Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Snoop Catty Catt Bow Tie!

Hi everyone! A few weeks ago my Mom entered a contest on one of our favorite blogs:
Visit Catsparella at 

and the prize was that the winner could pick out a bow tie of their choice from Snoop Catty Catt!!!

I couldn't believe my luck when I found out that I was one of the winners!!
Mom gets the credit for everything
but it was really ME
that entered!!
The timing couldn't have been more perfect! I was sitting here remembering how nice it was when Nellie stopped by to visit me,

Photo courtesy of 

but alas, the time passed much too quickly. I know that she has many mancats vying for her attention and I felt I just had to come up with something to impress her.

I have a feeling that my new bow tie from Snoop Catty Catt just might be the ticket!!

My Mom and I pondered over what color to choose and decided that purple would look the best against my sophisticated charcoal gray fur. What do you think?

All of the bow ties from Snoop Catty Catt are machine washable  which comes in handy when my nervousness causes me to spill bits of my Tuna cocktail when fine dining with the beautiful and charming Nellie. Mom can hang it to dry and even iron if she owned one on low heat if desired.

The ties are "handmade with love in Vancouver, Canada which will also impress Nellie since she is part Canuck!

If  I want to pawchase more bow ties for our fancy dates I can do that on I can also pussy foot over and visit them on Facebook to tell them about my date with Nellie at

Thank you Catsparella for having such a great give-away and thank you to Snoop Catty Catt for my catabulous bow tie!! hope this tie works some magic with Nellie!


  1. Hi, Cecil here!

    Chloe thinks you are a very handsome Mancat in your dashing Bow Tie!

  2. Hi Cecil!!!

    Thank you!! Tell Chloe if Nellie decides she doesn't want me I just might be available! xoxoxo Love, Cody

  3. Congrats again on winning the giveaway, Cody! You're looking so GQ - Nellie is gonna love it! xo

  4. We love purple! You look absolutely gorgeous in the bow tie, Cody. You might want to remember to reposition it when you get up from your nap, though. :D

  5. You're looking very handsome, Cody - and I'm glad your mom had the good sense to pick purple for you;-). It's definitely your color!

  6. Austin has withdrawn his troth which he was willing to plight with Nellie. There is obviously no point ;)

  7. You look great with the bowtie on, Cody! The purple is your colour and I think you're the most handsome boy in the cat world.


  8. My oh my! Hubba! You gorgeous one... purrr...meow!

  9. Hey Cody! That purple tie is purrfect on you! Queen Penelope could hardly resist the royal purple color - no doubt she'll be visiting you again REAL SOON! By the way, please tell your Mom that my Mom has sent two emails that were returned yesterday! EEEEK! Some kind of problem in cyberspace!!!!???

    Your Buddy Sammy

  10. dArtagnan Rumblepurr/Diego thank you!! Hope Nellie likes it!

    @Sammy uh-oh!! Wonder what is wrong? We have been receiving all of our other email. Hoping there isn't a problem on either of our ends! So far nothing here though!! xoxoxo

    @Cat From Sydney thank you!!

    @Eva awwww you are sooooo sweet!! Thank you!!!

    @Carolyn I wouldn't count on that! Austin is a European cat which in itself has a certain charm! :)

    @Ingrid thank you!!! Yes you, Mom and I just love purple!! It's so becoming with my fur!! xoxoxo

    @The Furries, I did! I just didn't want it to get all wrinkly when I slept! :)

    @Catsparella THANK YOU!!! I love hearing I look "GQ!!" Thank you for having such a wonderful give-away!! I sure hope that Nellie likes it!

  11. Wowie what a handsome bow-tie!

  12. Oooh! Gorgeous. All you need now is a top hat to go with it.

  13. You look very handsome. Yes, purple was the right choice for you.

  14. Cody, We're loving your dapper side! Nellie better watch out...the ladycats will be scratching down your door!!
    ; ) Katie & Glogirly

  15. It's a GREAT bow tie, Codie. I think Nellie will be super impressed. purrs

  16. FaRADaY: MOWZERS, Cody, you did all that...for a GURL?
    Maxwell: Dude, ignore the brat, he still thinks gurls have cooties (well, okay, so do I, but I defend your right to wear a purple bow tie to the death!)

  17. My hubby won't let me put a bowtie on our kitties...he says it's not dignified. I say it is the EPITOME of dignified :)

  18. Cody you are absolutely adorable.

  19. Is this an actual cat writing a blog? Thats amazing!

  20. @Erika thank you! I love it!

    @MarkD60 MOL!!! I have talented paws...and Mom who is a good "Assistant" MOL!!

    @Abby and gang, awwww I think that you are too! Thank you!

    @Celia I couldn't agree with you more! Trust me I wasn't thrilled at first, but when I saw how handsome I was...well...that clinched it!

    @Rykers/Maxwell thanks pal!!!! You understand! Faraday needs to get with the program!

    @Brian thank you!!

    @Repositorio awww thanks!!

    @Nerissa thank you!! That is if Nellie ever gets her furry butt over here! MOL!

    @Katie and Glogirly thank you!!! That's right! :)

    @Cathy Keisha awww thanks so much CK! you will have Mom looking EVERYWHERE FOR A TOP HAT! Now you've gone and done it! MOL!

    @Erika thanks so much! I love it!

  21. welll...ummm...if Nellie is not impressed that you let a peep put that thingy around your neck...then dude...start thinkin' about another furrlfriend...seriously...just look totally "fine" in your own fur....purrrrr

  22. Oh Cody you look so handsome in your new bow tie! Congrats on your win! I really think your Momma was right, purple is your color! :-)

  23. Dearest Cody,
    Oh! Me is just so excited! Me thinks yous looks so handsome and spiffy in your new tie and me just loves the color!
    Me is on my way over right nows to gives yous a big kiss, then me will rush home to blog about it!
    Kisses Cody
    Oh yes concatulations!

  24. Here is my post! Me has posted a picture of yous and mes!

  25. Cody, not only are you debonair in your bow tie, it didn't steal your bones! No one here can wear anything but a birthday suit cause we lose all our bones. I'm sorry to hear about your allergies. They are nasty things to have! I'm purring for you!

  26. @Oui Oui awww thank you!!! "Lose your bones???" How does that happen? lol. Thank you about the allergies...Mom caught it early so hopefully they will clear up quick!

    @Nellie I LOVED your post!!! It was so special and the fact that you came all the way here so quickly!!! And your kisses!! They were the best! Love, Cody

    @Bassetmomma thank you! It looks nice against my "furs" lol

    @Savannah thank you but I wanted to do something special for Nellie!!

  27. Hmmm. Well, you *do* look awful spiFFy, Cody--but SpiTTy says, "Careful, man--I'll be watchin' you, every step you take, ev'ry move you make...." Well, you know.

  28. Oh yes, Cody, I agree. The purple is perfect! And you look so dashing with it on, too!

  29. Aw! Hot cute! What a great product. You DO look handsome, good luck with Nellie.

  30. you're the mancat Cody,you're the mancat!