Sunday, September 25, 2011

Eco-Friendly Cat Toy! "Junk Food Flyers"

Hi every one! It's Cody!

When  Mom went to BlogPaws she got to meet many bloggers that she admires and enjoys and one of them was the effervescent Kate Benjamin from Moderncat. If you aren't familiar with Moderncat you MUST check it out! That is our favorite source for all kinds of cat products for the "modern" home! Kate features everything there!

Did you know that Kate  also has a shop on  Etsy?

She does! Mom and I didn't know either until Kate contacted Mom and asked if she would like to have me try these really cool little toys called Junk Food Flyers.

Junk Food Flyers are eco-friendly because they are made with "clean, recycled cat food bags that have been cut into fun shapes and combined with felt circles to create the perfect treat-colorful like candy and crunchy like potato chips!"

They are only $5 for a set of five and you can check them out in the Moderncat Studio Etsy Shop

Mom and I think they are super cute but in full disclosure Mom was quite upset with me because I am more of a "mouse man".  What this means is I basically only react to small toys that are shaped like a mouse and have ears and a tail. But that's me. Mom is CERTAIN that other, in Mom's words, "more appreciative" kitties will LOVE these! So we are gonna "pay it forward" and give some other kitties a chance to play with these!

You know what that means? ONE WINNER  is going to win my pair of Junk Food Flyers! You know what else? EVERYBODY IS ELIGIBLE TO WIN!

All you have to do is leave a comment telling Mom why you like these toys by Friday, September 30th at midnight EST and the winner will be announced Saturday, October 1st.

Mom is confident that a less mouse-obsessed cat will LOVE THESE!

Good Luck and THANK YOU Kate!

we received no compensation for this post, we just received 2 Junk Food Flyers to test/review. All opinions are mine and Mom's!


  1. Hmmm these toys look interesting. They would probably be fun to bite as they look like they may be made from a cardboard-like substance!

  2. Well at least they're unique and different!! Hooorah!! I have a feeling that Charlie may be like Cody but he says that maybe if they were doused in catnip...!! Nah, he's fussy with his toys, silly cat! LOL!

    Good luck to everyone wanting these and thanks Caren for such a fun giveaway!


  3. Cody,
    Am I a less mouse possessed feline? Count me in, dude. purr...meow!

  4. Alex wishes everyone lot's of luck.. He is like cody... he only likes little toys (only balls to be specific)

  5. My cats will play with them.....they'll play with just about anything that's deemed 'new' in their territory! They do lack eye appeal, but I love the fact that they are eco-friendly and made with recycled cat food bags. My cats do like playing with the top of the cat food bag when I cut it off and do like lightweight toys!

  6. The good thing about our cat (most cats?) is that you don't have to buy expensive or unsafe toys. Ours just spent the day throughly engrossed in a plastic bottletop, chasing it all over the house. If only our kids have been entertained so cheaply.

    Good kitty.

  7. oh i love moderncat and kate!! that is fabulous eco friendly toy...!!

  8. @ Link, they are interesting and cute! I thought the "crinkly" bag part would be more interesting to Cody since he LOVES to eat bags lol, There actually is no cardboard, there is felt in the middle but they ARE ADORABLE!

    @Goma+Sachie we love her too and I love these toys!

    @Nick sooo true Nick! I am telling you I have a strange cat lol

    @Lisa go to Kate's website...I linked to it above, there are all kinds of these toys there and no two are alike, they ARE attractive and I agree that your babies will love them!

    @Hilary, these are small...I think most cats would love them. Bobo was like Alex, his favorite toy was his tiny kitty soccer ball :)

    @Benny and Lily, if u know kitties they are great, not for doggies though, they will eat them! lol

    @Cat-from-Sydney, you got it!

    @Old Kitty, "dousing them in catnip" is a great idea! I bet that would have worked but we are happy to share them! Cody needs to learn to share lol. We will enter you! xoxoxo

  9. Dear Caren and Cody
    Those look like fun! We used to have lots of great cat toys, but the puppy has played with them all and they has dog slobber all over them. Me is NOT touching any of them.
    PS We are looking forward to seeing yuous at the pawty tomorrow!

  10. @Nellie I know what you mean about slobber, Dakota slobbers all over everything! We will be there for sure tomorrow!!! xoxoxo

  11. We think Scouty might like these!

    Say, every time we comment and you comment back we get a weird spam email to strange!

  12. Those do look like great toys and how clever to make them out of cat food bags. That is so neat. Hope you have one heck of a Sunday.

  13. Are you and Cody ging to Kozmo's pawty?

  14. These look like a fun idea but Kassey usually only plays with me, maybe because she's an old ladycat now and set in her ways.

    Caren, thanks for coming by and giving the info. I'm going to delete the one and try it your way. I didn't click on HTML, instead I clicked on the YouTube video thing, regretfully.

  15. I bet I would enjoy these - and if not me, I'm pretty positive Boodie would love them!

  16. These are super cute but my Human says I cannot have them because according to her I have "too many toys already."

    As if!

  17. I have a feeling that Mr Darcy would have a cursory sniff then run off, but Sookie would LOVE these... she finds great fun in anything that crinkles or crunches =^..^=

  18. @Katnip Lounge, I am sorry for whatever is happening. I just emailed you...if you get a second can you please forward the email you are getting to me to my address that you just sent me an email to and maybe I can find out in more depth what is going on? Thanks for your patience!

    @Kitcaboodles Mr.Darcy sounds just like Cody, that is pretty much what Cody did. Will enter you!

    @Spitty what???? You can't have them!? I'm not listening to your human and I am entering you!

    @Sparkle I bet you both would enjoy them!

    @GreatGranny I completely understand! Aren't our cats just too funny!? Let me know if what I told you helps!

    @Admiral Hestorb yep we are planning on it! The food looked delicious didn't it?

    @Marg I thought it was pretty darned clever too! I bet if Kate hadn't cleaned the bag (but I know she had to!) that Cody would have loved the smell of the food lol

  19. We love Kate and Moderncat, and we love these toys! Don't enter us, we already have them and Allegra and Ruby both love them.

  20. I like the sounds of junk food anytime!!!

  21. Those look like fun toys, and I love that they're made from recycled materials. I bet Scarlett or Melly would love them (especially if I spritzed a little catnip spray on them).

  22. Hiya Caren & Cody!
    Those are VERY cool toys! We will definitely check out her Etsy site. We LOVE everything modern and the shapes and colors of these toys are great! They look like they would spin and fly!

  23. @Ingrid, Mom and I love Kate too and I liked these toys but I am a mancat and I guess I am just all about my mousies! Mom wanted to play with these, she loves them! Maybe it's a girl "thang?" MOL! Love, Cody

    @Glogirly yes they are! They are SUPER CUTE!

    @Natalie Mom thinks the catnip spray is a dynamite idea! Good luck!

    @Brian, me too!

  24. Any purrrroduct that is healthy and nachural and good for our Planet is purrfecto for me & my Envirocat self. These rock!

  25. Any Toy that's nachural and good for our Planet is purrrfecto for me & my Envirocat self These are meowvalous!

  26. Hi Caren and Cody, thanks for the heads up about the giveaway! I can definitely say Bailey would love these, and I'd appreciate them too--more toys for her to lose!