Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"Tahlullah", Adoptable Tortie Tuesday

No, I didn't adopt another cat, but I almost did.

Yesterday I had to run over to PetSmart to pick up some toothpaste and toothbrushes for Cody and Dakota and while I was there I decided to take a walk over to the area where the cats that are available for adoption are located. It is normally a mistake for me to do this because I have a terribly hard time leaving once I see the precious faces that need a forever home.

This trip to PetSmart was even harder. I looked into the cages, thankfully there were only 2 cats available, (the cashier told me they had had a super successful adoption weekend last week which was great news). But one of the cats wasn't as lucky.

I normally don't post about cats that I just meet at random when I stroll through PetSmart, but this one was different. Her eyes met mine, she flirted with me and my husband by rolling over onto her back and showing us her lovely belly, her paws touched the window of her cage beckoning us closer,  she pulled out all the stops.

All of this happened without her ever setting a paw outside of her cage. I didn't dare pick her up because if I had, I know that would have been it. I would have never been able to put her back.

This cat has an aura about her, she exudes love and warmth, she may be 8 yrs old but I could tell she was full of kitten-like fun-loving ways.


This was one of those times that I wish I lived in a house. Sadly, my husband and I live in a 2 bedroom condo and we are only permitted to have 2 pets. We have our two. When I was reading about Tahlullah it didn't say anything about her being good with dogs and we do have a Sheltie.

This cat touched me so deeply that I woke up thinking about her this morning. I performed multiple searches until I found her.

 This wasn't the post I was going to do for today but I feel a compulsion to help this cat with such a magnetic personality find a home.

If you can,  please spread the word about Tahlullah,  if you are the lucky person who adopts her please let me know, I would love to come and visit her if I could.

This Tortie-girl completely stole my heart.



is , an eight year old brown and black female Tortoiseshell. She weighs about seven pounds and is a full sized adult. Tahlullah is a sweet girl who likes attention. She is an explorer and is recommended for a home with children five years and older. Tahlullah is litterbox trained and current on all vaccinations.

Tahlullah's Contact Info

Michigan Humane Society West Bloomfield, West Bloomfield, MI

More about Tahlullah

Pet ID: 13685947 • Spayed/Neutered • House trained

(248) 737-8728

If you want to meet TAHLULLAH she is currently located at PetSmart 



  1. Aunty Caren,
    My heart goes out to Tahlullah. We're purraying hard that she'll find her furever home soon. Good luck sweet tortie. purrr...meow!

  2. I can see why she captured your heart... She is adorable.. I hope she finds a forever home soon...

  3. Just tweeted about Tahlullah...

    Have a great day.

    pawhugs, Max

  4. I would have her like a shot. She would even melt Austin's tough little heart! Hope she finds a forever home soon. Keep us posted if you can, Caren x

  5. Oh Tallulah!! Awwwww!! Me and Charlie hope some kind and special person adopts this beautiful tortie! Oh Caren - she's truly touched your heart!! Hugs! Take care

  6. What a beauty! I hope she finds her forever home very soon!

  7. We hope she finds a great forever home very soon. It's so hard to see so many deserving beings - and they all deserve it - needing homes.

  8. @Cat-from-Sydney me too, I haven't been able to get her out of my mind :(

    @The Whiskeratti me too. Yes they ALL do. This one just flirted and flirted w/me. I couldn't take it.

    @Ingrid she sure is...I have 2 boys and I have no idea what adding a female into the mix would do. Plus, I am only allowed 2 pets. She is also considerably older than Cody and Dakota. Cody and Dakota are a pair and I don't think they would take kindly to a third pet. Can you tell I am talking to myself to not go and adopt her? Even Lenny was smitten by her :(

    @Old Kitty I soooo hope so! I would even help with the adoption fee if someone adopted this adorable kitty. Yes she has truly touched me. xoxoxo

    @Caro thank you! If I had had a house I would have left with her yesterday. I am so upset by this. I am praying someone adopts her. I will definitely keep you posted. xoxo

    @Max THANK YOU!! xoxoxo

    @Hilary isn't she? I can't stand it. She is right next door to where I live. If I had a house I would have adopted her on the spot. I pray someone adopts her :(

  9. What an adorable kitty. How could she NOT have found a home during adoption day? I wonder if I would have done better with an older kitty. I hope she does find a loving home.

  10. What an adorable kitty. Good thing M didn't see her either or I'd probably have a new sister!

  11. Torties are the BEST! They are flirts and they hold conversations with their peeps.

  12. Aww, wat a sweetie!! I shur hope she findz a good home... **pawz crossed dat sumwun wif an empty home 'n empty heart findz dis pritty girlcat** xxx

  13. MY heart would break if I met her and couldn't have her. What a precious darling Lady. Oh I hope someone will love her and take her home. That's heartbreaking.

  14. She is just beautiful! I met a cat last year that was like that...she just wouldn't get out of my mind. I hope she finds a wonderful home :) You have a sweet heart, Caren.

  15. Oh goodness Caren, I see what you mean! I do hope that this helps find her to find a home x

  16. @Cathy I don't know. I am wondering if it ws because she is 8 yrs old? I couldn't believe how animated, kind, gentle and loving this kitty appeared to be. I can't stand it.

    @Angie Ugh! Isn't it just awful???!!! I have never woken up thinking about a cat like that (other than my own lol). I hope she finds a wonderful home too, I just can't stand it. I felt like she was trying to communicate with me. Thank you (about my heart), yeah, I'm a real "softie" like that lol. I know you are too! :)

    @Admiral Hestorb I know, I sooo feel the same. I am going to check back in a day or so and see if she is still there. I am posting this everywhere!

    @GlamKitty me too...her personality is just incredible! xoxoxo

    @Sharon she was an INCREDIBLE flirt! OMG! I had never had a cat act like that that quickly. I so hope someone adopts her.

    @Mario, I know! You are like me. It is taking every ounce of control I have, I pray someone adopts her.

  17. She is certainly a beautiful girl ... and it's so hard to hear stories like this about such wonderful, loving cats languishing in cages because there aren't enough homes for them. Heartbreaking.

  18. She sounds like a total doll! I hope she finds a wonderful home very soon!

  19. Tahlullah is beautiful, and she sounds absolutely amazing. Xaren, we totally understand about the condo pet limit thing ... we are in the same exact situation. :(

    Purring and praying for this sweet girl to find a forever home pronto!

  20. Woof! Woof! I hope she find a forever home soon. When I go to Petsmart I/we look at the adoptable cat window too. They used to allow dogs inside but fro safety reason they stop it. What my peeps also notice that on their cages Petsmart have a small snippet about the cats n how they end up being adoptable. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  21. @Tucker it IS heartbreaking and I pray that she finds a furever home soon!

    @Sugar me too! I did read the snippet about Tahlullah. It didn't mention dogs which leads me to think she might not get along with dogs. They mentioned she should live with children 5 or older. That led me to think that she might not like dogs or cats but I can't be sure.

    @meowmeowmans yes she is, isn't she? Ugh!! You are in the same 2 pet rule? That makes me feel better that someone understands! I feel so bad for you too!!! xoxoxo

  22. Caren

    I posted to Facebook and twitter so I hope this helps get her a home.

    We had 2 males and 1 female - the female takes over and then there are battles over toys, the cats box, everything! So now we have 3 boys.

    Let us know when she gets adopted!

  23. Oh, what a sweetheart! Sure hope she works those charms on someone who can adopt her...soon!

  24. Caren
    I know what you mean about a cat touching your heart. I have had that happen (since we've had our 5) and I just think...5 is enough. You know what I mean. It is non-stop keeping up with the 5, and... Abby is possessive. It took me 6 months to acclimate her to the 3 amigos (Boo,Ping & Jinx), whereas when we bumped into Gracie she took ZERO time to adjust to everyone. Abby is .... a challenge to everyone but me. She is my heart kitty and I will do anything for her, but she is a challenge. I would hate to see what she would do if another kitty came into our home. So even though I might be able to find room for one more, if I did I think the negatives would outweigh the positives, at this time. But I do hope that someone will come and adopt Tahlullah she looks like a real sweetheart.

  25. Tahlullah is so adorable!! And sounds like really sweet :-) Your post will make a big difference for her. I hope she will be adopted by wonderful family really soon!

  26. Wow look at your self-control - it is soooo difficult to leave them once you set eyes on them!

    Also I'm proud of you for taking care of the furkids' teeth! It's so important! I've been slacking lately :\

  27. @Linda B thanks soooo much! That was super nice of you! Funny you mentioned about a problem with a female and two males. My husband was telling me he didn't think it would be a good idea because of Cody and Dakota being so close. I am not permitted to have more than two pets at the condo but I was considering "sneaking" her in lol. As I mentioned above, it didn't say anything on her little chart about her being good with dogs and other cats so I am not sure about that either.

    @Abby I am glad you mentioned about Abby being possessive. My husband thinks if I were to get another cat we would have a HUGE problem with Cody because he is possessive and Dakota tends to be rather possessive himself. Thank you for pointing this out to me before I cave! lol

    @Kim I soooo hope so too!

  28. Aww !!! Caren, I feel for you. and I purrs for her to have an forever home so soon.
    Hugs to you

  29. @Tamago I sure hope so! Thank you!

    @Mr Puddy I hope so too!!! ((((hugs)))) back at ya! xoxoxo

    @Stacy and Ellie, I sort of had no choice because my husband was with me (thank goodness lol) When I adopted Cody he wasn't there and I had called home and told him I had found "the BEST cat" he didn't want me adopting one so soon after Bobo passed but I had told him it was too late, I already had. Who knows what I would have done had he not been there but I am not supposed to have more than 2 pets. Don't give me too much credit about the toothbrushes/toothpaste, I BOUGHT them but haven't brushed their teeth yet! lol. I will!!!! :)

  30. We'd be glad to use this as a guest post on Pet Blogs United Foster Friday if you'd like. It couldn't hurt.

    Let me know if you're interested.

    Pam & Oskar too

  31. @Pam & Oskar that is super sweet of you! Let me call PetSmart between tomorrow and Thursday to see if by some miracle maybe she will be adopted. If not, that just might be a great idea!! I will let you know. Thanks so much! :)

  32. hope Tallulah finds her forever home
    Benny & Lily

  33. She is pretty. Lots of purrs from all of us for her to get a loving forever home soon.

  34. Caren, I understand how you felt. You connected with her. This happened to me once with a beautiful cat that was up for adoption in a pet store and unfortunately I could not take another cat. I applaud your attempt to help her find a home and have shared this on Facebook. I hope she connects with someone who can give her a loving home.

  35. Hi Caren ~
    She looks just like my little S'More that I lost two years ago to kidney disease. She's just beautiful.