Tuesday, May 29, 2012

ABC Award-- It's All About BlogPaws!

A few months ago Mom and I were honored to receive a special award.  The award we received was:
which stands for "Awesome Blog Content".  We are flattered to know that at least we have TWO kitties who like what we do! YEP TWO kitties gave us this award and we are most grateful!

The first kitty who gave it to us was Nerissa, from Nerissa's Life. (Do you know that for the LONGEST time we thought that Nerissa was a GIRL!? Nerissa is a BOY!) We're kinda slow, you'll have to forgive us. Look at this picture and you tell us if this cat isn't so pretty that you would think it was a GIRL!
Thank you for the award Nerissa!!!
As if that weren't enough of an honor, we were given  the SAME award from Pumpkin Puddy!! We were completely blown away! Thank you Pumpkin! Take a look at this cutie!!

Pumpkin we are most appreciative!!
The requirements of this award are that we must list 26 things about ourselves using every letter in the alphabet.  We decided  to change the rules of this blog award a  bit.  We  feel  with the BlogPaws conference being right around the corner, we would devote our 26 things to an event FAR MORE exciting than we are!  That would be BlogPaws 2012!!

Here we go!

A- an awesome good time. Mom went last year and wouldn't trade the experience for the world!

B-well for BLOGPAWS of course! From BlogPaws: "BlogPaws works hard to bring the best social media experts to present sessions designed to help bloggers improve their online activity, whether its a blog post, a twitter pawty, a Facebook page, a Pinterest page, or even Google+. We can all learn more and be better and when you leave BlogPaws, you will have a ton of actionable advice to follow - heck you can implement it using your phone, while you're at the airport waiting...and waiting...and waiting for your plane. "

C-CHEESECAKE!! Mom had the BEST cheesecake at BlogPaws 2011, haven't heard if it will be at BlogPaws 2012 but Mom has her paws crossed that it will be!

This cheesecake was "make a noise" GOOD!

D-Doggies!! Yep there will be DOGGIES at BlogPaws 2012! Some of you may not care for that but since Mom and I live  with a doggy,  we think that is one of the best parts of the conference!  You really see that BlogPaws is ALL ABOUT THE PETS when you see the doggies that are in attendance:
This was a puppy that Royal Canin brought last year
Look at a famous doggy that will be at BlogPaws this year!

Guinness World Record “Fastest Skateboarding Dog,” Tillman
Photo courtesty of  BlogPaws

E-Excitement! From the moment you arrive at BlogPaws 2012 you will feel the excitement all around you! Excitement, energy, enthusiasm! Have  we  used enough "E" words to convey that for you?

F-Fancy Feast! One of the "Friends of BlogPaws" sponsors that will be attending is none other than FANCY FEAST! We hear that they are not bringing the famous Fancy Feast kitty, but maybe we can change their minds?

G- GOLON, as in Caroline! If you are a kitty and don't know Caroline then you must be hiding in a paper bag! C'mon out and get with the program! Caroline is the pawson behind Romeo The Cat  and  High Paw Media  (just to name a few, she is one busy lady!) she is also a co-founder of BlogPaws! She will be at the conference speaking about Pinterest!

Caroline and Romeo

H-HOTEL- This year the Hotel that will be hosting BlogPaws is the beautiful
 Sheraton Salt Lake City.  Mom says she can hardly wait to check it out!

I-INVESTMENT- if you are a Blogger, the money you will spend for BlogPaws 2012 is an INVESTMENT in your future! You can't put a price on that!

J-Jokes! as in FUN! Laughing with your blogging friends in PAWSON! It is so much nicer to be interacting with blogging buddies in pawson rather than through a cold computer screen!

K-KITTENS! Last year there were kittens at BlogPaws! Mom wonders if there will be this year!

Mom cheating on me with one
of the kittens that were
in attendance last year!
L-LEARNING take a look at the roster of speakers scheduled to appear at BlogPaws 2012! Your brain will be bursting with knowledge!

M-Memories. You will have memories that will last you all of your nine lives when you attend a BlogPaws Conference.

N-Nose-to-Nose Awards a BlogPaws FIRST. Best of luck to all of the Finalists, hey even if we couldn't even rate as  finalists for our blog, Twitter or Facebook pages, we're still happy for ya!! The winners will be announced in a red carpet ceremony Saturday night, June 23, sponsored by Free Kibble and Halo and emceed by the beautiful and talented
 Wendy Diamond. Since Mom and I were at the bottom of the heap, I guess we won't be wearing THESE.

This photo was from an event
we also didn't win anything at MOL!
O-hhhh what a fun time you will have! Yeah so it isn't a bona fide "O" word, give us a break...we're getting tired!

P-PAW PRINTS, PAW PRINTS EVERYWHERE! This is what greeted Mom the second she entered the Hotel for BlogPaws 2011

Q-Queens of the Cat Blogging World! Meet two of the Queens of the cat bloggers! (Yes we know there are TONS MORE! Relax Glogirly  and Cathy Keisha!!! Don't get your fur all matted!!) This is a photo from last year and the two "Queens" in the photo are (left) Ingrid King, (right) Deb Barnes.

R-REGISTER!! Have YOU registered for BlogPaws 2012? Time is running out! Register here  Want a 20% discount on your registration? Just enter BlogPaws2012-POPs-Caren at checkout!

S-SPONSORS BlogPaws has the BEST!!  Check out the SPONSORS PAGE, give them a shout out on Twitter, Facebook, visit their websites and make them feel welcome!! We LOVE our Sponsors!

T-TWITTER EVENTS! Have questions about BlogPaws?  Don't be shy! Spill the beans! Chew the fat! Cough up a fur ball!! Be sure to attend the #BlogPawsChat on Tuesday May 29th and Tuesday June 12th from 8pm to 9pm EST....Also, mark your pawprint on the calendar for Tuesday June 5th for a #BlogPawty !!!  

U-UNDERWEAR What does THIS have to do with a post about BlogPaws 2012? Glad you asked!  We keep reading posts telling us not to forget our business cards, laptops, sweaters for chilly conference rooms, yadda, yadda, yadda, you know how your Mom always taught you to be sure you ALWAYS have clean underwear? Well, you are traveling my friends! There are lots of things you might forget to pack, be sure to pack your UNDIES!!! Some like to have two pair per day....just sayin'.

V-V.I.P's uh, those would be ALL OF YOU!!! Without the hundreds THOUSANDS of bloggers who are a part of the BlogPaws Community it would be nothin' but bare bones! (If you are a dog you may like that, but not in the world of pet brands and blogging!)

W-Wonderful. Mom says it will be WONDERFUL to see so many of the bloggers again that she met last year and she can't wait to meet those she hasn't met yet!

X-marks the spot. Salt Lake City, Utah....is the SPOT for BlogPaws 2012!

Y-Yvonne DiVita and the rest of the BlogPaws team have worked their tails off to be sure that BlogPaws 2012 is the BEST YET!!

Yvonne at BlogPaws 2011
Z- "Zee" um, make that SEE you at BlogPaws!!!!! We're so tired from doing this post that we need to catch some Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz's...................later!!!

Cody by our BlogPaws 2011 tote bag


  1. Yay, great post! I can't wait to see you!! xoxo

  2. This was SO fun!!! What a cool way to do the ABC's! Now Glogirly is even MORE excited to go! ...and no worries, our fur is not all matted. HAHA!

    We've still got a giveaway going for a free pass to the BlogPaws conference! (transportation & hotel not included)...deadline is Thursday night!

    Glogirly can't wait to meet everyone. And I can't wait to get in some quality ME time here at home. heh heh
    ; ) Katie

  3. @Catsparella THANK YOU!!!! OMC I am beyond excited to see you again!!! Can't wait to give you a HUGE HUG! We HAVE to spend some time together this time if you are available. xoxoxo

    @Katie and Glogirly Awwwww THANK YOU!!!! Thanks for being a good sport, if you weren't I never would have done that! Seriously!! I know you are a good sport! Looking forward to meeting you in "PAWSON!!!" Should be a blast!

  4. Wow--that was an EXCELLENT list!

    P.S. I thought Nerissa was a girlcat too. I mean, he's got to be used to that with a name like he's got ;-) Not that it's not a MANLY name in case he's reading this, ha ha meow!

  5. My human can't wait to meet you in person at BlogPaws this year!

  6. Awwww what fun awards!! Yay!! Love the A-Zing too!! Concats lovely Cody and mum! Take care

  7. What a fun post, Caren! Thank you for the flattering mention - one of the best parts of last year's BlogPaws was meeting you in person for the first time. I can't wait to see you - only three more weeks!

  8. That was such a perfect way to do the letters. Good for you. That was fun to read. Hope you have a great Tuesday.

  9. What a FUN post!! Makes you feel like you were there! Congrats on such a high honor - getting awards from kitties!

  10. @Spitty MOL!! I'll say it! "Nerissa" is the most UNMANLY name I have ever heard!! Poor guy!! MOL!!

    @Marg thanks so much!! Hope you have a great Tuesday too!!!

    @Ingrid I feel the same! I sooooo loved meeting you and can't wait to see you again! Hoping we have more time together this time!

    @Old Kitty thanks so much! Glad you liked it!

    @Sparkle I can't wait to meet YOU!!! Can't wait to give you a huge hug!! It will be the best!!

  11. Wow...congratulations on the ABC Award - great job spelling out the fabulousness of BlogPaws! Sounds like an awesome event and my Mom wishes SHE could be there too but she couldn't possibly leave me to my own devices here in Virginia while she plays with blog buddies on a trip. Anyway, love all the photos and we hope you have a super good time Miss Caren!

    Sammy (and his Mom too!!)

  12. Great post! I really enjoyed reading the A-Z post, everything sounds fun and interesting.

  13. Great answers! I LOVED THEM!

    Yeah, I know... the name thing is a bit confusing but hey, I AM a pretty boy. Can't help it! I take after my mama and she had the cutest little heart-shaped face. But you know... celebrities name their kids all sorts of things these days so... I'm thinking... maybe I could start a trend of naming boys, Nerissa? Stranger things have happened...


  14. Great post and congratulations.
    Best wishes Molly

  15. @Molly thanks much!!

    @Nerissa MOL thank you and thanks for being a good sport about the teasing. You are right! Celebrities are naming their kids anything and everything! Jessica Simpson just named her baby girl "Maxwell" so there you have it!

    @Priscilla thanks so much!!

    @Sammy and Pam awww thanks so much!!! We soooo wish that you could come too. We won't be "playing" the whole time though! We will be learning too!!! xoxoxo

  16. Congrats on your well deserved awards... And thanks for sharing all that information about BlogPaws, looks like an amazing event, hope u have a wonderful time!!!

  17. Great post! You made BlogPaws seem even more exciting! Really wishing I could go :( You guys will have so much fun. xox

  18. No, you are NOT an idiot! It's my Human who coulda and shoulda put Golden Gate Bridge Bash and not made people guess, MOL! Sometimes she thinks San Francisco *is* the center of the universe, ha ha ha!

    But yes, it *IS* SF & yes, it is the GG Bridge, which opened on May 27, 1937!

  19. @Sunshine thank you!! Keep in mind...it isn't just for pet bloggers!! You should check out their website www.blogpaws.com, since you have a blog (and you love animals!) it might be something you may want to consider.

    @Spitty I feel soooo much better! You know how I found out it was San Fran? After I read your blog I saw that Guido The Italian kitty posted about it too...then I knew! Thanks for not thinking I was a complete idiot! xoxo

    @The Furries it is soooooo much fun!

    @speedyrabbit thanks so much!

    @Carolyn thank you!!! You really should look into it some time. You would love it!

  20. What a cute post!! I will miss you this year, my friend... xoxo

  21. Bow chicka bow wow. You have me rarin' to go - what a stellar post. Wooooo Hoooo!!! Nicely done. I am sharing.

  22. I am totally blushing! Thanks for including me! xo Caroline

  23. Concats on the ABC awards and what a clever, clever way to respond!! That took a lot of work and I really enjoyed the post!! Thanks also for the fun photo of Ingrid and I!! Can't wait to see you in SLC!! xoxo

  24. Nerissa is confizzling for me too., Poor Nerissa - he'll get a complex prettty soon, I'm always calling him "sweetie." Great post. Have a super time - M wishes she were going,

  25. Oh dear Cody
    We thought Nerissa was a girl too...OOPSA!!!

    I think you have done us all a great service today by just that bit of information alone.

    Your ABC was A-OK!!!
    What a clever and creative way to do that award!! (COncats BTW)


  26. My fur only gets matted, er, raised, when another cat is called Stunning. I noticed you failed to mention that you met plush ME last year. TW raved about the cheesecake too. BTW, be sure to look for plush ME again this year.

  27. Nerissa is a boy! I had no idea. *Embarrassed*

    I can't wait for BlogPaws. I went in 2010 and had a great time meeting my pals humans. This year's gonna be even better because now I'm convention trained. MOL See you there Caren!

  28. doesn't it seem like there are more than 26 letters in the alphabet??? You did a great job applying it to the BP conference...hats off to ya...

  29. Oh Caren!
    me is so happy tht yous is going! And Wowwie! Yous did such a great ABC! Cody. Kozmo has been acting all weird. He talks to himself and he has been walking around the yard...has he tolds yous what's bothering him? Do yous thinks it is because me told Katie me thinks he was the mouse murderer?

  30. FaRADaY: Mowzers, Maxie! Look! Mommy's face...I've never seen it that color before!

    Maxwell: uhhh, well you know she's been sick...*puts paw on momma's forehead*

    Allie: *exasperated sigh* BOYS! She's GREEN with ENVY! (can't take them anywhere)

    We'll sure miss getting to meet you all!!

  31. MOL, we guess you're going to BlogPaws! Wish we could come too. Sounds awesome. Concats on the award.

  32. How fun was reading this? Tons of Fun! And I was able to add a few names to the list I am trying to make up of attendees...I gotta make nip toys this weekend...but how many? And bake some dog biscuits, too! (Well, they are really cat cookies but we are sure the doggies will love them!)

  33. You're so lucky you get to go! I wish there was one in Australia!! ;o)

  34. Caren, this post is so C= CUTE!

    I can Zee why you were Z-z-z at the end!

    So sorry will not Zee you at Blogpaws this year! But glad we finally met up last year! :)


  35. That was a lot of work to come up with something for all those letters. Good job! Oops! We thought Nerissa was a lady cat too - we are slower than you!

  36. @Oui Oui thanks!! Gotta admit it took me a few hours lol. Also thanks about Nerissa, glad I'm not the only one! MOL!

    @Benny and Lily thank you!

    @Ann thanks so much!!! I sooo wish you were going again this year. You will be missed!! Maybe next year? :)

    @The Purr Diaries, Hmmm...Australia! Sounds like a plan!! :)

    @Teri you are too sweet! So glad you enjoyed it!! When will you be coming in? If you need help w/anything pls let me know!! So looking forward to seeing you again! You amaze me with all that you do!!

    @Au and Target, yep I am so happy I am, wish you were too! Thanks so much!

    @Rykers we are sad because we won't be able to meet you! :(

    @Nellie, nope! Kozmo never said a word!!! Uh-oh...was it him???? Love, Cody

    @savannah thanks so much and yep, I kept thinking I skipped a letter lol. How embarrassing would THAT be? lol

    @pumpkinpuddy "convention trained" I love it!!! Can't wait to see you as well!!

    @CK you know what? I only remember meeting TW!!!!! Maybe you were in the room sleeping at the time??? MOL!

    @Abby yay!!! I wasn't the only one who didn't know! lol. Thanks so much about the post too! xoxoxo

    @Mario we soooo wish you were going too!!! Would love to meet "M" and you one day! OMC you made me laugh when you said you call Nerissa "sweetie"....heheheh

    @Deb awww thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed it!!! Can't wait to see you too! xoxoxo

    @Caroline my pleasure!!! xoxoxo back at ya!

    @Layla now THAT really touched me! You made my night as I am sitting here falling asleep while I answer comments, THANK YOU! I feel the same about you!!! xoxo

    @ ckrspanl you have ME rarin' to go with your kind words!!! Plus u made me laugh! lol. Thanks so much!

    @Angie thanks so much! I will miss you terribly!!! Who else will I spill wine on and you will be relieved to not have me say that ONE MORE TIME after this!!! xoxoxo

  37. Wow! Congratulations! Although I can't believe you cheated on Cody last year at Blog Paws! LOL!

  38. Very creative post. Can't imagine any pet blogger who wouldn't drool when thinking about BlogPaws after reading this!!