Sunday, October 30, 2011

"You Are Purrrfect!!!" A Guest Blog By Angela Ribbler

Today you are seeing a post that is different from the fare that you normally see on CAT CHAT. The post I am featuring has a message that resonates with me and I am certain it will strike a chord with women of all ages.
It is wonderful to see young women  who are hip, intelligent, confident, sensitive and gutsy enough to dare to challenge the messages pertaining to beauty/perfection that we are all constantly bombarded with by the media. It is delightful to see women who believe in themselves enough to pursue their own dreams, while encouraging other women to do the same.

I am beaming with pride and can't wait to introduce you to one of these women, my beautiful and brilliant niece,  Angela Ribbler, (who in my opinion is "purrrfect" inside AND out!) ...gather your daughters, friends, nieces, granddaughters...all of the women in your life... read, learn, enjoy and help spread the word!

"YOU ARE PURRRFECT!!!" By Angela Ribbler

A new movement has begun that is reshaping the way people define perfection. The start-up company, Hello Perfect, is spreading the message that the challenge in life is not to become perfect, it's accepting that you ALREADY ARE. My name is Angela Ribbler and I am Caren's niece. She has been kind enough to let me share my message with you.

My best friend, Alexa Carlin, founded the company Hello Perfect because of the unrealistic portrayal of beauty ingrained in our society. Together we are working to transform the way people see perfection and help educate and inspire people all over the world to realize their own meaning for the word "perfect."

Our goal is to turn this company's message into a worldwide movement that will transform the way the fashion and beauty industries dictate perfection to society. We promote our message in a variety of ways including social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, @HelloPerfectt, a DreamCatcher of the Month program, merchandise, including handmade jewelry and T-shirts, inspirational speaking and we are soon implementing an ambassador program so people can spread the message in their local areas.

Our DreamCatcher of the month was created to encourage young individuals to accomplish everything they dream in life. "Don't let someone else catch your dreams. YOU be the DreamCatcher," is the message we want to advocate to these young future leaders and not to let society define their limitations.

We believe that our message is universal and can make a positive impact on every individual. Please visit our website, "like" our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter, @HelloPerfectt, and discover ways you can begin to make an impact and discover your own perfection. For more information or to get involved, contact

Thank you again Caren for allowing me to guest blog.

And always remember, you are PERFECT!

Friday, October 28, 2011

The Chronicles Of Zee & Zoey, A "Sneak Peek!!" Be On The Lookout For Our Review This November!!

Click HERE

Thank You "Doggies and Stuff" and Calico Dragon!

Yep you read that correctly! I said THANK YOU to Doggies and Stuff!!

I know, I know this is a CAT blog but I spend many hours trolling around the Internet, between helping Mom with this blog and sticking my whiskers into my brother's business on his blog, so occasionally I stop by the woofie websites to give 'em some paw hugs, an occasional whack and also  to do some general catting around.

I was doing just that when I found a great contest that was sponsored by Doggies and Stuff. For those not familiar, Doggies and Stuff is:

"Doreen's digs and disses, reviews and give-aways on doggie products, eco-friendly and organic products, health and beauty and more!"

The give-away I entered was:  Calico Dragon, Bags With A Mission:
Mom was blown away by the quality of this bag

Mom said to tell you that  the photos do NOT do this bag justice! When Mom opened it she said she was delighted by the quality as well as the roominess of the bag (there is one zippered pocket and 3 open pockets inside and a zippered main enclosure)

Each of Calico Dragon's bags send a powerful message about various causes. In the case of the bag Mom won, the front says "Love Me, Love My Cat" the back says "Peace Love Adopt"

From Doggies And Stuff: A portion of the profits for each bag that is sold is donated to the following select charities, which are also listed on their website:

Take a moment and check out Doggies and Stuff AND Calico Dragon  and tell them that the "Codester" from Cat Chat sent ya!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Kitty Toy Paradise!! Compliments of The Moderncat Studio Etsy Shop "treats and toys for stylish felines"

Today is "Thankful Thursday" and I have to send a HUGE THANK YOU to Kate Benjamin of Moderncat and the Moderncat Studio Etsy Shop!  A few weeks ago I received the most catabulous box of goodies from Kate, I just couldn't believe my eyes!

Mom is captivated by the color/quality of all of the toys and the fact that they are made out of materials that aren't harmful to me.

I love them because I can swat 'em, chase 'em, carry 'em, put the bitey on 'em,  bunny kick 'em and just have a catabulous time with 'em!

Look at all of these great toys!
They are all available on the
  Moderncat Studio Etsy Shop!

Moderncat's own
super potent catnip!
You are gonna LOVE this one!

My Modkicker!!
"ModKickers are a must-have in any moderncat household. These designer toys are a favorite with the felines. Perfect for bunny kicking, attacking, and snuggling, these cat toys are stuffed with organic catnip and polyfill for extra kick. Made with sturdy designer fabrics in mod patterns and colors, you won't mind seeing these scattered around your house.

This listing is for one small ModKicker measuring approximately 2.5" x 4.5" in aqua, chocolate, and cream striped fabric with cream felt trim."

Designed and made by Kate Benjamin

has a super cool natural look
this is one of my favorite videos
because Cody grabs the Bamboleo
and makes a get-away with it!
" Bamboleos (Spanish for rock, roll, and wobble) turn recycled wine corks into stylish little toys that cats love. Each one is handmade using natural cork, sturdy cotton twine, and felt endcaps stuffed with fine-grind organic catnip. Babmoleos are the perfect size for chasing and carrying"

Designed and made by Gerda Lobo exclusively for Moderncat Studio.
The Atomic Flyer
Wait til you see me grab this! MOL!
Cody's reaction to this great toy
is priceless!

"Only for the coolest cats, these hip little toys will be a new favorite! Cut from thick 100% Merino wool, in vibrant non-toxic retro colors, each toy is the perfect size and shape for zipping across the floor. Merino wool is an eco-friendly, all natural, renewable material that appeals to cats"

Designed and made by Kate Benjamin.

Jingle Jute Bomb!
Is 'da BOMB!!

"If your kitty prefers a little jingle with his jostle, then our new Jingle Jute Bombs are just for him! We took our popular Jute Bomb and added a little silver bell inside so when kitty shoots this toy across the floor it's extra fun.

Just like our regular Jute Bombs, these little textured treats will have kitty leaping and pouncing all over the place. The kitty-sized spheres are the perfect size for tossing and carrying around."

Designed and made by Kate Benjamin.
Lynks Felted Wool Cat Toys

"Lynks felted wool cat toys are a favorite with finicky felines. Crocheted from 100% Peruvian Highland wool and felted several times to get the perfect texture that kitties love. The ideal size and shape for carrying and batting around, we guarantee that these toys will mysteriously appear in different places every time you turn your head. Choose from a variety of rich color combos. The best thing about these cat toys: they don't hurt when you step on them in the middle of the night!"

Machine washable in cold water, tumble dry.

Designed and made by Gerda Lobo 

Felt Roller

"Perfect for chasing, pouncing, and flinging, these hip little kitty toys will please both you and your cat. Made simply with sewn felt, each sphere measures 2 inches in diameter and comes in a cool two-tone color combo."

Designed and handmade by Kate Benjamin.

I am so tired from playing with
all of these great toys
I think I need a nap
See my Lynk Cat toy
that is going to take a nap with me?

I brought my felt roller
with me to take a nap too!

Please be sure to visit the Moderncat Studio Etsy Shop. Each month a different cat related charity is selected to receive 5% of the total sales for that month.

That's kitty toys for a good cause!

Thank you Kate for allowing Mom and I to have such a fun playtime together!! Dakota was at the groomer so we had the living room all to ourselves to enjoy Kate's toys!

You can see that I loved these toys and now that the camera isn't "rolling" I can play with them with complete and total abandon!

We were not compensated for this review. We received toys from Moderncat Studio Etsy Shop to test/review. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011 Semi "Wordy" Wednesday
"Removable sticker, permanent love"
I know, I know I am tired of seeing this picture too! I am showing it again because this is a sticker that I had had made when contacted me asking me if I would like a complimentary sticker made.

I chose my favorite photo of Cody and was thrilled at how adorable it was when it arrived! I stuck it on the front of my laptop so I can see Cody's "Aloha Spirit" anytime I want!

It is super easy to create a sticker on and the nicest part?  They donate $1 of every custom sticker sale to charity, because they believe in "giving back." With every order they are able to do more for animals in need.

We were not compensated for this review. We were given a complimentary sticker, no finances traded paws.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

What Do Cats Really Think? 250 cat owners asked and Sonya Fitzpatrick answered. Check out the insights.

The TEMPTATIONS® Brand joined forces with
Famed Animal Communicator Sonya Fitzpatrick
to help cat owners understand and create a better
relationship with their pets by uncovering the truth
about what cats really think.

Out of 1,171 entries, 250 photos were selected for
this survey. Sonya drew insight from looking at the
cats’ photos and answered the four most popular
questions asked by cat owners. The results are
presented here.

What Do Cat Owners Really Want to Know?

250 cat owners asked and Sonya Fitzpatrick answered.
 Check out the insights.

What is your favorite thing to do? Hobby?

Over 50% answered that their cat's favorite thing to do was roam!! A close second at 20.88 % was napping/sleeping.

What is your biggest pet peeve?

48.97% said getting wet.  The second biggest pet peeve? 27.98% said being woken from sleeping or napping.

How often do you like being treated? (As in getting treats to "nom" on!)

45.2 % said right now!! 27.60% said ALWAYS!

What is your favorite thing to do with your human companion?

At 52.02% taking naps together came in first, followed by, sitting and talking with me on the couch 28.23%.

Sonya Fitzpatrick
As seen on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, Sonya

Fitzpatrick aims to help pets and the people who love them
become closer. Her intuition and animal expertise has
rendered her famous as both an author and communicator.
Her clients include pet lovers like you and celebrities. You
can learn more about her at
“People are starting to understand that pets do have a
language and are always trying to communicate with us,
just like in any interpersonal relationship. This survey gave
me the opportunity to connect with many cats at one time
to get a better understanding of how they think and give pet owners the real scoop"

Bring Home TEMPTATIONS® Treats for Cats

They’re America’s #1 Cat Treat.*
• Crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside
• 20 Flavors and varieties
• TEMPTATIONS® MixUps were awarded
Product of the Year 2011**
• Visit us on the web at and
join us on Facebook at

Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Fun! Thank You Blair!

Happy Friday everyone! Back in July I entered a contest that was sponsored by Blair of the adorable blog Bad Blair. It was a Beach Bum contest! I submitted this photo

 Guess what? I won the contest!!

There were many other kitties and doggies who entered and I was so excited to be chosen as the winner!

I received my prizes probably at least 8 weeks ago and do you believe my Mom was so busy with ridiculous things that she totally neglected me and didn't open the box until yesterday?

There is no excuse for such ridiculous behavior!

Anyway, here are the photos of what Blair sent me and boy oh boy did I get some catabulous prizes! See for yourselves!

I received a super cute card with a hand written note that my Mom and I just loved! Look at the other toys that I received! I was so excited and my Mom was beyond embarrassed (as well she should be!) that it took her so long to open the box and give me my prizes!

 Look at this cute furry blue toy! I also received a pink one!

Ignore Mom's poor camera skills (once again). It looks like some alien light force was shining on our floor but you get the idea! I received a cute catnip toy!

I also received a KONG Kitten Kickeroo but I was so upset with Mom that I refused to do any bunny kicks and left the room because I didn't feel like purticipating in her silly "photo shoots."

If she can't open packages in a timely manner then she must pay the consequences! There shall be no  photos taken of me! No way, no how! I guess she won't be pulling THAT stunt again!

Anyway, I want to send a HUGE thank you to Blair and her Mommy for her thoughtful card and fun and generous prizes!  I hope you will visit Blair's blog, you can do that right here. I also want to apologize for the uncalled-for behavior of my Mom!

You tell me kitties and woofies, would YOU tolerate such inconsiderate behavior?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Birthday Deja vu, As Dictated To My Husband By Cody

 Today, October 20th is a very special day.

photo from "Happy Birthday To You" by Dr.Seuss

It is my Mom, Caren's birthday!  Hooray! Concatulations! To borrow a phrase from Dr.Phil, or was it Dr.Seuss, "lets keep it real."

For reasons unfathomable to me, my dad or anyone else except my mom and Mr.Hallmark, many years ago my Mom decreed that the start of Sweetest Day was the official beginning of her birthday.

This proclamation always begins with,  excuse the expression, "cat fighting" between Mom's friends  to secure breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee, bagel, frozen yogurt  or "lets get together for a drink  to catch up" reservations with my mom.These endless culinary connections, along with the inevitable belated greetings and meetings make it a certainty that mom's date of birth is still being acclaimed well into the Thanksgiving season.

Not to be catty, but  toasts to my Moms birthday were still occuring as Santa was dispensing his goodies. Being  a cat I'm lucky to have nine lives, but even I, (the one whom Mom adores!)  don't have nine weeks of birthdays!

 Mom, I tried to buy you a birthday cake but I'm on a special diet and rabbit birthday cakes arent in big demand at the local bakery. But I did steal one off the Internet for you!

Image source: 

I am very appreciative of the comfy existence you have provided for me, but lets face facts, I'm a cat we can look comfortable sleeping anywhere and on anything!

Time flies ,another year is in the books and when I wished you a happy birthday,your response was ''Another birthday?  It feels like

Guess what Mom, you did.

                                                         Pawty Down!!
Love, Cody

                               A NOTE FROM MOM: Thank you precious Cody  for your wonderful birthday wishes! Your Dad did a great job of making a mess  of     organizing  your thoughts for you!

Just a small aside as to where my obsession with birthdays (not just mine, I love everyone else's birthday too, I derive great joy in giving presents on birthdays!) arose from.

As a child of approximately 4 years old my favorite book was HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, by Dr.Seuss:

From Wikipedia: "Happy Birthday to You! is a 1959 children's book by Dr. Seuss. It deals with a fantastic land called Katroo, where the Birthday Bird throws everyone an amazing party on their special day. It has almost no plot and consists of one long fantastical celebration, narrated in the second person, of the reader's birthday.

The Birthday Bird appears in an episode of The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss.
The book is dedicated to his "good friends" and "The Children of San Diego County."

I delighted in traveling with the "birthday boy" as the Birthday Bird pops his head in the window at possibly 5am or earlier and takes the little boy on the most glorious adventures for his birthday! Being food obsessed, I remember the illustration of a never ending string of hot dogs. There were bands playing and creatures paying homage to the little boy, all sorts of delightful events took place. At sundown the Birthday Bird returns the little boy to his bed where he drifts happily into slumber, exhausted, and blissfully loved.

For some reason the images and message from that book never left me. It is STILL one of my favorites from my childhood.

My wish for everyone on his or her birthday is that for even a moment,  you can be transcended back into your childhood and experience the joy that birthdays were sure to bring.  A day full of laughter, expectations of the unexpected, delighting in spontaneity, fully living in the moment worry-free and believing when you blow out the candles on your birthday cake, that anything and everything is possible!  Long live our inner child!

Quote from "Happy Birthday To You"
By Dr.Seuss

Monday, October 17, 2011

Cody Knows Comfort! Sure Fit Pet Throws and Covers

I'm sooo comfy-cozy!

Keeping up with shedding in my house is a never-ending battle! You see,  I have a brother who is a  Sheltie  and you all know that they have ridiculously long, luxurious fur that appears everywhere! We all know that my stunning silver gray tabby fur would NEVER be a problem right? I say so, but others in my household would beg to differ.

My  Dad has the thankless job of going around the living room with a hand-held hair remover meticulously performing the task of “de-furring” our olive-green microfiber couch and chaise.  I know he has better things to do! I also think it is funny because as soon as Dad has completed his job, I make a bee-line right to the clean area and make sure my fur is a part of the decor!

Mom reads countless catalogs, magazines and watches A LOT of TV! She kept seeing a product turn up that was not only incredibly attractive, it was functional, appeared to be well-made and seemed to be the perfect solution to the never-ending battle of the fur! The product that she saw was a Pet Throw and Cover made by Sure Fit!  Mom decided that she  HAD to have this cover!

One day Mom was watching one of her favorite daytime TV Shows, Rachael Ray. The segment that caught her eye was “Time-Warp Room Makeovers” In this segment they were talking about Slip Covers by Sure Fit .  Mom’s ears perked up  when she heard the name Sure Fit again! That was IT! They were on Rachael Ray? That’s all Mom needed to hear! She didn’t need a Slip Cover but her mind was made up! She HAD to have a  Pet Throw and Cover!

As luck would have it Mom was thrilled to be given the opportunity of receiving/reviewing a Pet Throw by Sure Fit.

“Sure Fit’s pet throws and covers are an easy and budget-friendly way to protect furniture from dogs, cats, pet fur, and stains. Our pet-protecting throws are great for couches, chairs, car seats – any furniture.
Sure Fit’s one piece pet covers quickly and easily: simply drape over your furniture and protect the seat, back and arms from pet wear and tear and are Machine washable.”
The cover that Mom chose  to review was the Sure Fit-Deluxe Comfort Cover.

From the Sure Fit website: “These Deluxe Comfort Covers are the perfect way to protect furniture from pet wear and tear and are odor resistant with “Sanitized” protective finish. Our Deluxe Comfort covers feature a velvet face, 4″ box quilting, 4.0 oz. lofty poly fiberfill, and microfiber fabric backing to help prevent slippage. Imported. Fiber content: 100% polyester quilted. Machine wash separately in cold water, gentle cycle, do not use bleach. Tumble dry low, do not iron.”

Here is how it looks in our room!

As you can see, due to high pillows that came with our couch the sides of the Deluxe Comfort Cover aren’t quite long enough (this is an unusually long couch). No worries! Mom tucked them under the seat cushions and they look beautiful!!!

You have no idea how SOFT this cover is! The second Mom took it out of the box, she was smitten! It is comfy, cozy, stylish and inviting! Mom takes a great deal of pride in having a warm and welcoming room, and this cover helps to create the aura that Mom is looking for!

The most important part? One of my favorite sleeping spots is right on the new Deluxe Comfort Cover!!  It is so delightfully  velvety soft that I could sleep on it for hours.   That is exactly what I do!

Mom couldn’t be happier with her Sure Fit Deluxe Comfort Cover! It met and SURPASSED all of her expectations. There are a variety of covers on the Sure Fit website and you can check them out here

You can also find Sure Fit on Facebook by clicking here 
and of course Twitter by clicking here! 
Sure Fit  even has a blog on Blogger! Check it out here!
Mom and I would like to say  Thank you  to Sure Fit  for allowing us to review your product!

It is important to know that we received no compensation for this review. We received a Deluxe Comfort Cover to test/review and we couldn’t be  happier to have done so! All opinions are mine and Mom’s.  In our house “Comfort Is King” and I am DEFINITELY the "King Of Comfort!" Sure Fit gets  FOUR PAWS UP FROM ME!! 

Now, give a mancat
some privacy
and let me take a nap!
Have a great day!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

In Honor Of National Feral Cat Day, We Are Proud To Introduce You To "S-NAP" A Guest Blog By Deb Gascho

Hello, my name is Deb Gascho and I am the secretary for Spay-Neuter Animal Project (S-NAP) in Mt. Pleasant Michigan.  I am very honored that Caren has asked me to write in her blog today to promote National Feral Cat Day!  Let me start by giving you some background on our group S-NAP. 

S-NAP is a small group of dedicated individuals who began volunteering at our local animal shelter.  After several years of seeing too much death and ignorance and having our houses over run by foster kitties that never seemed to leave, we all needed a mental break and a new psyche on mankind.  We needed a way to keep the cats out of our shelter where 70% + were killed just because of an over abundance.  We also wanted an out for the feral cats that when brought in were not only terrified for the 4 day holding period but then put to death by injection.  The memories of seeing these feral cats in sheer terror cowering in the back of the hard metal cages will never escape us and keeps us motivated to speak out for them. Thus S-NAP was formed.

Our mission is to reduce pet overpopulation by promoting the spaying and neutering of both companion and feral animals. What we are most proud of is our Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) program for community cats.  We feel this is where we can make the biggest impact in saving lives.  Did you know that one unspayed female cat, her mate and all their offspring, producing 2 litters per year, with only 2.8 surviving kittens per litter can produce 12 cats in 1 year, 67 cats in 2 years and in eight years a whopping 2,072.514 cats! 
Catch and kill attempts on outdoor community cats may temporarily reduce the number of cats in a given area, but two things happen: intact survivors continue to breed, and other cats move into the now available territory.  TNR is the only method proven to be humane and effective at controlling the feral cat populations.  There are no more kittens, the population stabilizes and the returned cat’s lives are improved.  There is no more yowling, fighting, spraying or roaming in the community.

Our group S-NAP, works with a low cost veterinarian who spays and neuters all our community cats which are trapped.  Fifty dollars for spaying a female and forty five for neutering a male can add up quickly!  We are a 501c3 run entirely on donations and our own pocket money.  We found it’s easy for shelters to get donations from individuals for the cute and cuddly animals with “stories” but try and get donations to spay/neuter a wild cat and that’s a different animal!  So, we were thrilled when we found out we had won the Trailblazer Award from Alley Cat Allies!!!  Enclosed in the award was a check for $500 to be used for spaying and neutering community cats.  We can’t thank Alley Cat Allies enough for their confidence in our group to make a difference in our community.  Also, thank you to Tru Catch Traps (the best traps in the world!) for donating a trap.

It is frustrating at times to know of colonies that need care and not have the money to provide for them.  With this award we are now able to spay at least 10 females and males!  What a huge difference this will make in enhancing their lives.

Lets not forget a feral “community” cat didn’t just happen overnight.  Instead he was probably dropped off by someone not wanting him and his siblings, dumping them and feeling the problem was taken care of.  We urge everyone to please take responsibility for these cats.  If you have an abundance of cats please look for help to spay and neuter them.  If you know of a colony please contact a group who can help.  If you can’t find one on the first try please persevere until someone hears you and helps.  A Community cat should never be taken to an animal shelter.   You can help them.  In the website you can get ideas on how to feed and provide shelter for them during rain and freezing whether.  Please don’t turn your back when you see a cat ducking behind a dumpster or sunning in your backyard.
We challenge you to be their voice! J

Thank you again to Caren to allow me to talk about our group S-NAP and the wonderful world of Community Cats.  Please check out our website at  We welcome any comments or questions you have on caring for a colony.

Thank you!
Deb Gascho

Friday, October 14, 2011

Bissell Perfect Sweep Turbo: Review & Give-Away!

Cody inspecting the
Bissell Perfect Sweep Turbo

A few weeks ago I was delighted to have been contacted by a wonderful individual who represents  Bissell, the company  who is well-known for making superior cleaning tools, specifically, carpet sweepers.

About Bissell:

"In the mid-1800s, Anna and Melville Bissell owned a small crockery shop in Grand Rapids, Michigan. While cleaning up after the day's work, Anna often became frustrated with the sawdust that was embedded in the carpet. The tiny, stubborn particles clung to the carpet, and trying to sweep them up was becoming a time-consuming nuisance."

"Anna presented the problem to Melville, her mechanically inclined husband. Melville designed and constructed a carpet sweeper machine that he hoped would solve the problem once and for all.
His ingenious carpet sweeper design was a success, and word of Melville Bissell's carpet sweeper spread quickly. People soon began asking where they could purchase a carpet sweeper for themselves.

The BISSELL Carpet Sweeper was patented in 1876, and in 1883 the first BISSELL manufacturing plant was built in Grand Rapids, Michigan."
Living in Michigan, I am proud to feature Bissell, one of Michigan's own.

The item I was given to review was Bissell's Perfect Sweep Turbo.
Did you know that my bathroom "roomie's" carelessness often leaves much to be desired?
I'm not speaking of my husband here, in this instance the "careless roomie" would be none 
other than Cody.
Now sweep up that little piece
of dirt right here

Cody shares a bathroom with me because that is where his litter cabinet is located. Even
 with the cabinet there are times that I fill the litter that it is kicked out of the cabinet door
 and on to the floor. There are little piles of litter on the mat outside of his cabinet. This is
not something that I  enjoy stepping into when I am walking across the bathroom floor 
with wet feet.

To my delight the Perfect Sweep Turbo delivered as promised. The litter sweeps 
up thoroughly, efficiently, with minimal noise (which is great for Cody!)  and effort! The
Perfect Sweep Turbo has rotating brushes that sweep debris into the container (which is 
super easy to remove to empty!) The Perfect Sweep Turbo  is lightweight, enabling it to
 easily be carried from room to room unlike the bulky vacuum monster I had previously
 been using for litter clean up.

The Perfect Sweep Turbo
meets and surpasses
Cody's standards of excellence!

About the Perfect Sweep Turbo:

  • It is rechargeable with up to 60 minutes of cleaning power.
  • It is great for quick clean-ups of dirt, kitty litter, crumbs and more!
  • It automatically adjusts to all floor surfaces.

I am not the most mechanical person in the world and I found the  Perfect Sweep 
Turbo to be a breeze to put together. It comes with easy to read instructions that if I can
figure it out, trust me, ANYONE can! 

One of many things that I love about this sweeper is the 
handle actually can be removed 
which enables you to use the sweeper as a 
hand sweeper which is PERFECT for hard
 to reach places such as between the litter 
cabinet and the toilet (as in my bathroom),
carpeted stairways, etc.

I couldn't be happier with my Perfect 
Sweep Turbo and guess what? YOU are 
going to have a chance to be equally as 
thrilled with it as I am! Bissell has agreed to give ONE
lucky reader of Cat Chat their OWN Perfect Sweep Turbo! (U.S. ONLY PLEASE).
Kisses to you
Perfect Sweep Turbo
and the nice people at Bissell
for helping to make our bathroom
Kitty Fresh!

Just leave a comment stating that you would like to be entered  in the contest. If you do
not mention that you WANT to be entered, you will NOT be entered.  CONTEST
DEADLINE is 11pm EST OCTOBER 31st. The lucky winner will be announced on

ALSO: you can contact Bissell on Twitter @wemeanclean #sweepers and on BISSELL'S
"I Heart Sweepers" tab on Facebook ( Finally, BISSELL is 
offering a $5 off deal on all Perfect Sweep Turbo sweepers from using
the promo code "perfectsweepCAT."


I was not compensated for this review. All opinions are my own. I was given a Bissell
Perfect Sweep Turbo to test and review.