Sunday, June 21, 2020

Happy Father's Day 2020

The photo I am sharing below is one of my all time faves. I was a tiny little kitten, so young that my eyes were amber and hadn't changed to the glorious green that they are today. I just love this photo though because it shows how my love affair with Dad started right from the time I was first adopted!

Happy Father's Day to the BEST DAD EVER!!!!

We  would like to wish all Kitty Dads, Doggy Dads, Uncles, Brothers, Grandfathers, anyone who has taken on the role of "Dad" (even WOMEN who have to take on the role of "Dad" !) a Happy Happy Father's Day!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Veterinary Appreciation Day, Medical Updates and Thank you #VeterinaryLove #Trupanion

How things change. Usually this day is a joyous one for me to blog about but this year it sure isn't.

First, Happy Veterinary Appreciation Day to our Vet, Dr.Lewis (also known as "Dr.Smiley") and the entire staff at DePorre Veterinary Hospital. The love, caring and professionalism they have shown to my boys for 13+ years has been unsurpassed. My husband and I ARE and will ALWAYS be grateful.

This is an old collage but I love it,
so I'm using it again.

Veterinary Appreciation Day™ was created by Trupanion in 2015 (Trupanion happens to be the company we have pet insurance with but this is NOT a sponsored post, nor was I required to blog about it). This special day was founded to recognize veterinary professionals and the wonderful work they do. From the front desk to the exam room, veterinary teams offer compassion, advice and care for our furry family members. Veterinary Appreciation Day offers the animal-loving community the opportunity to come together on a single day to show their appreciation to the compassionate veterinary professionals dedicated to helping their pets live the happiest, healthiest lives possible."

The challenges of caring for our pets during the COVID-19 nightmare has been extra trying for all Veterinary practices. Every day these caring Angels have risked their lives for their love and concern for our pets and we are grateful! 

To DePorre Veterinary Hospital, Trupanion Pet Insurance, and ALL OF YOU....THANK YOU. (We sent a fruit tray to DePorre today to show our appreciation and bought the staff lunch approximately a month ago)there are tons of ways to show gratitude for your Vets!
Thank you Ann so much for this gorgeous graphic

Now, on to the bad part. A quick update:

Our beloved Dakota has cancer. It's on his heart. It all happened suddenly. He was diagnosed on June 8th. He is happy, eating super well and rest assured neither my husband, myself, or  our Vet will have him suffer. We will all know when it is time. We are cherishing each and every day we have left.

Thank you again Ann!

For Cody, he is having a biopsy of his intestines done on June 25th.  Dr.Lewis feels there is a strong chance it is NOT Lymphoma, but we will know for sure after the biopsy.

I want to give a HUGE thank you to Trupanion as well. We have had pet insurance with them for years and I have never called them as much during those years as I have in the past two weeks! They are super efficient, professional and compassionate.(They have even put up with my crying on the phone).

A few of you have reached out to me via email and phone and I THANK YOU! I didn't (and still don't)_ want to post about what is going on because while some find blogging about things like this to be cathartic, I am not one of those people. Maybe down the road I will be, but definitely not now. I felt that all of you deserved an update for showing so much concern and love for my boys, THANK YOU!

I am grateful for both of my boys, whatever will be is in the hands of a power much greater than any of us. Life just completely sucks sometimes. Our beloved Dakota has the biggest heart I have ever seen on a dog and he doesn't deserve something as ugly as cancer sitting on it, and our crazy Cody, we hope with all of our might that he has a number of years left with us. I can't bear the thought of losing them both.

Enough sadness, we are enjoying taking slow, short walks with Dakota, Dakota is enjoying that he can eat whatever he wants and he is eating hamburger whenever he wants it and he is gobbling it up. I kiss that handsome face every day and tell him how much he is loved, and every night Cody sits with me on the couch and I pet him, kiss his crabby face (lol) and tell him how much I love him as well. 

Do me a favor ok? Kiss all of your babies from us!

Much love from Caren, Dakota and Cody

Monday, June 8, 2020

National Best Friends Day 2020

Hi to all. Just wanted to take a moment to say how grateful I am for the friendship my "boys" have.

Now...we need an ENORMOUS favor. 

Please pray for them

Dakota is seeing a Cardiologist this morning (everything with him came on suddenly starting last Wednesday), and Cody was already scheduled for an abdominal ultrasound for this Tuesday. I know whatever is to be is in God's hands but I believe in POTP.

Please, please if you are so inclined would you just say a little prayer for my boys?

We thank you with all of our hearts.

Sending you all lots of love.

Also, that is why we are not visiting consistently and we are hoping you will all forgive us. Everything is just too overwhelming right now.  Thank you for understanding.

(NOTE: if you don't see your comment published, I have been forced to use comment moderation due to an unreal amount of spam comments hitting the blog. Please accept my apologies.)

Thursday, June 4, 2020

National Hug Your Cat Day 2020

So, like all of you I hug Cody (when he lets me)  EVERY SINGLE be sure to hug your Kitty because it's National Hug Your Cat Day! 
Newly adopted Cody, July 2007

This year with all 
that is going on with Cody,
I intend to hug him
and hold him even closer!!!
I had wanted to do a new
post this year,
but with BOTH
Cody AND Dakota
having issues right now,
I just can't focus to do so.

And...for the record BLOGGER!! I tried using the new interface and everything was clear except for the MOST IMPORTANT PART...where in the heck do you create a new post?