Monday, September 26, 2011

I'm Waiting....

I was supposed to have a guest blog this morning. Here I am sitting by Daddy's computer because Mom is busy on "ours" working on a blog for Dakota.

and here's me



I have nothin' for ya, nothin'

talk amongst yourselves




  1. CUTE you!
    Absolutely,I know what you mean dear friend!
    Here is school time again, and I'm always sister, my mammy...But I have great news, during last weekend my sister and I had lots of fun together! YESSSSSSS that's the reason I LOVE weekends! =^.^=

  2. This is so wrong Cody !!!!
    Cat must come first !!!!
    Go get her !

  3. Woof! Woof! Will check it out ... Happy Monday! Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  4. CODY! What kind of deal is THAT!? Come join my Gypsy band and travel the world with me!

  5. Cody, you are a patient guy. I do hope your patience is rewarded x

  6. Awwww Cody!! You look so cute blowing raspberries!! LOL! Me and Charlie hope mum gets a move on!! Yay! LOL! Take care

  7. You look so patient, darling Cody! Given the unforeseen circumstances, I think you're doing phenomenally well, there... I mean, this PHOTO! Priceless... :) xoxo

    Ah, Cody... dat'z jus da way da freeze-dried sammun treet crumblez sumtimez, innit? (Good fhing we felinez noes a fhing or twoo about dis "waiting" stuff, eh?) But still... pfffffffft.
    Mai advice? Make urself comfy in dat chair 'n catch a few zzZZzzz'z...

  8. @Luna isn't waiting just the WORST!!?? I am so happy you had a good weekend! I will have to stop by for sure! xoxo

    @GlamKitty but don't you see my "mean" face? MOL! I think catchin' some zzzz's is a great idea and I am gonna do that right now!

    @Old Kitty LOL!!! Actually this time it isn't Mum's fault! That's what ya get when you try to help someone out! xoxoxo to you and Charlie!

    @Carolyn, actually it might have already been lol :)

    @Artemisia that's ok! It allows me to rest my paws MOL!

    @Admiral Hestorb a Gypsy Band? That sounds like sooo much fun! I am DEFINITELY going to check THAT Out!!! I want to play a tambourine!! :)

    @Sugar thanks! At least someone else was ready to go! xoxo

    @Mr Puddy nope it wasn't Mom's fault this time! The people w/the guest post didn't send it! This time Mom is innocent! xoxo

  9. Sighs. Hoomins. So very unreliable! But we have to say, that is a great pic of you, Cody.

  10. @The Whiskeratti "sigh" I agree! thanks so much about the pic!! Have a fun day!

  11. There must be something in the air. That is happening around here all too often. I feel your pain. Your friend, Fisher

  12. What a good boy you are Cody to be so patient. We could never just wait for anyone. We hope Dad comes soon. If not, just teleport over here. Lots going on here. take care.

  13. Mom fixed the link to Thomasina and her babies blog.

  14. Cody,
    What if YOU go on strike for a few days. That will teach them beans to behave. I think you deserve a bagfull of treats for all that waiting. purrr...meow!

  15. Waiting is almost the worst thing...waiting to wait is a bit tougher!

  16. Poor Cody, seems unfair but don't worry I am certain your mum will be finished soon and she can help you :-)

  17. @Fisher UGH! I am sorry you are playing the waiting game too! I say we stop waiting!

    @Cat it isn't Mum's fault (this time!) :)

    @Brian "waiting to wait" PURRFECT!

    @Cat-from-Sydney actually I am eating treats AS WE SPEAK! MOL!

    @Laila and Minchie thank you! xoxo

    @Marg I would LOVE to "teleport" over! I say I just MOVE IN! MOL!!! xoxoxo

  18. It's the official Monday Morning Patience test - will you pass? There may be tasty rewards if you do!

  19. You could be our guest blogger today
    Benny & Lily

  20. Your expression says it all, Cody! I am glad I'm not the one on your bad side!


  21. Awww Cody, the best things come to those that wait sweetie :)xx

  22. Oh Cody, that is SO not cool. But, at least you look totally cool in this photo.

  23. Uh-oh, did somebody miss a deadline? That sort of thing makes my human (a former magazine editor) tear her hair out!

    BTW, tell your human thanks for the RT on Twitter today!

  24. Oh Cody. If it makes you feel any better it was nice just to see your cute face today, that's enough for me :)

  25. It's hard to find good help these days!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  26. Not to worry... We'll be back tomorrow.

    pawhugs, Max

  27. Dearest Caren & Cody,

    Very cute post! Oh, our felines can read and write, can't they?!
    Love to you and thanks for your visit to our kitchen...

  28. ha ha ha...Mommy says you are just like Mike Myers and Coffee Talk!

    Topic: How hairballs are neither hairy nor balls...discuss!

  29. Geez sounds like Dakota is trying to steal your blogging thunder!

  30. @Art and Sew Forth, actually Mom was waiting for a guest post to be sent to her that never showed up. So I was sitting waiting for it. :) Love, Cody

    @Stacy and Ellie, nope! Read above!

    @Katnip Lounge yep!! Mom stole it and neglected to put in quotes :)

    @Mariette yes we can! Much love to you too Mariette!!! We love you!

    @Max thanks for not giving up on us pal!

    @Oskar ain't that the truth! wasn't Mom's fault! :)

    @Kitcaboodles now THAT was SWEET! Have I told you lately that I love you? Love, Cody

    @Sparkle, YEP, YOU "get it!!" Mom used to work at a newspaper in advertising for over 20 years so she soooo understands! She is BEYOND "deadline driven!" What happened was a guest blogger was supposed to send in their piece...they never did. So Mom was going nuts and decided to work on Dakota's blog with the hopes that it would come when she was finished. It never came. You are welcome about the RT! Mom LOVED THAT VIDEO!

    @Weetzie thanks my friend!!!! I am one cool dude!

    @Princess Jasmine, so they say. Waiting is highly overrated though, unless of course I am waiting for dinner like I am right now. xoxo

    @houndstooth/bunny YOU could NEVER be on my bad side! :)

    @marie THANK YOU! So are you! (blushing)

    @Benny and Lily now THAT sounds like FUN!

  31. Boy, Your mom owes you big time cody.

  32. Cody
    We feel that way on Mondays too!
    kitty kisses

  33. MOL! Poor creature!!!! Lovely baby!

  34. So sorry you had to wait Cody....speaking of waiting you should be checking the mail in the next week or so!

    Mom was super slow with prizes BOL its almost October.

  35. Your expression is PRICELESS!!!!
    hahahaha...we laughed HARD at your "post" today. ; )
    I know the feeling. Sometimes it's like pulling teeth to get a clever word out of Glogirly. Thank COD she has ME for inspiration.
    xo Katie

  36. Cody darling you come first! Get your mummy back to her real job: serving you!

  37. @Mario it wasn't Mom's fault! It was the guest blogger! Mom even emailed them and told them if they got it to them later today she would post it but nada! Oh well, that's what you get when you try to help someone out!

    @Glogirly thank you!! I was upset cause my guest post hadn't arrived and BOTH my Mom and I were waiting! xoxo

    @Cats of Wildcat Woods, noooo they aren't!

    @Erika and Blair, you know what? I had totally forgotten! MOL! No worries!

    @Repositorio, awww thank you!

    @Simba, yep tomorrow is a new day!

    @Abby thanks for understanding! xoxoxo

  38. @Au and Target, it wasn't Mom's fault! I think I worded it poorly, we were BOTH waiting! :)

  39. Sheesh! Cody, that's just not fair that you aren't getting the help you need!!

  40. Humans are just UNSATISFACTORY, Cody. Sigh.

  41. @The Island Cats tell me about it! :)

    @Spitty to say the least!

  42. Awwwww Cody you still look sooooooo cute, even though I feel bad you are having a "hurry up and wait" Monday like me!! Mom rushes through here in the morning with those 3 crazy eating machines she calls "the kids" and then I sit and wait for over 3 hours while she was having some kind of lady the Dr. she was using not so nice words about:D. Hope you have a PAWSOME Tuesday. Hugs, Rosie