Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Special Girl Is Coming To Visit!! -Semi-Wordless Wednesday

I have my cans of tuna ready

Are you wondering who is coming to visit me?

Well...see if you know who THIS is!!!

"Be still my heart!!"

Photo Courtesy of Cat From Hell

It's Nellie!!!

Be sure to click here for today's update

and find out why Nellie was visiting ME

(other than the fact that I am INCREDIBLY good-looking!)

this THURSDAY!!!

on Cat From Hell


  1. Dear Cody, mes can't wait....

  2. @Nellie, we are obviously pining for each other. Look at the time...we are both STILL UP! ARE WE CRAZY!!!
    I am saving ALL of my tuna...just for YOU! Love, Cody

  3. Oooh....this is too much for my weak heart....nooo...I can't be jealous! har har har *evil laughs*

  4. Well! Our ears are open to catch the slightest hint of gossip!!!

  5. Oh Cody how super exciting!! We clicked over to Cat from Hell but got most confused so we'll return on Thursday! Yay! Take care

  6. Looks like shenanigans going on here .....

    *backs out slowly* ;)

  7. Glad that you have adorable visitor!

  8. Tuna, meowtini - looks like you have big plans, Cody!

  9. WOWZERS Cody! Queen Penelope is coming to visit? I hope Spitty doesn't get jealous!! You'd better be careful where you put those paws of yours! Wink Wink

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  10. Oh Cody, we are so happy for you!!!

  11. @Priscilla...shhhh....she didn't REALLY come visit...(but don't tell the kitties) it's just in our imagination :)

    @Marg isn't that photo THE BEST? lol. Nellie's Mom took it!

    @Sammy MOL!! Mom was looking at the same thing!! She had to check where my paws were too! Geeze!! lol

    @Ingrid King I'm a "smooth operator" MOL!

    @Luna yes she is quite adorable!

    @Angie yep a kibble-load of fun!

    @Carolyn OMG you made me laugh "backs out slowly" MOL!!

    @Old Kitty Mom probably didn't help me word it properly. The post about ME and Nellie will be up THURSDAY!!

    @Au and Target visit Cat From Hell on Thursday and you will find out!

    @Cat From Sydney MOL!!

  12. Wow! Tuna AND niptinis? We bet you and Nellie are going to have a wonderful time together, Cody! :)

  13. Enjoy your time with Nellie, Cody! Hope it's very romantic for you two!

  14. Nelly really loves the man cats. But then, so do I.

    Mom said to tell you it's the carpet I claw..nt the furniture. I have multiple scratching posts and pads..many many many. Nothing helps.

  15. That's great! I take it Nellie is really into tuna... I think Nellie is a Canadian kitty, just like me. That's neat, I think!

  16. Love the photo of 2 cats in love.

  17. CODY! Is that a niptini we see? Mowzers, you're livin' the life, dude!

  18. Well.... you have certainly piqued our interest!!! See you tomorrow!

  19. Next time just get in your magic closet and you can visit me or I can visit you!lol Speedy!

  20. You're gonna have one Nel of a good time!

  21. @Brian HAAAAAAAA!!! "One NEL of a good time!!" LOVE IT!

    @Speedy yes!! visiting via the "Magic Closet" is a great idea!

    @Deb hehehe!! :) Wait!! Not me tomorrow!! It is Nellie you should visit tomorrow! I'm exhausted from her visit so i am going to let Nellie tell you about it!

    @Rykers it's a TUNA Niptini!!! MOL!!

    @Cathy me too...but I'm her "flavor of the day" she plays the field :)

    @Nerissa yes!! She sort of is! She is in the States quite a bit too but I think she mostly lives in Canada. I like foreign women :)

    @Katie I love you and would date you as well (since Nellie is playing the field!) Mom said to tell your Mom to try putting the aluminum foil in strategic areas of the carpet!! Or...another deterrent? ORANGE PEELS!! We HATE the smell of orange! xoxoxo

    @Bassetmomma THANK YOU!!! It is :)

    @Meowmeowmans yep! I know how to keep my ladycats happy :)

  22. Anyone have a can opener for the tuna?

  23. This blogosphere is turning into one STEAMY place!!!
    xo, Katie & Glogirly

  24. How exciting! Are you two gonna cause extra special trouble? We'll have to go over & see whats happening cause, you know, we're cats & we're nosy.

  25. Cody, you have a date? I am soo jealous!

  26. Tuna!Can I come and stay and pretend to be a cat?
    Best wishes Molly

  27. You are so lucky to have the delectable Nellie visiting you.