...  here goes!

 Mom was given the opportunity to have me try a Cat Scratcher from a company called Way Basics and she said because I am a HUGE fan of Cat Scratchers, she would let me try it out.

It arrived a few days ago,  and when it arrived, being an extremely curious and intelligent kitty, I had to check it out myself.

There were just a few pieces to put together and some clear instructions.
Mom and I love that Way Basics believes in "keeping things easy and simple." That translates to not having a zillion pieces and parts to put together! We also love that they are an "eco company" and a "green company."

The photo above is courtesy of the Way Basics Website

FROM THE WAYBASICS WEBSITE: "This is a Cat Scratcher with a twist, or should we say, an incline! This black Cat Scratcher is up on an incline and looks great against any wall in your house. It’s stylish and made from zBoard, an eco-friendly material that is safe for your home and your cat."

Photo Courtesy of the Way Basics Website

Mom and I love how you can either stand the scratcher up or lay it down. Unfortunately, because of the Giant Sheltie that I live with, I can't use the scratcher in the living room (he would think it was lunch!!). For now, I am using it in Mom and Dad's bedroom where MANY of my other toys are. There isn't a ton of free wall space there, and Mom didn't stand it up against the cabinet yet, so there are no photos of me using it standing up. I use mine with the scratcher laying down and I love it just the same! It's super versatile to have a scratcher that can stand up OR lay down!

When mine arrived I couldn't wait for Mom to put it together, it was so easy that even I could have put it together WITHOUT NEEDING THUMBS!!

In the above photo it was almost ready!!!

 "Way Basics black Simple Cat Scratcher Incline is a smart and effective way to help your cat lose the urge to scratch the furniture while helping to trim their nails at the same time. This isn’t your average cat scratcher as it is on an incline that cats love and it even can blend into any room and look like a beautiful piece of furniture! This product is made out of zBoard, a sustainable and strong patented material that is eco-friendly and safe for your home. Way Basics uses a 3M industrial adhesive instead of hardware. which means no tools are required."

"Easy to assemble, no tools required, just peel the 3M industrial adhesive strips and put together with easy-align pins
Made with eco-friendly and sustainable zBoard, non-toxic and free of formaldehyde & VOC. Learn benefits here.
Contains 1 scratch pad
Safe for your pet
Organic catnip included
Maximum load 30 lbs (recommended)"

I LOVED the organic catnip that was included. Mom sprinkled it on top. That's mostly for kitties that AREN'T naturally curious like I am! I would have checked it out regardless, but Mom put the catnip on just to be safe. I loved that nip so much that I started licking it! (that's why in some photos you see some wetness on the scratcher, that's from my over zealous licking!)

I was pretty darned intrigued!

As I mentioned above, I tend to lay down when I am scratching, I do that much more than scratching when I am standing, but Mom and I are happy that because this scratcher has an incline enabling it to  stand up against a wall or furniture, that we can change it up depending on my mood! HAVING A SCRATCHER THAT IS VERSATILE is PAWTASTIC!!

I just love this scratcher!!

 Kitties, I think you need to get one of these scratchers ASAP! They are super affordable and versatile! You will have LOTS AND LOTS of fun scratching! 


Now if you will excuse  me I am beat from all of that scratching!!! I'm gonna take a nap now. Oh and if you were wondering, (because of the FTC rules, whatever that is, Mom just told me I have to mention this), I wasn't given any compensation for this post. I received the scratcher simply because I'm so cute (well, that's what Mom said, but that isn't the truth). The truth is I was not compensated with human money, cat food, treats or removing the Giant Sheltie from our home. I was sent the scratcher in exchange for my honest opinion. That's because I'm an intelligent sort.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it! Thanks Way Basics!

Love, Roary

Friday, July 9, 2021

A Childhood Dream Come True, "Pawprints Left By You"

 Once there was a little girl  who was obsessed with the TV Show "Lassie." Her parents bought a stuffed Lassie that she carried with her everywhere,  she was about 2 yrs old. There was a time, when her stuffed Lassie needed a bath,  her parents took her from her and the little one went into a frenzy typical of a child who lost her favorite toy. Her father went out to try and get a replacement while Lassie was being washed, couldn't find one, and brought home "Rin Tin Tin". (For those who are too young to know, that was a German Shepherd also on TV). When "Rin Tin Tin" was presented to the little girl she promptly flung it out of her crib. It wasn't Lassie. From that moment on, her parents knew that there needed to not be one, but TWO back-up "Lassies."

At five, the little girl was delighted that a family moved in across the street who had a dog that looked just like Lassie! (He actually was a Shetland Sheepdog, who to the little girl, WAS LASSIE!!). The little girl would play with the children across the street, mostly to play with their dog, who was named "Dandy." It was then, that her obsession with having a dog that looked just like Lassie and Dandy began.

That dream wasn't fulfilled until 14 years ago. The girl's bonus daughter, called to tell her that an 8 month old Sheltie  named "Tanner", was available. He ended up  joining the family which consisted of the girl,  her husband and their cat, "Cody."

The girl decided that "Tanner" wasn't an appropriate name, so the  girl searched for the perfect name. She had always liked the name "Dakota", she searched the meaning, and discovered that it meant "Trusted Friend" in American Indian. That name was perfect, and "Tanner" became "Dakota."

For 13 years the girl was blessed to have Dakota in her life and her family loved him dearly.

He wasn't like many Shelties, he was on the shy side, kind of "cat-like". He didn't readily accept anyone into his world, but once he did, he loved them with all of his heart.

He didn't like taking walks, not until the last year of his life. During his last year Dakota only wanted to take walks, it was as if he was trying to make up for all of the times that the girl wanted him to take a walk and he wouldn't.

He was fiercely loyal and devoted to his people. He had a way of always knowing when the girl was upset and would shower her with licks and love.

He adored his Dad who adored him back.

 He adored his kitty brother. He passed 9 days after Cody. (While Dakota had cancer on his heart and we knew his time was limited, we are certain Cody's passing expedited Dakota leaving us. The photo below was taken less than a month before they were both gone.)

He never minded being at the Vet. "Dr.Smiley" used to describe him as being "stoic." He took everything at the Vet in stride.

Speaking of "smiles", Dakota ALWAYS had time for a smile!

He loved popcorn, his beloved red, white and blue ball (a Dollar Store find that he cherished, while more expensive dog toys would sit unused). He loved Greenies, and knew that at 6pm every day he would get one.

He was one of 6 blogging dogs who were Brand Ambassadors for Rachael Ray Nutrish for four years. (He actually began  eating Nutrish approximately 3 years before ever representing their brand)

Dakota was the first dog the girl ever had. He fulfilled her childhood dream. 

Dakota had the most gentle spirit, he was sensitive, loving and sweet dog. He was Quirky. Fun. Silly. A thief. A barker. A watchdog. "A TRUSTED FRIEND."

Dakota passed a year ago today at approximately 6:30pm. He was surrounded by love. "Dr.Smiley and his assistant, Jessica, came to our home to help him cross the bridge. He fought leaving with everything he had, he even got up and moved away, he didn't want to leave. He didn't want to leave the people he loved. He wanted to stay. He knew how badly we needed him. He KNEW his "girl" was heartbroken.  That "girl" you all know is me.......I held him on my lap, cried into his fur, pet him gently and thanked him. I thanked him for all of the love, laughs, barks, licks and love that he blessed our lives with for 13 years. With all he gave to us, we could say "thank you" forever and it wouldn't be enough.

Minutes after Dakota passed a yellow butterfly appeared on our balcony, I spotted it  flying by the patio door right in the room where he passed. I knew it was HIM. He had to peek in one last time before he went and joined Cody.

To our precious Dakota, there isn't a day that goes by that we don't think of you or mention you with love. Daddy and I still love you with all of our hearts and miss you. You will never, ever be forgotten. Thank you for 13 wonderful years......we were blessed to share our lives with you. Love Always, Mom and Dad.