Monday, July 10, 2023

I Love My Unique and Fun Portrait from Furryroyal Pet Portraits!! Enjoy a 15% off Discount Code!

 I am a HUGE fan of original pet art/pet portraits and am blessed to have received a number of them throughout my years of blogging. 

My latest favorite pet portrait is from a company called Furry Royal.

They contacted me asking if I would like a complimentary portrait in exchange for posting about them on the blog and I jumped at the opportunity like a kitty with a wand toy!

How unique and CUTE is this? I just love it!

Pet portraits are the BEST gifts to GIVE as well as receive! They are suitable for ALL occasions, heck, who needs a REASON to send a pet portrait as a gift? They make wonderful "just because" gifts as well! 

The process to creating your pet portrait at Furry Royal couldn't be easier. There are just a few simple steps:

1) Choose a costume (or a setting) for your pet. You can have a portrait of just one pet or more than one pet. You can even include a human! There is everything from sports, to pets in suits, to Christmas, Birthday, Halloween, Wedding, sooo many to choose from!

2) Upload your Photo

3) Once you make your payment, your portrait will be created and you will receive a proof within 48 hours.

You can choose to have a digital print or select a table top size (as I have), or a larger portrait to display on your wall.


The scene that I selected makes me laugh every time I look at it!

Even Roary seemed to enjoy it!

I am thrilled with my portrait and am certain you will be too!

The holidays are right around the corner and these would make the perfect gift!

Levi gave a bark out to our furiends at Furry Royal asking them for a discount code for our readers that won't expire!!!!  Click this link   and type Caren15 at checkout for your 15% off discount that WILL NOT EXPIRE!! Hurry and order yours today!!!  I am certain you will love your portrait as much as I do!

***In full disclosure: I received no monetary compensation for this post. I received a complimentary portrait in exchange for posting about Furry Royal on the blog, facebook and Instagram.

Sunday, July 9, 2023

Our Sweet Dakota Left Us Three Years Ago Today

  My first ever Sheltie, Dakota, my sweet boy passed on July 9, 2020 (9 days after Cody), after having been diagnosed with Hemagiosarcoma (a tumor on his heart) a mere month before. He was 13 (as was Cody).

It is an awful disease that has taken many beloved dogs of friends and family members. We were blessed to have Dakota with us for a month after he was diagnosed, many I know weren't that lucky. 

To think I thought Dakota was crazy when he was young! Little did I know what would be in store for me with Levi.

Dakota was sweet, stoic at the Vet, he HATED other dogs, was devoted to his "pack" at home, but wasn't much of a fan of humans that he didn't know. He never would have enjoyed going to daycare or boarding like Levi does.

He was a great brother to Cody. They truly loved each other.

He hated taking walks, wasn't thrilled with the car (he would sit on the floor). Didn't like to sleep in his bed, he preferred sleeping on the floor. If I stirred eggs he would bark. If I used spray butter he would bark. He was the quirkiest dog ever!

He LOVED his precious Greenies, popcorn, red peppers (not hot ones!), apples, carrots and the doggy meatloaf/meatballs/hamburgers I would make for him.


Dakota was extremely bonded with Lenny when he was young, as time went on, he and I became extremely close. He had a sixth sense of knowing just when I needed extra loving.

He was the first dog I had as an adult and was the fulfillment of a childhood dream of having a Sheltie. He was special in so many ways.

He loved running and playing fetch when he was young.

He adored his red, white and blue Dollar store ball that we have safely tucked away in a trunk. That dog had sooo many toys and that disgusting worn out plush ball was his absolute favorite. 

The 13 years he was with us went by in the blink of an eye. I am grateful for the many collages I have on the living room wall of both Cody and Dakota, this way I can still see them both every day.

Dakota you were such a good and special boy. Daddy and I think of you, love you and miss you every single day. 

About a minute after Dakota left us, I noticed a yellow butterfly that flew right into our patio doors, I am certain that was our sweet Dakota letting us know he would always be there.

 I had always loved the name "Dakota" and when I was selecting a name for him I had looked up the meaning. In American Indian the name "Dakota" meant "trusted friend." He completely lived up to his name and more. 

Thank you, Dakota, for sharing your life and love with Daddy, Cody and I. You were the PERFECT first Sheltie.

Much Love Always,