Friday, September 9, 2011

PetSmart Charities® and PetSmart Charities® of Canada National Adoption Weekend

September 9, 2011- September 11, 2011

All PetSmart® Stores in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico

A three-day pet adoption event at all PetSmart® stores in North America with a goal of helping to find thousands of pets a lifelong, loving home.

Event Information

PetSmart Charities® and PetSmart Charities® of Canada present the National Adoption Weekend.
The three-day adoption event is Friday-Sunday, Sept. 9 - 11, in all PetSmart® stores in North America.
Contact or visit your local PetSmart® store for participation times of local animal-welfare agencies.
The National Adoption Weekend is proudly sponsored by PetSmart®, Purina® Pro Plan®, Tidy Cats® (U.S. only) and Purina® Maxx® Scoop (Canada only).


  1. No Way!!!!!
    I had an apartment on 13 Mile Drive in Farmington Hills! I lived there from 9/97 - 9/99. ...two of the longest years ever since all I wanted to do was move home and be with Gloman. : ) Very small world. I'm so glad you liked the story. It's pretty fun. I truly believe the really cool stuff in life happens when you're not looking. Like someone tapping you on the shoulder.

    PS - Katie was adopted through a shelter affiliated with our local Pet Smart store. : )

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. @Glogirly and Katie-YESSS WAY!! OMG this is too funny! I live at 14 and Orchard!!! lol. Too bad you weren't here when I was! I really admire you both because you made a long distance relationship WORK! I moved here a year after I met my husband (and when I moved here we were NOT a couple yet at all!) I gave up a job I had for 21 years to be with him. I soooo understand how it can just "happen" I LOVED your story! You wrote it beautifully and with so much feeling as well.
    Awww I love that Katie was adopted through a Shelter that was at PetSmart! You have a wonderful weekend too and a big hello to Gloman!

  3. I love our local Pet Smart because they always feature kitties from several different local shelters.

  4. WOW...that is just amazing. I had to google where I lived to remember it exactly. I lived at the Citation Club apartments on 13 Mile between Haggerty and Halstad! That is where I moved only THREE weeks after I met Glo. I wanted to leave before I even got there. : ( But life works in mysterious ways...I wouldn't change anything for anything.
    So glad you're a friend.
    Debbie (a.k.a. Glogirly)

    And yes, my husband's name is really Glo.

  5. Awwww me and Charlie hope there are plenty of successful adoptions during this fine event! Yay! Take care

  6. @Mario I love that too! PetSmart is wonderful with adoptions :)

    @Old Kitty so do Cody and I! xoxo

    @Glogirly I will have to go over there and see exactly where they are but I pass that way ALL the time when I go to the Kroger on Halsted (bet you used to shop there huh?) This is too funny! We were definitely MEANT to meet and I am so glad you are a friend too! His name is really "Glo?" How cool is that?!

  7. I sure hope that lots and lots of precious fur babies find their forever homes this weekend!

  8. Thomas, our baby brother, was adopted in June, Mommy spotting him on Petfinder from a local rescue group called, Stray Cat Blues. We lost Cherokee who was adopted at PetSmart in 2001, passed on, the estimated age of 18 years. Mommy wasn't looking for a kitty.......she saw cute Thomas's face on a page she was visiting. But after a couple clicks, she filled out an application. Thomas was brought to us so they could see what his new home would be and the rest is hissstory. We hope many more kitties find forever homes this year=^Y^=
    Tinker,"Thank you for sending me Birthday wishes!"=^Y^=