Thursday, September 22, 2011

Dining In Style Is A "Good Thing!" Martha Stewart PETS available exclusively at PETSMART! Give-Away!!

Hi everyone! So I see you missed me yesterday? It's Cody and  I am back! I was busy working on this special blog post for today, I had a lot of tasting  testing to do!

I was pretty upset when Mom went to BlogPaws 2011. She left and didn't even have the courtesy of asking ME, her blogging buddy, if I wanted to come! The nerve!

She redeemed herself though by chatting with Stephanie  from PetSmart who gave Mom and a number of other lucky bloggers the chance of having us kitties review a new pet feeder from the paragon of perfection herself, Martha Stewart!! We were thrilled and honored!

Martha Stewart Pets has brought a unique collection of cat-care products exclusively to PetSmart!

Martha is known for  meticulous standards of quality in everything that she undertakes and her line of pet feeders/mats at PetSmart are no exception!
Mom liked how pretty the pet feeder was wrapped
when it arrived.  I, on the other paw,
 enjoyed how the plastic tasted!

So here is what I got to give a test-run!
Martha Stewart™ Double Feeder 
This double-feeder is efficient, modern and stylish.
 Includes air-tight lids for easy travel with your pet. A PetSmart exclusive.

How cool is this?
A feature that Mom loves about this feeder are the lids. It isn't just good for travel but it is good for storing left overs (left overs? What cat leaves food over, certainly not "moi!").

 Mom also likes how the stainless steel dishes keep my water super cool, just like ME!

These bowls are also the purrfect size for kitties! No "super-size me" bowls needed for us!  They are shallow and are purrfectly sized to accommodate our ample whiskers!
Also for those of you who are enthusiastic eaters like me, these bowls are made of non-skid melamine so you won't be chasing them  across the floor while you eat!

this is how they look with food in them!
Check out the
Martha Stewart™ Silicon Feeding Mat 
Making meal time better for both you and your pet! This lipped-edge mat prevents messy spills and makes clean-up easier. A PetSmart exclusive. Available in assorted colors.
This feeding mat is made out of Silicon
and is super easy to wipe clean!
 It also catches any crumblies
 that might fall from my mouth during my rapid-fire nomming!
This feeding mat  has a narrow raised rim on the side
 to keep those crumblies in one place!
See how nicely I keep my elbows
paws off of the mat?
I want to finish eating but first I have to tell you that we are having a GIVE-AWAY! 
The GIVE-AWAY is open to U.S. AND CANADA ONLY and one lucky reader of 
Cat Chat will win their very own cat feeder and cat feeding mat! 
That's a SUPER "good thing!"

All you have to do is leave a comment below saying that you would like to win the feeder. The deadline to enter is MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 26TH AT MIDNIGHT EST.
The Winner will be announced WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 28th!


In full disclosure, we were  not compensated for this post, we were sent the feeder and mat to test/review and Mom and I love them!  All opinions are strictly MINE! Now, back to what I do best, EATING!


  1. The GIVE-AWAY is open to U.S. AND CANADA ONLY!!!
    As USUAL!!! Me no friend you no more, Cody. purrr...meow!

  2. What a fun give away. But count me out for now. I'm happy with my feeding station.

  3. They certainly look very smart bowls. Mummy wonders whether they sell them over here in the uK :)xx

  4. U.S. AND CANADA ONLY * sigh * I know you know what I means !
    OK. let's try this !
    Dear Caren, Here is AUS, if you just pretend not see " A" at the front !
    Do you think I can have some chance ?...tee..heh..I try to cheat here ; )

  5. @Cat-from-Sydney ohhhh noooo!!! I am soooooooo sorry!!! I truly am! I have no control over that :(

    @Puddy what an excellent idea!!! I sooooo wish I could do that!!! I am soooo sorry!!!!!!! xoxoxoxo

    @Mario ok :( But you could alternate it :)

    @Princess Jasmine I sure hope so, do you have Martha Stewart products there but they are only at PetSmart, they are very nice bowls!

  6. Dear Cody—please ask your mom to enter me in your giveaway; this dining set is so elegant that I simply must have it! Thanks, bro!

    Yours in fur,

  7. Me and Charlie really really like this product!! We're off to see if we'd be able to buy this off the internet - we like the super tight lids!!!! Yay! Thank you gorgeous Cody! Welcome back!! Take care

  8. @skkorman (Joey) no problem pal! My Mom said we are happy to enter you! Best of luck pal! Love, Cody

    @Old Kitty as always THANK YOU for your support! I linked to the website, if you have any problems let me know and I can contact them and find out what we can do. I hope you are able to get them and you TOTALLY ROCK!!!! Love, Caren & Cody xoxoxo

  9. Although I feel a trough sized feeder suits my needs better, My Mom loooooooves this color and thinks it is great. I am at her mercy so please enter us:D.Nom Noms from Rosie and Sue

  10. We wouldn't mind tasting that stuff
    Benny & Lily

  11. That's cool, but it just wouldn't work in our buffet line. Hey, what's a leftover?

  12. Wowwie! Zowwie! That looks so fabulicious and your spokes model - he is a dream boat!
    Pick me!!!

  13. We would love a chance to win! Thank you for the opportunity to enter!!!

  14. First, this comment is not an entry. But I did want to say how cool it was that you got to test out the dishes and that you're getting to give some away. Whoever wins it will be furry lucky to get them.

  15. My 3 babies say they would love to try this!

  16. Yep, we would like to win this. We always need dishes for the cats to eat out of. This is really great that you are doing this Cody. We thank you. Take care.

  17. I'm wondering....does your food taste better in these classy dishes?

  18. Wow, we'd definitely love that feeder! It looks so cool! Cody, you're a lucky dude to do all that testing.

  19. We're sighing along with Puddy!!! lol

    Austin is lusting after the feeder!!! You lucky old thing, Cody >^,.^<

  20. Hi Everyone! My friends at PetSmart wanted me to give all of you who live out of the U.S. and Canada this information:

    "Availability of international shipping varies by country. PetSmart currently ships to: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Chile, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom."

    See below link for all details on international shipping availability.


  21. the furbabies would feel so special to win Martha's dining dishes!


  22. I would love to win this! I still have to show you pictures of my two rescue cats :) Bullet tends to take over the "big screen"... laptop that is... okay it's a big screen to him lol

  23. Thanks for the shipping info, Caren xox

  24. We love the mat! I won a whole basket of Martha Stewart Cat toys from BlogPaws. We haven't tried our bowls yet, but your review of them sounds great.

  25. @JettyCat keeping our paws crossed! Good luck!

    @colleen yes you do! lol about Bullet! Good luck!

    @Carolyn you are most welcome!! xoxoxo

    @Sandpiper Cat Blog wow you sure are lucky!! Thanks so much! Enjoy your goodies!

  26. Cody, that sure is a super stylish feeder, and any kitteh would be lucky to have it. Annabelle said Meow, she sure hopes I win!!!

  27. I have 5 cats and they would love to win this feeder. It would be great to keep bugs out of their food and it looks like tehy wouldn't spill the food and water allover.