Monday, August 30, 2010

Book Review:Travels With George:Paris, A Cat's Eye Adventure

What did you do this past weekend? Did you happen to go to Paris? Did you happen to have a highly intuitive, somewhat sassy and clever kitty as your tour guide? No? So sorry to hear that, you must plan your trip to Paris with George as your tour guide NOW. I just returned. My trip was a whirlwind excursion all through the eyes of George. George cannot type you know due to the one thing that cat's lack (thumbs) but author David Stone (who is George's "man") told us George's story brilliantly. Deborah Julian's ("the woman") charming and delightful illustrations were completely captivating.

George and Billy are cats who are brothers. George is the "big brother" wise cat who is deeply philosophical, ponders life with confidence and a touch of arrogance (I sometimes thought of Garfield the Cat here) and finds his younger brother Billy's insecurities and "dog-like" personality annoying to say the least. He is the epitome of the "copycat" little brother that has to do everything the big brother does, only lacking the ability to do it with finesse like his big brother has. (He reminded me of "Odie" from the same "Garfield comic strip! only much more fearful)

George and Billy are New York City apartment cats. Their world consists of window views, litter boxes, food served at the exact same time every day, toys and the love of their "man" and "woman" (as is the case with so many indoor cats).

One day while observing a pigeon outside their window George thinks "if birds can go out and do whatever they want, why are cats kept confined? Are the birds better than us? Are they more capable?" it turns out the answer is an overwhelming NO!

 George is bored with his inside existence and wants to see the world! He doesn't care about the destination because all destinations lead to "outside!" He is resentful when his "man" and "woman" leave for various vacations (he always knows when they are going when he sees the giant suitcase appear on the bed and hears the "zip, zip, zip" of the zipper opening and watches the clothes being piled in).  George  vows that next time he will devise a plan where he can join them and "devise a plan" he did! Even "copycat" Billy who follows and mimics George's every move (much to George's annoyance) got in on the plan!!

I won't spoil the fun and say how George carried out his plan but it got he and Billy to PARIS!!  "Paris is the world and the universe" "There are flowers on every corner."

George takes us on  a delightful tour of Paris,  teaches us it's history full of richness and Art (once again Deborah Julian's  illustrations make this journey even more delightful!!) Museums, parks, flowers, food, of course the Eiffel Tower.....ahhhh Paris! Even insecure baby brother Billy begins to relax and "live in the moment" which cats seem to do so well but their humans seem to lack this ability which is wisely and duly noted by George. George and Billy even seem to grow closer on this shared journey.

George lives by the mantra of "if you wish for great things you must learn patience" He goes on to say "still, when my golden opportunity does arrive, I am ready for it, and I execute my plan with artistry and stealth. What an adventure I have ahead!"

What an adventure YOU will have ahead when you read "Travels With George:Paris, A Cat's Eye Adventure" Grab a croissant and your favorite beverage and allow George to give you a most historical and insightful tour of Paris (as only a wise cat like George can) Allow him to show you how to "live in the moment",  "how to be happier from now on. We'd all be much happier if we all absorbed a little more like a cat"

Friday, August 27, 2010

Cody, aka "Wascally Wabbit" Or "Rabbit Boy"

Hi everybody, and Happy "Furday", it's me, Cody. Haven't talked to you in a while, so while Mom is getting ready to leave for the vet soon, I thought I would try and turn on this thing that she is obsessed with the majority of the day and write to you. I HAVE to let you know what she is doing to me NOW.

I know my Mom told you I had a sore or two on my head that wasn't making me feel very good. We went to the Kitty Doctor and he gave me some medicine. They sort of cleared up but then a day or two ago my Mom noticed one of them coming back. The Kitty Doctor said if they got worse to let him know. It was ok yesterday but I must have been scratching when my Mom didn't see and one of them is a little wet and irritated with blood again.

Rats!! If I had known what was going to happen I never would have scratched it. Being the obsessive-compulsive, neurotic Mom that she is, who does she go and call? Bingo! The Kitty Doctor or the man with the glasses and deceptively smiling face and gentle hands who very soon is going to be inflicting culinary torture. (I know, I heard them plotting their little scheme!)

I always know when Mom is calling him cause she gets all frantic and says "This is Caren Gittleman, Cody's Mom", whenever I hear her say that I know I am probably not gonna like what is coming but this time she and the veterinary "Master Chef" are going too far! Hey I love this guy I really do but when you mess with my food you are crossing the line pal! It is an environmental allergy I know it! Don't go messing with my food!!!

Bottom line is Mom is going to go and get more meds today and she is picking up food made with RABBIT! RABBIT DO YOU HEAR ME? RABBIT!! Poor "Little Rabbit Foo-Foo" I had NOTHING to do with this! I repeat NOTHING! Uh, Mom, last I looked I don't live in a feral colony, I am civilized and I want my chicken, beef and treats! Do you hear me?? Treats!!! What, is canned rabbit supposed to be like a rabbit's foot and bring me good luck? You and the next "Veterinary Food Network Star" need to get over yourselves....and fast! I will not eat "Peter Cottontail!"

To make matters worse Mom tends to have a kinda  sick sense of humor and when she was giving me some of my great food last night (kinda like the almost "last supper") she started calling me "Wascally Wabbit" and "Rabbit Boy".....way to go Mom! Make fun of a kitty when he is down! Hey, I love you too chubby (cough, cough) lady, maybe YOU should change YOUR diet and eat some rabbit! What? You don't want to? Well, that makes two of us!

I am NOT amused!!

By the way Mom...
Congrats on  your 100th post!! (I think)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thankful Thursday Thoughts And A Blog Hop

My 100th blog post is rapidly approaching and it has been making me feel rather thoughtful. Please indulge me with a one day digression away from cats (what??? Did I really say that?) Yes, because the feelings I am experiencing today are compelling me to write about more than just cats.

I can't believe I have almost hit the 100th blog mark (it would have come much, much sooner if I hadn't been so lazy back in the late Fall when I began this blog and in the dreary winter months).

Blogging has been an amazing adventure! I have made some wonderful friends both on Twitter and Facebook, I have signed up to follow some fabulous blogs on a variety of different topics, not just blogs about cats.

Make no mistake, blogging isn't easy. My fellow bloggers are well aware of this, those that read and don't blog, maybe not so much.

We all have our doubts as to whether our subject matter for that day is compelling enough, whether we as bloggers/writers are interesting enough and the dreaded "Oh no! What in the world am I going to write about today?" moments.

As a novice blogger I am thankful for my followers. Those who have been with me from day one, those who have newly made the decision to follow and to those followers yet to come. If I were to learn nothing more on this journey I have learned how important it is to show interest, compassion and support to my fellow bloggers. You want someone to follow you? Well then, click the button and follow them back! Comment on their posts! It makes them (and me!) feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

So today I bring to you a Blog Hop that I saw while reading Mariodacat's blog. Take a moment fellow bloggers, casual blog readers, those that follow me and others and new followers-to-be. Peruse the list, pick out 3 blogs that you would like to follow, actually CLICK on follow and  leave them a COMMENT, let them know you found them on a Blog Hop. If you have a blog not on the list be sure to link your blog at the bottom. If someone follows you, follow them back! Karma will reward you! Trust me!

Thanks for reading Cat Chat!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wordless Wed. A Purrfectly Pawfect Portrait!

Dakota and Cody painted by Ashley Beech Reid 2010

The above portrait was painted by Ashley Beech Reid

It is a retirement gift from me to my husband

I  couldn't be more elated with the results!

Ashley  is highly professional

and her work is extremely affordable!

Commission a pet portrait of your Pug's mug or your Persian's puss and Ashley will donate 10% to the animal shelter/rescue/cause of your choice.
  For more information  visit

Monday, August 23, 2010

NOOTERS CLUB® Apparel And Gifts Says Neuter Your Pets!

Meowy Monday All! With shelters throughout Michigan and the country experiencing an incredibly high number of stray cats needing homes, the urgency and importance of spaying and neutering your cats (pets), always important, is even more important now.

NOOTERS CLUB is a Michigan company spreading  the word about pet population control; part of the proceeds from their adorable merchandise goes to nonprofit spay and neuter programs.

NOOTERS CLUB® has launched a line of t-shirts, sleep shirts, boxers, tote bags and other apparel and gift items featuring a series of cartoon characters promoting pet spay and neuter. The company’s trademarked sayings such as “My pet’s a member,” “My dog stops at heavy petting” and “Prevent littering” reach out to pet owners to do their part to reduce pet overpopulation. Each year millions of homeless dogs and cats are euthanized by shelters simply because they are unwanted.

“Our designs send a light-hearted message about a very serious issue,” says NOOTERS CLUB® creator Linda Wasche. “Our nation’s shelters are overcrowded with puppies and kittens that will never find homes. NOOTERS CLUB® attempts to draw attention to the importance of pet birth control in an entertaining way that we hope will get people’s attention.”

NOOTERS CLUB® is a brand of Nooterwear, Inc., of Sylvan Lake, Michigan. The company is donating a part of its proceeds to nonprofit spay and neuter programs.

NOOTERS CLUB® apparel and gifts have been featured at America's Family Pet Expo in Costa Mesa, California; Twin Cities Pet Expo in Minneapolis; Everything Pets Expo in Cincinnati, Chicagoland Family Pet Expo in Arlington Heights, Illinois; Best Friends Animal Society Summer Adoption Festival in Westchester, California; Happy Paws Pet Expo in Las Vegas, Michigan Family Pet Expo in Novi, Michigan and other large pet lover events. The products can also be purchased at select Pet Supplies Plus stores in southeastern Michigan and through the company’s website at, which also features facts on pet sterilization and links to low cost spay and neuter programs around the U.S.

NOOTERS CLUB® apparel and gifts are available wholesale to rescue organizations, veterinarians, and pet supplies stores, along with marketing and fundraising ideas and programs for using the NOOTERS CLUB® brand.

Wasche, who owns LW Marketworks, Inc., a veterinary marketing firm in Michigan, is a long-time member of the animal rescue community. She is also a former public relations firm executive and college professor. She first came up with the idea for NOOTERS CLUB® as a joke for one of her veterinary clients. Because the designs got such a great response, she decided to begin featuring them on apparel and other items.

For more information on NOOTERS CLUB®, go to, or email Wasche at

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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Happy Saturday Blog Hop!!

This is my first time posting the Blog Hop List and I sure hope that it works!

Please be sure to follow people back who follow you!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Cat Food Poll

Image by Getty Images via @daylife
Last night I was watching QVC. I stopped on that channel because Ellen Degeneres was on promoting Halo Purely for Pets cat and dog food which she co-owns.

A couple of weeks back I had to take my Cody to the vet for a lesion type of skin irritation that he had (which seems to have cleared up with the help of an antibiotic). During our visit our vet mentioned the irritation could be caused by a myriad of things which are yet to be determined but one of the things that he mentioned could be causing the irritation is food.

While watching last night's promo and listening, it got me to thinking. One of many things that I could be doing wrong is I am feeding Cody one brand of DRY cat food
 ( Halo Purely For Pets), Wild Salmon Indoor Cat Formula, Spot's Stew and the canned food I am feeding him is 365 by Whole Foods

 Could part of Cody's skin irritation, if in fact it were to be food related have been caused by my feeding him dry and wet cat food by two different manufacturers?

Cody is down to his last 2 cans of 365 and I am seeking your input.

Many of you who read/follow Cat Chat are experts in a variety of different cat-related areas. I am an avid cat lover, animal lover, pet lover who doesn't profess to be an expert on medical issues (I am not a vet!)  and dietary requirements for pets (I am not a dietitian which for those of you who know me is evidenced by my "girlish figure"). I am just a home cat enthusiast like many others...sooooo I am seeking your input.

1) Should the dry food and wet food I am feeding Cody come from the same manufacturer? If your answer is "yes" I will be heading off to get Cody some canned wet Halo Purely For Pets tomorrow. (Cody happens to love their dry food so I am not seeking to change that at this point). Yes...I know to gradually switch Cody over if in fact I decide to change his wet food.

2)  What brands of wet and dry cat food do you feed YOUR cat and WHY?

3) Cody and I eagerly await your response, don't make him wait too long as you can see he is ready to eat!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How To Brush Your Cat's Teeth (A Video)

A few weeks back I had a guest blogger named "Mariodacat" stop by from to talk to us about how important keeping up with a cat's dental care is. At that time I decided as soon as I possibly could I would post a video about how to properly brush a cat's teeth. Today is the day!!
I was pleased to find an informative video on YouTube created by and narrated by "Dr.Mike"
So sit back, grab your dental floss for your own teeth (we kitty parents need to take care of our choppers too!), your fave feline (don't forget some poultry flavored toothpaste for your kitty!) and enjoy the video! Oh, not only will you love the video but you will find "Dr.Mike" to be pretty easy on the eyes too! "Purrrrrrr!!!"

Friday, August 13, 2010

Feline Pine Partners with Veterinarians Nationwide for 'National Take Your Cat to the Vet Week' August 16-22, 2010

When I heard about "National Take Your Cat to the Vet Week" being sponsored by
 Feline Pine I decided to go directly to the source and asked Manager, Dan Henderson if he had a press release that he could provide that could relay the information directly from the "cat's mouth" so to speak.  Dan graciously complied. Taking your cat to the vet is too important of an issue to be ignored. I present to you our Guest Blogger for today Feline Pine:

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla., July 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Despite their reputation as low maintenance pets, cats require regular veterinary care to catch issues early and prevent pain and discomfort. Feline Pine, America's best selling all-natural cat litter, aims to raise awareness among cat owners about the importance of annual feline check ups through "National Take Your Cat to the Vet Week," which takes place August 16-22, 2010.

"We created this event because we care about cats and, along with making an all-natural chemical-free litter, we're dedicated to helping cats live long and healthy lives," says Dan Henderson, Feline Pine Brand Manager. The inaugural campaign launched in 2009, after research indicated many cat owners are not aware of the importance of regular vet visits for their cats. In a national survey Feline Pine conducted of cat owners, fewer than 50 percent take their cats for annual check ups. The company wants to help increase this number.

Feline Pine's in house veterinarian, Dr. Michele Gaspar, says, "Cats are often subtle in their signs of discomfort or illness. As a result, many owners miss early warning signs of a problem. When caught early enough, many diseases can be treated so that a cat enjoys a good quality of life. When left too long, many illnesses progress and so does the intensity – and cost – of treatment." Dr. Gaspar is one of 80 board certified Feline Veterinary Specialists in the world.

The event was extended from one day in 2009 to a week in 2010, due to the positive feedback from cat owners who agreed they didn't realize the importance of regular check ups.

This year, veterinary clinics across the United States will join Feline Pine in promoting the week long event. Cat specialists and local spokesvets will raise awareness about the week in 15 cities, including Miami; Fort Lauderdale, Fla.; San Diego; San Francisco; Boston; New York City; Chicago; Seattle; Tampa, Fla.; Charlotte, N.C.; Philadelphia; Portland, Maine; Atlanta; Phoenix; and Little Rock, Ark.

Cat owners can visit and sign up for an email from Dr. Gaspar to remind them to schedule a check-up appointment with their vet. The reminder is for owners of both indoor and outdoor cats.

About Feline Pine

Feline Pine has been America's best-selling brand of all-natural cat litter for the past decade. Our mission is simple: We love cats and are devoted to improving their health and everyday lives. We make chemical-free products that are safer and healthier as well as provide information and support on issues impacting feline health. To learn more about Feline Pine products, visit

SOURCE Feline Pine

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

"Midnight" Needs A "Furever" Home-Semi-Wordless Wednesday

Lisa Ball has been helping to care for Midnight ever since his owner has become ill. His owner no longer has the strength to care for him and Lisa cannot take him in. Michiganders please pass this link on to the cat lovers that you know and see if we can find this handsome, affectionate, trusting and precious boy a new "furever" home! If you are interested in either fostering or adopting Midnight please contact Lisa Ball at

Sunday, August 8, 2010

"Homer's Odyssey" A Book by Gwen Cooper That Should Be In Your Must Read "CAT"egory

There are books that I have liked, books that I have loved and books that have touched me on so many levels that they fall into a category of their own, something deeper than just loving, something that wrapped itself around my soul, holding on tight, where it is destined to remain with me forever. "Homer's Odyssey" by Gwen Cooper is one of these books.

This book is not just for cat lovers. As Gwen states in her prologue, "so this book is for the others like me, but also for the ones who've given up on believing in everyday miracles and heroes; for people who love cats and for people who consider themselves firmly anti-cat, for those who think NORMAL and IDEAL mean the same thing, and for those who know that sometimes, stepping slightly to the left of what's normal can enrich your whole life"

Gwen stepped more than just "slightly to the left" when she adopted Homer, a cat who suffered from a condition that left him blind at just a few weeks of age. He had literally been dumped at the vet by individuals who felt strongly he should be euthanized.

Thankfully the young and idealistic vet (Patricia Khuly, VMD, MBA, Miami Fla) lived and practiced the belief of "if the animal is afflicted yet healable-and even remotely adoptable-"it's meant to be we reason".

Gwen already had two cats (the beautiful "Vashti" and the oh-so-misunderstood "Scarlett") and barely enough money to support herself or her cats when her veterinarian approached her hoping she would adopt the sightless Homer. Gwen did adopt Homer but not for the first reason that probably came into your mind (pity) but because as Gwen said "this kitten was a creature with a tremendous capacity for love. He wasn't scared or desperate to be loved, the way you would expect a kitten or even a person who'd experienced nothing but pain, hunger and fear to be" "In addition to not knowing he was blind, Homer had also clearly never been informed of his "under achiever" status".

"Fortune Favors The Brave" is a recurring theme in this touching story. Not just for Homer, (oh yes he could catch and destroy flies he could not see with a single leap, he could scale the most intimidating furniture, protect Gwen and ultimately quite possibly have saved her life (you'll have to read the book to find out more about this!), explore with a fearlessness and agility that even the most daring of cats would envy), but for Gwen as well. Through her life with Homer, Gwen exhibited her own style of bravery through events that would unravel the best of us. Gwen and Homer weren't just experiencing an individual odyssey. Each one was a necessary component to the quest for what an odyssey actually is, "an extended adventurous voyage or trip, an intellectual or spiritual quest" "An ODYSSEY of discovery, it is usually marked by many changes of fortune."

There is not a pet lover, a mother of a child, or a mother of a special needs child who cannot relate to the fierce protectiveness that Gwen exhibited if she felt Homer and her other two cats were threatened.

Some quotes from Homer's Odyssey that really struck home with me were:

"Sometimes, to get the things that were good in life, you had to make a blind leap"

"Sometimes the thing you were looking for could only be found in the very last place you would have expected"

"When you see something so fundamentally worthwhile in somebody else, you don't look for all the reasons that might keep it out of your life. You commit to being strong enough to build your life around it, no matter what."

Back in 2001 I took the biggest "leap of faith" in my life. I left a job I had for 21 and a half years to move from Ohio to Michigan, a place where I had no family or friends but knew I had to be in order to give a relationship a chance with a man who later became my husband.

It was a terrifying decision to ponder, but in my heart I knew it was a necessary decision. The decision changed my life in many ways, it opened me to people, places, experiences I may have never met or otherwise had if I had not left my "comfort zone".

Through having the courage to make a change and experience various job endings it has shown me I possess a strength I never knew I had. (Oh yes I was always a determined cuss but this was different!) It hasn't been easy, the old adage is true, " nothing worth having in life comes easily". It has led me to hopefully a new future as a freelance writer (who'd a thunk it after having spent 20+ years in advertising?)
Cody looking at his hero, "Homer"

As Gwen said about Homer, "Homer had taught me that there was great joy to be found in great risks." "For he is "El Mocho", the cat without fear", I say thank you to Gwen for sharing the story of "Homer's Odyssey".

"Eres Mucho Gato"
 "Thou art plenty of cat"

To learn more about Gwen Cooper
Or to Purchase "Homer's Odyssey"

Friday, August 6, 2010

NOOTERS Club® Nationwide Spay/Neuter Resource List Tops 100

Pet owners looking for affordable sterilization for their pets now have access to more than 100 low-cost, high-quality spay and neuter clinics around the U.S., courtesy of NOOTERS Club® which compiles and posts a comprehensive online clinic directory.

The NOOTERS Club® spay and neuter clinic directory, posted at, includes 115 facilities in 43 states offering reduced cost, high-quality spay and neuter services for dogs and cats.  Most clinics are run by rescue groups, shelters and humane societies.  The directory features clinic website links, phone numbers and information on clinic services and pet owner eligibility.  Some clinics, for example, post household income requirements.  The directory also includes a number of state-specific spay and neuter hotlines that put pet owners in touch with additional spay and neuter resources.

By posting the directory, NOOTERS Club® is hoping to provide pet owners with access to resources they otherwise might not have.   Low- cost spay and neuter clinics, typically run by nonprofit organizations, can be difficult to locate as they have little money for advertising and promotion.

“We get dozens of emails and calls every week from people who want to do the right thing for their pet, but lack the financial resources,” said Linda Wasche, founder and president of NOOTERS Club®.  “Often times, pet owners simply don’t know where to go so we are trying to bridge that gap.”

Pet owners should contact clinics on the list directly if they have questions or would like more information on clinic services, appointments times or eligibility.

Prevent Littering is a registered trademark of NOOTERS Club® and Nooterwear, inc.  NOOTERS Club®, based in Sylvan Lake, Michigan, participates in pet-related events and expos around the U.S. and sells its products nationwide as well as in the United Kingdom.

Low-cost spay and neuter clinics that would like to have their facilities included in the directory should email the name of the clinic, web address, contact name and phone number to

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

"Dog Days Of Summer" Will Benefit Cats Too! Pet Food Donations For Needy Families

Flame Heating, Cooling and Electrical and Michigan Humane Society are collecting pet food donations to feed the pets of families facing economic strain. Donation drop off locations are at the Flame offices in Warren, Fraser and Riverview and Michigan Humane Society centers in Detroit, Westland and Rochester Hills.

The organizations will accept donations of pet food through August 31st. These pet food donations will benefit the Michigan Humane Society's pet food bank program, which assists pet guardians facing financial challenges. These individuals may otherwise not be able to afford food for their companion animals.

Unopened bags or cans of dog and cat food will be accepted.  For donations in excess of 10 large unopened bags, it is requested that donors call ahead to make arrangements before delivering directly to Michigan Humane Society. 
Drop-off Locations and hours are below:
Flame Heating, Cooling & Electrical Locations
2200 East 11 Mile Road
Warren, MI 48091
Weekdays:7:30am to 5:00pm
Saturdays 7:30am to 3:00pm

11781 Longsdorf Road
Riverview, MI 48192
Weekdays:10am to 5pm

32314 Utica Road
Fraser, MI 48026
Weekdays: 8:00am to 5:00pm

Or At The Following
Michigan Humane Society Locations

Detroit Center for Animal Care
7401 Chrysler Drive
Detroit, MI 48211
Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sat
10:00am to 5:00pm
Wed 10:00am to 7:00pm

Rochester Hills Center for Animal Care
3600 W.Auburn Road
Rochester Hills, MI 48309
Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sat
10:00am to 5:00pm
Wed 10:00am to 7:00pm

Berman Center for Animal Care
900 N.Newburgh Road
Westland, MI 48185
Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sat
10:00am to 5:00pm
Wed 10:00am to 7:00pm

For more information call 1-866-MHUMANE

Monday, August 2, 2010

Marvin The Cat From Haute Or Not Pets, Gives Two Paws Up To The FroliCat Bolt

I am proud to introduce to you today Marvin The Cat from Haute Or Not Pets . Haute or Not Pets is your premier online resource for information, opinions, and reviews on the latest pet products. They have assembled an expert panel of in-house product testers, along with special guests, if the product calls for it. Their product reviewers work their collective tails off, eating, chewing, wearing, or playing with all of the products featured in Haute or Not? so that you can benefit from their "first-paw" experience!

Soooo I now turn you over to the star of today's blog, Marvin The Cat!!

There Is No Way A Human Invented This Device
 It Must Have Come From Outer Space

...Meow. My name is Marvin the Cat. You can also call me Bitey McBitey, Scratches MacGee, or Claws Malone.

Every cat needs a few aliases, especially the black cat variety.

Being a cat isn’t all sunshine-filled naps in windows and curling up in cozy baskets. We need to work to keep our physiques so … cat-like and sleek, but sometimes humans are somewhat lacking in the personal trainer department.
I love chasing bright green string, shoelaces, random legs walking by, catnip-filled toy mice, my own tail (although that’s really not becoming in a black cat, so I prefer to do that in private!), and of course laser pointers!

Ask any feline and they’ll tell you, those little red dots that dance and dart around are pesky and oh-so chaseable. But those gosh darn humans I keep around sometimes get bored when I settle in for a good, long stalk and take the red dot away.

That’s why I was extra excited when I heard about the automatic laser released by FroliCat. Simply named Bolt, it’s a fantastic way for me to hone my stalking skills, get some exercise, and be entertained, all without the need of my human!

My human turned it on and it made a noise. I stared at it. Surely this thing was not going to work. Except … it did!

The light danced and teased and moved in patterns I did not expect (and as a cat, you do learn to predict your prey’s moves). For fifteen whole minutes I chased, pounced, stalked, and ran after that little red dot.

The cool thing is, you can get your human to turn it to manual and then they can wave it about and play with you for a little interaction.

I give the FroliCat Bolt a big, two paws way up, in the HAUTE department. And with the holiday season not nearly as far away as you might think it makes the purr-fect gift for your feline friends, or friends who work for a feline.

The FroliCat Bolt is fun, it’s addictive, and it’s one cat toy I can come back to again and again -- especially when my human is too busy, the FroliCat simply needs a moment of attention from my human to switch it on, and then I’m off, having fun, getting healthy and honing my skills. It is also affordable! It is only $19.95 and can be purchased at