Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Petfinder.com, Adopt-A-Less-Adoptable-Pet Week- PLEASE Consider "Tahlullah"

A week ago I had featured this beautiful girl named Tahlullah who I had met when I went on a shopping visit to PetSmart in West Bloomfield, Michigan. (If you missed it you  can read that post here)

As I write this today I am nervous and terrified.

I called PetSmart before working on this post to see if Tahlullah had indeed been adopted. The employee at PetSmart told me she had been off of work the past two days but that Tahlullah was not there.

My initial reaction was euphoria!

I asked the employee if she had indeed been adopted,  she said she isn't permitted to tell me, but I could go into Michigan Humane's website and if she was still available she would appear.

She did.

I am overcome with fear and sadness.

There are many factors that make a pet "less adoptable". One of a host of factors is age. A cat age 7 and up is considered to be a "Senior". Most people want tiny kittens or young cats and are hesitant to bring an older cat home.

Older cats are just as loving  and if possible probably need more love than a kitten.

Older cats tend to be calmer and less inclined to get into the same kind of mischief a kitten would get into.


Would  YOU want to be abandoned when  YOU are a SENIOR?

I know that Tahlullah is just one of virtually hundreds of thousands of cats that are in need of a home,  but this girl flirted her way into my heart and I have made it my mission to help her find a home.

She is listed on Petfinder.

I am literally begging, pleading with whomever reads this to PLEASE SHARE HER! Post her on Facebook, tweet her.

I am going to call Michigan Humane today and see what I can find out.

With All Of My Heart




is , an eight year old brown and black female Tortoiseshell. She weighs about seven pounds and is a full sized adult. Tahlullah is a sweet girl who likes attention. She is an explorer and is recommended for a home with children five years and older. Tahlullah is litterbox trained and current on all vaccinations.

More about Tahlullah

Pet ID: 13685947 • Spayed/Neutered • House trained

Tahlullah's Contact Info

Michigan Humane Society West Bloomfield, West Bloomfield, MI


  1. Dear Caren,
    Mom said she know how you feel, She totally agree with you all.
    We will share this and tweet, More share, she have more chance to have home ! Let's do it !

  2. Torties are especially sweet cats generally. My daughter has had (2) torties at different times, and both were very sweet and affectionate cats.

    Some people just don't realize cats can live to 20 and 7 is still pretty young for a cat.

    Bless u for your efforts to find this one a home.

  3. Caren I've tweeted this. I do hope she gets a home soon xox

  4. Yes, Tahlullah needs a home..... She is so pretty. I just tweeted her need. Paws crossed.


  5. Caren,Mom says if I weren't such a loner she would go grab Tallulah in a heart beat. We are hoping and praying someone adopts her SOON.We will spread the word! Hugs from Rosie.

  6. She looks like such a sweetie. We're purring she's okay and that she finds a wonderful home. The mom certainly would consider adopting an older kitty, but perhaps not while Nicki still is around. Derry probably would be okay, but Mr. Nicki is quite jealous and territorial. So it can be hard to integrate an adult with an existing feline family.

    Paws crossed for Tahllulah! Er, we guess this means she won't become your sibling, Cody?

  7. 7 or 8 is not very old in the cat world. Geeesh some kitties live to be 19 or 20 and sometimes even older. She's a beauty and deserves a homd.

  8. Oh, I hope she can find a home. My 2 cats are from a shelter. But I can't go there just to look because it makes me sad.

  9. Oh, sweet Tallulah. We are crossing paws that she gets a wonderful home. Olivia turned seven this year ... and to think that she would be passed over in a similar situation because of her age, when she is still so vibrant and active, and has so much love to give, just breaks my heart.

  10. I'll tell you what I think, there is no such thing as less adoptable pets, just less informed humans!!! She is beautiful!!!!

  11. Awwww sweet Tallulah!!! Me and Charlie hope and pray and purr that some kind soul will fall in love with Tallulah! She is beautiful!!! Take care

  12. @Puddy THANK YOU!!! I just got off of the phone where I was talking to the rescue where she is located and I am so angry I could scream! I don't understand why, when we try to HELP rescues they are so difficult?

    @Brian I couldn't agree w/you more!

    @Tucker I have seen it happen too many times. People just don't understand

    @Sharon I am the same as you :(

    @Mario absolutely. Most people don't understand this though.

    @Fuzzy Tales. Funny you said that. Unbeknownst to me my husband contacted them a day or so ago wanting to adopt her. I just found out this morning that she was moved because she has a Respiratory infection but that she is "doing well". I just got off of the phone w/a most frustrating call w/Michigan Humane. I don't think it would be wise for us to adopt her for a variety of reasons. 1) we are only allowed 2 pets and we have our 2. She is MUCH larger than Cody 3.I have two males and she is female and older than them. I think Dakota might be ok but I have concerns about Cody. I tried to get Michigan Humane to call me if God forbid they would euthanize her and they won't "take lists" I have to keep checking back. I will see in a couple days what the situation is w/her, it's not completely out of the realm of possibility.

    @Rosie please! You are in Michigan! Thanks! xoxo

    @Max thank you so much! ((((hugs)))))

    @Diane thanks so much! If I knew she would do well w/Cody and Dakota she would have a home here!

  13. Hi Caren ~
    Will MHS adopt her out while she is being treated for the upper respitory?

  14. I will tweet away for you, my friend. I am so saddened by this as I always am when I read so many stories. The truth is, I can only read so much before I just fall apart. I pray she find s a home....

  15. I only know one person that is thinking about adopting another cat, so I sent it to her! I hope she is adopted by a loving family soon. I can't believe that they wouldn't take your number in case they were going to euthanize her. They should be happy to do that instead of having to put down an animal! It makes me sad.


  16. Hi Rocky/Angie what I was told is while she is recovering (they say she is doing well, that is about ALL they would tell me) they were NOT super helpful, nor appreciative of someone trying to help find one of their babies a home, they would take applications. I wanted them to call me if she is adopted but they won't. I have to keep checking back. Are you in Michigan?

    @Art and Sew Forth, I share your feelings, deeply. Thank you for tweeting her!

    @Macho and Nicole, ohhhhhh THANK YOU!!!! Please let me know, ok? That was sooooo nice of you Nicole! OMG Nicole you summed up how I feel EXACTLY!!! I can't begin to tell you how frustrated I was when I got off the phone. The woman sounded as if she was barely listening to me...I finally told her "I AM TRYING TO HELP YOU AND THE CAT!!!" She didn't "get it" When I asked if she would take my number she said "I have never had a request like that before" I am so upset. I didn't want to say the word "euthanize", they assured me that that would only happen if she took a turn for the worse and they say she is doing much better. They also do that for "behavior" problems or so I was told. I wanted to bang my head into the wall. I told her if I KNOW that something will happen I will adopt her for sure! She says "Oh I can't tell you that" I wanted to cry. She said I have to keep checking back, which trust me, I WILL.

  17. forgot to add that she DID tell me that Tahlullah had been screened for behavior problems and she has none. The nice thing was apparently at one time she lived with dogs and other cats and gets along with them well. Supposedly her previous owner became allergic and had to give her up. My question is, she is 8 yrs old, did the owner just become allergic or where was she before?

  18. Oh MY goodness! Wish we could rake every buddy home
    Benny & Lily

  19. Oh Caren I so wish I could help, but living in the UK I'm a bit powerless on this one.
    What I can say is that I am allergic to cats! Yes, me, the person with 2 of them! I fell in love with Mr Darcy and just couldn't leave him at his previous home, so I took a risk. It took weeks and weeks of feeling properly awful but my allergies calmed down and I think I have built up something of an immunity. Unfortunately all too often people move in with a new partner and find that they are allergic and it's the cat that has to go... I wish more people would give things a chance to settle down before they give up their pets. I know that sometimes there is no choice, but it does frustrate me!

  20. I am sending my purrrrs to find Tahlullah!!!!!

  21. Caren
    How terrible that MI Humane was so difficult with you. I for one do not understand. It is simply amazing the way they treated you. Purring for Tahlullah and I did tweet this!

  22. @Abby thanks so much. They really infuriated me. When I told her I had a blog she honestly sounded like she had no clue what a blog is. I also explained "adopt a less adoptable pet week"...she had no clue. The whole situation really upsets me.

    @Repositorio thanks so much!

    @Kitcaboodles kudos to you for making it work! I agree w/you but I am not sure of the exact situation. My husband was looking into surprising me and adopting Tahlullah and they told him that. I am not sure if it is the truth. If she is 8 it doesn't explain her whole life. My main concern is that I asked if they could please tell me if she was adopted and what will happen if she isn't and they said they won't call me. I am planning on bothering them every day :)

    @Benny and Lily, me too :(

  23. Tahlullah is a beauty! I hope she will find her perfect Forever home soon.

  24. @Daisy thank you! Me too!!!

    HI EVERYONE! I want to thank each and every one of you for your concern, caring, sharing, prayers and purrs for dear Tahlullah. After having slept on it and doing some DEEP thinking I DO want to say that everything in MI Humane's power is being done to help Tahlullah get better and to find her furever home. I let my emotions get away from me instead of using logic. We all must realize there are THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS of pets in Shelters. The Shelter volunteers don't get vacations, they are doing everything in their power for the pets. They may not always respond like we would like them to but I realized that sometimes we all have to put ourselves in their shoes. Sometimes their hands/"paws" are tied too. I need to cut them some slack and know in my heart that they are doing EVERYTHING that they can do for ALL PETS, each and every day!!!