Friday, September 30, 2011

"A Good Time Was Had By All," Especially ME!

Hi Everybody it's Cody and happy weekend to you! As you know from Mom's blog post on Wednesday we were busy celebrating the Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashanah).

Some of my favorite entertainment is watching Mom when a holiday is approaching and she is going to have "people" over. That's all you hear, "I'm having PEOPLE over, you must be good! PEOPLE are coming over" No kidding!? I thought you were inviting a bunch of cats, get a grip woman.

I have two favorite games I like to play that are certain to send Mom over the edge.

The first is called "Tabby Table Tease"

This is a great place to make a  fort! What I like to do first is roll alllll over the black chairs (this only works once all fur has been removed). I roll and roll to make sure that some new fur adheres just purrfectly. If that isn't noticed I stand up and proceed to test the chair fabric for durability when faced with scratching. That is sure to send Mom into a "Get Cody off of the chair" frenzy!!

Once I have accomplished that, I proceed to lay on the chair, I leisurely stretch my paw out and get my claws stuck in the table cloth. Then I encourage my Sheltie-brother Dakota to come over and start wrestling with me (with claws still stuck in the table cloth). Game isn't over until the tablecloth and dishes start to slide just enough to almost fall off of the table. Notice I said "almost" I'm no fool. I like to hear Mom once again yell to Dad, "Get Cody away from that table, NOW!!!"

Notice there is no evidence of "MOI" playing this game? The game was such a success that Mom was just focused on screaming instead of running to get the "flashy box" like she usually does!

Those pumpkins on the centerpiece were intended for a 2 yr old and an almost 1 yr old (my human nephew and niece). See the feathers on top? What cat WOULDN'T think they are intended to be rolling cat toys!!?? Geeze!

The next game that I like to play is called "Bat The Brisket"

This isn't the actual brisket that Mom served. This photo was taken from Mom made about 10 lbs of brisket and it was all in a giant aluminum pan.

Right before you play "Bat The Brisket" you have to grab your doggie brother (it works much better if the dog has really long fur and gets super close to the oven like Dakota does. No doggie brother? No worries, you can still perform this feat!), make sure you are both in just the right position when Mom is bending  halfway into the oven to pull out the heavy brisket and juice filled pans.  Then you make your move! You both weave and dart between her ankles making sure to pull out your most annoying sounding "Meow" and that your doggie brother is barking full throttle at the same time! You get 10 points if your Mom yells, BONUS points if the brisket falls to the freshly washed floor. You WIN the game if you get up onto the forbidden kitchen counter (when Mom is in another room)  and rustle the aluminum foil just enough for Mom to hear. When the yelling begins YET AGAIN, you get 100 points and you have just won "Bat The Brisket!!"

This is the bucket that Mom uses for cans of pop and bottles of water and ice for when the "people" come over. This bucket is normally full of my toys. (Hehehe). As you can see it is empty, (well except for ME!)  All is calm now at "Casa De Cody". My fun is over til the next event when the "people" come over. I can hardly wait!

 To show you that I'm actually a pretty thoughtful guy, I am leaving you with a delicious chicken recipe that my Mom made for the "people". Just click on the recipe title below!

  Chicken Holiday


  1. You certainly welcomed the new year with a bang, Cody! And giving your mom a heart attack (almost! clever boy!) in the process. Will she have "people" coming again, I wonder. purrr...meow!

  2. Cody, this is the best ever! I love how you and Dakota can work in tandem like that and effect such ...MOM! You may NOT use the word chaos!! STOP this INSTANT! As I was saying, effect such homey touches sure to warm the hearts of all of the people who have come to see the two of you and celebrate Rosh Hashanah. Good going, boys.

  3. @Cat-from-Sydney MOL!! I sure did! Mom said no "groups" of "people" til Daddy's birthday in February :)

    @Admiral Hestorb MOL!! I am so glad you liked it! Daddy said this was his all time favorite bloggie that I have written! Oh yeah Dakota and I are buddies and it only works right when it is the both of us! xoxoxoxo

  4. It sure looks like a festive and yummy time, now then, have a happy weekend!!!

  5. Looks like your mom had a great celebration!
    I bet the brisket was fabulous! and her table settings look beautiful!

  6. After havin' so much fun durin' da pre-PEOPLE time, wat happened wen dey finally got dere, Cody? Wer u 'n Dakota da hit uv da pawtee (spreddin' fur- I mean luv!- ebbywerz)... or did u get banished to da bedroom?? xoxox

    Cody, Cody, Cody (and you too, Dakota)... you boys need to be careful! If you scamps succeed in tripping your mom and causing that big hunk o' meat (and all the juice) to land on the floor, the lot of you are likely to wind up with an unexpected (and HOT) beefy bath! ;)

  7. Tee Hee!
    Cody me loves how yous plays the Cat From Hell games!!! This is the bestest story! Me thinks yous should get a award!
    Just thinking about the brisket makes me HUNGRY!
    Nellie Bellie

  8. Very cool. We wanted to celebrate Rosh Hoshana this year since our friends do, Mom said no. Have a Happee day
    Benny & Lily

  9. @Brian thanks so much and yep it was! You have a great weekend too!

    @Nellie "Bellie" lol! Awww you are too sweet! You play those games better than I do but I think I might have learned them from YOU! MOL! Come on over! We have left over brisket in the fridge, chicken too and cake in the freezer!! Wouldn't that be fun! Your Mom and my Mom could have some coffee, it is raining, windy and cold right now and it would be cozy and fun! Come on over! :)

    @Benny and lily you can come over and celebrate with us any time you want to!

    @GlamKitty those are extremely good questions! Dakota was a super good boy! Mom & Dad kept complimenting him so much that I wanted to be sick MOL. They babygated the two back rooms to give me privacy away from Dakota and the tiny human child. The human child is quite nice but I am not used to kids. They put my food back there and everything! I came out a few times but mostly I chose to stay in the back bedroom on my own. As people started to leave I came out to say goodbye. Dakota was so good that Mom & Dad wondered what happened to their dog MOL! We were going to show photos of the "people" but we weren't sure that they would like that so we chose not to :)

    @jen thank you! OMC Mom said the brisket was the BEST that she had ever made! The "people" said so too!

  10. LOL!! Cody!! You are so funny!! Me and Charlie would love to play Bat The Brisket but we think you and Dakota will win hands down! LOL! Awww but well done for helping mum prepare for a really lovely time with "people"! We especially love the pumpkin heads with hair! Yay!!!

    Till the next dinner party!! Take care

  11. Gorgeous Cody - we just posted a comment and are not sure it went through?! Me and Charlie were basically in AWE with your Bat the Brisket prowess!! LOL!!

    Yay!! Take care

  12. HAH! You bad, Cody, and I APPROVE! Pop's job is to keep me out of the kitchen while the oven is on. We NEVER have people over so I don't have that sort of fun. xoxo BTW, that brisket looks good. We've never had that.

  13. Oh Cody, it sounds like you had so much fun making your Mom freak out before the party! And you look so adorable peeking up from inside your red bucket.

  14. These sound like some pretty fun games!

  15. @Old Kitty, yep it went through! It just takes Mom FOREVER to read/approve her comments, she apologizes! xoxoxo

    @Pup Fan they sure are! come over and play with us!

    @Julia Williams I sure did! Thanks so much!!

    @Cathy if you want the recipe the photo here isn't the one that Mom made, the one she made was FANTASTIC! Just say the word and Mom said she is happy to email it to you! :)

  16. Wow, Cody, you really know how to prepare for guests!

  17. L'Shana Tova! Everything looks purrfect. We wish you a sweet new year. I tried emailing you privately but it bounced :-(

  18. Cody, Austin here. I thought I'd learnt all there was! It appears I am a beginner in the game of mess-up-your-momma! Thanks for the inspiration, Buddy >^,,^<

    Caro here. I couldn't get to the screen quick enough to turn it off!!! lol

  19. That sure sounds like a good plan to get Mom to drop that pan of good food. Let us know who wins. That sure looks like good food.
    Have a fantastic week end.

  20. Poor Dakota probably gets blamed for the fur, too. What a beautiful table. I bet Mom had a wonderful holiday celebration even with your games.

  21. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, delishus food! I hope you and Dakota got your share. After all the trouble you went to keeping Mom entertained before the guests arrived, there should be SOME reward in it for YOU!

    And Happy New Year!

  22. yoW! Cody! What fun games! We don't have People over here often but hopefully soon so we can try some of these out. The table cloth game sounds really fun! :-) And yeah, the centerpiece looks like a great toy. We hope you got to have some fun with it maybe afterwards? And we hope you got the rest of your toys back :)

    Pip, Smidgen, MInnie, HOllie

  23. That is going to be some pawty pal. Maybe I should come over so you are not alone with all those peeps.

  24. @Sparkle I sure do! lol!!

    @Cat Wisdom 101, THANK YOU!! Ohhhh nooo!! I am so sorry! I am praying that it was the AOL email that you tried and not Road Runner. Was it AOL? I am so sorry for whichever one it was, AOL is notorious for giving me trouble, that is why I opened the Road Runner email. If you get a second pls let me know which one that it was and thanks so much for your patience! xoxo

    @Mario the pawty already was! MOL! It was Wednesday night! You can come over any time though! You are my pal!

    @Cara, Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie, we don't have people over here often either. If we did maybe Mom could calm down lol. The little kids took the pumpkins with them :)

    @Spitty thanks so much! Nope! Neither Dakota nor I got anything! I can only eat rabbit and even Dakota didn't get anything!

    @Bailey thanks so much! Yep Mom did end up having a good time! Dakota gets blamed for fur on the floor. He doesn't mess up the black chairs like I do :)

    @Marg, Mom won! :) She always does! The food was delicious!!

    @Carolyn and Austin you are both soooo funny!!!! lol xoxoxo

  25. Oh, Cody, you mischievous kitty! ;-)

  26. Way to start the new year off with a bang, Cody! Sounds like you are quite the handful when your mom is trying to have a party. I bet she appreciates that you keep her on her toes ;)

  27. MOL! Sounds like you had one heck of a celebration over there! 10lbs of brisket??? I'll be over for leftovers ;) I went to one dinner celebration tonight, and will be hitting another one tomorrow..oy!

  28. I hope there were some tasty left-overs for you and Dakota.

  29. Simply beautifully captured shots...lovely!

  30. @Natalie oh yeah my Mom appreciates it lol

    @Kalyan thank you!

    @jabblog there were leftovers for Mom and Dad but not for us!

    @Catsparella we sure did! Yep! 10 lbs of brisket! There were 9 adults and Mom wanted brisket left over! I sure wish you could come over for leftovers!! Mom had a few run ins w/a 7-layer cake lol....enjoy your celebration tonight!!!

  31. Glad you had a good time! Darcy and Sookie also like to perform the Table Tease... although theirs is the Sofa and Clothes tease instead - no sooner has everything been defurred they are there in an instant - ready to replace it with fresh new fluff!!

  32. You have some great games, Cody. I hope Allegra and Ruby won't be reading this post...

    Your mom's holiday table looks beautiful!

  33. Happy belated Rosh Hashanah! Or for you Cody: Bat the Brisket day! It sounds like you make it your own very special day with games. Perhaps you can be a party planner! I'm sure Mom would love to leave everything in your capable "paws." xoxo

  34. @Kitcaboodles isn't it uncanny how they KNOW!? lol

    @Amin yes it is, thank you!

    @Ingrid thanks so much! Allegra and Ruby are far to lady-like to engage in such shenanigans! My Mom said thank you!!! It looked better once the food was there! lol

    @Ann thank you! Wow a Party Planner! That is a great idea!!!! xoxoxo

  35. LOL, A wonderful post from you Cody, theres plenty of other fun games for you to play, like the Moonfish Midnight Raid. (For this you need someone big and someone nimble.) The nimble one, gets up and opens the box thing that contains them (usually helped by the handle things) grabs the moonfish bag and drops it on the floor where the big strong one rips it open.

    (Warning: We are not to be held responsible for participants feeling ill the following day. Remember don't eat them all, that last moonfish is usually dodgy.)

    Also, you should train your hummies to sleep tickle. They pretend that they're not awake but they will tickle automatically if trained properly for love at any time of day or night. I'll definitely pop back for more tips.