Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thankful Thursday- "Cody", My Gift Sent By My Bobo

 This post is my entry into the BlogPaws Blog Carnival Contest  sponsored by BISSELL Homecare, Inc. to help raise money for the Foundation. If I am one of the lucky winners I would like to donate my winnings to Backdoor Friends, Farmington Hills, Michigan.

It's raining and cool outside. I am sitting in my office,  the lighting is dim, the smell of vanilla scented candles are relaxing my mind and muscles, it is the perfect time and place to do some reflecting.

I don't stop and think often enough of how grateful I am to have Cody in my life.

At the time I adopted Cody back on July 28, 2007 I was in the midst of grief.  My beloved cat Bobo, whom I had shared my life with for 18 magical years, had crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge on July 2, 2007.

I was with Bobo when he passed. I chose to have his pain ended in our home, with my husband and I, in a place where he felt at ease, surrounded by the  people who adored him.

When he took his last breath I literally collapsed on top of him shrieking in pain and heartache. At that moment I couldn't bear the thought of life without him. We weren't just a "woman and a cat", we were one. We were one in our heart and our souls. The pain I felt was indescribable.

For the next few weeks I felt lost. My hands longed to touch Bobo's fur, my nose missed the feel of its softness. My heart missed the kitty love of my life. Since I never was blessed with human children of my own, Bobo was my BABY. As crazy as many would think that is, he was MY BABY.

I am convinced that Bobo was watching from the "Bridge" and couldn't bear to witness the pain that I was in. I cried often and uncontrollably, my heart ached with emptiness.

July 28, 2007 I found myself attending an adoption event that a friend had suggested that I go to. I didn't think I was ready to adopt another cat. Looking back, I think Bobo was working his magic from above by sending me there. He never could bear to see me sick or hurt. He always had to find a way to make me feel better.

 There was a cage that contained 3 kittens, two of which particularly interested me. Neither of them were Cody, but they were both his littermates.

Neither kitten seemed particularly impressed with me.  Then my eye caught the feisty silver gray tabby who had been merrily climbing in the corner of the cage. Cody was a rough and tumble little guy, stockily built, he walked with a kitten swagger, as if to say "Why are you bothering with my brother and my sister? I KNOW you want ME!"

Adoption Day! July 28, 2007

 I asked the volunteer "to please let me hold the gray one". Cody's tiny feline form immediately melted it's way into my lap as well as my heart.

He looked at me and exuded an aura of contentment and adoration, the likes of which I had never witnessed. He not only didn't want to move, he REFUSED to move. At that moment we BOTH knew that he had found a home.

Flash forward nearly five years. Cody still is content  to be as close to me as he possibly can be. I am eternally grateful to him. He didn't "replace" Bobo, no cat ever could. But as my vet had said, "you aren't replacing Bobo, you are making NEW memories with another cat."
Cody & I at the vet, July 2011

Cody helped me to heal after the loss of Bobo,  he has given me unconditional love,  the strength to go on, laughter and joy,  something/someone to dote on, a furry forever friend to kiss, love, care for and protect. Cody is my little cuddle-bug.

My friends used to tell me whenever I felt guilt about having adopted another kitty  so soon after Bobo passed, that I loved kitties so much that Bobo would want me to give other kitties that needed a home the same love and devotion that I had given him for 18 years.

Now, I look at my Cody sleeping snug and safe next to my desk, he is lost in a dream of mousies, noms and catnip. We are both comforted, loved and at peace. I cherish every day that he is in my life because the years go by all too fast. I am thankful that we found each other, through the magic that was Bobo.


  1. Oooh...Aunty Caren, what a touching story. You made me teary here.... Cody, you don't know how lucky you are. Bobo, hope to meet you when I cross the bridge. purrr...meow!

  2. I do think that Bobo was looking out for you - and for Cody.

  3. Oh Caren, I was doing so well until I saw the last picture of you and Cody and then I just burst into tears, you both look so happy to have found each other!
    What a beautifully written ode to both Bobo and Cody, good luck for the contest =^..^=

  4. So moving, Caren. I love this. It really touched me as I sit here typing away on my ipad with Austin nestled up against my leg. What your vet said about making new memories with Cody is so true. But you will never forget what you had with Bobo. xox

  5. What a wonderful post! It is amazing how much love is shared between humans and felines!!

  6. I remember how sad I felt when we lost our previous cat, Copper, in February, I know how you felt, our vet had to finish her off too, although she was very supportive about it. Thankfully, it was not too long before we had Kizzie living with us and we hope we will have many happy years with her.

  7. Caren, what a sweet post. I truly understand how you felt about Bobo. I feel that way about my George. So glad you found Cody. You are lucky to have each other!
    Deborah Julian

  8. Oh Caren - what a beautiful post... I love that Cody chose you!

  9. @Cat From Sydney thank you so much, you better not be crossing the bridge anytime soon! xoxoxo

    @Hilary thank you Hilary! :) Me too!

    @Deborah Julian thank you! I am glad to have found Cody too and I know you feel the same about George :)

    @Jewel I am so sorry about your Cooper. My vet was very supportive but as you know there is nothing that can be done to make it easier. I am so happy you have Kizzie and I hope that you have many wonderful years together!

    @Goldie Shade and Banshee thank you and that is so true!

    @Caro thank you so much. I just got tears in my eyes when I read your comment. Thank you xoxo

    @Max thank you so much!!! ((((hugs)))

    @Kitcaboodles thank you! Now go read something funny so that you have a good day!! xoxoxo

    @Sparkle, I totally believe it. I know you understand.

  10. I absolutely love that pic of you and Cody at the vets - that's so so so sweet!!!

    Bobo sounds like he truly was your soul-kitty! What a lovely bond to have experienced. I truly think he watches over you and Cody and Dakota - what an angel! Take care

  11. Sniff, blobber, choke, really got to my Mom with this A.Caren, she is making stranger noises than when I crunch on my catnip fish toy! My mom and I feel the same way. I came to her after her dilute calico,Griz, passed at 16 and we have been best buds ever since.Cody is sure lucky to have such a caring Momma.Love that pic,he looks like a teddy bear being comforted there:D!! Hugs and more tissue please,Rosie and Sue.

  12. That is a beautiful story, and I believe that Bobo was telling you to please share the love. That's how it is supposed to work!

  13. @Old Kitty, Bobo DEFINITELY was my soul kitty and he DEFINITELY watches over Cody, not so sure about Dakota lol, he wasn't particularly fond of doggies, he could take 'em or leave 'em!

    @Rosie and Sue Awwww!!! (((((hugs))))))) I am so sorry about your Griz but I know that Rosie brings you laughs and much love every day! I adore her! xoxo

    @Brian thank you so much that means a lot! I agree! "share the love, that's how it's supposed to work!" xoxoxo

  14. I know when our sheltie, Bosco, died our initial reaction was that we could put ourselves through the emotional toll again with another dog. That resolve lasted about three days, though it took about six weeks before we adopted Darby.

    My explanation is that Bosco provided so many lessons for us that we had to share them with another dog.

  15. What a very very beautiful post Caren. It's never too soon to adopt another kitty after losing a beloved one. While a new one will never replace the one that crossed the bridge, they do bring us to much love and comfort, and there are so many kitties just waiting to be adopted. The sooner you adopt after losing one, the better I say!

  16. @Vicky that was beautiful and I couldn't agree more. Bosco would have wanted it that way :)

    @Mario's Mom thank you so much! You know what? I completely agree! xoxoxo

  17. A post from the heart - it's never too soon to adopt a new fur baby it is what Cody would have wanted for some other cat to have a happy and loving home like he did. They always lead us to the right place at the right time.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  18. Wonderful, wonderful post. I love your honesty and how your writing always comes from the heart. I am so glad you and Cody found eachother too!

  19. Caren
    I have just come from reading Robin's lastest installment on losing Bob (Covered In Cat Hair) and reading now about Bobo and the way Cody helped heal your heart has helped heal mine. It is soooo hard to read about losses and to see the impact that loss has. Those of us who have never had children of our own do consider our kitties our babies and although so many other (non pet owners) wouldn't understand, I completely get your feelings. I am so glad to know that Cody has been there to help bridge that grief, and I for one also believe that Bobo had a paw in leading you right to Cody.

  20. Caren, I felt the same way when I lost my Malamute mix, Dakotah, who had been with me for sixteen years. But a few weeks later, guided by instinct more than anything else, I found Phoebe, who has been a gift of joy and laughter ever since. It's impossible to be sad with Phoebe around because you're continually laughing at something she's doing, or even just the expressions on her face. She healed me, she healed Tucker, and she helped us move on from an extremely sad and difficult time. I'm so glad that Cody could do that for you.

  21. Aww what a lovely story. I absolutely know what you mean about Bobo being your baby. Cody is lucky to have been adopted by such a loving mom!

  22. Oh, that is such a sweet story, and not unlike the story of how I came to live with my Human. We are pretty lucky, eh?

  23. @Weetzie thank you! Your comment means a lot to me. Writing from the heart is important to me. Thank you for noticing it. ((((hugs)))

    @Spitty yes we sure are lucky! Love, your pal, Cody

    @Stacy and Ellie thank you!

    @Tucker thank you for sharing that story about how Phoebe has healed you. Isn't it amazing how the silly pets are the ones who come along just in time? I am so sorry about your Dakotah but I am so happy that you now have Phoebe!

    @Abby thank you! I feel so bad for Robin. I completely understand what she is going through. When I heard about Bob I relived Bobo all over again. I am glad I was able to make you feel at least somewhat better ((((hugs))))

  24. Absolutely beautiful post. Very moving and well-written.

  25. @Marie thank you! You have made my morning. Have a great day!

  26. Awwwwww....I completely understand that bond you had with Bobo. I was just thinking the other day, how I felt that Belle and I were one. I'm sure there are people who would say that is crazy, that you can't be "one" with an animal. But we know you can. I'm so glad Bobo led you to Cody so that you could begin to heal from the loss. And I can tell that Cody brings you a great deal of joy. There will never be another Bobo, but the memory of his love lives forever. =^..^=

  27. Cody and Caren, my mommy was inconsolable after Robin, the one who came before, passed over to the Bridge. The whole household was inconsolable. Until I came into mommy's life, she did not want to bear that kind of pain again. Better to have no babies ever again she thought than go thru that horrible pain and grief. But she took one look at my face and knew it was meant to be. Almost 2 years later I came to my forecer home and mom loves me so much..and I, her.


  28. @Julia, I KNOW you understand ((((hugs)))) you understand completely!

  29. Caren, this is an absolutely beautiful post. I want to give you a huge hug right now!

  30. @Admiral Hestorb ((((hugs)))) to your Mommy about Robin. She KNOWS I understand! Look at what a wonderful GIFT she has in YOU! I know your Mommy lives and BREATHES for you, you are her entire heart and soul. HUGE (((((hugs)))) and kisses to you both!

    @Pup Fan you are BEYOND kind!!! You can send one through the computer! I am sending one back! (((((hugs))))))

  31. Caren, this is such a moving and heart-felt post. And a beautiful love story between you and Bobo. So glad you and Cody now have each other. I just finished my Pet Loss Grief Counseling Certification so I have been re-living all my losses and memories too.

    Thinking of you,

  32. What a beautiful piece. I think Bobo was smiling when you held that little grey kitten for the first time.

  33. @Clooney thank you so much. I am glad that Cody and I have each other too (even if he is crazy lol) Congrats on finishing your certification, you will be a wonderful counselor! ((((hugs))))

    @Ingrid, thank you! ((((hugs))))

    @Fin thank you!!