Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Belated Happy Father's Day, International Box Day, Juneteenth and Our Youngest Granddaughter's 4th Birthday!

 What a day of celebrations!!! 

It appears for the past two years I missed acknowledging our Dad and all of you special Dads out there (as well as father figures) on Father's Day (which was last Sunday). I have good reason (at least for this year!!) We were at the zoo celebrating anniversaries, father's day and a special birthday! Soooo...HAPPY BELATED FATHER'S DAY TO ALL OF YOU!! Here are some great photos of Levi and Roary and their pawesome Dad!

Today we also celebrate International Box Day with some previously seen photos of Roary, (sorry I haven't photographed him in a box in a while!)

graphic made by Ann at Zoolatry

Even Levi enjoys "boxes", while not traditional cardboard boxes, he LOVES standing on top of the "boxes" at Canine College! (Sorry about the blurry photo but it was taken when I was watching Levi on camera!)

Today we also commemorate freedom and equality for African Americans by celebrating "Juneteenth." May those who celebrate have a meaningful celebration!

Last and DEFINITELY not least, today we celebrate our youngest granddaughter who is turning FOUR!!! She is one of the sweetest and funniest little girls you will ever meet! So much to celebrate on June 19th!!!

Monday, June 10, 2024

Happy 4th Birthday Roary!!!

Roary is upset because the way I did the artwork by his face
 it looks like he is wearing lipstick!!

 Happy Birthday to our Little "Professor!!"

Roary is one of the sweetest cats you could ever hope to meet! He greets EVERYONE who enters our home (he is particularly fond of our next door neighbor Mary, who also has a kitty). When she comes over Roary walks up to her and meows every time!

Roary loves nothing more than having a good nap. His favorite places to nap are the cat tree and a bin that I have on a shelf in our second bedroom. Lately he enjoys napping on top of Levi's crate if I have the window open.

Unfortunately, since he is on a restricted diet due to the bladder stones he had last year, he can't have any sort of a treat or any human food. He probably is better off NOT having them!

Roary puts up with a lot from our high maintenance Sheltie, Levi, but he also is GREAT at knowing EXACTLY what to do to send Levi over the edge! (Staring at him from the other side of the baby gate is ALWAYS a good option!)

Another favorite thing of Roary's is when Levi is boarding at Canine College. Then, he will just sprawl out, relax and enjoy the silence (I have to say we often enjoy it too!)

Roary is good with our granddaughters as long as they aren't too rough with him, and if they don't chase him, but he always is happy to see them leave.

Roary wakes me up every morning without fail. He will come into bed and gently touch my face and give me a soft meow, I look forward to it every single morning!


You mean the world to us, even more than you know!

You bring us calm when we are on edge from Mr. Attention Hog Levi!

In honor of your birthday, Dad and I are taking Levi to the V-E-T for a nice big shot !!! You get to have some peace and quiet AND a good laugh about your brother having a shot (hopefully in the butt!)

Looking forward to cuddling with you later!

Much love,

Mom, Dad and Levi