Monday, November 30, 2020

Meet Roary!

 Hi everyone! Can't believe I'm actually here! I thought you might enjoy learning more about the newbies on the blog (Roary and Levi) and today, I am going to feature Roary, (since he was here first). This post is extremely photo heavy so I am going to try and keep the words to a minimum to spare you!

Look at that face!! I just love that face! Around August I thought I might be up for adding a kitty to our family again, I wasn't sure, but I subscribed to a number of sites and figured if it was meant to be it would be. One day after meeting two other cats that were instantly obvious they were NOT the right ones, I saw this:

Yes, Roary began his life as a "Felix!" I saw this face and instantly fell in love. I decided to send Lenny to PetSmart to check him out in his cage first, just to see if he was friendly. Lenny came home with a great report, "Felix" held his paw out to Lenny and proceeded to work his way into his heart. I promptly filled out an application, they checked my references and an appointment was made to meet "Felix" on September 21, 2020.

The rest is history! "Felix" instantly was named Roary, (after the Detroit Lions mascot), and we promptly adopted him. Roary was born June 10, 2020. He was a little over 3 months old when he joined our family. What strikes me as strange is Dakota was diagnosed with cancer on June 8th, we found out Cody had to have biopsy surgery on June 9th and Roary was born June 10th. It certainly seems that a higher power had a plan that I knew nothing about.

The original Roary and I at a game on my birthday

Our Roary, a friendly, playful, adorable bundle of fur came into our house like a terror. He was into EVERYTHING (and I DO mean EVERYTHING!) From getting behind the washer/dryer, to getting stuck under our china cabinet (or so we thought, until we called the Fire Department and Roary came out 2 minutes before they arrived after being under it for nearly an hour).......we knew we had a real character on our hands. He went from being UNDER the china cabinet to scaling it.

He LOVED playing with toys when he first arrived. I think he thought he hit kitty nirvana from all of the toys I still had that Cody didn't play with.

He is truly one lucky boy!! Then, he got the surprise of his life!! Ms. Ellen, Queen of the Cat Toys and the Queen of gifting lucky kitties with her thoughtfulness, surprised Roary with more toys, a catnip mat and a yarmulke for Chanukah!! I was beyond touched and deeply appreciated Ellen's kindness!

He couldn't believe how lucky he was!! (Be sure to visit Ellen's blog here

Roary is unlike Bobo and Cody in virtually EVERY way. He is a bundle of energy, he studies everything closely to plan his next move (usually a move of mischief). He LOVES studying the dishwasher, when it's running. He spends a good amount of time in my bathtub, I have a faucet that leaks and Roary's favorite thing is to stand under the dripping faucet and take a kitty shower.

While he IS loving, he isn't quite a lap cat yet. He's too busy. He will sit and allow us to pet him for a bit, then he's off to his next activity.

Whether it's scaling Dad by surprise because he saw a fly on the ceiling, or taking silly photos with his "stuffed" brothers

This guy is ALWAYS on the move and is ALWAYS good for giving us laughs or making us tear our hair out.

He enjoys relaxing terrorizing the cat tree that Cody loved so much. I wasn't thrilled because he tries to tear the leaves off and jumps on the UPPER POST of the cat tree (where he shouldn't be) and tries to knock photos off of the wall. But, occasionally, he WILL relax there.

It was touching the day he chose to lay next to Cody's urn which we have placed on the cat tree, his most favorite place to be in the world!

We couldn't be luckier or happier to have found Roary. He adds so much levity and mischief. He is always up to something, there is never, ever a dull moment with him. There are times he drives us crazy for sure but with a face like this guy has, it is nearly impossible to be upset with him for long.

Roary's first day at our home and he
 already was sleeping by Lenny

In preparation for the arrival of Levi, (who you will read about SOON!) We had our sister and brother-in-law bring over their adorable dog, Punky. We wanted to see how Roary would get along with her..

He took to Punky INSTANTLY. So much so that poor Punky wanted to escape this nosy kitty who has A LOT to learn about social distancing!

We were a little worried when Levi joined our family on November 21st, 2020..... once again, there was no need to worry.

They get along famously and I am greatly looking forward to sharing their adventures with you!

Lenny and I are thrilled with Roary. He has grown so much since being a tiny kitten when he first arrived, (although the Vet thinks he is going to be on the small side). Roary also isn't causing as much mischief with US as he did before Levi joined our family. Now, most of his mischief is directed at Levi which makes for some hilarious moments!  

Roary, is the purrfect addition to our family, and we deeply thank the powers that be for arranging sending him to us. He certainly keeps us on our paws!

Looking forward to introducing Levi to you SOON!

Thursday, November 26, 2020

From My Little Turkeys to all of YOU!!

We appreciate you all more than you could ever imagine! Thank you for your incredibly warm welcome back, I am going to try and respond to all comments (FYI if you don't see your comment I am using comment moderation due to an unbelievable amount of spam comments!), but if I don't get a chance to, please know that I have seen each and every one and am blown away by your kindness!

I am also going to get back into the swing of reading YOUR blogs, hopefully today or tomorrow.

We are taking a moment to remember those we have recently lost, (we  lost one of my stepdaughters heartbreakingly and unexpectedly this past August, what a year for sure),  and those who have passed through the years,  we also are sending prayers to all of YOU who have experienced painful losses in 2020.

Even when faced with losses and changes that  seem insurmountable, there is a TON to be thankful for. Good health, food in our bellies, a roof over our heads, the love of our friends and family and the unconditional love of our furbabies.

To those who don't celebrate Thanksgiving we send the same good wishes to you, to our Canadian friends who already had their Thanksgiving, go ahead and have another one!!!

We wish you all a wonderful day and a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving!!!!

Love from,
Caren, Lenny, Roary, Levi and Angels Cody and Dakota

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Finding Peace to Begin Anew

 Yes, you've come to the right place, your eyes aren't deceiving you, the title of the blog now is "Cat and DOG Chat With Caren"

Bear with me....this is the first blog post I've attempted since July and it doesn't feel like it's going to be easy.


As most of you know, my precious Cody passed in a sudden and most horrific way on June 30, 2020, five days after biopsy surgery. (will spare you the details), that left my husband and I traumatized and haunted by horrible images that still plague us. Our Cody should still be here but it was God's will that he leave.

Cody was the most loving, cuddly, funny, patient, determined, stubborn, and silly cat. I didn't realize until he was gone just how GOOD he was. He was my heart. I will never stop missing him. The original blog which I began in 2009 "Cat Chat With Caren and Cody" obviously couldn't have existed without him. I am grateful for the many opportunities and memories that I have because of Cody. I miss that precious face daily.


Dakota had been diagnosed with cancer in June of 2020. It was on his heart. Both Cody and Dakota were only 13 years old when they passed. Dakota was my first Sheltie, a life long dream of having a Sheltie fulfilled. He was the most loving boy, super silly, super stubborn, super smart. The joy that he and Cody brought to our lives was unsurpassed. Dakota passed on July 9, 2020  nine days after Cody left us, I think Dakota's death was expedited due to his broken heart. Dakota was my heart dog and I will always grieve his loss.

The outpouring of love that I received, surprise gifts that touched my soul, graphics, emails, cards, etc. were appreciated more than anyone could imagine. I am blessed that my boys touched so many. You have ALL touched me. I am afraid to thank everyone by name because I fear that I will leave someone out, but please know how much every kind gesture, every kind word, every shared tear meant to me and will always help heal my heart.

Dakota and Cody Best Friends Always!

It was a difficult journey reaching the moment where I can finally type about the boys without crying, but I think that I have least for today.

My heart and my husband's are healing and we are finding joy again with the two wild boys that joined our family. Our crazy kitten Roary on September 21st 2020, 


and now our Shetland Sheepdog, Levi who is our newest addition as of November 21st, 2020. 


We are laughing and smiling again in between cleaning up poop and pee and rescuing a certain high climbing kitty from mountainous china cabinets.

Roary reaching new heights

My goals blogging now? NONE. I have no schedule. I want to blog for nothing more than the joy of having a journal of Roary and Levi's lives. I don't care one bit about numbers, paid reviews, sponsorships, etc. If they happen, great.......if they don't, that's great too. I am hoping to blog one day a week, more if the mood hits.

I want to thank Glogirly of Glogirly Design for designing my new blog. Her expertise, professionalism, creative ideas, attention to detail and INCREDIBLE patience with my MANY changes were unsurpassed. Her caring and kindness throughout the process that she KNEW was painful for me, will NEVER be forgotten. I needed someone to design the blog that wouldn't need ME to do ANYTHING and that's exactly what I knew I would get with Glogirly (aka Debbie Glovatsky). THANK YOU DEBBIE with all of my heart!

Dakota and Cody

I received the above portrait after the boys passed from Get Pet Portrait

I want to thank you all for the many years you loved my Cody and Dakota and for following their lives. You will occasionally see them on this blog too when I want to share some memories. I am hoping that Roary and Levi bring you even a fraction of the joy that you found with them. It will be wonderful to have you share this new journey should you be so inclined.

Levi and Roary
Designed by Glogirly Design

Thank you for being there for us, for me, thank you for everything!

See you soon!

Much love,

Caren, Lenny, Angels Cody and Dakota, and the wild toddlers, Roary and Levi.