Wednesday, May 9, 2012

In Memory Of Fin Of Housecat Confidential, With All Of Our Love

Our hearts are broken. We learned yesterday, as did many of you, about the passing of our beloved kitty friend "Fin" of Housecat Confidential.

Mom and I are completely devastated. We had the pleasure of meeting Fin's "Mom", Meg S. Hart online in late 2010 and had the honor of reading/reviewing the book Housecat Confidential that was written by the delightful Fin.

We pulled up that review and re-read it and feel that it would be a wonderful tribute to Fin to post her words of feline wisdom so that other kitties and humans who didn't have the pleasure of knowing and loving Fin, might be able to get some insight into the incredible cat that she was.  We want everyone to be able to experience the magic that was precious Fin.

You may be gone in body Fin but your light will shine on in all of our hearts forever.

 Here is the review that I had published on  January  23, 2011. It's ok to laugh at the funny parts, Fin would want us to!

As it published on January 23, 2011

Delightful!! Completely delightful are the first thoughts that come to mind after reading "Housecat CONFIDENTIAL".

Have You Ever Thought About:

  • What is it like being a housecat?
  • What are the "secrets of life?"
  • Do you ever wonder what your cat is thinking?
  •  Do you wonder what your cat was thinking before it entered your life?
  •  What about your cats' Mom or its' litter mates?
  • What  the wide range of  your cats' "meows" and other sounds mean? If you thought (like I did) that "Mah" means "Mom", think're wrong!
The answers to these "impawtant" questions are  conveyed by the beautiful and talented cat-author "Fin" and were typed by her "Ghost Writer"/co-author, Meg S. Hart. Meg also shot the darling photographs that are peppered liberally throughout it's pages.

In Fin's words:"I'm a grannycat, a senior kitizen, but I don't mind getting older. I can't jump like a kitten anymore but I haven't just grown older,  I've also grown wiser. I have so much wisdom I want to share with humans and kitties alike. I've discovered the secret of life and I want to share it with all of you. Why don't we curl up on the couch together and I'll tell you everything I've learned."
Gorgeous "Fin!"

Such as:
  •  how "family is about a lot more than blood."
  • that "a paw gently petting your face means, "I love you very much and would like the gesture repeated on me. Thank you for understanding" (My Cody does this nearly every night when he is laying on my chest before we nod off to sleep and now I know what it means!

I loved so much about this book but there were a few parts that had me in fits of giggles:

  •   "Mousey And Me-A Tale of Forbidden Love" I know that many of you kitties out there (including my Cody) are OBSESSED with your mice, some of you overtly, some discreetly....I laughed til I nearly cried thinking of my Cody and his obsession with his one mangy red other mousey will do. It must be RED mousey. If you have a mousey obsessed kitty this chapter will touch your heart and tickle your funny bone!

  • Is there a "Blanket Monster" in your house? I bet there is....there is one in my house and I shouldn't admit that it is ME! What is a "Blanket Monster?" You will have to read this gem to find out! I won't tell!

  • As Fin says "I don't want you to think it's all fun and games, being a housecat is a great responsibility" One of Fin's many "jobs" is that of waking "Mom"..."Mom getting out of bed is the official start of the day" (as it is in so many of our homes!). This segment also had me rolling with laughter because Cody will resort to his old tricks of jumping on the printer, turning it ON, hitting the paper tray, a sure-fire way to get either me or "Dad" out of bed to feed him. It is silly of us to think that our cats are unique in their attempts to waken us, I now learned that it is universal trait in "Catdom"... as Fin says when unable to waken her "Mom" "I'll knock over anything on her nightstand that'll make a crash, and if something spills (like a water glass), it's a bonus"...."I'll crackle paper on the floor, or pull some papers from the trash if necessary; whatever it takes to make it impossible for her to sleep any longer."

  • "A Moon Landing" will have to read it to find out what THIS is! Genius, pure genius!

"Housecat CONFIDENTIAL" is witty, funny, touching, charming, thought provoking  and sure to strike a chord with anyone who owns or has been owned by a cat. Fin's insight and first-paw experience on being a housecat will resonate with you as it did with me.  In Fin's words once again:
Fabulous floofy "Fin!"

"In the end, I imagine cats want what everyone really wants---a warm place to sleep where you can feel completely safe, a gentle loving hand to stroke away your sadness, someone to curl up next to when you're lonely, and someone to make you laugh and to laugh with you."

Curl up with "Housecat CONFIDENTIAL" and allow Fin to share her "Secrets Of Life" will be thrilled that you did!

SOME THOUGHTS FROM THE AUTHOR: "The idea for the book began as an assignment in a short story writing class. I wanted something light and humorous to offset the darker side of my writing"..."I used to look outside myself to find joy and happiness, acquiring THINGS in order to feel satisfaction. I've realized, through Fin's eyes, you don't have to look outside to find joy. Even a simple life can bring great joy if you appreciate the things you already have within reach."

TO PURCHASE "HOUSECAT CONFIDENTIAL" visit or visit Fin and Meg S. Hart at


From Cat Chat: Thank you for the joy you brought to us dear Fin, our faces are wet from our tears. You will be sorely missed but you will never be forgotten. We promise we will all take good care of your Mom, as we know that you will too,  from your peace-filled spot over the Rainbow Bridge. Your powerful spirit and amazing love are  sure to still be right by your Mommy's side "furever."   R.I.P precious Fin. With love and  broken hearts, Caren and Cody


  1. Thank you for sharing this with us again. purrs

  2. We didn't "know" Fin but after reading the excerpts from her book, feel like the world has lost yet another dear, darling kitty citizen to the Rainbow Bridge. Without knowing her, we're sad too.

    Pam and Sammy

  3. A wonderful tribute to a very special cat! My favorite photo of her, the 'Fabulous floofy "Fin!" was her blog header when I first visited Fin and it's part of why I fell for her, too...

  4. Aunty Caren,
    My Mama's been crying too....inconsolable I must say. We just lost Tom about a month ago, and now of our favorite's a very sad day over here. purrr....meow!

  5. We're so very sad to hear about Fin. Thanks for this wonderful tribute!

  6. That was really a beautiful tribute to a beautiful friend. Fly free, dear Fin. We will never, ever forget you.

  7. That was such a good tribute and brought so many good memories about her wonderful book. I really enjoyed the book and the blog. Our Mom is still crying. It is just too sad. Thanks for this.

  8. There go the tears again. We are so sad about dear sweet Fin. Such a wonderful friend. We shall love her and remember her forever.

  9. Caren, thanks for this beautiful tribute. One of the blessings of creating and sharing a story, a book, artwork or photography of beloved cats is that they live on forever.

  10. Sad news indeed. Much love and best wishes Molly

  11. Such a beautiful tribute, Caren. Meg and Fin are very special to us and our hearts are aching. The book is a treasure...I had the pleasure of reading it before it even was a book. I remember emailing Meg, telling her how much I was cracking up one minute...and then another email moments later with tears in my eyes. I will treasure my now pawtographed copy forever.
    xo Glogirly

  12. Wonderful post. Our mom has had leaky eyes because Fin went to be with Sweet Praline at the bridge. It's always sad when we lose one of our kitties, but Fin was very special to all of us.

    Truffle and Brulee

  13. We are all so sad to lose Fin. My human and I were heart-broken by the news.

  14. What wonderful words Caren. Me thanks yous
    nellie and Mommy

  15. We didn't know Fin, but we are always so sorry when anyone loses a beloved kitty. We sure know what that is like. We are purring for Fin's family.

  16. What a beautiful tribute to Fin, Caren.

    We're so sorry about the passing of Fin! Hugs to her family!

  17. Thank you so much Caren! Your friendship means the world to me.


  18. A beautiful tribute to a beautiful cat!

  19. Thanks Caren for this lovely tribute. I reread the book just a few weeks ago. Little did I know .... Layla is right, through the writings Finny da Floof will live on in our hearts xx

  20. What a lovely tribute, Caren. I'm so sad for Meg.

  21. to everyone...thank you...I am glad that for some that didn't know Fin I am able to share her with all of you. I am sure Meg is drawing comfort from reading your touching comments. ((((hugs)))) to you all.

    @meg I feel the same and you know that from back when I first met you and read your marvelous was special then, and is even MORE SPECIAL now (((((gentle hugs)))))

  22. Poor Fin. We didn't know him but we are so sad to hear of his passing. Thanks for this great tribute! xo