Thursday, April 11, 2024

National Pet Day 2024-Thankful Thursday

 Yes, yes I know!! EVERY DAY is National Pet Day but someone decreed THIS DAY as the OFFICIAL National Pet Day!

Today, as we do EVERY DAY we honor the pets who have come before, as well as those currently in our lives. My focus today are the two silly boys who I am blessed to share my life with!

First, because he arrived first, is our silly Roary!

Roary is super curious, talkative, loving and over all a very good boy!!! He unintentionally falls through the cracks sometimes because Levi is so incredibly demanding. We love this adorable, quirky fellow and he knows it!!

These photos were taken yesterday of Levi and our postal carrier (Natalie). Levi and I take a walk every day in our complex searching out Natalie. Why? Because not only is she a postal carrier, she is also, (according to Levi), the MilkBone carrier!!!!! Levi can spot that truck waaay down the street and will drag me to get to her!

Wishing all of you a Happy National Pet Day!!! I know we are all sure thankful for all of the pets who share our lives! Love to all of you and your pets!