Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Thirteen Years Ago Today...

Thirteen years ago today I made one of the best decisions of my life. I adopted Cody. He wasn’t my first choice, his litter mates who wanted nothing to do with me were. When I said to his foster Mom at Petco, “let me see that gray kitten jumping around in the back of the cage “, he knew. When she handed him to me, he crawled up my chest and snuggled, he never attempted to leave. He chose ME, and I am forever grateful.

A mere two weeks earlier my first cat, Bobo, had passed, I was devastated, but as painful as Bobo’s passing was, the emptiness and sorrow I am experiencing with Cody’s tragic, traumatic and unexpected passing is nearly intolerable.

I had adopted Cody to help heal my broken heart. Cody’s cuddly and loving nature filled my heart with happiness all of his 13 years. Now, with the loss of Cody AND Dakota a mere 9 days later, my heart is in pieces.

I thought this would be my tribute post but I thought wrong. I’m not ready.

Cody will be gone one month on July 30th and I feel as if I am trapped in a bad dream.

The best I can do today is share a few collages that I put together to hang in our living room.

I think what I will do is post tributes to both boys on August 28, Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day.

Cody deserves much more than this on his Adoption Day, but once again through tears that seem to never end, this is all that my emotions can handle.

I will never stop loving you or missing you my cuddle bug. πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’” Thank you for choosing ME, thank you for loving me, I pray you know how much you were loved.

NOTE: This post isn't set up well because it was created on my phone. Trust me, the Rainbow Bridge Memorial post will be done properly. Poor Cody, I couldn't even handle his Adoption Day post.

Monday, July 6, 2020

Heartfelt Thanks!!!

I’m typing this from my phone, so this should be interesting. This is one of my favorite collages of Cody and I. It’s hard to believe it’s nearly a week since he left us.

This isn’t my tribute, that will take me some time to do, it will probably be on July 28 which would have been Cody’s 13th Gotcha Day.

There is a huge hole in our hearts and home. We didn’t realize until he left how Cody ran our entire household all on his own.

None of us knows when to get up, when to eat, there is no one to scold for being on the table, the counters and to tell to stop chewing everything in sight.

The armrest of the couch where I sit every night (and where the above photos in the collage with the photos of Cody and I were taken) sits empty. My heart aches, my chin is trembling and the tears are coming as I type this.

The outpouring of love for my boy via email, texts, Facebook and more is overwhelming. I never realized how much my boy was loved. The memories, are oh so many. 

Our blog never won awards, nor were we the best written, but our blog was started with love and was intended to share info, humor and love about Cody and all cats. It makes me smile that Cody and I accomplished that. 

The blog will continue, I may share some old memories etc, when the mood hits.

For now, I want to offer my heartfelt thanks and gratitude for all of the caring and love. 

Please say a prayer for our Dakota who is grieving and is constantly looking for his beloved brother.

Once again an appropriate tribute will come I hope on July 28th.

Thank you so much for loving my boy

The beautiful flowers above were sent by two very special angels at the Veterinary practice we go to.