Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Of Flowers And Flat Pets-"Wordy" Wednesday

Look at the vibrant and beautiful flowers
I received last week from Deb Barnes
Of Zee & Zoey's Chronicle Connection!!
and came as a total surprise!
Deb sent them as a thank you
to me for mailing her camera
to her that she accidentally left at BlogPaws
She didn't have to do that
but I am enjoying them immensely!
I can't believe how closely their
color matches the color of the walls in my office!

Look who is sitting next to the flowers!
One of many highlights of BlogPaws 2011
was being able to attend a Flat Pet Workshop
which was conducted by Beverly Van Zant
Beverly had the patience of a Saint!
Me? Not so much!
I was flying with that X-Acto knife!
(Hence, my jagged edges)
(be glad I never became a surgeon!)
No worries, it's all good!
I love my Flat Cody just the same!
Beverly was also kind enough 
to stay and finish my Flat Cody
while I had the nerve to go and 
stuff myself silly with CHEESECAKE!
(don't worry! Beverly DID get to eat lunch!)

One photo of this amazing cheesecake just isn't enough!

It was "Make A Noise Good!!"

If you want to see an adorable reaction
to cats viewing the Flat Pets at their house,
check out the beauties of
Zee & Zoey's Chronicle Connection

You can view it here


  1. Amazing color coordination with your office - there must have been some secret feline relaying of data ;) That was wonderful of Deb. Oh, how I wish I'd been there for that cheesecake! Hope you had an extra one for me! (Flat Cody looks catabulous!)

  2. What a wonderful surprise. The flowers are beautiful. Thanks for sharing, they do match your walls perfectly.

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    Freelance Editing By Mason

  3. It sounds like you had a blast; I'm soooo jealous! I wish we could meet you all.

    And love those flowers!

  4. @Kim lol! Never thought about that! Cody must have called Deb's kitties and told them! I wish you had been there too, for everything! Not just the cheesecake! Any chance of you making Salt Lake City next year? I already registered. PLEASE say YES! xoxo

    @Mason they were a wonderful surprise, flowers always cheer me up and they make me feel so special! Awww you are welcome and so glad that you like them!

    @Au and Target yes it was a TOTAL blast! Loved it, wish I didn't have to leave a day early but Irene scared me away lol. I wish we could meet you too! ((((hugs)))))) thank you! I love the flowers as well!

  5. What my Human is a flat one of herself, ha ha ha! I might be svelte--her? Not so much, MOL!!!

  6. Mom loves the wall color in your office!

  7. What a lovey day!The flowers are beautiful!Lucky you!

  8. Isn't Deb the best? Love the flowers but it's the middle of the night and I have a craving for cheese cake!

  9. What beautiful flowers. We hope you enjoy them for a long time. What with mummy going off on all these trips lately, i'm thinking she should have a Flat Jasmine and Flat Simba to take with her! :)xx

  10. Those flowers are beautiful. Just love the sunflowers!

    LOL at flatpet. I said to Deb I went all hot and cold at the thought of what it could be!!!

    How did Cody react to his one dimensional twin?

  11. Aunty Caren,
    Hmm....I haven't received any flowers for a while too. Brad used to bring me some. I won't mind a bunch or two too. purrr...meow!

  12. What beautiful flowers - so pretty! Awwww how lovely of Deb!! Yay!! Awww we adore flat Cody! Yay for flat Cody - well done mum!! You deserve a whole cheesecake for your sterling effort!! Take care

  13. Caren - I LOVE the purple of your walls! Sounds like you had an amazing time at blog paws!

  14. Awww !!! Deb is so sweet, Bought the beautiful flowers for you : )
    Hang on a min. ! Did she got crush on you ? ( big smile on my face )
    Tee..heh..Got You !
    I'm kidding..tee..heh

  15. The flowers are gorgeous and the cheesecake is even more beautiful!

  16. your flowers are so pretty and that was very thoughtful of Deb. And I love flat Cody too. Sounds like you had a really great time at Blog Paws

  17. Woof! Woof! Beautiful Flowers ... I bet it smells lovely too. LOVE the Flat CODy. Mom says she want to learn how to make one ... Oh the cake is tasty!!! Happy Wednesday. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  18. Beautiful flowers. Cody must be one good kitty. Whenever I see plants, I EAT them. Even Marmie's nice flowers. I love that flat cat idea. Marmie should bring a flat Link to her wedding in order to represent me since I can't be there.

  19. @Spitty shame, shame! Cody would say the same thing about me! lol!

    @Link you see where I put the flowers? There are things all around them so that he can't get up there or he WOULD try and eat them. When I leave the house I shut the door to the office, actually you just reminded me I forgot to do that last night! Uh-oh! OMC a "Flat Link" at the wedding would be a PURRFECT idea! Go to the website and you can learn how to make one!

    @Sugar Thank you I love them! They do smell lovely too! Go to the website, I linked to them above and she has a section about how to make them! Happy Wednesday to you too!

    @wildcats thank you and yes it was thoughtful of Deb! We had a fabulous time albeit an abbreviated one due to Irene.

    @The Monkeys lol, I think the cheesecake is quite beautiful too!

    @Mr.Puddy actually I was waiting for someone to say that with the "love fest" that has been going on with us lately lol. We have a "girl crush" on each other :) I have a "mancat crush" on YOU! xoxoxo

    @Hilary thank you! I think you missed the video when I showed the office when it was complete, I love the color too! It is slightly different than how it photographed but I love it! BlogPaws was great but left early due to Irene

    @Old Kitty Nooooooooo no WHOLE cheesecake for me! If i do that i will gain back the 42 lbs that I have lost so far! xoxoxo to you and Charlie

    @Cat-from-Sydney, why do I have the song "You Don't Bring Me Flowers" playing in my head right now? lol

    @Caro lol!! I love the sunflowers too! you know how awful I am? I never put it on the floor for Cody to check out. I still have to do that. My guess is that he will ignore it.

    @Princess Jasmine YES your Mommy definitely needs to have flat pets of the both of you!! xoxo

    @Cat Wisdom 101 YES Deb IS the best I positively ADORE HER! I am so sorry for being the cause of your craving! lol. You live in NY right? That entire state is the land of the BEST cheesecake EVER!

    @Luna yes I am lucky and blessed to have such a wonderful friend!

    @Sebastian please tell your Mom thank you!! I love it too!

  20. Those flowers are just gorgeous, what a lovely thank you!

    Maybe our mom ought to have made flats of us to take with her! Nah....LOL. She can't use scissors or an exact-o knife particularly well either.

  21. Love your flat cat. I should have had one of those when my peeps went on their Alaska cruise - instead the did an 8 x 10 photo of me. It worked, but not as neat as a Flat Cat. I'm going over to check out her site.

  22. Those are really beautiful! BTW, what's the best way to make a flat cat?

  23. Caren – thank you for such a thoughtful post! It was the least I could do to send you the flowers and I am thrilled how well they matched your office! The lady over the phone who took my order thought I was nuts – first I asked for a leopard print ribbon, which they did not have. Then I asked for a paw print ribbon which they did not have. Then I asked for a card with a cat on it, which they did not have… ugg… I settled for purple and sunflowers because that is what I think of when I think of you! Caren… you are a happy ray of sunshine, and yes Puddy, the secret is out, Caren is my secret “girl crush!” Let the rumors begin!!!

  24. Beautiful flowers Caren! and Flat Cody looks great sitting next to them!
    That cheesecake is making my mouth water! Maybe I need to take a trip out to the Cheesecake Factory today:)

  25. Flat pets? huh?

    Purple is great and so is cheesecake.

  26. One act of kindness starts another. Beautiful flowers. I love the flat cat project. Cody looks great.

  27. Is it wrong that I'm tempted to fly out from the UK to BlogPaws next year just for a slice of that cheesecake? It does look YUM!! =^..^=

  28. TW said that cheesecake was to die for, whatever that means. What pretty flowers.

  29. @Fuzzy Tales Deb is BEYOND thoughtful and I was deeply touched. At first I was upset w/her for doing this (because it wasn't necessary) but I am enjoying them so much! Yes you need to make some Flat Pets!

    @Cathy Keisha it most certainly was!! Thank you!

    @Kitcaboodles it's worth it! Book your flight NOW! I bet we will have it again next year!

    @Bailey LOVE, LOVE your comment "One act of kindness starts another" that should be the Facebook status of the day! Thank you for liking my scraggly Cody flat pet lol!

    @Linda I agree on all counts and YES flatpets!

    @Jen if I were still in Cleveland I would go with you. OMG there was a place, I think it was in Brecksville but I am not sure, I am trying to remember. It was called Steve's Deli (I think it was off of Rockside Rd)...OMG they have the BEST cheesecake EVER there! (If they are still there) A friend and I used to go there like once a month for it. That often would be our lunch lol

    @Deb I LOVE the story behind the flowers!! You put so much effort into them and they are STILL stunning! THANK YOU!! Yep Puddy has to get over it, the secret is out! We are members of the "Mutual Admiration Girl Crush Society" lol! LOVE YOU DEB!!! xoxoxo

    @The Whiskeratti, my best advice is to go to Bev's website, I linked to it above. She has a section on her blog/website called "How To Make FlatPets" I am the last person who should give a tutorial lol, plus it is way more involved than you would think but they are worth it!

    @Mario I bet you can make one! Ohhhh when you do I can just imagine the adventures you will have! I can't wait!

  30. Flat Cody is way cool! There is a Flat Brian, but he is retired now.

  31. Oh... I totally forgot - since they had no cat stuff whatsoever, I was able to convince the shop to put cattails in the arrangement! Glad to see that they did that!!! Meows and thank you for mentioning my Flat Pet post - it was so much fun seeing how each of my seven kitties had such funny and DIFFERENT reactions!!! I'm with everyone else, I am really craving some of that delicious chessecake and it is all your fault, Caren!!

  32. @Brian thank you! Do you know I still remember "Flat Brian?" You had him in a post the first day I found you and I was hooked! He needs to come out of retirement!

    @Deb ha!!!!I love it! I also love cattails! I always have. You are most welcome my friend, that was an ADORABLE post! If you were here we could go and split a piece of cheesecake! That would be great!

  33. Oh my gosh, I'm dying for cheesecake now!! What lovely flowers, they're gorgeous. And, I totally LOVE Flat Cody! :D

  34. Flat Codys and Cheesecake - wow! How come people don't stay flat when they eat cheesecake?!

  35. The flowers do match! That's because you two made a cat-nection!

    I think everyone took a picture of the cheese cake. I could do a blog post of all the photos! Everyone said: YUM! and then "click"

    And you can't see any straggly furs on Flat Pet Cody. xo

  36. I love how bloggers join together! We need more love like this in the world!

    Happy "Wordy" Wednesday!

    Amy, Swift, and Kool

  37. Mmmmmm.....cheesecake :-)
    I love the flowers! Absolutely gorgeous!

  38. Beautiful flowers and I love Flat Cody! :) I was a little sad that I didn't get to make a Flat Ellie at BlogPaws, but NY was fantastic.

  39. @Julie LOL! I am going to be responsible for a HUGE cheesecake feast all over the world! I love it! We should all get together and have some! Thanks about my Flat Cody,it was fun!

    @Stacy and Ellie thank you!!! Oh geeze you had such a blast in NY that I am sure that Flat Pets were the furthest thing from your mind! You had Al Roker to occupy you! :) I am so happy for you, you deserve to have a blast and to be successful!

    @chocolate angel, I just love everyone's reaction to the cheesecake, it's priceless! Thank you! I adore the flowers and I adore Deb!

    @Amy and Gang, I couldn't agree more!

    @Ann "cat-nection" leave it to you to come up with such a great word, I love it! Thanks about Cody's Flat Pet! You notice I didn't show Dakota's, poor Dakota, his came out sooooooo bad! It was totally my fault though. Yep between all of us we could do a mammoth mural of CHEESECAKE! lol

    @Art and Sew Forth, I love how you think! Good question!

  40. YOur flowers are beautiful, and Flat Cody is so cutge!! Is it hard to make a flat pet? Could I do it myself? Are there instructions on some blog somewhere?? I feel I need a Flat Belle in order to be complete! MOL.

  41. You must have seen Flat Oskar in class!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  42. @Julia thank you! For me it was hard lol, for others, probably not so much! I am sure you can do it yourself. I linked to Bev's blog above where it says in green...when you get there, there is a tab that says how to make a flat pet, it is at the top. Good luck and have fun!

    @Oskar, Hmmmm...I don't remember. I remember seeing some others but not Oskar.

    @Pup Fan thank you! I love them!

    @Your Daily Cute "beautiful and delicious" I love it!

  43. I forgot what I was gonna say, drooling over the cheesecake...

  44. Beautiful flowers... and cheesecake !

  45. @Fin lol!!

    @westiebella thank you! Yes they are both soooo beautiful!

  46. Those are gorgeous flowers! And ooooh, does that cheesecake look delicious.