Friday, December 8, 2023

Chanukah 2023

 Well we didn't make it for the first night and here we are by the skin of our teeth for the second night! Thankfully we have "Eight Crazy Nights!!!"

We pray for peace, love and kindness

Monday, December 4, 2023

Children's Cat Book: "BURT THE AIRPORT CAT" Written and Illustrated by Christine Henry


FROM THE AUTHOR: "This is my first book in a series, which I’ve written and illustrated, and  all my illustrations are watercolour, not digital.  This is a cats adventure story.   Burt is a black cat about to embark on a family adventure. But at the airport, he is separated from his family and accidentally left behind to fend for himself. Burt is a curious cat by nature, and decides to take advantage of his new surroundings and explore the airport. He meets new friends, Valkyrie, Scout, and the Padre, and samples local cuisine as well. The kindness of his friends is remarkable and enduring. Will he ever reunite with his family? Join him on his quest to learn more."

"The moral of the tale is kindness,  friendship and acceptance as Burt is a black cat. Regardless of his colour, parents can talk to their children about diversity and demystify the superstition associated with black cats." 

FROM CAT AND DOG CHAT WITH CAREN: A darling book with lovely illustrations. Burt meets all kinds of people and animals while stranded at the airport. They all offer him help and hope until he is reunited with his family. This is a cute book that little ones will enjoy, would make a great gift for the holidays!


Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Happy Thanksgiving 2023!!


Stay tuned in the next week or so to learn about what Roary is sitting on!!

We are posting for Thanksgiving a day early because the humans will be attending the Lions game on Thanksgiving...and.......we know many of you will be busy!!! (if you don't see your comment posted right away it's because I use comment moderation and will be behind tomorrow and Friday but will approve them as soon as I can!! Thank you!!)

We are so grateful for each and every one of you! While I don't blog as often as I used to, I love keeping up with as many of you as I can and I deeply value the friendships I have made with so many of you!!

May you and yours be blessed with good health, happiness, peace, love, prosperity and some deliciousness on your table today!!!

If you have a second......maybe put in a good word for the Lions so they beat the Packers on Turkey Day? 

Happy Thanksgiving all!


Caren, Lenny, Roary and Levi

Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Happy 3rd Gotcha Day Levi!!!!!!!! (He was "Gotted" November 21st, 2020)

 Happy 3rd Gotcha Day to our super smart, super loving, super BIG, super stubborn, super cuddly and super crazy Levi “Rowdy”!! We survived 3 years !!!

🤣🤣🤣 In all seriousness you are the most affectionate boy we could ever hope to have, you definitely keep life exciting and keep us on our toes!!! We love you to pieces!!!!

There is a saying that goes "You don't always get the dog you want, but you get the dog that you need."(Cesar Millan) Levi has been a challenge and I guess that someone felt that my husband and I DEFINITELY needed a challenge!


  • When I stir eggs
  • When I add seasoning to food
  • Going to the groomer (he acts like the biggest baby and tries to run after me whimpering and crying when I am dropping him off, once he has his bath and blow dry he is FINE. It is the ONLY place where he acts like that.)
  • ANYONE walking in our hallway
  • ANYONE walking outside that he can see from our window
  • When my husband sneezes
  • When my husband's phone rings
  • The remote control
  • Hot weather


  • His Daddy. His Mommy. Roary.
  • His beloved bully sticks!
  • His girlfriend Sadie at Canine College (Sadie is a German Shepherd mix who has one ear that goes up and one that goes down. She is large and crazy like Levi lol. He follows her EVERYWHERE.)
  • Canine College and all who work there
  • Running in the snow
  • Being noticed and fawned over
  • Cuddling/Kisses
  • Hamburgers (which he only gets on his Gotcha Day and his birthday)
  • Playing Fetch
  • Taking Walks
  • His Cheese Stuffed KONG bone
  • The VET!! (Yep you read that right!!)
  • Riding in the Car
  • Our Mail Carrier


HAPPY 3RD GOTCHA DAY LEVI "ROWDY", "LEVI G."(as they call him at Canine College), "Mr.Levi." and some other choice names not fit for print!!! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!


Monday, November 20, 2023

DOG BOOK FEATURE: I AM BUNNY: How a “Talking” Dog Taught Me Everything I Need to Know About Being Human by Alexis Devine

From William Morrow

An Imprint of HarperCollins

Social media stars of @WhatAboutBunny, Alexis Devine the guardian and Bunny the “talking” dog deliver a memoir about their journey together in I AM BUNNY: How a “Talking” Dog Taught Me Everything I Need to Know About Being Human (William Morrow; on-sale 11/14/23). You likely have come across a video of Bunny, the adorable black-and-white sheepadoodle on TikTok or Instagram, where the expressive dog uses programmed buttons laid out to share relatable and philosophical thoughts such as “Love you Mom,” “Dad went poop,” and “Ugh why?” In I AM BUNNY, Devine chronicles not only how Bunny learned to “talk,” but also the profound impact their journey has had on her life. Devine covers a wide range of topics  such as:

 How pets can help with mental health: Alexis struggled with various mental health issues including an eating disorder and anxiety, on top of a drug and alcohol addiction. Her journey to recovery has been heavily influenced by her relationship with Bunny, as she learned to analyze her own emotions and experiences by first looking at how Bunny authenticity expresses hers. 

-          Bunny’s participation in the TheyCanTalk research study: Bunny is currently a part of a study at the Comparative Cognition Lab at UCSD, where they study how much nonhumans are able to express themselves in language-like ways. While Alexis is not a cognitive scientist, she can speak to their involvement and how it’s impacted her approach when communicating with Bunny.

-          Alexis’ autism diagnosis discovery through Bunny: Alexis had always a hard time grasping social nuances, but when it came to communicating with Bunny it was simpler—less to layers to peel back—because Bunny is always authentically herself. This sparked a realization within Alexis, which led to an official diagnosis of autism. Without Bunny’s influence she may have never come to this diagnosis.

-          Building a deeper relationship with your pet:

@whataboutbunny Its about time for a Bunny Beacher reunion😭 #reunion #bestie #dogfriends #smartdog ♬ original sound - I am Bunny
 The communication aspect between Bunny and Alexis has added a new deeper level to their relationship, but not all pet owners need buttons to connect with their pets. Our pets are constantly communicating through non-verbal cues, and when we’re patience and observant we can better understand what they’re trying to say.

-          Different approach to canine training: Alexis stresses the need to build a bond based on trust and respect with your dog to encourage your pet to work with you and not for you. Once you have established effective communication, then responsiveness and obedience will follow.


 FROM CAT AND DOG CHAT WITH CAREN: I Am Bunny by Alexis Devine is EXTREMELY well-written, (truth be told some of it seemed waaay over my head and had me questioning my own intellectual capabilities!) That being said, as a "Dog Mom" I am always seeking ways to better understand my dog. While I am doubtful I could ever teach Levi the way that Alexis taught Bunny, there are similarities in Bunny's reactiveness that have enabled me to better understand Levi! 

Alexis states "This is a story of reckoning, both personal and cultural, human and non human. This is what happens when curiosity and respect take precedence. When you give someone the opportunity to show you the nature of their world and can finally begin to reconcile your own. This is as much a story of me finding my voice as it is of Bunny exploring hers."

"Once you start really listening, worlds become accessible that are not limited by language or species, politics or religion. A greater empathy unfolds that changes not only how we communicate with nonhumans, but with our fellow humans as well."

To me that is a win-win scenario. Who doesn't want to connect with their pet on a deeper level 

The photographs are exquisite, there are many other animal studies, (horses, chimpanzees, dolphins etc), sprinkled throughout this book. 

Alexis has a delightful self-effacing writing style that makes the reader feel as if they can truly relate to her. There is humor mixed in as well. This is a must-read for anyone seeking to have a deeper and more fulfilling bond with their dog!


Alexis Devine is an artist and entrepreneur hailing from Seattle, Washington. She was a longtime creator of wearable art before her sheepadoodle, Bunny, known as “What About Bunny” on social media, became an internet sensation in the fall of 2020. Bunny is part of an ongoing canine cognition research study at the Comparative Cognition Lab at UCSD. Alexis is a Licensed Family Dog Mediator, Fear Free Certified Professional, and Certified Canine Enrichment Tech­nician. Her goal is to further our understanding of the power of connection and importance of empathy, meeting her dogs where they are and understanding them on their terms first to facilitate trust and promote an environment that supports them as the incredible creatures they are.

I AM BUNNY: How a “Talking” Dog Taught Me Everything I Need to Know About Being Human by Alexis Devine | William Morrow | On-Sale: November 14, 2023 | $35.00 | 272 Pages Also available as an e-book and audiobook from HarperAudio  TO PURCHASE CLICK HERE.


Monday, November 6, 2023

Book Feature: LITTLE HOUSE LIFE HACKS, Lessons for the Modern Pioneer from Laura Ingalls Wilder's Prairie by Angie Bailey and Susie Shubert

 Today I am moving away from my normal "niche" of cats and dogs to feature an extremely special book that is much needed in our crazy and often depressing world right now. The book is LITTLE HOUSE LIFE HACKSLessons for the Modern Pioneer from Laura Ingalls Wilder's Prairie by Angie Bailey and Susie Shubert. (Charmingly illustrated by Lauren Mortimer)

I was honored to be the winner of this gem when I entered a give-away that was held by Square Paws, (if you aren't familiar with the talented Mario's creations, please take a moment to click the name and prepare to be awe-stricken!). One of many reasons I was thrilled to read this book was I have known  the zany, witty, and uber-talented Angie Bailey for many years now. I first met her on her former blog Cat Lady Land and have had the pleasure of being in her company for many blogging events.

The concept for Little House Life Hacks was born during the pandemic when authors Bailey and Shubert were streaming episodes of the cult classic "Little House on the Prairie." While I am not a "Gen-X'er" I have seen many, many, many episodes of Little House, if for nothing else than to feel warm and fuzzy watching "Half Pint" (Melissa Gilbert), and feeling oh-so-hot while looking at "Pa" (Michael Landon.) Did you know the series was on for "9 YEARS!!?"

You aren't familiar with "Little House on the Prairie"?  Well, put your feet up, grab a cup of tea and read on:


Little House on the Prairie, which began as a beloved book series and became a TV classic, is full of 1870s stories that offer countless gems of wisdom for living today. This book compiles the most crucial lessons from that delightfully simpler time, practical enough for pioneering stock and updated for our evolving world.

The Ingallses remain perfect reminders of what's important. In this playful homage, you'll learn everything you need to know about the nostalgia-packed pop culture sensation, as well as meaningful takeaways for creating more balance, wellness, and fun in all aspects of your life.



A recipe for dill pickles! (Auntie Viv's Quickie Pickles)


I learned that corn cobs were often used as TOILET TISSUE! I also never knew that along with the Ingallses dog "Bandit", they had a couple of cats that were never featured on the TV series. (How dare they!!)


You are taught to "Stop and Smell the Prairie Flowers" here are some of my favorite quotes:


NELLIE'S POOR; SHE HAS NO HAPPINESS INSIDE (Olga Nordstrom, Season 1, Episode 7 "Town Party Country Party"


There is a recipe that sounds sooo delicious! It's called "Pa's Slow Cooker Wild Turkey Caramel Apple Butter" 

Intrigued? You SHOULD BE.  In Little House Life Hacks you will learn "the importance of family, community, faith, romance, friendships, work, self-care, resourcefulness, sustainability and how Little House on the Prairie encourages you to feel grateful for each of these areas in your life. Written as a collection of vignettes better known as "poetic slices of life." which enable us to dive deeper into this wonderful topic. You will laugh, you will learn, you will reminisce. You will be reminded that" where there is a will, there is a way". You will be reminded that there is comfort in simplicity and self-sufficiency and the importance of laughter and play. After reading this little gem I wanted to throw on my frock, run through the fields with Laura and forget my cares. Trust me, you will be returning to this nostalgia, informational and positivity filled gem again and again!   




Angie Bailey

Angie Bailey is a Gen X pop-culture nerd, award-winning writer and humorist, and the author of the Texts from Mittens daily cartoon, books, and desk calendars. She shares her life with one witty husband, plus two human and two feline children. She lives in Minneapolis.

Susie Shubert

Susie Shubert helps others navigate their unexpected journeys as a writer and content creator for, a tarot advisor, and a former graduate of the school of rock. The basis of all that she does is her life coaching certification through Oprah’s favorite, Dr. Martha Beck, and the loving support of her husband and two kids. She lives in Minneapolis.

Tuesday, October 31, 2023

A Very Lions Halloween!!!!

 Last night our Detroit Lions had a Monday Night Football game, first Monday night game in FOREVER!!

Lenny and I went to the game last night and because it was the day before Halloween, I decided to represent!!!

I guess it worked because the Lions beat the Las Vegas Raiders 26-14!! The Lions are 6 and 2 and unless the bottom drops out, we will be playoff bound!

Sunday, October 29, 2023

National Cat Day 2023

 Hi all it's Roary!! I wanted to shout from the top of the cabinet in the bedroom to wish you all a HAPPY NATIONAL CAT DAY!! Ok, I know, EVERYDAY is National Cat Day, but let's just humor the rest of the world by honoring this day anyway.

National Cat Day is celebrated on October 29 every year! It was created by Colleen Paige to bring awareness to the number of cats that need to be rescued each year. In my opinion the number of cats that need to be rescued should be brought to everyone's attention EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR, but they don't listen to me!

As my Mom, Dad (and even Levi would tell you). Life with cats is PURRFECT!! 

We are brilliant, fun, playful, cuddly, so soothing to sit with and SOOO much more!!! Truth be told, we are MUCH smarter than woofies! (You already knew that though!)

I am so grateful that I was adopted and wish that some clueless people out there would realize what GREAT additions to the family cats are! Maybe one day they will wise up!


Love, Roary

Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Paws & Claws CFA Cat Show 2023 Huntington Place Downtown Detroit, November 11 & 12

 The 2023 Paws & Claws CFA Cat Show

 will be held on November 11 & 12 

at Huntington Place in downtown Detroit

 Saturday 9 -5.  Sunday 9-4

 Admission: $20 adult, $15 ages 12 & under, $15 for ages 65+ 

The video below is from the 2022 Show! It shows you what you can expect to enjoy!

Thursday, October 12, 2023

Thankful for our Dear Friend, Brian. Today and Always


Today is of course Thankful Thursday, and I thought it would be appropriate to show enormous gratitude for one special mancat, who I never thought would ever leave us......but he had to. That mancat is Brian of the superb Brian's Home blog.

Brian's blog was probably the first I followed. I began blogging sporadically in 2009, more frequently in 2010, and I remember stumbling upon Brian's blog. Being a tabby girl at heart, he won me over with his handsomeness, his sweetness and the PURE GOODNESS and fun of his blog.

I guess most of the credit goes to his pawesome Dad and Mom....but Brian was the heart and soul of his blog. Afterall, it was named after him!

The blog is magical, Brian was magical. Why of course he was! He was born on a Christmas Tree Farm after all, a place full of magic. It is only fitting that some of that magic would spill onto Brian.

This post is extremely difficult for me to write for a host of reasons. I have immense love for Brian and his entire family. I was blessed to see Brian's Dad at a number of blogging events and if you have never been blessed with meeting him in person, you truly are missing out. He is just as kind and funny in person as you would imagine.  Brian's Dad was there for me before and after my precious Cody passed and I will never forget it. With tears in my eyes, I think it's best if I just include a bit of an email I wrote to Brian's Dad when I heard the heartbreaking news. Hoping he doesn't mind.

"I honestly thought our beloved Brian would live forever. I truly did. He was the epitome of class, bravery, with a stoic personality, kind heart.......just like his Daddy who spoke for him.

How warmly he accepted sooooooo many kitties into his home......he was the glue of all of the kitties who came after. 

I am having so much trouble accepting this. I can only imagine the pain all of you are feeling. I so wish I could be there to offer hugs and comfort. This is the end of an era.  You designed a most meaningful blog after just one kitty.....Brian. Not just one kitty but a kitty that will forever be the heart and soul of our community.

Thank you for sharing him with all of us......thank you for allowing all of us to love him. Thank you for all that you do for cats every single day. May we all try and live more like you and Brian. Stoic, brave, kind, gentle and may we all proudly wear a fedora and be just as jaunty as we can be. Just like Brian........."

Hoping it's ok that I used this!


Sunday, October 8, 2023

Gone Too Soon

 When I awoke this morning and visited Facebook, the first thing I saw was that a special person and friend, that was a long time part of the Cat Blogosphere,  one of the first bloggers we met back in 2009, Pattie Kleinke (aka TW or "The Woman", as her kitty CK also known as Cathy Keisha), called her, had passed after a long battle with cancer.

My heart sunk to my stomach. I honestly thought she would win the battle. I prayed she would.

Pattie's blog (or CK's blog, Stunning Keisha, I linked to it in the post below) was one of my favorites. Edgy, funny, often times poignant (especially when Pattie would post "Pop's" 911 post yearly), was loved by many. TW always "told it like it was" through the voice of Stunning Keisha. As my dear friend Layla Morgan Wilde of Cat Wisdom 101  said today "it's the end of the cat blogging era."

In honor of  TW's memory......I wanted to share  a post that I did on December 26th 2019. I wanted to share a happy memory of's heart breaking enough that she is gone.....but I think she would want to be honored with a smile and a few laughs. The post mostly mentions CK, but since CK shared the same snarky (as well as sensitive) personality as TW, it's purrfectly appropriate.  Enjoy!

Hi my furiends!! It's Cody pawing out the blog today! Well the long wait is OVER!!!! Today is the day that I am going to reveal the most pawesome gifts that I received from the incredibly STUNNING (and brilliant and kind), Cathy Keisha and TW (who we call "Mom").

Mom, Dakota and I opened our gifts on Christmas (oh yes we did!) because I thought it was appropriate to blog about it on Thursday, which happens to be Boxing Day and National Thank You Note Day! (Technically a hand-written note should be written, but we think a blog post is equally as good in this case!) It's the purrfect day to express our immense gratitude!

Ok my furiends, sit back and relax while I show you all of the goodies!

As you know, when the box arrived we all were so excited!

CK and TW had some lovely cards that I was excited to read:

But I just couldn't control my excitement and I wanted to see what was in that box!

When I peeked inside I found a beautiful kitty bag

Inside that adorable bag were wonderfully wrapped presents!!

Ok so I opened a few before Mom took the photo! Give me a break, I was excited!

CK has known me for my entire ten years of blogging, (she has been blogging ten years too and if you aren't familiar with her blog it is named after HER! It is Stunning Keisha and you MUST visit!) CK is a kitty with a lot of street smarts and general life smarts. She is insightful and she writes quite well. Her intelligence  just shines through her blog posts and she would never admit it, but she is also a sensitive kitty. Caring too. I knew since CK has known me so long, she would pick out gifts that would make me purr! She most definitely made me purr!

There were some little toys that I could swat around, a few of them were from the fabulous Catlady Box, and one of them had "World's Cutest Kitty" printed on it. Yep, that would be ME!!!

There was also a cool Tipsy Nip Pickle (I had one many years ago but could no longer find it, so I was thrilled to get another one!) but I think my FAVORITE gift of all came from Meowijuana!!! It was their Catnip Spliff with catnip and valerian root and I went NUTS when Mom let me open it!!! 

When it comes to Meowijuana I don't mess around, that's for sure!!! Mom said she was so happy because I don't play as much as I used to, and when she opened that toy I played like a kitten! In fact, all of that playing gave me the munchies. Thankfully CK had me covered!!! She had gotten me Party Mix too! (That CK thought of EVERYTHING!! But then again, that's how she rolls!!)

 I had so many fun toys and I am so grateful!!

After all of that playing and eating it dawned on me that I hadn't opened EVERYTHING yet! I went back to scope out the box

Sure enough, I had missed two presents! There was one for Mom and one for Dakota too! Wait til you see what Mom got! OMC!!

That is NOT a rug but it is quite large! You know what that is? It's a GORGEOUS  scarf from Cat Lady Box!!!! Mom nearly died! She LOVES IT!! The photos don't do it justice, it's even prettier in pawson!

The colors are just beautiful, it is like artwork on a scarf!!!! Mom is just so excited and practically cried when she opened it. Mom thought it was sooo thoughtful of CK and TW to give her such a beautiful scarf. She is crazy about it!

Speaking of thoughtful, there was even an adorably wrapped present for Dakota!!!

Dakota kept staring at it because he couldn't believe that he was lucky enough to receive a gift!!  Boy oh boy, CK and TW said they had never bought a dog a gift before, but wow did they ever pick a good one!

It's the cutest stuffed Beaver from a place we never knew existed. It is from AKC Select (we know AKC obviously, but we never knew there was a line of toys! Leave it to a smart kitty like CK to figure that one out!) It is so cute and it squeaks!

It is just the cutest!!! Mom tried to get some good pictures but Dakota has a tendency of taking off the second he senses Mom wants to take photos of him.  A super cool thing that happened was a few hours after Mom took photos, Dakota went over to the beaver on his own and started running around the room with it. That made Mom and Dad soooo happy! CK and TW Dakota LOVES IT! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

So there you go my furiends! Mom, Dakota and I cannot thank CK and TW enough for their incredibly thoughtful and generous gifts!!! They are just the best! Taking part in Secret Paws is ALWAYS fun, but it is extra fun when your Secret Paws is a kitty and human that you have been furiends with for 10 years and have admired just as long. CK is one of my first blogging furiends and it just made this extra, extra special. They touched my furry heart and Mom is just over the moon! Dakota too!

Love you CK and TW!!!!!!!! Thanks for making us so happy!!!

OCTOBER 7, 2023




Thursday, September 21, 2023

Happy 3rd Adoption Day Roary!! #ThankfulThursday

 It is so hard to believe that our super intelligent boy who was formerly named "Felix" (a name I think I should have kept based on his personality), is with us THREE years!

Roary is extremely bright, he LOVES to figure things out. He studies everything carefully. He opens cupboards with ease and often will sit and hide in them. 

He is a "people" cat. He greets anyone and everyone who enters our home (except for kids). With kids he will keep his distance studying them, and eventually he will approach them as long as he isn't being chased.

The biggest change in Roary this year is that he is FINALLY sitting on my lap!!! It took nearly 3 years but he now will sit with me most evenings. 

This came about after his surgery. I believe he noticed how I barely left him during his recovery and we began a nightly ritual called "Brush, brush" where I would brush his fur near his neck when he was wearing the "cone of shame". Roary LOVES being brushed! That tradition has continued and it has been the main way that Roary and I have finally bonded.

Roary is a loving, sweet and patient kitty who puts up with a lot from a certain woofie who also resides here!


We all love you so much and are so happy you are part of our family!

Mom, Dad and Levi


Tuesday, September 19, 2023

A Belated Birthday and Bark/Meow Like a Pirate Day!

 Ahoy Mateys!!!

'tis "Gorton Zayne alias "Ruthless Toes"  'n I 'ave a bone t' pick!! Me THIRD BIRTHDAY was this past Sunday, September 17th 'n me Mom NE'ER BLOGGED ABOUT IT!! Why? 'cause she 'n Cap'n went t' the football game!! Where was I? I was BOARDIN' at me daycare!! THE NERVE!!

Thankfully me hearties at Canine College made sure that I had a most fantastic time!! They gave me tons o' kisses 'n they took photos o' me!

I had the BEST time gettin' humped by me new scallywag Mocha. This scallywag was literally all o'er me every single chance he got! At first I was mighty angry, but then...I kinda grew t' like it 'n Mocha 'n I had become fast mateys by the time I left t' go home on Sunday. Canine College even mentioned Mocha on me boardin' report card!

I 'ave t' say when Mom 'n Cap'n came t' pick me up aft the football game, Mom was showerin' me wit' kisses 'n kept singin' happy birthday t' me! She made me me fav'rit cheese stuffed bone TWO DAYS IN A ROW 'n yesterday she made me a HAMBURGER!!

I guess feelin' guilty be a GOOD thing 'cause me birthday celebration be goin' on 'n on!!! I know Mom 'n Cap'n love me sooo much that I guess I can cut 'em some slack since the Lions game fell on me birthday this year, it's worth it if me birthday celebration continues!

Well scallywags, I be off t' continue celebratin' me third birthday! Ye 'ave a great Bark/Meow like a Pirate Day 'n enjoy the Pirate photo that Angel Puddy made fer Angel Cody many years ago! Love ye hearties!

"International Talk Like a Pirate Day is a parodic holiday created in 1995 by John Baur (Ol' Chumbucket) and Mark Summers (Cap'n Slappy), of Albany, Oregon, who proclaimed September 19 each year as the day when everyone in the world should talk like a pirateAn observer of this holiday would greet friends not with "Hello, everyone!" but with "Ahoy, maties!" or "Ahoy, me hearties!" The holiday, and its observance, springs from a romanticized view of the Golden Age of Piracy." (from WikiPedia)

Monday, August 28, 2023

Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day 2023, My Babies


Deb Barnes founded Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day (RBRD) in 2015 as a special day for pet guardians to honor the memory of those beloved pets in their life they have loved and lost, but never forgotten – whether fur, fin, feathers, scales or something else. It’s held every year on August 28, in honor of the day Deb had to say goodbye to her  precious Ragdoll cat, Mr. Jazz, the meow author of Purr Prints of the Heart – A Cat’s Tale of Life, Death, and Beyond.  

My "Baby Bobo"

The first to make his way over the Bridge was my precious Angel Bobo. I had found Bobo late in 1989 during a blizzard in Ohio. He was approximately 6 months old at the time. I was blessed to have him in my life for 18 years. Bobo was truly MY cat. He hated other cats, wasn't a fan of dogs (except for one Sheltie who lived near us in Ohio, that Sheltie was named Kelly and they used to eat grass together when Bobo would go outside on his leash.).

 Bobo was the first kitty I had ever share my life. We had a bond that I thought would never ever be as intense as it was, until:

My Cody


My Cody, My Codester, my precious love bug, my cuddle bug, my shadow, my heart, my soul. My "Velcro kitty". When Cody was adopted July of 2007 (two weeks after my Bobo passed), I never, ever thought that I would have a bond like that again. My Cody, the day I adopted him he crawled up my chest at Petco and wouldn't let go. From that day on until his tragic, unexpected death in 2020, he DID NOT LET GO. My chicken loving, catnip loving, Sheltie-loving cuddle bug only wanted to be loved from the moment we laid eyes on each other.

Cody was the reason that this blog began. He was my "co-pilot", my sidekick. Our blog started October of 2009 and to honor his memory, while the name of the blog has changed, the link never, ever will.

Cody gave me more happiness, love and yes, heartbreak than I could ever imagine. My precious boy, I miss you beyond words.

I used to love when Cody played with certain toys from kittenhood on, he would do a somersault while he played. It was the cutest ever. Cody was a "people cat". Anyone who entered our home, in his mind, was his friend.

He spent every single night on the armrest of the couch next to me while I watched TV. To this day, that armrest remains empty. 

When he wasn't sitting with, or following me, or playing with his brother, Cody loved nothing more than to spend time in his cherished cat tree.

I will be forever grateful for Cody's cat tree as well as his custom-made urn, where Cody is at rest. He gets to spend eternity in his favorite spot in the world, his cat tree.

My Dakota, My First Sheltie

Believe it or not, when Dakota joined our family in October of 2007, while I loved him, it took us a few years for us to truly form the deep bond that we had.

Daddy was the one who used to take Dakota to the Vet and to grooming, so he bonded with him earlier than I did. While I was CRAZY about Dakota, our bond deep bond began probably when he was about two years old. From that time on, Dakota and I were deeply bonded. So much so that he had an uncanny sense of understanding my emotions, coming to me to give me kisses when I would cry. He was my cooking buddy; he would watch me like a hawk from the babygate whenever I would cook, and I would tell him everything I was doing.

Dakota was stoic, funny, barky, quirky, handsome, loving, loyal and all I could have hoped for from my first Sheltie. Dakota was the fulfillment of a lifetime dream of being a mom to a Sheltie. I couldn't have asked for a better dog.

He adored his Daddy and his Mama, popcorn, apples, chicken, hamburgers and his beloved red, white and blue ball. 

He didn't like other dogs, wasn't a fan of that many people, but he was fiercely loyal to his Daddy, Mama and to his brother, Cody. Dakota loved with everything he had, even in his last moments. I am grateful for each and every moment I had with this special boy and miss him terribly.

Dakota and Cody adored each other. Many who wrote me notes of comfort when they passed, a mere 9 days apart, felt that the two of them planned on leaving together.  I'm not surprised. When Cody passed first, Dakota was lost. He kept looking for Cody everywhere, it was the most heartbreaking thing to witness. Dakota had already been diagnosed with cancer (Hemangiosarcoma), and when Cody left us, it was as if Dakota lost his will to live. He wanted to be with his Daddy and Mama but missed his brother terribly.

The photo below was the last photo of the boys taken together; it was taken extremely close to when they passed. I am grateful that I have it. Cody and Dakota brought his Daddy and Mama more joy and silly, loving moments than we ever could have imagined.

This is the sweatshirt that was on the floor of the closet
where Cody ultimately passed.
He chose to lay next to it.
This sweatshirt had been missing for years.
Until Cody passed away on it.
"Coincidence? I think not."
To each and every one of you who have lost beloved babies,
please remember:
"We all shine on, like the moon and the stars and the sun"--John Lennon

Thank you, my precious pets, for your unconditional love, for the happy times and memories that will live with me forever. Thank you, my beloved Cody, for this blog and all that I experienced because you were the first to make it possible. Love forever to all of you, always, your Mama.

I didn't intend for this post to be quite this long, and I thank you for taking the time to read it. I also would like to thank Deb Barnes for creating this wonderful event. I send my love to each and every one of you and look forward to reading your stories and seeing your photos of those "who came before." May we all derive some comfort from these posts.