Sunday, November 28, 2021

Happy Chanukah 2021!!


Yep, it's spelled differently on the collage than on the header of the blog, (I prefer the spelling with the letter "C").

To those who celebrate, enjoy your "eight crazy nights!!!"

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Happy Thanksgiving to all of YOU!

 I know that not everyone who reads my blog is celebrating Thanksgiving, but to those who are, my little turkeys and I wish you all a blessed, happy and SAFE Thanksgiving! To everyone else, have a wonderful day! I am thankful for each and every one of you!!!!


Sunday, November 21, 2021

Happy FIRST Gotcha Day to our Crazy Levi! (Rowdy)

 A year ago today a LARGE 9 and a half week old bundle of FUR joined our family!!! Suffice it to say our life as we knew it, would NEVER be the same!

Today I am sharing three collages that show Levi then and now, hoping you enjoy them!!

That serious puppy face hasn't changed!! Levi STILL has that serious face!! 





The photo on the top left was one of the first we took of Levi.  (He would give Gene Simmons a run for his money with that tongue!!) The two photos at the bottom of the above collage crack me up. It's hard to believe that at one point Roary and Levi were much closer to being the same size. By the looks of Roary's face on the photo on the right, Roary CLEARLY is laughing off Levi's "top of the charts" Sheltie size.

Levi is one of the most confident, bold, boisterous, clumsy (and at the same time agile, if that makes any sense!) dogs that I have ever known.

He often gets a bad rap. He has the bark of a Doberman, but loves to cuddle like a baby on the couch. Because he is much larger than the average Sheltie, some people think that Levi is older than his 14 months, thus they have much higher  behavior expectations.

Levi LOVES to make noise. He can't play with a toy without climbing on top of a crate or the couch where he  watches with joy as he flings the toy to the ground with just enough force to make the crashing toy sound loud and abrasive. Speaking of toys, he HAS to play with whatever he has right in front of our faces, Levi LOVES having an audience.

His other current LOVES are Dad and Mom, his beloved bully sticks, (we ALWAYS have to keep some extras around), his brother Roary (although Levi has a strange way of showing his love for him), his Aunt Judy and Uncle Bill,

His Aunt Nancy

And, one of his ALL TIME FAVORITES, who he loves with all of his wild and crazy Sheltie-self, his trainer......Dylan.

Levi is a super quick learner (when he wants to be) and is extremely intelligent. He is brave, fearless and if he greats you in a wild and crazy way, it is more likely than not, that it is his way of showing you that he is happy to see you and he is CERTAIN that you are happy to see him as well.

Happy Happy First Gotcha Day to our loving, wild and crazy Levi (Rowdy) definitely march to your own drummer, we often feel as if you actually came to us from another planet, (but he actually came from Ohio where his amazing breeder, Sue, of Greyfyre Shelties, has become a dear friend, Sheltie advisor and confidante!).......but when we get those famous cuddles and Sheltie kisses, we wouldn't have it ANY other way!! We LOVE YOU LEVI!!!!!

Friday, November 19, 2021

Pet Ki Cat & Dog Toys – RompiCatz & RompiDogz!! Perfect for the Holidays or ANY Day!

Hi furiends!! Holy Cats and Dogs the holidays are RAPIDLY approaching!!!  Are you at a loss about what to get your furry furiends? I'm here to help!! I am delighted to share some new toys on the market that we were lucky to receive from our friend Ellen at RompiCatz and RompiDogz! (I have been familiar with Ellen's creations  for a looong time, because she had another wonderful line of cat toys at one time that Cody adored!)

Roary was the lucky recipient of  a few toys to try and Ellen even sent a toy from her RompiDogz line for Levi!

Because "cats rule and dogs drool", I am going to tell you about the cat toys first!

2021 Rompicatz Teaser Toys
Photo from the RompiCatz/RompiDogz website

Plush Tip Teaser 3 pack - Pink

There is just something about this toy that I love as a pet parent. It's compact, it's fun to use and it's different.  I think I got as much enjoyment from using this toy as Roary did!

The Plush Tip Teasers come in a pack of 3 (but Roary received one, which is fine since he is just one cat! )

The Plush Tip Teaser is made out of a soft plush fabric. It is ideal for closeup play and is the purrfect length for cat training.

  • Compact size for travel and storage
  • Rod length: 11”
  • Polyester plush tip: 3”

Roary loved it but he is definitely NOT the most cooperative cat when it comes to shooting videos.


Photo from the RompiCatz/RompiDogz website

The above  toy is the only one of the three that I was sent that I couldn't get any decent video or photos of Roary playing with it. That being said he greatly enjoyed this toy as well!

Feather N' Bell Wand Teaser 3 pack

Drive your cats wild with this fun and feathery gliding toy. The feathers will be sure to entice your cats natural hunting instincts the bell will grab their attention! Available Fish shape. 

  • Stretchy string
  • Felt material with sewn in feathers
  • Makes soft bell sounds
  • Compact size for travel and storage
  • Rod length: 14”
  • String length: 25”
  • Toy Length: 6”

Feather N' Fabric Teaser 3 pack - Green

3 pack of toys

Slithery movements cats love! It's like a snake! Fun colors to choose from. Play around scratch poles or over furniture. 

  • Flexible clear plastic rod
  • Makes soft bell sounds
  • Compact size for travel and storage
  • Rod length: 14”
  • Polyester fabric length: 22”

Roary definitely had a lot of fun with this one!

YOU CAN SEE ALL OF THE RompiCatz toys I just mentioned on this wonderful video below!



RompiDogz Tug N' Toss Rope > Green

Photo from the Rompicatz/RompiDogz website

I was super excited to receive this fabulous  tug rope, and Levi was super excited too!!!

This toy is listed as being "perfect for all ages and sizes of dogs." And basically it IS!! With one exception. I am sad to report that although Levi LOVED (the word being "loved" is in past tense and you will read why in a second), Levi is a STRONG chewer. When I'm saying STRONG I am not exaggerating! We had many toys left from after our sweet Dakota passed and Levi decimated each and every one of them.

We bought him some new toys. He destroyed ALL of them. Basically, while I LOVE rope toys (and Levi does too, if he would just play with them and not eat them), until he is older he cannot have them. He completely destroyed this toy in approximately 5 minutes. (He started chewing on the rope and started to unravel it).

 This toys IS a "fun and interactive exercise toy". It is PERFECT for games of fetch, etc. But, if you have a strong chewer like Levi, unfortunately, that dog shouldn't play with it unless someone is playing WITH him. 

Don't let Levi's shenanigans prevent you from purchasing this toy. You can see from the photo IT IS well made and is TOUGH (for MANY DOGS), just not a super strong chewer like Levi. Levi is only 14 months old, I am certain if he had been given this toy at an older age he would have been fine with it.


  • Soft rope toy for dogs to get a good grip.
  • Interwoven for strength and durability.
  • Returns back to shape after being stretched.
  • Easy to hold onto when playing with your dog. 
  • Made from a Polyester/Cotton blend.
  • Large Rope - 10.5” x 2”
  • Small Rope - 8.5" x 1.4"

 There is even this disclaimer: "This is not a Chew Toy. Please supervise your dog while playing and take away if it becomes damaged."

In fairness we DID allow Levi to have the toy on his own (we were in the room and never left the room and he was NOT harmed because he started unraveling the toy, but we should not have let him play with it without us playing with it with him). I just should have paid closer attention to the warning. THIS IS A GREAT TOY!!! I should have supervised Levi more closely so he wouldn't have unraveled part of it and he could have enjoyed it more if I had.



Here is another video of just how great this toy truly is!

I would like to thank Ellen for sending such great toys and for her kindness and patience!! I was not compensated for this post in any way other than receiving the toys in exchange for an honest review.

Check them out on facebook! @RompiDogz 
and on Instagram @RompiDogz_Toys

As well as their website 

You can also find them on Amazon!!

Your kitties and woofies will be glad that you did!