Friday, July 29, 2011

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cody & The Vet Part I & Innova Winners! Pretty Darned Wordy Wednesday!

What a day yesterday was! As many of you know, due to food allergies, Cody has been on a limited ingredient diet since last summer.  (If you are a newer follower you may want to read about it here

A couple of days ago I had caught Cody pilfering some of Dakota's dry food from the closet where it is stored, by the time I had nabbed him he had already eaten at least one piece, possibly more. 

Last night I noticed a rather large and bloody lesion on Cody's head near his right ear, after checking him thoroughly I also noticed the beginning of more lesions by his left ear.

Afraid of possible infection I decided to take Cody to the vet today to have him checked out and put on meds.

What happened before we left not only completely baffled me but caused me to laugh so hard I could barely contain myself!

We all know how hard it normally is to get a cat into their carrier for the dreaded vet trip. In the 20+ years that I have been owned by a cat I have NEVER had this happen.

 I walked into my office and Cody was ALREADY IN HIS CRATE! He had put himself IN THE CRATE!  I was beside myself with shock! 

I know none of you will believe this, I was so stunned at my good fortune that I called my husband to run in and see what I had found. Cody also removed "Dr.Smiley" from the crate himself, as the Cat Gods are my witness, I had NOTHING to do with this! I even told everyone at the vet's office what had happened!

There was no need to entice trick him with food, nothing! He was ready to go! I gingerly walked over to close the carrier door certain my good luck would end with Cody darting away. Nope. The poor little guy must have been feeling even worse than I imagined. It was as if he was sending me a message "Mom I need to go to the vet and I am ready to go! I will be a brave boy!"  I cannot begin to tell you how proud I was of my boy! Here is the story of what happened, from Cody's eyes;

Cody is doing fine! He received a shot of an antibiotic and he is now on Prednisone for the next few weeks. To those who sent messages of goodwill and concern on my Facebook Cat Chat With Caren & Cody page we THANK YOU!

Now, on to what this blog was supposed to be about today. The WINNERS of the INNOVA PET FOOD GIVE-AWAY!!

I went to and used their:
Random Integer Generator
Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2011-07-27 00:02:24 UTC

Number 2 was SKKORMAN

Number 8 was KEFRITH

Number 10 was CAMIE'S KITTIES

Thanks to all who entered! Please email me your mailing address to cgittleman at mi dot rr dot com. If I don't hear from you by the end of the week another winner will be selected in your place.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Mancat Monday-Me & My Quilt

Happy Monday everyone!

I hope it is a good week for all of us!

My week started off quite nicely!

Look what my Mom bought me!

It is a Ms Stella O'Houligan
Premium Catnip Quilt!
I must say that this side brings out the tiger in me!
If you look closely you can see my name on it
Look at how much fun this side is!
It reminds me of all of my
blogging furriends!
If you would like
your own beautifully handmade
Ms.Stella O'Houligan
Premium CatNip Quilt
please visit:

check out two videos
Mom took of me
I was pretty unaffected
by the catnip
but I still look
quite handsome just the same
don't you agree?

I was just having my "moment"
when  my brother Dakota broke my concentration

There! This video was much better! 
Any ladycats want to come over
 and loll away the time on my quilt with me?
 I promise I will clean up super nice before you visit!

Friday, July 22, 2011


If you would like a charming pictorial cat book that you could add to your coffee table conversation starters, Kittens in 3-D by Japanese photographer Yoneo Morita would be the purrfect choice.

"Yoneo Morita is well known in Japan for his absolutely adorable photographs of cats and dogs. He uses a technique that emphasizes the animal's nose, making their faces appear more infantile in comparison to their little bodies; this technique is known as "Hanadeka", (which literally means "big nose") and is widely employed in Japanese iconography."

If you are like I was and are wondering exactly what "iconography" is, I found the definition on

"the images and symbolic representations that are traditionally associated with a person or a subject"

KITTENS IN 3-D is the first book to combine Morita's photographs with 3-D technology.

KITTENS IN 3-D  actually comes with a 3-D view-finder which didn't work for me. They do list detailed instructions in the book pertaining to exactly how to use the view-finder. I think it is because I wear reading glasses that I didn't get the full 3-D effect.

 I viewed the photos with and without my reading glasses so the problem could definitely be with my eyes and not the photos or the view-finder!

Not every image in this book is three-dimensional, which will allow you to enjoy the photos as I did, with or without the view-finder.

The photos are exquisitely charming and regardless of the 3-D effect working for me or not, the kittens seem to leap off of the page in their clarity.

Some of the breeds featured in this photographic gem, are the Scottish Fold, American Shorthair, Munchkin, Maine Coon, Ragdoll and many more.

KITTENS IN 3-D is also peppered with interesting quotes from Lewis Carroll and Truman Capote, just to name a few. One of my favorite quotes that is featured in the book is:

"If man could be crossed with the cat, it would improve man but deteriorate the cat."-Mark Twain

If you enjoy looking at superb photos of rough and tumble, frolicking kittens in a variety of interesting scenarios, learning about different breeds of cats and are a lover of quotes about cats, then KITTENS IN 3-D is a book you will definitely want to get your paws on!

To purchase click here

ISBN: 9780062039576; ISBN10: 0062039571; Imprint: Harper Design ; On Sale: 6/21/2011; Format: Hardcover; Trimsize: 7 X 8 1/4; Pages: 96; $16.99; Ages: 18 and Up; BISAC1:PET003000

In full disclosure, I was not compensated in any way for this review. I was sent a copy of KITTENS IN 3-D to read and review. 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Garden Thursday, The Peppers Aren't The Only Things That Are HOT!!

Hi my friends! Glad you could stop by for another edition of "Garden Thursday!"

Normally I take you on a photo tour of our garden,  but I gotta be honest, my Mom and I are HOT and TIRED.

See me?
I am in the upper left window
making sure all of the
air conditioners below
are doing their job

As you probably already know, much of the United States (and parts of Canada) have been experiencing unseasonably hot weather.

This map came from
The areas colored in pink
(like Michigan, where we live)
are under "excessive heat warnings"

It has been in the mid to upper 90s each day this week and today it is supposed to reach 100.

It is hard to believe that just a few short months ago we were complaining about it being too cold and about how we thought that winter would never end!

Those of you that live in hot climates year-round must think we are babies for our reaction  to this heat.

You should understand that places in the Southern and Western U.S. and other countries that are hot year-round have architecture and landscape that is DESIGNED for these extreme temperatures. You have decor that is often white, or adobe color, turquoise, etc., colors that WORK with the heat and actually deflect it.

Not so in the North. Our architecture actually ABSORBS the heat.

So anyway, Mom and I are tired. Mom is unable to  exercise at all this week because this weather is awful for her kidney stones. (Mom has medullary sponge kidneys which is a congenital kidney condition. It means that her kidney's job is to MAKE stones) Mom always has 100s of stones every day! This scorching weather is a KILLER for kidney stones.

Mom and I are going to take it easy today but before I go  I wanted to show you the first vegetables that were harvested from our garden!

The red peppers are SUPER HOT. Mom put them in the freezer to save for when she makes homemade soup, chili and tomato sauce in the winter!

The other peppers in the photo should be  yellow but Mom had to pick them  before they could completely turn the appropriate shade of yellow.

That is it for this week my friends. Hope it is cooler where you are. Please be sure to check out all of the other gardens over at my friend, Jonesie's place.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

If Real Men Can Wear Pink, Real Mancats Can Play With It, That's My Story & I'm Sticking To It!

A package! It's for ME!!
I wonder what it could be?
It is from my Mom's bloggy friend Patty
She writes the bloggy "Art & Sew Forth"
Mom says she makes catnip toys for kitties!
Did she send one to ME???

It's a "Mousey Wiener Link?"
What is that?

"Oh No!! It's PINK!
I'll NEVER live this down!
It's a "Mousey Wiener Link?"
I call it a "Snouse"
Half Snake, Half Mouse
There's a PINK "SNOUSE"

At first I didn't want to play with it.
 I would be the laughing stock
 to end all laughing stocks
 among my Mancat friends.

Mom didn't care for my ungrateful attitude
She started rattling off her trite cliches:

"It IS a present after all, blah, blah, blah"
"Who cares what color it is? Blah, blah, blah"
"It's the thought that counts!" Blah, blah, blah"
"There are starving and homeless kitties
all over the world
that would be GRATEFUL
to play with this toy!
So what if it is PINK?!"

That's easy for HER to say
She is of the female "purrsuasion"
I hate to tell her but
I had an image of someone else
who was given something pink:

Mom was still upset with me.
In an effort to restore my
mancatliness she looked up
the meaning of the color pink

Here is what she found
"Emily Gems, Joyful Crystals & Gemstones"

"Pink provides feelings of caring, tenderness, self-worth and love, acceptance.

Put some pink in your life when you want:
  • calm feelings
  • to neutralize disorder
  • relaxation
  • acceptance, contentment
Reading that definition made me happy
Now that's a horse,  wiener,  "SNOUSE"
of a different color!

I decided to mancat up
and grin and bear it
I would play with my
wiener "SNOUSE"
with abandon!
(on a carpet emblazoned with PINK ROSES no less!)
 I would embrace
the fact that I 
pussyfoot to a different  drummer!
I'm secure in my

NONE of you
really saw
ANY of this


I repeat...




 Let's keep it that way.
It will be our little secret

If you would like your own
"Mousey Wiener Link"
visit MewMart
right here

But don't tell them
that Cody sent ya.... ok?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

INNOVA Holistic Pet Food: "Pet Food Made Right So You Can Feed Them Right" Give-Away!

I was excited to be contacted by INNOVA and afforded the opportunity to tell you about their pet food and treats that are made with natural, high-quality proteins, whole grains and farm-fresh fruits and vegetables.

"INNOVA was launched in 1993, based on the philosophy that including whole, natural and fresh ingredients is better for pets. INNOVA originated from a deep commitment to improve the lives of pets through superior nutrition."

INNOVA pet products are made under strict manufacturing standards at their plant in Fremont, Nebraska. The plant has been awarded with third-party food safety and quality accreditations every year since it opened in 2003. They also have their own standards of quality that must be met.

The package they sent to me surpassed my expectations, my mouth literally fell open when I saw the stunning/professional  visual presentation. The presentation was so clear, crisp, vivid, appetizing and inviting that it made ME want to eat the treats!

This is what arrived in the mail (please ignore my messy desk in the background):

This is how the box looked
BEFORE I opened it
to find the goodies inside
This is some of the most
inviting and appetizing
packaging I have ever seen

I delved deeper into the box and continued to be blown away by their presentation.

The goodies
inside the box
They even include a measuring cup
to ensure proper measuring of their food
 I was candid when I explained to the nice woman that contacted me from INNOVA  that Cody is on a limited ingredient diet which would make it impossible for me to honestly say whether or not he liked the treats that were mailed to him.

The cat treats that we received

  • Rich in essential fatty acids
  • Preserved with Vitamin E, an important antioxidant
  • Incorporates turkey and chicken, cottage cheese, vegetables and fruit, along with whole ground grains to create a cat treat with exceptional nutritional benefits

They also mailed Dakota dog treats which he DID  eat and LOVES! The folks at INNOVA were super compassionate about the fact that I did not want to switch Dakota from his regular dog food in order to try the  INNOVA dog food.

The tasty (according to Dakota)
dog treats that we received


  • Rich in essential fatty acids
  • Preserved with Vitamin E, an important antioxidant
  • Baked to ensure a more uniform and evenly prepared treat

Why Feed Innova Holistic Pet Food?

Innova holistic pet food has been formulated using only fresh, natural, wholesome pet food ingredients from each of the five food groups. And our innovative cooking methods ensure pet foods unequalled in healthful, nutritional benefits.

Innova cat food and dog food recipes are based on the most advanced research in animal health. The latest findings in orthomolecular medicine (the study of substances found in the body to achieve optimal health) are mirrored by the enhancements in our natural formulations.

  • Enhanced levels of EPA + DHA help with brain and eye development
  • Glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate help improve joint health in older pets and large breed dogs
  • Pumpkin, a "SuperFood," is a fantastic source of antioxidants
  • Live, naturally-occurring microorganisms found in a healthy digestive tract are included in Innova to improve overall digestive health
  • Vitamin E acts as a natural preservative and protects cells and tissues from oxidative damage

Innova offers different products for each stage in a pet's life, but also has a number of formulations ideal for all life stages.

Here comes the super fun part! We are having a GIVE-AWAY!! Our wonderful friends at INNOVA sent us 3 coupons to give to  3 readers of CAT CHAT (that's one coupon each! I apologize to our overseas friends but this contest is open to U.S. & Canada only) Guess what? WOOFIES can enter too! This give-away  isn't just for the kitties!

But... since Cody can't eat the kitty treats I have decided that one lucky kitty winner will receive the pouch of kitty treats that Cody cannot eat.

Entering is super easy, just please leave a comment telling me you would like to be entered. That's it!



In full disclosure I was not compensated in any way for this review. I was given the INNOVA kit which contained the items photographed above. 

Also, I have worked with a number of companies and I have to commend INNOVA again for their professionalism, understanding  and consideration. They are a complete and utter joy to work with. Kudos to their marketing department for the superior display of their sample kit (which INCLUDED STAMPED envelopes for me to mail the coupons to my winners! A FIRST!!)  AND their in-store displays.

I went to PetSmart last weekend and saw their display and was greatly impressed. I had also mentioned them to my vet when I saw him last week and he mentioned that a number of his clients are eating INNOVA and are thrilled with it!

I sooo wish Cody could eat INNOVA, I'm not done investigating to see if there is a way that he can!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Meet Artist Extraordinaire Deborah Julian! Cat Cards, Cat Art Prints, And Gifts For Cat Lovers!

"Handle With Care"
Cody and I are proud to present to you today the inordinately talented, kind,  gracious and modest Deborah Julian. We have ordered her note cards and I must say they were presented exquisitely. Frankly I think they are almost too gorgeous to use! But alas, I did mail a few out, it is just super hard to part with them.

these are just a couple
of the cards that I purchased from Deborah
I have mailed out the others
They came wrapped in that
pretty green ribbon!

When I asked Deborah if I could feature her on Cat Chat today I was delighted that she accepted. I love having the talented people that I feature describe themselves and their work to you... in their OWN words. After all, who knows us better than ourselves?

Without further adieu, I present to you, Deborah Julian!

"Before adopting cats I was strictly a street photographer. But my three playful cats- George, Billy and Sammy-have inspired a second body of work. I  love to create whimsical cat images with my fun felines as subjects.
"Chat Noir"

 I make cat note cards, art prints and decorative magnets from my original designs .  My images reflect my passion for cats, strong color and art history.

My designs are inspired by my cats' activities.  For example, my “Cezanne’s Cats”  print was influenced by the way my three boys investigate my table top photo shoot when I am trying to photograph my cards for my online Etsy shop. If Cezanne had my cats he would have had to include them in his Still Lifes.

"Cezanne's Cats"

  And of course, "Van Gogh’s Bedroom" shows the typical situation in our small New York City apartment where there is usually no place for my husband and I to sit because the cats have taken all the comfy spots.

"Van Gogh's Bedroom"

Our cats give us a lot of pleasure.  My work documents their creativity, genuine sense of fun, and enjoyment of life.

 Please take a look at my Etsy shop

"A Little Bird Told Me"

 You might see something you love! I am currently having a Christmas in July sale and my shop greeting offers a coupon code for 10% off anything in my shop.  I have created a special coupon code for readers of this wonderful blog which will give 15% off anything in my shop. Just use coupon code CIJCHAT. The coupon code is good through July 24th."

Deborah's business card

Friday, July 15, 2011

Happy 15th Birthday Petfinder! Help get 15,000 pets adopted this weekend!!

Cody and I are honored to devote our Blog The Change blog post to helping Petfinder get 15,000 pets adopted this weekend!!

  "Pet finder is the  virtual home of 358,825 adoptable pets from 13,534 adoption groups"

Adopting a pet that needs a home is one of the most rewarding gifts you can  give yourself, as well as the precious furry one.

I adopted Cody on July 28th, 2007 and there isn't a day that goes by that his snuggles, nose taps, purrs, kitty kisses and clownish ways don't fill my heart with  a love that only an animal can evoke. He helped to heal me. I had lost my beloved Bobo July 2nd, 2007 and could no longer bear to live my life without the love and comfort of a cat.

 Our pets love us unconditionally. They don't care how much money we have,  how talented we are, where we live or what we look like. They just want to love US, warts and all.

  All living creatures are gifts from God.  They deserve to live a life brimming with security and love. Animals cannot speak for themselves, so it is up to us, to utilize to our fullest ability, the gift of speech that we have been given (and our opposable thumbs) to speak for them. It is our responsiblity to love them. It is our responsiblity to help them.

With all that these precious babies bring to OUR lives, it is the least we can do for THEM.

Won't you open your home and heart to a new addition?

Here are some adorable pets to tempt you! They are all located in West Bloomfield, Michigan at "Almost Home" You may email them at or fill out an online application on their website here

"Callie is one of a kind! She is a large Calico, yes, she has a bit of a tummy and she would hate me for talking about her weight. She hopes to one day be a dainty slim gal, so in her new home, she would like to go on a bit of a diet. She likes to play and goof around with other kitties. Callie is a great girl with a very sweet personality. She is going to fit in very quickly into a new loving home!" 

"Spooky is a tenderhearted, sweetie pie 2-3 year old male Tabby. He is a golden boy! Spooky loves other kitties and will do great in a home with a buddy cat to play and have fun with. He is a true blue companion who will brighten all of your days!"
"Gorgeous! Zelda is a female long hair white & black adult cat. She is so sweet, but is still learning to trust people. She is currently in foster care learning how to live like a normal lucky house cat! :) She is just a bit timid. She would do best in a home that she can stretch out and feel safe & comfortable. She does very well with other kitties and lives with a few right now. "

"Check out our handsome boy Rusty! He is an adult male, short hair orange tabby. Rusty was found living in an abandoned apartment. He hadn't eaten or drank anything in days. Needless to say, when Rusty finally made it to the shelter, he quickly devoured a full bowl of food and lapped up an entire bowl of water and immediately asked for more. Rusty truly is a very spunky guy, and one thing neat about him is that he is polydactyl, which means he has an extra toe on each of his front paws. It looks like he's wearing mittens! He is full of silly personality and is going to keep his new family forever entertained! Rusty is not one of those scaredy-cats, he likes to be in the middle of the action! If you are looking for a cat who "acts like a dog", then you have met your match! :) Rusty deserves a wonderful forever home where he will always feel love and kindness, where he will never again know hunger, thirst, and loneliness. If you would like to give Rusty all the love he deserves, please come to the shelter to meet him. He's waiting patiently for you."

Send all CAT inquiries

You  may also fill out an online application here

You may visit Petfinder's birthday page here

HOT OFF THE PRESS! BREAKING NEWS!! Cody and I are THRILLED to announce that we are the lucky WINNERS of the Royal Canin/Petco "GOGO" promotion that Romeo the Cat featured on his blog! (See the original post here) We won $1000 which is being mailed directly to ALMOST HOME, that is where the kitties above are living until they find their furever home! You can read all about the contest winners on Romeo's blog right here. Cody and I have a particular fondness for both Royal Canin and Petco. Cody eats Royal Canin's food and Cody was adopted from a rescue that was at a Petco that used to be near our home, on July 28th, 2007.  We are thrilled and PROUD to be able to give back!