Friday, May 3, 2024

Family Friday: Meet Levi's Talented Sister, Tango!

 Hi everyone! This is Levi and today I want to share a photo of my most talented FULL sister, Tango! (She was born in a litter approximately a couple of years after me, but we have the exact same parents!)

My first human Mom (Sue from Greyfyre Shelties), has trained Tango so well and Tango is soooo smart that she keeps winning TONS of obedience awards! Just look at her with her ribbons!

Photo Courtesy of Sue Sharp of Greyfyre Shelties


Isn't she beautiful? 

Here is something my first human Mom wrote about my sister Tango:

"This is Tango, a full sibling of Levi. She's my obedience partner and just two years old. We are showing in AKC Rally shows. She's very close to her Rally championship. She's smarter than me by far and does much better than I do as I make many mistakes in the ring! Tango and I go for daily walks when not going to training. I'm Sue, I bred both Tango and Levi's litter. Levi has the same demeanor and look as his wonderful mother, Myka, Here is their incredible mother, Myka, out playing with an infant Tango"

Levi's Mom, Myka with sister Tango
Photo Courtesy of Sue Sharp, Greyfyre Shelties

 Below is a photo of ME!!! (Levi!!) Don't I look like my Mama?

 In the photo below, my Doggie Dad Rambo is in front with his litter sister, Rogue, behind him.

Photo Courtesy of Sue Sharp
Greyfyre Shelties

Well, I hope you enjoyed meeting part of my family today!! I also have a littermate named Stormy who lives in Ohio. (We were buddies before we left to go to our human families), maybe one day you can meet him too!!

Love, Levi