Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Happy Birrrrthday...Happy Birthday To Ya!!! Happy Birthday ML! "Wordy-Wednesday"

Today is a special day in the CB (also known as the Cat Blogosphere!) It is the birthday of ML, a super special woman who is "The Queen Of Cats" and keeps the CB rollin', rollin', rollin'!

She keeps a clowder of kitties notified, unified, organized, and  inline which is an amazing feat in itself!!

She also has her own blog (The Sherwoods Welcome You),  where you can wish her a happy birthday right here

Cody and I  don't know everyone in the CB, and we don't purrticipate in every event,  but we are  blessed to know a large number of fellow cat lovers, many of whom we met through the CB.  Without  ML's dedication, organization, drive, passion, attention to detail, etc., etc., the Cat Blogosphere wouldn't be the success that it is!

We thank you, love you and wish you the HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAYS!!!

Thanks to two incredibly graphically gifted ladies for the birthday "cards"  they have designed. The first is done by Ann of Zoolatry:

and...what birthday would be complete without a greeting from the Real Housecats, created by Debbie Glovatsky aka "Glogirly" (which is also the name of her blog, be sure to visit it  here.)  Debbie's PhotoShop/video skills are crazy my opinion, and some say I am gifted with psychic ability,  blogging is just a stepping stone which will lead her to  how she SHOULD  be utilizing her amazing talent. She should form her own video design company, where she can earn the big bucks and hire me to clean her toilets, but I digress. Enjoy Debbie's latest creations below:
That's ME! Cody! Front and Center!


  1. HAHA!!!
    Caren, you wrote beautifully and perfectly about ML and the Cat Blogosphere. We didn't know WHAT we were doing when we started blogging and had NO IDEA there were "others" out there. ha! Then came the CB. It's a wonderful community of great people and pets.

    Now this bit about the cleaning of toilets.... so, how much do you charge? And is that PER toilet? ha! You are TOO kind. We're just having fun here. One of these days I've got to find a real job. Oh, if only it could be making silly cat videos. ; )

    xo The Girl

  2. Caren,
    Yous is so eloquent! Me loves what yous has to say, both about ML and Glowgrly!
    Kisses to yous Caren
    Love Nellie

  3. Happy Birthday to ML the Queen of Cats!

  4. Well said, Caren. I agree about Glogirly's talents. Brilliant :))

    Happy Birthday to ML x

  5. wow This is a special day!
    Wonderful homage and I'm enchanted by the video, so cool! =^.^=
    purrs and Happy Birthday to ML

    Luna - WE LOVE LUNA

  6. Deb yep, that is PER TOILET! lol. Right after BlogPaws I have to start looking for a REAL job too!!! Times are tough right now (which they are for everyone!) So you open that company and I am ready to clean toilets and I am glad that you liked this! When we started we didn't know what we were doing either, for us it was the CB and BlogPaws that gave us some semblance of a clue! xoxo

    @Carolyn thanks!!

    @Luna thank you! Hope ML has a great day!

    @Nellie awww thanks, yeah, sometimes I can string more than 2 words together, MOL!! xoxoxo

  7. Great blog Miss Caren! We don't know CB or ML but certainly will be checking things out. We should....we've been blogging away for a year now and STILL learn something new every day. There are so many way talented people out here in the blogosphere and we love ALL of them including YOU!!

    Kitty hugs, Sammy

  8. ML is an amazing person and does keep all the kitties going. Great post and it is all so very true. Well done.

  9. What an amazing Cat lady!

    Happy Birthday to ML the Queen of Cats!

  10. Great post! When we started, we didn't know what we were doing and we still don't! HAH! Maybe Glogirly can give TW a job in her startup too.


  12. What a great day!! First, we saw Dakota as the star picture over at the BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday, now ML's birthday!! What a great card and video that Debbie and Katie over at Glogirly put together!! We are so proud that Zee and Zoey are with such a great group of cats and we are popping over now to wish ML a happy BD!!

  13. @Deb It sure is! I didn't know about Dakota til Snoopy told us, I was offline most of the morning. We are proud to be with everyone too!

    @CK trust me.....we are with ya! We STILL don't know a lot! Ok Deb can give you a job too but I claim cleaning toilets! MOL!

    @Marg thanks so much!

    @Sammy yes you SHOULD join the Blogosphere! I linked to it above. BTW Mom said she LOVED the "including you".... :) Love, Cody

  14. Yea! Happy Birthday ML!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Happy Birthday to a special lady... HUgs GJ xx

  16. What a wonderfully eloquent and oh-so-true post! Happy birthday to our dear, sweet friend ML. Where would we all be without her? :)

  17. Happy Birthday ML! This is Christine from Riverfront Cats. and I lOVE the birthday video song by Glogirly. Entertaining! May your birthday wishes come true!

  18. Now THAT is a birthday video card worth its weight in cats!!! Mom laughed like a crazy person! We are new but still wish ML a very happy day.

  19. Caren
    This is one very special post! You did fantastic!!! Happy Purrday ML for all you do for all of us.

  20. Happy birthday to ML!!
    I enjoyed the Real Housecats' birthday video very much :-)

  21. What a great video! You are right about the video business...

  22. ML sure is secial, and a Happy Birthday
    Benny & Lily

  23. Cat blogging sure wouldn't be the same without ML, and we hope she has a wonderful day. We think both tributes are wonderful. There are some really talented peeps out there blogging. We are proud to know them.

  24. someone is really talented with graphics, grrreat cards for ML B-day. I hope it was a festive one.

  25. Ha! Just fab! And a very Happy Birthday to ML!

  26. I am so grateful for the CB. It would never ever be the same without it. I'm so grateful to ML for keeping up with it and helping all of we furries. xoxoxo Happy Birfday again, ML. xoxoxo