Monday, June 10, 2024

Happy 4th Birthday Roary!!!

Roary is upset because the way I did the artwork by his face
 it looks like he is wearing lipstick!!

 Happy Birthday to our Little "Professor!!"

Roary is one of the sweetest cats you could ever hope to meet! He greets EVERYONE who enters our home (he is particularly fond of our next door neighbor Mary, who also has a kitty). When she comes over Roary walks up to her and meows every time!

Roary loves nothing more than having a good nap. His favorite places to nap are the cat tree and a bin that I have on a shelf in our second bedroom. Lately he enjoys napping on top of Levi's crate if I have the window open.

Unfortunately, since he is on a restricted diet due to the bladder stones he had last year, he can't have any sort of a treat or any human food. He probably is better off NOT having them!

Roary puts up with a lot from our high maintenance Sheltie, Levi, but he also is GREAT at knowing EXACTLY what to do to send Levi over the edge! (Staring at him from the other side of the baby gate is ALWAYS a good option!)

Another favorite thing of Roary's is when Levi is boarding at Canine College. Then, he will just sprawl out, relax and enjoy the silence (I have to say we often enjoy it too!)

Roary is good with our granddaughters as long as they aren't too rough with him, and if they don't chase him, but he always is happy to see them leave.

Roary wakes me up every morning without fail. He will come into bed and gently touch my face and give me a soft meow, I look forward to it every single morning!


You mean the world to us, even more than you know!

You bring us calm when we are on edge from Mr. Attention Hog Levi!

In honor of your birthday, Dad and I are taking Levi to the V-E-T for a nice big shot !!! You get to have some peace and quiet AND a good laugh about your brother having a shot (hopefully in the butt!)

Looking forward to cuddling with you later!

Much love,

Mom, Dad and Levi

Friday, May 3, 2024

Family Friday: Meet Levi's Talented Sister, Tango!

 Hi everyone! This is Levi and today I want to share a photo of my most talented FULL sister, Tango! (She was born in a litter approximately a couple of years after me, but we have the exact same parents!)

My first human Mom (Sue from Greyfyre Shelties), has trained Tango so well and Tango is soooo smart that she keeps winning TONS of obedience awards! Just look at her with her ribbons!

Photo Courtesy of Sue Sharp of Greyfyre Shelties


Isn't she beautiful? 

Here is something my first human Mom wrote about my sister Tango:

"This is Tango, a full sibling of Levi. She's my obedience partner and just two years old. We are showing in AKC Rally shows. She's very close to her Rally championship. She's smarter than me by far and does much better than I do as I make many mistakes in the ring! Tango and I go for daily walks when not going to training. I'm Sue, I bred both Tango and Levi's litter. Levi has the same demeanor and look as his wonderful mother, Myka, Here is their incredible mother, Myka, out playing with an infant Tango"

Levi's Mom, Myka with sister Tango
Photo Courtesy of Sue Sharp, Greyfyre Shelties

 Below is a photo of ME!!! (Levi!!) Don't I look like my Mama?

 In the photo below, my Doggie Dad Rambo is in front with his litter sister, Rogue, behind him.

Photo Courtesy of Sue Sharp
Greyfyre Shelties

Well, I hope you enjoyed meeting part of my family today!! I also have a littermate named Stormy who lives in Ohio. (We were buddies before we left to go to our human families), maybe one day you can meet him too!!

Love, Levi

Thursday, April 11, 2024

National Pet Day 2024-Thankful Thursday

 Yes, yes I know!! EVERY DAY is National Pet Day but someone decreed THIS DAY as the OFFICIAL National Pet Day!

Today, as we do EVERY DAY we honor the pets who have come before, as well as those currently in our lives. My focus today are the two silly boys who I am blessed to share my life with!

First, because he arrived first, is our silly Roary!

Roary is super curious, talkative, loving and over all a very good boy!!! He unintentionally falls through the cracks sometimes because Levi is so incredibly demanding. We love this adorable, quirky fellow and he knows it!!

These photos were taken yesterday of Levi and our postal carrier (Natalie). Levi and I take a walk every day in our complex searching out Natalie. Why? Because not only is she a postal carrier, she is also, (according to Levi), the MilkBone carrier!!!!! Levi can spot that truck waaay down the street and will drag me to get to her!

Wishing all of you a Happy National Pet Day!!! I know we are all sure thankful for all of the pets who share our lives! Love to all of you and your pets!

Sunday, March 31, 2024

Happy Easter 2024 !

 While our family doesn't celebrate Easter, we wanted to take a moment to wish ALL OF YOU WHO DO a blessed and Happy Easter! Love from all of us!

Monday, February 5, 2024

Happy Birthday to one SPECIAL GUY!


Wishing our Dad the HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAYS!

He gets up at the butt-crack of dawn (4 am!) to get ready for work and takes Levi to the bathroom and feeds him!

He works hard 5 days a week, all day, as a Building Substitute Teacher at our local High School.

He is patient, (MOST of the time lol), kind, caring, loving and devoted to everyone in our furmily!

We couldn't ask for a better Dad and Mom says he is a great husband too!

Happy Birthday Dad!!!!!

Love, Roary, Levi and Mom!! (Dad, sorry about the cut off quote on the last picture on the bottom right.....Mom says you should be able to figure out what it says lol! God forbid she just edits the collage and fixes it! Love, Roary)

Sunday, January 28, 2024

Our Lions CAN DO THIS!! #NFCChampionship #OnePride

 Hi everyone! It's Roary! Mom wasn't going to post today because she is afraid of jinxing the Lions, but I told her that the past two games where MY face was featured, we WON!! That was enough to get my superstitious Mom to allow ME to put up a post!

Today our Detroit Lions will be battling the San Francisco 49'ers in the NFC Championship game. The winner will go to the Super Bowl!

The Lions have NEVER been to the Super Bowl and while it will be an incredible challenge, we are confident that our LIONS CAN DO THIS!!!

There are TWO good omens too....the first is they are playing at LEVI Stadium (sound familiar?) And....the band Journey is performing at half time. One of their verses in "Don't Stop Believing" is "born and raised in south DETROIT." And....Journey will be performing here in Detroit this July......we definitely aren't going to stop believing!!

The Lions are major underdogs undercats in this game, but we think that just might make them hungrier! GOOOO LIONS! 

Unless you love San Francisco, please pray for us!!!

Love, Roary

Sunday, January 14, 2024

Wishing My Lions Good Luck!!! #DetroitLions #NFCWildCardGame

Thank you Ann from Zoolatry
for this amazing graphic!

 Hi furiends! As many of you know, I am named after the mascot of the Detroit Lions football team! We are both named "Roary!!"

 Today is an exciting day! Our Detroit Lions are in their first playoff game in 30 years and the FIRST playoff game ever at Ford Field! I am so excited I can barely stand it!

Mom is excited too but has EXTREMELY mixed emotions. Mom is a huge Matthew Stafford fan (he is the quarterback for the L.A. Rams who we are competing against). He played with Detroit first for TWELVE YEARS!!! Mom was heartbroken when he left but was thrilled when he finally got his Super Bowl ring!

So while Mom and Dad will actually be AT the game cheering for their Lions, Mom  will be smiling when she sees Matthew Stafford return to the field of his FIRST "HOME." She will also be secretly smiling because she is going to wear her old Stafford Jersey under her Lions sweatshirt and doesn't care what ANYONE says! She also refuses to boo him when he takes the field!!

Soooooo Goooooooo Lions and may the best team win!!!! The nice part? Mom will be happy however this plays out!

Monday, January 1, 2024

Happy New Year 2024!


Dearest friends, 2023 was quite challenging. There were profound and heartbreaking losses of beloved pets and people, a world in turmoil and many people struggling in the U.S. due to our crazy interest rates etc. 

The arrival of a new year enables us to reset, adjust, focus and change our way of thinking and acting, if necessary. 

Sending each and every one of you our loving and  heartfelt wishes for a 2024 that brings good health, prosperity, love, peace and fun adventures that will fill your hearts with joy!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR 2024!!!!!